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1 Magnus' Cursed Forge on Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:13 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Magnus Dayne wrote:
Name: The Cursed Forge
Occupation: Blacksmith | Cursed Smith
Price: 65
Tier: 2
Unlike most forges and the like, The Cursed Forge is one of uniqueness and power. The Custom forge was one that Magnus designed himself. The main area is where the beating, drawing out, and working of the molten metal happens. The Main area is simply a place to show off some of his more decorative crafted pieces. The second part of this well designed forge is the actual forge itself. The massive forge is just in the back room directly behind the main area. The forge mouth is decorated demon head with the mouth being the opening for the forge itself. The fire that burns within this forge isn’t like most fire. It changes color with the metals and curses that are being enchanted on the metal itself.

The Fire will change from one color to another much like it has a life and mind of its own. In addition to the forging equipment in the main area, Magnus also added smaller forging equipment in the Demonic Forge area. This will allow him to craft the piece of metal to almost perfection before taking it out in the main area to finish. (The Pictures are identical to the actual thing.)

Demonic Forge:
Main Area:
Benefit: Magnus’ forge is something that is mystical in its abilities. The cursed forge has the ability to breathe life into the cursed that are forged within its fires. This means, like other support occupations, Magnus can upgrade his curses beyond that of Tier 3. Once the weapons, armors, or equipment reach Tier 3, the Curses begin to develop a sentient persona that can be developed through upgrades. These Curse embodiment's or Spirits reveal the true nature of the curse as it upgrades.

The upgrades can be done only within the forge itself, which means that weapons forged elsewhere cannot be blessed with a Sentient being within its runes. With each upgrade point that is gained with the armor, weapon, or equipment; the Sentient Being will increase in strength and gain more power with every point. Each point will release a perk for the Sentient Being and the item itself. (Which will be listed below) Upon reaching the sixth and final upgrade point, the Sentient being will reach its true power and appearance, which will allow the increase of potency within the Curse. (Simply means if upgrade points reach six. The curse can be increased in power, lethality, or potency.)

Upgrade Point Information:

  • 1 - This Upgrade Point will breathe the first small amount of life into the curse itself. This will allow mental communication between owner and the curse.
  • 2 - This Upgrade Point will give more power to the curse and allow it, the curse itself, to manifest to only the Owner/Wielder of the cursed item.
  • 3 - This Upgrade Point will allow the curse to manifest itself to anyone in the topic. This will be allowed by the curse itself and not the owner/wielder.
  • 4 - This Upgrade Point is when the curse itself starts to gain even more independence from it's owner/wielder. The effect of this upgrade point allows any Curse that was created in this forge to instantly know when another curse created in the same forge is within the topic or area. This information can be shared or kept secret by the Sentient Curse.
  • 5 - This next to last Upgrade Point will allow cursed items to resonant and allow their owners/wielders to felt that. This will let both the Sentient Curse and Owner/Wielder know when other Magnus created items are in the area. Another function of the resonating is for the curses to know which weapon is in the area. Each curse is given a hint of newly create weapons when they go into the forge for an upgrade.
  • 6 - The Final Upgrade Point will complete the Sentient Curse and allow it to finally upgrade to it's full potential. This means that the Curse can be revamped to be more powerful, lethal, or potent than it was before. In addition to the great benefit, this is also a curse because when the curse is awakened to it's full potential it will also make the drawback stronger as well. (Simply means if a curse allows a weapon to grow longer or bigger. The Drawback for it will increase with it's benefit.)  

~13 Month Series Weapons, Armors, and Objects~

  • Golden November - Owner: Junbei von Echo - Title: First of It's Kind - Upgrade Points: 4 Upgrade Points Added - Link: Golden November Topic

~Sidenote: This will be edited every time I add a new 13 month series to the list. They will be listed in the way of ownership, taken or for sale, and the price. Lastly, the links will be provided for every month series.

