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1 Barnabas Murphy on Mon May 08, 2017 2:21 pm

Name: Barnabas Murphy
Alias/Epithet: "Bright Blue Murphy", "The Azul Alpha Uno Program", "The World's Most Lethal Man"
Race: Cyborg
Tier: Tier 4
Gender: [M]ale / [C]yborg
Age: Twenty-five [25]
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Marksman / Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: CP9

General Appearance: Almost nothing about Murphy leads one to believe he is as dangerous as he is. He's tall but quite lean. Murphy has what people call a "swimmer's body" meaning he is visibly in shape but he does not look particularly strong. His skin is soft and pale and is completely without scars or blemishes.

Barnabas has sandy brown hair that he thinks would be closer to blonde if he got a little more sun. The agent keeps it close cropped on the sides and leaves it messy on top. His jaw is square and his mouth is usually tucked into a slight frown. Barnabas considers himself to be neither handsome or plain looking. Most people don't worry about that when they see him. They are usually too preoccupied with the fact that he has two glowing blue headlights for eyes.

It's true, Agent Murphy is a Cyborg. Besides a scar running along the top of his head that is covered by his hair the only visible evidence of this is his eyes. Covering his eye sockets are two implanted glass lenses. Behind this glass glow two bright blue lights. The only time these lights go out are when Murphy is sleeping or incapacitated. While his eyes give him more than a few benefits Murphy often wishes they just looked like everybody else's.

Murphy's clothing choices are usually made for him by Cipher Pol. A huge part of his life is espionage so he usually just wears what the situation calls for. However when given the chance to pick he can often be seen in simple clothes like jackets and hoodies. Murphy has a tendency to wear stuff colored in earth tones.

Barnabas does have a "main outfit", if you will, that he can be seen in most of the time. For most missions and during his daily life Murphy wears a combat suit created for him to his specifications by CP9. The one piece leather jumpsuit has a high collar and is made for coverage and protection. The one he typically wears is brown but he also has a black one for stealth missions. To his dismay these outfits both come complete with a blue colored neckerchief. He also keeps two belts stocked with ammunition and a holster for his gun.

Height: 6''1 ft.
Weight: 193 lbs.
Crew Tattoo Placement: Right Shoulder

Personality: Murphy is a man with an incredibly complex personality. Due to the experiments performed on him at a young age by the world government Barnabas was left with a very different pallet of emotions than most people. The benefits of these experiments mean he does not feel fear and his brain works almost like a computer in some ways but they have rendered him mostly emotionally unavailable. However, Murphy's natural qualities often come into conflict with his "programming" and this has led to him being quite the anomaly. His entire life the machine side and human side of his psyche have been at war to determine the type of person he would be. The result has landed him somewhere in the middle ground of his two warring personas.

Agent Murphy often muses to himself that he might have been a pretty good person if Cipher Pol had not snatched him up when he was a baby. When given the option to relax and be himself Barnabas is a friendly, open-minded and very laid-back individual. He revels in indulging what humanity he believes he has left with conversation, reading and music. It reflects how lonely Murphy must feel because he is often seen engaging in conversation with people he is fighting with or about to assassinate; sadly these are some of the few people outside of Cipher Pol he gets to interact with.

However, like flipping a switch, Barnabas can go from a seemingly pleasant, suave guy to an absolute killing machine because, well, that kind of what he is. Due to his weak emotions Murphy can stab a man in the face who he had just talked about the weather with for ten minutes without losing much sleep over it. He was programmed to believe the World Government's law to be absolute and that those who go against it for whatever reason must face justice. Though, with the older he gets and as the horrible things he has been made to do continue to mount, Murphy is beginning to feel the slightest hint of doubt.

With Murphy's feelings the way that they are he comes off as incredibly numb but also content. His laid back vernacular gives him an almost stoner-like vibe that often lowers people's guards. He still is brainwashed convinced that Cipher Pol and the world government are the good guys so Barnabas does like his job. Despite acting quite lazy most of the time Murphy loves going out on missions and due to his programming combat is when he feels "most alive".

As Barnabas has grown older he has become quite confused. His suppressed emotions have left him unable to deal with or understand his recent regrets stemming from his job. These new emotional developments worry Murphy so he tries to not think about them, perhaps running from the monster he quietly thinks deep down that he has become. It seems like soon Murphy will either have to come to terms with what the government has turned him into and try to salvage his humanity or escape fully into the machine.

Murphy's training and advanced mind have made him a tactical genius. Barnabas is a master in espionage and as a member of CP9 he is one of the world's most capable spies. His cyborg brain has also been implemented with encyclopedic knowledge of the written law which he enforces with a "Judge Dredd" level of pride. The fact that he cannot feel fear is usually really helpful but it also means he has no sense of danger. Sometimes this leads to Murphy getting into situations that are over his head.

