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1 Forging Iron Will on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:58 pm

Ro’s feet tapped against the cool stone in the dimly lit cavern. It had been quite a while since she had been in here, the place was reminiscent of her early days, grafting and grinding. She walked over to the wall and flicked open a metal box. Pulling down on the lever, the junky mechanism switched on with a ‘ka-chunk’. One after the other, lamps attached to the ceiling four metres above turned on, the bright white glow banished the darkness, the incandescent lights hummed. Crates upon crates of various things, tarpaulins tied over palettes of materials and work benches piled high with discarded papers. This was Ro’s old stomping ground, a bunker hidden a few metres under the sand. From here she could work in peace as well as store all of the materials she would need to fulfill her orders and further her research. The air hinted at a musty tinge, a faint aroma of oxidised iron wafted by. She had no use for such a place anymore, as she no longer hid her true self or her work from the outside world. This place was to isolated to be practical, and so it was forgotten. However, it was still a cool -and surprisingly well conditioned- area that would be perfect for todays activity.

Today, she had invited someone over to show her the ways of utilising haki. She hoped she could finally tap into the power that eluded her. She thought of her big brother, who had been able to draw into his own haki at half her age. In a family of monsters, she was just some nerd. At a young age, she had just assumed that she was not meant for conflict, and based on her natural talents, was meant for a different lifestyle. However, she could not shy away from her responsibility to increase her own strength anymore. This would be very necessary were she to face the threats that lay ahead.

She had also invited the Shichibukai she had met last week by the name of Sebastian Sinclair, the ‘Mad Prophet’. She was hoping that such a show of hospitality would strengthen their relationship. Being on good terms with the man would be a fruitful endeavor, she could tell already.

So there she waited, strolling around the fifty square metre bunker, flicking through a few documents and fiddling with some of her discarded prototypes. She had given both of her guests the coordinates to the location, and uncovered the door so that they would have no trouble finding the place.

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2 Re: Forging Iron Will on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:34 pm

Acting as Haki Master :

Boss Name: Colt
Tier: 5
Colt appears as the average everyday run of the mill, middle age butler. Black under west-coat, with white dress shirt and black jacket to match, with his long flowing green hair trickling onto his back. He's also one of the most talented swordsman in the World and Junbei's form instructor on Karate Island. Currently on a mission to find his protege but a run of fate, Colt is hired by Rokuju, to him, an aristocrat in Alabasta, to instruct her in the way of Haki.  
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: All
Tier 5 Cursed Blade
Strength: 4
Durability: 4
Speed: 6
Perception: 7

"Well this is... the shittiest place I've ever been." Colt commented as he was escorted into the underground bunker by members of the Alabasta Army. "Watch your mouth! This is Mistresses Rokuju's workshop... You're the only one who answered our calling card... so I guess we're grateful but watch your tongue in the presence of our mistress!" one of the guards shouted with pride. "Ohoho... She must be the hell of a looker if her men are so riled up to protect her. Why would a rich girl like herself desire to learn Haki?" Colt exclaimed, retorting towards the guard as he tinkered with his glasses. "HAKI? WHAT IS THAT? HOW DARE YOU INSULT MISS VINSMOKE! WHY YOU-" the guard shouted, only to be silenced by the senior guard to his right, "Enough." the man simply said, as the Spotted Duck excavation, carried downward beneath the sandy mile surface towards the bunker. Upon arrival, the green headed male hopped off of the Spotted Duck, stretching and clutching his joints. "This place is huge... How are we going to find-" the guard inquired, in an instant, the green headed male bolted off North East, travelling deeper into the bunker. Activating his Kenbunshoku, his eyes glowed readily, almost dashing off at lightning type speeds, before him, within his range was the angelic woman, Rokuju.

"A Plus!" Colt shouted, sticking out his thumb in approval. "Bust check! Skin, check! I mean, your not the most bountiful in your lower half but you'll pass I guess. When they told me I'd be instructing an Alabasta Beauty, I told myself, you know, God must be good." Colt said, rattling on, blushing pervertedly. However in an instant, the whole mood instantly changed, "Haki is a serious art. I'm not about to teach to some aristocratic brat. Harden your resolve, why do you seek this power?" Colt questioned, sternly.