Last edited by Magnus Dayne on Tue May 16, 2017 9:19 pm; edited 1 time in total

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2 Re: Magnus' Cursed Forge on Wed May 03, 2017 8:50 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


The conversation between Charlotte Lacosta and Magnus Dayne was limited to the various building and islands that now made up Quatre Iron Lotus and the various shops on the islands. To be honest, Magnus was thoroughly bored waiting for his present, but he knew that the Yonko had built it. He had used the blueprints he sent with the Raven and he had actually built the cursed forge from legend. He would be able to bring actual curses to life now. All the thoughts, ideas, and legendary weapons he could make; were making his head spin now. Finally Charlotte came to a complete stop outside a building named “Magnus’ Cursed Forge.” The sign was absolutely brilliant; Charlotte tossed him the key to the door and disappeared back into the streets. Magnus was finally home. Stepping through the doors lead him to the first part of the forge, the selling area was as big as a forge itself with a set of stairs that lead up to a Raven’s keep to send out letters, orders, and messages throughout Paradise. A couple of Magnus’ older works lettered the walls each made with the sigil of the Direwolf engraved onto it somewhere. The door directly towards the back next to the long oak desk that held his raw materials, forging hammer, and now his backpack was made of oak as well. That would lead to the demon faced forge with the flames of hell and demonic energies. That is where he would spend the next couple of days forging forward with his Tonfa idea for his newly accepted ally. They would make anyone who saw them envious, but The Cursed Blacksmith had various items of his own creation to make, remodel, and curse before he could dive into the tonfa for Junbei von Echo.

Magnus pulled out his two leather bound notebooks, which held designs and curses within their pages, and he pulled out his forge apron, his King’s Blade, and the raw materials he just bought on his journey to Quatre Iron Lotus. He started off the process by carving the wood into a large perfect circle for the foundation for The King’s Shield design he drew up on the voyage to the island. The perfect dark complexation of the Rosewood would match the dark color of the titanium that Magnus was about to use to forge the star and bashing ball on the center of the shield. Once the foundation was completed, he pinned on some of the straps and the two small knife hostlers up underneath the shield next to the shield handle. He gave it a look over and held it in his hand like he would in a battle. “Definitely going to be a bit heavier with the titanium bashing center, but it will be stronger and more durable than anything else I used.” Magnus thought as he grabbed the two bars of raw dark grey titanium. He looked into the now burning orange flames of the demonic forge mouth. Pulling a hanging ceiling handle, the flames burst forth into an icy blue color as he put on his glove, grab the tongs, and went to work on the metal for the shield. After about two hours work in the forge, Magnus came out, pinned the bashing helm, and the rest of the titanium edging and cover to the rosewood base. After giving the shield a polish and feel, Magnus placed The King’s Shield against the wall on the desk just outside of the door of the forge.

Taking The King’s Blade into his hand, he flipped to a remodel design of the blade that Magnus had drawn up about two years ago. The blade was never remodeled, because the blacksmith had a lot of other projects and tournaments to participate in. Now he was finally getting to the remodel, The King’s blade was unsheathed and placed on the workshop table. Taking the left over titanium from the previous project, he set them into the forge inside a melting pot. He knew he would need more titanium for the hilt, and he knocked of the golden guard, titanium handle, and tossed them into the melting pot onto top the already melted titanium. Looking at the excellently crafted blade, Magnus began to think of how he would design the guard and hilt for his new blade. After some thought, he poured the molten golden titanium into a mold of a normal standard guard with two wolves howling around the blade with a wolf paw on the end of the hilt. After the molten titanium cooled, polished, and black leather wrapped around the handle; Magnus knocked the hilt and guard back onto the blade and swung it around a couple of times to get the feel for it.

Satisfied with his new remodel and newly created shield; Magnus placed just the blade of Longpaw into the icy blue flames of the Demon forge. Before walking out of the forge, he tugged onto the ceiling handle again and the lames burst up again in an eerie green color. The blade got red hot just before Magnus pulled out the blade and began to engrave into the blade almost instantly after pulling it out. The beginning of the engraving was a number of smaller runes in the slight dip into the face of the blade. The flames died back down to normal color before Magnus was done with the first part of the cursing process on the blade now known as Longpaw. Taking the blade back in his hand, Magnus tossed in some white powder into the flames. The flames in the demon forge mouth turned into a deep purple color that could pass for a match on the color of the flames produced by his Blessing.

