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Travel to islands within Paradise temporarily no longer requires a Log Pose or timer/wc. A post to signify travel is still required however.

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1 Seek out the Dragons [Event] on Tue May 09, 2017 2:38 pm

Seek Out the Dragons
Marie Jois having been conquered by the newly crowned Pirate King, Oceanus, it's no secret the Celestial Dragons and Nobles who once inhabited the Holy City have fled and scattered around the world. Though their bodies may not harbor inherent strength or their brains be honed from facing hardships of the common man, these people control the flow of the world. Without them sitting atop their pedestals the World Government itself has even lost a sense of its direction. For this reason it has been made a number one priority to hunt down the vast amounts of Nobles and Celestial Dragons and bring them to a World Government headed safe haven.

Of course where there are those who do good, there are those who do bad and oppose them. This is all based on ones perception of things of course, but nonetheless Pirates being the opportunist they are have departed on their own hunt for these refugees. Some look to get into good standings with the World Government, perhaps to seated as one of the Seven Warlords in the future. Some capture these refugees and sell them to the highest bidder, forcing slavery upon the slave drivers or just seeking to make a gob of Beli. Others are cutthroat and merciless with their catches and simply look to shed blood or gain infamy. Either way you look at it, Pirates and Freelancers alike are on the prowl introducing another dynamic to this predicament.

There aren't just two sides to every story however. While they'd surely introduce themselves as the truth, the Revolutionaries have also left their nests in search of the Celestial Dragons and Nobles. Though they aren't the brightest, some secrets that the Revolution has yet to even unveil are common knowledge to these privileged beings. For that reason the head of the Revolutionary Army has dispatched a sum of operatives out into the world to capture these refugees and bring them back for interrogation.

Whatever angle you decide to take with this situation, one thing that's undeniable is that this is a race and those that slack will miss the chance to seize what it is they lust for. May it be fame, money, power, or even knowledge, the time to act is now. Hysteria has spread over the seas as the search for the Nobles of the world has begun.

Event Breakdown
The way this event will work is through a point system. Each successfully completed task will award the respective faction a certain amount of points. There are three point deciding factors. The Tier of the task, the amount of participants in the task, and if their was PC opposition. The faction that reaches 75 Points first is the victor, this amount is subject to change depending on how fast points are accumulated. This results in those who contributed to the factions point total being given a division of the prize pool that will reflect their own personal contribution. So those that earn more points for their factions will get more of a reward than those who earned less.

For the two factions that don't win, there will still be a prize pool, albeit much smaller than the winning faction. Nonetheless, task that correspond with this event's plot, Event Task, will give boosted rewards upon completion as if the task done was a Tier higher. i.e. a Tier 3 event task will give Tier 4 rewards. This only applies to Task related to this event.

There will be universal task down below that each faction can take, but custom task can be created. Task objectives can include, but aren't limited to, locating, capturing, delivering, liberating, or interrogating Celestial Dragons and Nobles. Custom task should be tagged Event and PC. Rewards for completed Event task will be given out on this page, but Event task should be created in the Task registry area.

  • Travel to islands within Paradise temporarily no longer requires a Log Pose or timer/wc. A post to signify travel is still required however.
  • All Event Task must be done with at least 2 other participants, so 3 participants total.
  • Event launches Friday May 12th


  • Pirates - 15
  • World Government - 0
  • Revolutionaries - 0

Only one participant should turn in completed Event task
[b]Link to IC Task:[/b] (Link to the completed task)
[b]Faction:[/b] (Which faction are you contributing to? Even if you are a Pirate, you can be acting in the interest of the Marines. This cannot change.)
[b]PC Opposition:[/b] (Yes or No)

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2 Re: Seek out the Dragons [Event] on Tue May 09, 2017 2:39 pm

Universal Repeatables

Task Name: Blood in the Water
Tier: 3
NPC or PC: Event | PC
Location: Any Paradise Island
Crew, Team, or Personal:  Team
Description: While sailing or patrolling the waters of Paradise your Den Den Mushi picks up an emergency transmission from a nearby island. The one who sent this transmission introduces him/herself as a Celestial Dragon refugee and demands that Marines in the area come to his/her rescue. Being an emergency transmission this same call was broadcasted to other ships in the area who picked up the call. Like a moth to a flame, Pirates, Marines, Revolutionaries, and free lancers alike flock to the island the signal came from. The waters suddenly become crowded with ships from practically every angle as they race to the island. A naval battle quickly ensues.
Enemy Details: At least 25 unallied enemy ships in your Task.
Boss: No

Task Name: Rush!!!
Tier: 4
Location: Any Paradise Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Having made it to the Island the transmission came from, you find many others from various factions with various intentions have as well. Locating the Celestial Dragon is one thing, but securing him/her in your possession is another. Fight off the opposition and safely escort the Celestial Dragon to your ship. Or perhaps your aim is to kill the Celestial Dragon for the fame.
Enemy Details: Unending amount of T0-3 Enemies(Various weapons)
Boss: At least 5 T4 Bosses, PC made.

Task Name: Finale
Tier: 4
Location: Any Paradise Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team
Description: Whether you were successful or not, the situation on the island has turned from a hunt for a single person to an all out skirmish between factions. Either stand to see the end of it all or flee. Either way you'll face opposition while doing it.
Enemy Details: If escaping with Celestial Dragon, at least 15 unallied enemy ships targeting specifically you. If fighting it out, complete Task post requirements.
Boss: If fighting, at least 5 PC made T4 Bosses.

These three task are repeatable, but should be done as an Arc. Unless it is a product of PC vs PC opposition, Island razing damage is prohibited during these task.

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3 Re: Seek out the Dragons [Event] on Fri May 12, 2017 11:05 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy



"I wear a mask to hide my shame."
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4 Re: Seek out the Dragons [Event] on Sun May 21, 2017 5:09 am



Bump Bump

"Black Caesar is that necessary Evil, shorty. "
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5 Re: Seek out the Dragons [Event] on Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:54 pm

Link to IC Task:
Faction: Repping for the Pirate Life
PC Opposition: No


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6 Re: Seek out the Dragons [Event] on Tue Jun 20, 2017 11:38 am

Event closing in 2 weeksJuly 4th

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