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3 Re: Forging Iron Will on Mon May 01, 2017 3:56 am

Rokuju turned and nodded at the new arrival. By his appearance, this was the man she had asked along to train her. She flashed sapphire eyes over a half smile. His name was Colt, and she had heard good things from Junbei about him. This is why she had sought out this particular individual. In return, she had offered a great sum for his troubles however she didn't know if he was a man that was interested in beli. If she recalled, she had agreed to work out the price of his help when he arrived. She was interested in what sort of character he would turn out to be, and whether he really had it in him to teach her a thing or two.

What she was greeted with, was a superficial summary that was rather vulgar. Ro didn't mind too much, it wasn't the first time and she doubted it would be the last. She remembered back when she was a girl, deliberately hiding her looks as much as possible so that she wouldn't attract the attention of dangerous people while she was vulnerable. Ro doubted the man in front of her would bare her that type of ill will, but that didn't stop him from being a weirdo. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr Colt. I hope you had a pleasant trip. I trust that the people of Alabasta have been accommodating to your needs?"

As Colt continued on, the Vinsmoke's expression would not change, her hands clasped out in front of her. "Why do I wish to learn haki? Well, let's see." Her eyes turned down, considering the question, taking care with her answer. "I imagine that I am on some sort of unstoppable train. So I will need to see what's ahead and survive any collisions." Her half smile did not waver, delivering a little cryptic analogy that she thought was appropriate. "Please bear with this aristocratic brat for the mean time." She had lived a dozen different lives in her time, what people decided to draw their preconceptions on her from did not bother her.

"Is this place appropriate for whatever you have planned? We can relocate if you wish." Ro then called down to the soldiers finally catching up behind colt. "Thank you all, we can manage from here." If the man wished to move to a new location before starting the session then she would agree and follow him.

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4 Re: Forging Iron Will on Mon May 01, 2017 1:46 pm

"Oh." Colt responded to the woman's statement of being an unstoppable train. Raising his eyebrow, "Alright, here will be fine. Don't move." Colt commanded. Taking his katana from his belt, the man began to draw a circle around Rokuju's current position, encircling the woman in a dust trace, about fifteen inches in radius. Hopping backwards about five inches, Colt placed three fingers, allowing his index and thumb to touch. "In every human, life energy is present. Obviously because we're alive. However, it's an almost magical force that some humans can tap into. We in this realm call it, Haki. They are three kinds of Haki. Kenbunshoku - Observation, Busoshoku - Armament and Haoshoku - Willpower." Colt explained, now beginning to skip on one leg. "You seem quite intuitive. As I spoke about your body, I could feel your true emotions... Your aura had red, no orange kind of feel to it. It's almost amazing you're able to keep so pleasant on the outside. Your the kind of person I'm most afraid of." Colt said grinning. "I don't know much about your skill-sets, but I'll allow you to exit the circle gain the tools you need. For the next few hours, I'm going to have you fire projectiles at me. I'll be showing you the power of Kenbunshoku Haki. It's a level of Observation in which it surpassed your ocular capabilities, think of it as a sixth sense. The ability to sense things that may not be as obvious or even possible of being perceived by the regular five senses." Colt commented. Closing his eyes, Colt smiled, continually hopping on his left leg.  

"Oh and don't hold back. Not like I believe you can hit me anyway. A force ripe child who sees herself as unstoppable in such a small ocean has nothing to offer me, maybe a little workout." Colt said grinning. "Oh by the way... If you can't master this Haki in five days, I'll murder those two lackies who escorted me here. And, I'll kill five more civilians after that." Colt said, turning his head slightly to grin at the soldiers, now petrified by the man's words. "But your unstoppable right... I'm sure beating an old man like myself will be 'easy'." Colt concluded.


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5 Re: Forging Iron Will on Mon May 01, 2017 10:41 pm

EDI, 2 x energy pistol, central system, dynamic capsules.

Ro's eyes glazed over as she took in the information. It was a similar idea to what her older brother had told her a long time ago, just with different words. The idea had seemed so abstract and meaningless back then. Ro's logical head struggled to understand the power that based itself around emotion and charisma. The problem was, there wasn't really any strong science behind it, or any that she had seen. Like a caveman harnessing fire, it could be used, but not really understood at it's deepest level - at least for someone who had been conditioned to break down every little thing and know the physical laws that bound them. Research was progressing far enough that people were beginning to get an understanding of even devil fruit, yet haki seemed a lot more like magic than anything else.