The purple flames licked the blade of Longpaw while Magnus placed it back into the flames to heat back up for the next phase of the cursing process. The difference between forging an entire weapon and a curse places a huge serious on the body and psyche, but Magnus was just producing a curse, which was a lot easier. The next part of the runic language that the curse was based in was fully based on the ability of devil fruit consumption. Once the blade was ready, Magnus pulled it from the flames and began to engrave the runes needed on the opposite side that held the first part of the curse. Now Magnus had read a lot about this forge within his  studies to finding a way to bring a curse to life, and he knew how to enchant curses with that ability and when not too. This particular curse was one of no sentient status. He spent the net four hours reheating, engraving, reheating, and engraving back and forth through the process of engraving the second layer of the curse that was needed. Finally after the second layer of the curse was finally finished, he felt a spark of power flutter to life underneath the Viking-like runes!

“Damn, what a fucking beauty!” Magnus shouted as he sat down in a side chair in the light of the demonic flames. He was sweating a bunch from his hard work, but he knew he needed to finish through one more round of heat treating and engraving. The final parts of the curse were just to imprint the thirst for Devil Fruits within the blade. This would make the weapon acceptable to Devil Fruit consumptions. Leaving the massive forge area, Magnus walked over to the far side of the main area towards the staircase and went to bed. He slept for maybe four or five hours before heading back down stairs to the forge area. He picked up Longpaw before placing it back into the flames of the demon forge. The metal needed to be at the perfect temperature for the final phase of the curse, because the former runes couldn’t be altered in the slightest.

This final process would take at least ten hours to complete, and the engraving work would hurt those joints and bones straight down into the hand. The final runes had to be places on both sides of the blade within the other sentences and layers of the curse’s foundation. They would intertwine the whole magical sequence together to place the curse rightfully onto Longpaw without an trouble what-so-ever. The runes burned with a dark blue glow as Magnus finished up the wonderful work on the first curse made in his brand new forge. He knew after his check-list was done; he would begin on Junbei von Echo’s tonfa which would be the first curse he would actually bring to life within these walls. “Mustn’t get too ahead of myself already.” Magnus thought as a little drop of sweat hit the blade with an angry hiss.

The engraving and reheat took every bit of energy and time that Magnus Dayne had left. Once the engraving and blade were completed, Magnus polished and sharpened the blade to perfection. He would take the blade in both hands before swinging it around in the air, and he made sure to swing with both hands as well as striking out on a dummy before sliding the weapon back into its sheathe. Longpaw and the Shield were side by side when Magnus’ little baby Den Den began to ring from within his bag. “I wonder” Magnus thought as he pulled the little Mushi out of his bag and answered. The face expressions and voice tone on the other side of the Mushi was shady at best. The conversation was carried out in such a hush and sketchy tone by the time he was finished with it. He didn’t know whether to believe the man on the other line or what. He was telling tales of a very specific Devil Fruit that Magnus Christopher Dayne was after. “Bloody Hell.. Could it really be that easy?” Magnus spoke as he fell back into his chair by his workshop table. The Devil Fruit was supposedly in Paradise. The designs for Junbei’s new sentient Tonfa rattled through his brain as the new thought of the devil fruits began to cloud those design ideas.

Standing up next to his worktable in the main part of his forge, Magnus flipped open the notebook labeled 13 Month Series Designs. The pages were filled with weapon designs and curse incantations that would go into the decision for the 13 sentient cursed weapons that he would create for himself and the people he deemed worthy enough to be granted one of those legendary pieces. Magnus pulled out the rest of the raw material from underneath his work bench. He placed them all out in front of him on the work table and looked it all over. He let the tales of Devil Fruits and mysteries disappear from his mind, and he did this to clear the way for the long horrid work he was about to put into making one of these sentient blades.  Magnus Christopher Dayne would walk upstairs, change out of his old clothes, and into something a bit more comfortable before lying down to pass out for seven hours. When he finally awoke from his little nap on his sleeping cot, he changed into some blacksmith clothes before placing on his apron again to begin work on the tonfa for Junbei von Echo.