- Getting to meet new people
- Assassinating said people
- Stargazing
- Reading anything new, especially the paper
- A nice, evenly matched fight
- Black Coffee and donuts
- Smoking cigars
- Playing cards and or dice games

- Being alone for too long
- The strange feeling growing in the back of his mind that everything he knows and feels is wrong
- The color blue
- The heat
- Pirates and Revolutionaries
- Sweet food
- Being on land for too long

History: If Barnabas Murphy ever had real eyes he does not remember them. Murphy knows very little about his childhood and can't recall much of it himself. What he does know about his life before the Cipher Police is a patchwork of lies and half-truths. From what they told him Barnabas was a blind boy from the Germa Kingdom. His sickly mother allegedly gave him up to the World Government as a way to give him a better life. Also they say the experiments that turned him into a cyborg were to restore his sight as an act of benevolence.

The only true part in any of that is that Murphy is from the Germa Kingdom. Their monarch had made a deal with the world government to "misplace" a newborn or two from their state of the art hospital for experimentation. Murphy's real parents were told he died from a birth defect of some kind while Cipher Pol whisked the infant away.

From there some of the worlds top scientists turned Barnabas into what he is today. The secret Cipher Pol 9 had always taken kids from birth so they could be trained and brainwashed accordingly over their lifetime. This time around, however, they decided to go one step further. By enhancing the kids with cybernetics they thought they could have a perfectly loyal squad of perfect soldiers. Operating under the codename the "Azul Alpha Uno Program", this group of scientists labored to make that dream a reality. From the start  it was a disaster and none of the kids survived the operations.  Except for one, obviously.

So they plucked out his eyes and scrambled his brain then told him they did it all for his benefit. Barnabas became the last living remnant of the Azul Alpha Uno Program as the project was such an unsightly disaster all scientists who worked on it were, ironically, assassinated by CP9. This was to make sure nobody ever knew about it. After that the government was left with one blue-eyed, cyborg baby. They had been hoping for more in number but taking what they could get, Murphy was given to CP9 to begin his training.

From a young age it was clear that Murphy was going to be a great asset. His enhancements and natural prowess made him a quick learner. Due to his programming he also took in the propaganda he was fed without much thought. After training his entire life Murphy killed his first man when he was only eleven.

Murphy's life is a hard thing to talk about because he was never allowed to be a civilian. His whole life has been a series of tasks and missions set out before him by the government. Due to the scandalous nature of his origin CP0 has always kept a close eye on Murphy and makes sure he is away from the base or out in public as little as possible.

Currently Murphy is stationed in Alabasta. He isn't quite sure why he's there yet because his intel has not come through. Until that day comes he is just making the most of his situation because it is not often he is let out on his own like that. For Murphy it feels like a vacation but that will likely change soon.

Face Claim: Attack on Titan | Jean Kirstein
RP Sample: It had been twelve days since Hackner had heard anything back from base. Spider Mile, a filthy heap some might call an island, was not an ideal place to be and he just wanted the news that he could leave. The young revolutionary trudged tiredly down the long, dark street. The road was narrow and the buildings surrounding him were tall.

"Shit..." Hackner thought to himself.

He was just being paranoid but he couldn't help but think this was the perfect place for an ambush. He brushed the thought away. Hackner knew he shouldn't even be outside right now but it was late and he was so hungry. The young man had waited for two weeks in hiding eating only rations.

Hackner was an up and coming revolutionary who recently made a name for himself by demonstrating conqueror's haki at a world government event. After this fiasco the revolutionaries had him placed into hiding. Hackner had a unique gift but he was young, untrained and not much of a fighter yet. The revolution didn't want to lose him and they were worried Cipher Pol would be after him.

By now he was sure he was in the clear. The only information the revolution really had was a small clue that meant CP9 may have a hit on him. Hackner didn't even believe that they were real. Certainly if CP9, given they even exist, didn't know he was there by now walking down the road to get some meat for two seconds wouldn't reveal his location to anybody.

Suddenly, silently, Hackner falls to the ground. The bullet in his neck hardly even made a sound as it splintered his spine like driftwood. Then, in a blur of motion, a figure with glowing blue eyes appears and disappears with the body all before it even hits the ground. Almost a mile away on a rooftop that same pair of blue orbs stared listlessly at Hackner's lifeless eyes. Placing the body down, the man taps something in his ear with his index finger.

"Target neutralized. Prepare for extraction. Assassin Murphy, out." his said evenly. From on top of the roof, Murphy could see the moon hanging over the vast ocean. He found himself getting lost in the scene for a moment. This world was such a beautiful place.

That is exactly why he can't be a part of it.

Bonus: Steel Equipment
Location: Alabasta

Fate Point Allocation:
- Race Change
- Hawk's Eye
- Hard Worker
- Never Dormant
- Cursed Hands

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2 Re: Barnabas Murphy on Wed May 24, 2017 9:13 am

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