Colt finished by threatening her people, something which she noted. "That sounds fair." She said, nodding, the corners of her mouth creasing upwards. She also noted how he had twisted her earlier statement, one meant to explain her situation as out of control, and instead, making it out to be arrogance. He seemed quite ready to label her as an upstart, someone who would underestimate her situations. Very well, it may prove to be a bit of fun.

Ro turned away for the desk in front of her. Fiddling with a small mechanism, a little bot whirred to life. “I’ve set you some things to do for me, just take care while I train, ok?” It booped in response and floated away. Ro picked up something that had been laying next to it. It looked like a clunky wristband. “Hopefully with haki I can stop relying on all this gear so much.” There was a bit of sentiment to this place, the contraptions that kept her company used to be all she had. Strapping the plastic wristband to her forearm, she turned halfway back to Colt so that he was side on to her. At her command, the tech changed into a pistol that filled her hand. She held it up in front of her, showing it to Colt. “You wanted me to fire projectiles, right?” She leveled the gun at Colt. “Just tell me if your joints start hurting and we can get you a nice hot cup of cocoa.” With that, she fired. Even without haki, she was capable of avoiding normal gunshots. But the real threat came from the pistol in her other hand, that fired at the same time, directly through her own body, the part that it traveled through turned to light as it went. Both bullets were dynamic capsules, aimed at Colt’s head.


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6 Re: Forging Iron Will on Mon May 08, 2017 5:29 pm

"Right down the middle. Straight forward missionary, just how I like it." Colt commented, shifting his upper torso, only adding motion in his head to avoid the headshot. Moments before Rokuju fired, the man examined her every movement, from exhaling to inhaling, to the moment she rose her gun, to the moment her finger cocked back on the trigger and the multiple capsules came flying, two in this case. Bobbing and weaving away from the projectiles, the impact they had on the underground base, burned through the stone leaving a perfect large tunnelling hole. "She has pretty good aim." Colt thought, beginning to sweat slightly. "You're good kid. As you can see, I didn't rely on my eyesight, I relied on my mind's eye to sense your every motion. It's neither disconnected to any other sense nor is dependent on any either. It's like having a hawkeye's view of the battlefield without leaving your position." Colt commented. "And if you don't have the knack for it, it'll be tricky to gain a grasp on." Colt commented, smiling. "But you know... what's funny? When I gave Junbei the same ultimatum about those surrounding him, he smiled and said something much similar to what you did. Of course, at the time I wasn't teaching him Haki." Colt stated, and as soon as he finished pronouncing the 'i' in Haki, he'd already taken off like a dart towards Rokuju, drawing his cursed blade, Marumasa. "Try it. Trying dodging this attack without using your eyes!" Colt attempted to teach, as his blade extending to puncture Rokuju's thigh region.


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7 Re: Forging Iron Will on Tue May 16, 2017 4:30 am

How exactly does one anticipate something they can't sense? It was a good question, one that Ro did not know how to approach. The spar had already began. There was no time to carefully plan or dig through her psyche to find an answer. There was no more time to train nor any left for research. A master swordsman was lunging at her, and he wanted her to close her eyes. It was madness for any rational line of thought. From her perspective, there wasn't any discernible process to this training method. He was just asking her to 'do' without ever enlightening her on how she may go about that. Was that fair? How was anyone supposed to take that and just straight up accomplish learning haki? No, in fact, this approach was a perfect representation of her experiences so far. Life was not fair. She had been thrusted into her situation without any warning and had to deal with the threats that came after her. It was much like the blade currently being pointed at herself.

She had watched what Colt had done to avoid her shots. It wasn't the most amazing feat, she would have to admit, but it was as if the man had been taking a leisurely stroll the way he moved out of the way of the bullets. Simply put, it was an unnatural level of perception. It wasn't a matter of seeing and then reacting, there was something about his reaction to Ro's hidden pistol shot that made her recognise that he somehow 'knew' it was coming. It was a superhuman trait, that much was clear.

And now she was being asked to do the same. How was she supposed to use what Colt described as her 'mind's eye'? With what she thought was well founded reservations, she clamped her eyes shut as the old man darted at her. All she could see was darkness. She did remember the positioning of Colt's body when she had closed her eyes, the way his muscles tensed in his forward quadtricep that would carry him to his target, the flicking wrist that would get his weapon into the right place, and shifting core that provided thrusting power as well as shifting weight over his centre of gravity. From all of these clues, she could estimate the trajectory and guess as to where his attack would land. It looked like he was going to strike somewhere between her gut and her knee but there just wasn't enough information to have a precise answer, nor enough time and space to have such a large margin of error. Wait- was it her imagination, or had the image in her mind moved slightly? As if there was a ghost of colt in her head that had shifted a few inches forward in his attack.