Word Count: 1,901/1,875

Crafting Techniques:

  • Date: 5/3/2017
  • Armor Forging - 375 Words - 1 day CD
  • Remodel | Remake - 375 Words - 1 day CD
  • Curse Enchantment | Weapon Cursing (Devil Fruit Curse) - 1,125 Words - 3 day CD
  • Gained: The King's Shield, Remodel Sword, and Devil Fruit Consumption Curse Applied

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3 Re: Magnus' Cursed Forge on Wed May 03, 2017 10:08 pm




Auburn Songbird - 'We're all caged bird's waiting for someone to hear our sound.'
SolarGravitas & VitasP.WingsBlitz SticksOto OtoOto Tier 3NitufiaSantufia
Nitufia - Tier 2Flight & FightCharlotte & Caprice WeaponsNico & Juju's Weapons

Sitting in the ceiling of Magnus's forge room, the Songbird would begin to strum a new edit to his Lull's Craft song, as the blacksmith scuttled around the room. It was a very arbitrary to say the least but in an indirect way, it was Junbei's welcome call and also, his own roundabout way of helping out. He offered no vocals to the tune, as this would only reveal his location to Magnus. As his fingers strummed along the Funky Jammer, Junbei nodded his head from side to side in content, as his memories drifted back to during to one year ago, the day Junbei's sister, Rebecca, arrived on Tres Iron Lotus. In a very awkward and informal way, the two Von Burg's sat at each edge of the table, staring at each other, neither touching their food at this point. Tired of the quiet stare down, Junbei digs into his black and gold jacket's pocket to pull out a cigarette only for the cancer stick to knocked away by the woman's finger gun. The bullet passed through Junbei's finger, but alleviated the tobacco from the male's hand. "It gets me every time-ya." Rebecca said with her North Blue accent. "If I shoot holes in you, you walk away like nothing happens. To think a brat like you would get his hands on a Logia. Psh. I'm jealous." Rebecca continued puffing out her cheeks. "Is this your way for making up for all the years of not having your little brother Becky? Cute." Junbei said condescendingly. Drawing her actual gun, the woman pointed it at the Yonko, only to met with an array of rifles being pointed at her head. Signalling for them to lower their guns, "I never wanted a reject like you as a brother. You are a disgrace to the Von Burgs and your rank as Earl." Rebecca announced with disgust. "That's the thing sister... You guys left me to dead all those years ago. Why do you want me now? It doesn't even matter... Tell 'dad' and 'mom' I say this, 'Go fuck themselves or each other and make another defective child or one that works.' Either way, it doesn't matter to me. My name is Junbei Von Echo. Project Echo's final experiment, last of my kind and first of my name. I'm a musician who lives a pirates life and is currently an Emperor of the Seas. The Von Burgs can also, go fuck themselves thrice over." Junbei stated grinning.

✉ words: 417
Skills | Misc Traits. :


Skill Name: Play
Skill Type: Crafting
Skill Cooldown: 3 Posts
Skill Description: The user plays a written score.
Word Count: 250 WC

Name: Crafter’s Lull
Description: This melody garners all who listen a euphoric feeling, making their shoulders, fingers and arms feel nimble. It’s said all who listen to this particular score gains the urge to create even more after exhaustion.

  • PC’s listening to the melody while crafting have a 12 hour reduction on their cooldown times. This song affects those who are creating items to even composers of music alike.
  • Fortified I: All creations made within this song's range, cooldown times decrease by 24 Hours(does not stack as it upgrades). This can't be used on his own creation skills in any format.

Range: 5M
Servings: N/A
Units per Slot: N/A

Upgrade: Fortified I: All creations made within this song's range, cooldown times decrease by 24 Hours(does not stack as it upgrades). This can't be used on his own creation skills in any format.

Stamina | Haki Usage:

NPC's Present :


All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.
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4 Re: Magnus' Cursed Forge on Tue May 16, 2017 9:14 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Magnus Christopher Dayne was up and going at the crack of dawn. He had some slight stiffness in his body from the days before but it was nothing that he hadn’t dealt with before. He changed out of his sleeping clothes into a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt with the Direwolf sigil on the left sleeve. He walked downstairs to find everything already set up and waiting for him. The light and black titanium bars, gorgeously stained Black Treasure Tree Adam wood, and some basic white cloth all for the forging of Junbei’s tonfa. He pulled up a chair to the workbench, and he flipped through his 13 month series notebook. He looked at the various entries on the pages, in-between the columns of design blueprints, and on the back of the pages. “I need to think of good way to do this.” Magnus hadn’t forged round blocks of metal into circular tonfa measurements. It was going to be a challenge, but he suddenly heard a wonderful tune being played above him. Magnus looked up to see Junbei himself just sitting on the ceiling playing his instrument with such grace that it seemed to soothe his shoulders, hands, and back from the long week of forging that he had been doing. With a wave, Magnus began his long journey through this cursed weapon forging. But what he didn’t notice was a whisper coming from the forge behind the door. He put on his apron, grabbed gloves, his hammer, and the blocks of titanium that would be the foundation for the whole damn weapon. He would wrap the handles with cloth before placing a black Treasure Tree Adam wood covering over the cloth. This would give them a very elegant finish with providing a completely sturdy grip for Junbei.

