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1 Pardon Meiji Crimes on Fri May 12, 2017 3:38 am

A young man who is wanted for treason against the World Government and causing multiple uprisings on Marine sanctioned islands. He's been on the run for quite some time now, but the Marines have chased him down and secured the Island of Dreams where he is hiding. Until he's located and detained no one is legally allowed in or out of Island without Government authorization.
Meiji Shiranui Task:

Task Name: Wanted!
Tier: 4
Location: Island of Dreams
Description: Meiji Shiranui is an ExNoble wanted by the World Government for treason. This task includes having to find a way to infiltrate the Island of Dreams in a valid way given the island is on lock down. Once there you can either capture Meiji and turn him in for the reward or recruit him and his ally as a member of your crew of organization. Of course you'll have to successfully flee the Island of slip out unnoticed as well.
Enemy Details: 20x T1 Meiji Shiranui Militia Men (Swords, Lances, Firearms, etc)|35x T2 Meiji Shiranui Militia Men (Swords, Lances, Firearms, etc) or 50x T0 Marine Ensigns (Swords, Lances, Firearms, etc)| 25x T2 Marine Lieutenants (Swords, Lances, Firearms, etc)
Meiji Shiranui:

''I took on the role of King after the Buster Call. I have no lust for lands to hold. A king without people, besides friends or family."

Name: Meiji Shiranui
Alias/Epithet: King of Nothing
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Occupation: Weapons Master, Navigator
Affiliation: Free Agent
Devil Fruit: Blamenco's Pocket Fruit
Tier: 4
World Position: Royal (?)
- T3 Golden Full Body Armor/White Cape
- T4 Golden handle sword named Raigō (T3 Lightning Dial)
-Odd end equipment stored in pocket space.
Haki Aura: Savage Soul

General Appearance: Meiji dons a set of full-body gold-colored steel armor with a unique helmet accentuated by three horns, two triple integrals, and a cape. He is known to be quite handsome. He also has multiple rings with expensive gemstones attached to it, which were quite cheap in his hometown. Explained later.
Height: 170cm (5'7")
Weight: Average Weight
Personality:  He is a polite young boy who has a lot to offer and despite his young age is quite mature. He is a born leader. He is also very kind and good-natured. Despite his forgiving nature he can not deny the fact that he holds a grudge towards the top of the world: the Gorosei.  Nonetheless, he doesn't blame the whole World Government or the Marines for what happened to his family and his hometown. He is fearless and despite recklessness coming with fearless he is thoughtful enough to anticipate situations he can and situations he can't handle.

He can't stand people being unfair to one another, or lying. If there is a thing he hates it is lying or treating eachother different based on this and that. A negative part about Meiji is even though it is not that bad a trait he is too relaxed and simple. It takes a lot of effort to surprise him, let alone bother him. He has a great dislike towards salt, pistols, alcohol and tobacco while on the other hand he loves sweets, cake sugar and sunshine. He often remarks that he feels attracted towards the sun which is one of many reasons he sails the seas: following the sunset.

A few months prior to present day, there was a Buster Call on the Preca Kingdom. Instead of being honest, the World Government covered it up by tagging the Preca Kingdom and its citizens with ''Rebels'' who were supporting the Revolutionary Army in its fight against the World Government. What actually happened was quite simple: six criminals, big shot pirates were hiding out in the Preca Kingdom. In a attempt to get rid of them, the World Government shot up the whole island to bits and pieces leaving only a handful of survivors and the only known to this date to be Meiji.

Haki: B

Meiji Shiranui is currently traveling the seas all by himself, making friends wherever he can for his heart is as pure as can be. Even though he is against criminals and injustice, this doesn't stop him from becoming friends with the most dangerous and violent outlaws of the world.

His goal is to create a peaceful world in the name of the Preca Kingdom as the King of Nothing. While he is good-natured, he can't stand Absolute Justice and because of what happened in his past he has a PTSD like effect putting him in a state of doing everything to survive which makes him as violent as can be.


Boss Name: Asura
Tier: 3
Description: Meiji's right hand and the only one the runaway trust with the truth of why he's on the run. He's hopped from island to island with Meiji for a while and has a deep hatred for the World Government and wishes to get Meiji's true story out to expose the World Government for their corruption. He stands at 6`3 and has an appropriate weight. He's very protective of Meiji and charismatic.
Devil Fruit: Solar Solar no Mi
Haki: C-Rank Both
Equipment: N/A
Strength: 4
Durability: 3
Speed: 3
Perception: 3



Boss Name: Vice Admiral Cartier
Tier: 4
Description: Vice Admiral Cartier is fresh blood and is out to prove he earned his position as Vice Admiral. Not unlike his usual self he'll do whatever it takes to file a successful mission report to headquarters and never likes to fail or lose at anything. He's cutthroat and tolerates no horseplay. His battalion of Marines are whipped into tough shape, are battle hardened, and cutthroat just like he is. He stands at 6`8 and has an appropriate weight.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: B-Rank Both
Equipment: Titanium Handaxe|Pistol
Strength: 5
Durability: 4
Speed: 3
Perception: 3


Boss Name: Dolphe
Tier: 3
Description: Dolphe is Vice Admiral Cartier's pet and right hand. He's very loyal to the Vice Admiral and is trusted more than most humans when it comes to their relationship. Oddly enough Dolphe is a blue saber tooth tiger of tremendous size. He's 6`0 when on all fours vertically and weighs and appropriate amount of weight. He has a keen sense of smell and is extremely aggressive and intelligent.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: D-Rank Both
Equipment: N/A
Strength: 3
Durability: 2
Speed: 3
Perception: 3

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2 Re: Pardon Meiji Crimes on Fri May 12, 2017 3:41 am

Alrighty as a Celestial Dragon I was told that I can pardon crimes of this lad. I was also told that I can do this task so let get it!

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3 Re: Pardon Meiji Crimes on Fri May 12, 2017 5:26 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

He's pardon'd as long as he stays in ur custody/apart of your organization and doesn't go rogue or is released. task approved.

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4 Re: Pardon Meiji Crimes on Sun Jun 18, 2017 11:10 am

Link to Task:

Post Count:9/9 WC Exceeded 
Plus we did way over 40 post fam.

I think Limi, Anubis, and Jones should get max everything. Because it so much character development it ain't funny at all.


Cheers and thank you

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5 Re: Pardon Meiji Crimes on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:02 am

Bump fam

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6 Re: Pardon Meiji Crimes on Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:25 pm



Sydney -
25,000,000 Beli
50,000,000 Rep
4 SP

[you will have to add this yourself]

Anubis -
15,000,000 Beli
30,000,000 Rep
4 Sp
28,000 EP

Luner -

18,000,000 Beli
30,000,000 Rep
4 Sp
30,000 EP

[Note at Luner - I don't believe tier 1 characters can use tier 3 skills, you can only use skills one tier above your own, a tier 1 can use 2 but not 3, a tier 2 can use 3 but not 4]

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7 Re: Pardon Meiji Crimes on Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:31 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

added my stuff.

Fifth Power
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