A split second passed where Ro was attempting to figure out if she was just imagining things, stuck in indecision as to which action she should follow. And then the breath seemed to be sucked from her lungs, her stomach knotted itself and the hair on the back of her neck stood up on end, like an overwhelming sense of dread. And accompanied with it, was a flash image of Colt again. But this time, he was 3/4 of the way through his attack, right up in her face. His blade lancing towards her thigh. In a state of pure self preservatory instinct, she would half spring, half stumble a few inches out of the way of the sword. Her eyelids would fly open to see the sword right next to thigh. She panted, as adrenaline flew freely through her body. Was that some sort of haki? It definitely wasn't a 'hawk's eye view' like Colt had explained previously, but she could not attribute that dodge to her own skill. Ro would look at the haki master expectantly, hoping that some sort of clarification would follow.

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8 Re: Forging Iron Will on Sun May 21, 2017 11:00 am

Retracting his blade at the moment the woman avoided his attack, Colt stood sentinel with a large grin on his face. "Not bad." he thought. "Did you feel it? The fear of not being able to rely on the senses you use day to day so frivolously." Colt began to explain. "In your head just now, you probably saw a glow, a mental glimpse of my position. All human beings have an aura. Something much grander than the physical world. No matter what or how their appearance might change, things like Kenbunshoku Haki allows you to perceive movements in a manner, your scientific brain would almost break comprehending. At this stage at least." Colt concluded. "What you've obtained, this currently basic level will grow with practice. We'll continue like this for the next three hours. Prepare yourself." Colt stated. So said, so done, for the next three hours, Colt was rush at the Alabasta Diva, attempting each time to cut open her thigh region, and if she wouldn't take any of these moments seriously, it would end in severe injuries because, unknowing to Rokuju, Colt was also using his Second Haki, Busoshoku, to coat his blade, rending abilities like her intangibility, irrelevant. At this stage, using Busoshoku on his blade is second nature, though Colt has no knowledge of the woman's Devil Fruit capabilities.

After the three hours concluded, Colt plopped onto the ground, breathing heavily, waiting to see if his swarm of attacks had taught Rokuju anything, without the use of her eyes, what depth had she gained? How would she apply this to her battles and strategy in the future, or would relying her raw instincts prevail?


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9 Re: Forging Iron Will on Mon May 22, 2017 2:59 pm

Ro breathed in deeply then exhaled, a cold sweat running down her temple. Was it really necessary to go to such lengths as to closer her eyes? Regardless, she had felt something. An aggressive attempt and some sort of warning as to where the attack was coming from. Ro would listen as Colt went on to explain what she had just felt. It was a surreal experience. How would such a thing translate into a force she could use? It seemed so unreliable. Ro didn't even know if she could replicate what had just happened, let alone adapt that to an actual fight. At this point, she was sure that if she were to close her eyes in a real fight that she would meet her end very quickly. Yet, she wanted to explore this further. As the man suggested, they would train for another three hours to attempt to unlock more of her potential. Ro would nod, rising up onto the balls of her feet before switching her pistols back into their non threatening positions. From here on out, she would attempt to evade, seeing if she could replicate or even grow whatever she had just experienced.

And so they began. Ro was taken off guard by the pure aggressiveness at which Colt ran at her. Did he realise that this was supposed to be a training session and not a life or death battle? Ro spent much of the first hour just trying to get away from the old man as he lunged at her. She did what she could to make space within the circle and not get trapped by his masterful combinations. But time after time he would have her up against the ropes with nowhere to go. Even tapping into the speed from her devil fruit would not be of much use when she had no time to escape and no space to move. He struck her the occasional time, lashes of red running down her forearm, her abdomen, two on her back, one across her shoulder and even grazing her cheek. She quickly realised that in these spots, she could not merely 'react' to the incoming stimulus, she would have to somehow know it was coming. In the second hour, the pair had receded into some sort of rhythm, with Ro closing her eyes whenever she drew enough courage to. She felt like she was gaining an edge, whether it be that her opponent was getting tired, whether she was getting used to his attacks or something else. Ro felt like she was beating him to the punch when it came to diving out of the way of his sword swings. She could feel his aggressive intent and seemingly knew the timing of his strikes. In the third hour, both of them were quite obviously tired, taking larger intervals before beginning new sets. However, not once during this time did Colt manage to pin her up against the boundary like he had done constantly in the first hour. She was always able to find space and dance around attacks that she knew were coming. When she closed her eyes she could see flashes again of what techniques were coming.