He opened the door to the demonic forge, and the forge was blazing a deep blue color unlike anything he has seen before. “This bitch is really going today.” Magnus thought as he placed the two pairs of metal into the flames. He moved his tongs to the worktable closest to the Massive Forge. The area was laid out with the anvil and workshop table closest to the forge, which allowed Magnus to quickly bring the metal to the anvil and hammer it out. He had a basic idea of what he wanted to try and do with the now red metal. He grabbed his tongs and a long piece of metal from his worktable. He took the hot metal and the piece of metal, and he forged the piece of metal as a grip onto the pure black titanium. After he began the process off heating and drawing out the metal at the end of his handle. After about two or three hours, Magnus had two perfect circular, black tonfa with light titanium handles. The handles were rather small with a round end big enough to engrave his sigil into it, but they would become a comfortable fit once he placed the dark treasure tree Adam wood onto them.

Magnus was polishing, cleaning, and adding the finish on the titanium tonfa, but he suddenly began to hear the flames speak out. They were speaking in an ancient language found in Briss. He had only studied it for a brief time when he was living in The Briss Kingdom. The next step was engraving the curse into the tonfa with a heated engraver. This simply means that Magnus would heat the tip of the engraver in the mystical flames of the forge before he engraved the curses into the weapons. “I guess, I need to do something exotic for him.” Magnus smiled at the thought before drilling half way through the bottom of the tonfa and a fourth of the way down from the top. This would give the illusion that the tonfa were hollow, but they had about a fourth of metal that connected perfectly with the base of the handles. After he cleaned and fixed up the drilling holes, he drilled holes straight into the edge of the tonfa at different sizes and places. The overall look of the tonfa now was pretty exotic. Golden November didn’t have any gold on her, but she was sleek black titanium base with some holes and hollow look. The handles were silver titanium to match the black titanium used for the base of the tonfa. On the end of the handle, the Direwolf sigil was etched into it giving it the mark of Magnus’ craftsmanship.

“Well, I do say that this guy is better than the last that tried to use this.” Magnus head jerked up to peek into the flames as they suddenly shot up with a new gold and silver hue to the flames. “You are right, Sister. He might be able to draw us out now.” Magnus had set his engraver at the edge of the flames so only the engraving tip was getting heated by the newly colored flames. “Who the hell is saying that?” Magnus whispered as he looked behind him to see if Junbei had decided to check out who was talking in this place. Suddenly out of the flames, the voices rang out in unison, “You better get started to find out!” The giggles that came from the flames were almost witchy with the way they cackled. The Engraving tool was perfectly heated after the girl’s giggling disappeared among the flames. Magnus picked it up and began to work on the Tonfa engraving. He started with the handle of the tonfa, because he wanted to finish this part of the curse before he placed the dark Treasure Tree Adam finish on them off. The handle part of the engraving dealt with the drawback of the curse that was being created specifically for Junbei von Echo.

The voice continued to tease, make fun of, and enjoy driving Magnus insane while he worked on the engraving little by little while he puffed on his tobacco pipe. The overwhelming voices seemed to be growing more and more intelligent as he completed more and more of the cursed formula onto the tonfa. Luckily, Magnus made it off the grips within the first 30 minutes of engraving and smoking. Moving through the process of heating the tip of the engraver and engraving the curse script all over the tonfa was little to nothing for the renowned blacksmith, but this was something different the curse itself was speaking to him and even went as far as to taunt the blacksmith. More and more of the curse script were written on the tonfa, they were almost glowing in the forge light. The only peace that Magnus could find within his work was his enjoyment of smoking flavored tobacco from his wonderful Direwolf engraved pipe. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he leaned back in his chair, he held up the first engraving up to the light of the fire to catch all the perfectly done runes of the curse he just created for his patron Junbei von Echo. “Damn that is a beauty. Just need to add the dark colored treasure tree Adam wood and it would be finished." Aside from Magnus going through some very unusual rituals to curse, he would be done with the tonfa cosmetically.

