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1 Miziro Limi (Pending Approval) on Wed May 10, 2017 9:45 am



Name: Miziro Limi
Alias/Epithet: Bun-Bun
Race: Mink (Rabbit)
Tier: 1
Gender: Female
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Scientist/Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: n/a

General Appearance: Limi is a young, energetic Rabbit Mink. She's on the shorter side for a mink standing one hundred and sixty two point two centimeters. She weighs 83 kilograms. she has a limber and agile body, She has short white fur with sky blue tips. She has violet eyes, burning with intelligence and precision. She has scars covering her arms, marks from days of training with her sword. She has long, middle of the back, light blue hair, that she usually keeps bound in a bun. Her ears are the same white with the sky blue tips, and are included in her height.
While on duty she wears a standard female marine uniform with  the addition of a lab coat. Her Uniform consists of a white blouse, with a dark blue scarf. She also wears a dark blue skirt of middling length. Her lab coat is sky blue. She carries a single sword on her waist. She carries a variety of disabling poisons, most of them cause people to sleep, or paralyze. She also wears a standard hat, with holes cut into it to allow her ears to stand up.
While not on duty Limi changes into a more reveling outfit. Her casual clothing consists of a light red orange swimsuit top and a short wrap skirt of the same shade of orange. While off duty she lets her hair run wild, cascading down her back. She also has a sky blue sundress with a sun hat, bound with a single blue ribbon at around it with holes for her ears.
Height: 162.2 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Order: Limi prefers to keep her workspace in order and keeps a regular schedule. In combat, she rarely loses herself relying more on her training then her fierce instincts. She also prefers to do what she can to help within the rules, but is willing to break the rules to do the right thing.
Energetic: She loves her job, and it shows. She's always willing to help other marines improve their skills. In combat, she is quick to jump into the fray to aid a fellow marine or to save civilians. She wants to prove that she can be more then an animal and is willing to work hard to prove it to the world.
Clever: She's a smart fighter, carefully striking at weak points with her natural speed and precision from her training. She also is smart, having learned to be a scientist at a young age. She's quick to come up with a solution and quicker to act to save a life.
Analytical: She's quick to analyze a situation, but she's also quick to leap to conclusions. She often makes rash decisions out of an attempt to do the right thing and help others. In combat, her analytical trait helps keep her focused on the battle and watching the opponent, and discovering their habits and their openings, combined with her natural senses and speed allow her to be precise, and strike in those openings and at their weak points.



Face Claim: N/A
RP Sample: Limi sighed running her hand through her hair as she stood back from another failed experiment. this one having left a sizable dent in her workstation. Note, compound 35 is highly unstable and explosive. she writes in her lab book as she starts cleaning up the mess. She takes her time, carefully wiping up the chemical residue and turning to look at the clock every few minutes, she gasps as she finishes wiping her lab space, I'm going to be late! She thinks as she rushes to put the cleaning supplies away and begins running full tilt through the base, trying to get to get to the field outside as fast as possible. She leaps over a few other marines and runs across the field barely sliding to a halt in her place in the ranks before the captain turned around.

"Today, I will separate you all into pairs. You will duel one another for the next hour, any questions?"
"No, Sir" Her Squad replied in unison saluting him, They continue saluting while calling out names in pairs. it takes a while, but eventually she hears him call out "Bun-Bun, Graver," She looks to the only other non-human in her squad, a gray catfish fishman. he smiled at her as they move off to the side being assigned a corner of the field. "sorry if I hurt you," Lumi says bowing to Graver as he nods and replies in his usual monotone voice, "Same to you." They settle into their stances, tuning out all but each other and listening for the shot that would signal the start, waiting, waiting, they lock eyes, knowing that this might be over quick or might take all session, it would come down to the first move, then the shot echos in the clearing and quickly the field is full of the sounds of people hitting each other and blunted weapons hitting each other. their match is no different, Limi quickly drawing her blade in time to deflect the Uchimizu, (Water shot) that Graver started with, She responds with a quick side roll to dodge the second shot, and then leaps forward, her blade slashing low at his feet, he quickly jumps over the blade and goes to punch her with a Seiken (Tile Breaking Punch) but she flips backward dodging the punch before leaping in the air to avoid the shock wave, she lands lightly slicing through a Uchimizu as she does so. she dashed towards him again, but slides between his legs as he goes he jumps expecting a slash again. she raps her blade along his side sending the smallest of electro pulses into him, causing his muscles to seize up. she then sits down looking around to see the captain giving her the smallest of nods as she extends a hand to Graver, "You're a great fighter, Graver, I'm just lucky enough to have electricity." she says helping the sizable fishman up. "that's a nasty trick, Bun-bun, but it is a good one." He says rubbing his side. "I need to be faster if I want to have any chance of proving that fishmen can help catch criminals as well." he sighs looking to Limi. She sat down beside him, nodding quietly, "You could always wake up early with me and practice sprints." she says standing up and offering him a hand, "We should continue now," she says as they settle into their starting spots and wait for the other to make the first move.

Bonus: Upon Reaching T3 +1 Fate Point
Location: Island of South Blue

Fate Point Allocation:
Race Change: Mink 1 point
Devil's Mettle: () 2 points
Hawk's Eye 1 point
Hard worker: Weapon Specialist 1 point
Diligent Spirit: 1 point

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2 Re: Miziro Limi (Pending Approval) on Thu May 11, 2017 11:16 am



Should be ready for approval...

Putting in a temp pic of carrot, cause I'm going to draw my character soonish
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3 Re: Miziro Limi (Pending Approval) on Thu May 11, 2017 11:53 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

You forgot your history section I believe.

Profile ☂️ History ☂️ Primary Skill ☂️

Everything that my character(s) thinks or says, is purely RP. In no way should you relate the RPer to the Character, thank you.
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4 Re: Miziro Limi (Pending Approval) on Thu May 11, 2017 11:59 am



it said t1 didn't need one.

Putting in a temp pic of carrot, cause I'm going to draw my character soonish
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5 Re: Miziro Limi (Pending Approval) on Thu May 11, 2017 3:09 pm



Fine with me


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