The dark colored Treasure Tree Adam material was not the easiest thing to sand down, fasten to the grips, and carve into. But Magnus worked silently on sanding the two large logs that he bought of the material and had it shipped to him before he set out for Tres, but the final touches were completed on the tonfa base and grips. The final touch was the golden carved name done into both grips. Golden November was carved and painted with gold to give the weapon the final touches of Magnus’ flare.

Leaning back against the back of the chair again, Magnus puffed on his Raspberry flavor tobacco when suddenly two little fairy-like beings popped into existence directly in front of him. “Hello!” They said in unison getting only a couple inches away from his face. From sheer shock, Magnus fell back in the chair and landed flat on his back with a hard thud. “What the hell?!?” Magnus whispered as he looked at the young girl looking fairies before him. “Well, you have finished us. I am Goldie. This is my sister Nova.” Nova just gave Magnus a look of disappointment before disappearing again just as quickly as she was created. Goldie simply giggled before disappearing as well. “We only have a small amount of power at the moment, but you can change that with those rituals you were thinking of when you created us. Get to work Mister!” Magnus just laughed before getting up and fixed his chair. He slumped back down into the chair as he puffed on the tobacco more before deciding he needed to do what the curse stated. The rituals would involve some blood of the crafter, and some simple old phrase repeated in the Briss Kingdom’s ancient language.

Luckily Magnus had prepared the night before; he walked over to the door and threw the latch to lock before walking back over to his work desk in the forging area of his recently built workshop. The ritual was pretty basic, he would need to maintain contact with the weapon, paint some runic designs on his upper body, slice his hands enough to bleed all over the weapon and the curse script, and finally he would need to speak the phrases over and over again before the cursed script glowed bright red and the power of the sentient beings within the blade would sap energy from Magnus himself. He cleared out the space on the stone directly in front of the Demonic Forge’s face and placed the tonfa gently in front of him. The voices kept giving him instructions on how to perform the ritual to actually make it work correctly. He had only one extra bag of his blood prepared, which was needed to create the blood infused body paint that he had to use to paint the runic designs on his body.

Magnus Christopher Dayne mixed the various elements together to get his dark blood red body paint, and he knelt down in front of the forge without his shirt on. He began to recite various phrases and incantations in an old tongue as he painted the various runes on his arms, hands, chest, and face. The words were undistinguishable to anyone trying to listen in on it. The flames reacted to his chanting to the point that it sparked up gold and silver flames to be the colors of the Sentient spirits within the tonfa. Their name is Golden November. They have an aura of gold and silver around them. This only made Magnus even more excited about the ritual and the outcome it would have on the tonfa strength themselves. Upon finishing the chanting and painting, Magnus had his hair slicked back with the blood paint, runes all over his upper body and face, and the flames of the forge were dimming down to prepare for the final process of completing the blood rituals used to upgrade the cursed being living within the tonfa.

He used a small knife and cut his palm on one hand to drip the blood onto the tonfa’s curse engravings. The blood sizzled upon making contact with the tonfa and the young ladies voices rang out in his head. They were actually pleased by the progress that Magnus had made in only a short time after learning how to deal with the Demonic Forge.

The flames sparked up again as the blood sizzled on the tonfa; Magnus began to chant again under his breath as he used the palm that was cut to rub the tonfa down completely with his blood to give the blood ritual the correct amount of sacrifice needed to make the blood ritual happen. Once it was completely done, Magnus still continued to chant along with dancing flames within the Demonic Forge. The blood would sizzle, harden, and chip off for the entire process to be completed and the new found strength of the Goldie and Nova would be completed. “That is right; you can finish this blood ritual easily.” This voice was a lot more sinister sounding than Goldie’s, which only meant that Nova was finally deciding to speak. “I know you made us for someone. A powerful someone. He will enjoy this power that you have given him, but he will have to deal with me in addition, which could make or break his mind. Good Luck!” Nova’s voice seemed to disappear within Magnus’ mind as Goldie’s soothing voice came back giving him more lines of the incantation to speak out.

Suddenly the sounds of demons cackling, screaming, and yelling could be heard from behind the door leading to the Demonic Forge; The flames within the forge suddenly began to change rapidly through colors, like eerie green, deep purple, and a lot of other colors. The colors could be vaguely seen from under the door while the chanting from Magnus grew louder and more demonic in pitch and tone. The power that could be felt from behind the door was unlike anyone has ever felt or noticed while suing Haki. It was pure demonic in nature until Magnus voice broke through for a split second before the flames shot back up again within the forge. A lot of shadows could be seen behind the door, like someone or somethings were helping Magnus in his upgrading of the curses powers. The shadows were the ghosts, demons, and spirits produced by the Demonic Forge mystical energies that helped him create the sentient curse beings to begin with. The process of chipping off the blood was a rather annoying one to say the least. The blood was hard to chip off piece by piece, but the underlying curse runes were slightly altered and now glowing a deep red color.

Suddenly the Goldie reappeared with a more Fairy-like appearance and older physical features, she stood in front of Magnus with a gentle smile on her face. Unlike Nova, Goldie was always down to talk with their creator. Even though Magnus specifically created them for Junbei von Echo, she knew that he loved every single one of his creations unconditionally. The older physical appearance, physical manifestation, and overall glow of the Curse Spirit easily confirmed that the blood ritual was completed correctly. This ritual could only be performed on newly created cursed weapons, but he still had the normal means of upgrading to perform on the tonfa to completely finish them for the time being.

The Cursed Craftsman from Briss would lie on the cold stone of his backroom with a heavy sigh. Goldie simply gave a quick smile before disappearing again from Magnus’ view. They had done exactly what they wanted. They got Magnus to complete the very strict blood ritual needed to upgrade their power even more right after being created. They just needed to him to upgrade the tonfa one more time with the basic upgrading skill, which is simple having the tonfa heated again in a different color flames to the point that the runes glow that color instead of blood red. The still painted blacksmith walked over to the bowls of elements to throw into the fire, and he picked up the silver and gold looking element before tossing the whole bowl into the fire. The flames shot up again all around the platform inside that would hold the tonfa for the duration needed to complete the original upgrading process.

Magnus simply performed the needed tasks while the tonfa heated up within the flames. After about ten minutes of sitting, the curse runes started to glow a faint blood red color as you could see some of them beginning to alter to gold and silver, which meant that the upgrading process was working just like the ritual did. The final cosmetic part that needed to be done to the tonfa was simply wrapping the grips in white cloth to prevent anyone from noticing the Golden November written across both grips. A sudden burst of flames from the Demonic forge snapped Magnus eyes towards it, the runes were all glowing a bright gold and silver color while the last rune that was colored blood red finally dissipated and flared up gold and silver.

Magnus had finally completed the Junbei von Echo Project in a time fram that wasn’t too bad, but he knew that Junbei had long disappeared from outside the door, which he hopefully did before the howling, screaming, and yelling started during the blood ritual. He finally wrapped the grips in that pure white cloth, and Magnus stepped out the door to the backroom with the tonfa in hand, wrapped in some extra piece of cloth. Unfortunately Magnus was still covered in the blood colored body paint with his hair slick backed by it. He looked around the empty forge with a smile on his face. He had completed his shield, cursed his sword, and even forged a cursed weapon that was unlike any other. Now he just had to find his patron to give him the rewards of his labor within the demonic forge.

======> Exit

Word Count: 2,894/2,813

Craft Techniques:

  • Date: 5/16/2017
  • Cursed Weapon Forging - 1,500 Words - 7 Day CD
  • Upgrade - 375 Words - 3 Day CD
  • Upgrade Version 2.0 - 938 Words - + 1 to Cursed Weapon Forging CD
  • Cooldown Total Time: 6 Days for Cursed Weapon Forging & 2 Days for Upgrade [Laz's Song Effect]
  • Gain: Golden November; First of It's Kind {4 Upgrade Points}

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