Finally after the three hours were up, Colt would sit on the ground, catching his breath. Ro took one step towards him, faltering slightly before righting herself. She had stripped down to the bear minimum, and what was left had been soaked in blood from the first hour. Ro looked at him, a clear blue aura visible inside his body. She panted out a smile. "Having a rest already?"

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10 Re: Forging Iron Will on Mon May 22, 2017 3:23 pm

"Why of course I am, I'm an old man now." Colt stated, panting slightly, embarrassed that he wasn't as young as he used to be. "Your speed is pretty unnatural woman. To be honest, I'd hate to face you as an enemy one day." Colt exclaimed. "For the most part, you've seem to have gotten the grasp on Observation Haki. As you grow, you're perception and mind's eye will become much wider. When you get at my level, you'll be even able to sense things hundreds of meters away, as if they we're right before your eyes." Colt concluded. "The other two kinds of Haki aren't as complex." Colt stated. Whistling, Colt turned his attention towards the men who had escorted him here, both of the guards were frozen speechless. "I'm going to need you two numbskulls to attempt stabbing me in my back. I'll have to waste too much energy trying to stay alive with your master. If you hit me any other place than my back, I'll have both yer' heads." Colt said, staring viciously. Turning his back from the men, he'd pay attention to Rokuju once again. "The next form of Haki is called Busoshoku Haki. Armament, literally, it's surrounding yourself with an invisible coating or armour of sorts." Colt concluded. As the two guards looked at each other startled, they gazed towards Rokuju for approval, if she'd nod the series of events would progress. The two men would run with all their might, and the spears would shatter almost seemingly magically once it made contact with Colt's back. It was like trying to break into a steel volt with a toothpick using brute force, impossible. Colt's body shone a black metallic glow on his upper torso and lower abdomen area, leaving a mere grin on the man's face. "The trick of this is much like Kenbunshoku. Visualise a suit of armour encompassing your body. It's dimensions are whatever you wish, it's location is wherever you wish. At first, it'll be hard to coat multiple parts but start with a limb at a time and you should be fine. Now." Colt said, hopping up. "This will be my last second last test. Block my blade with your Haki. I'll becoming at you with one of my strongest strikes(Tier 3 Damage). If you are unable to reject my blade, you'll loose your hand." Colt exclaimed, though his intentions at this stage had nothing aligned with harming the woman, let alone maiming her, he was too impressed with her potential.


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11 Re: Forging Iron Will on Fri May 26, 2017 5:55 pm

Ro wasn't the most athletic individual, and even though she wouldn't admit it, she was pretty tired after the exchange. The blood loss did not help much either. Her blue eyes traced him as he got to his feet once more, panting as he went to explain the next part of the exercise. She would agree, giving concent for the soldiers to attack Colt. He was going to demonstrate armament haki, the type that helped strengthen your skin. Rokuju knew about this from her older brother, and seeing him fight with his whole body clad in the black armour. Not only did it prove useful in defence but also had some interesting properties when it came to offensvie uses. Ro would probably not be interested in these but it would be good to have some defensive capability if she got herself caught in a jam. She watched with interest as the spears smashed into splinters as they came into contact with Colt's back. Impressive, he didn't even flinch. It just went to show what the mastery of haki could bring. Ro could have used that in the previous round.

Now it was her turn, apparently. Colt turned to her and explained that he was going to attack her and this time, she wasn't going to dodge, no. Instead, she was expected to block it with her bare hands. "I'm... Not sure about this." Ro took a half step backward. If she were to fail, then she would lose her arm. Ro breathed out, her respiration taking on a small shake. Was it really necessary to put everything on the line here? She had heard that haki was an extension of one's will, but was hers resolute enough to test her bare skin against the blade of a master swordsman? But... Was it any different to what she had been doing all along? Had her resolve dulled somewhere over the last couple of years? That young girl that she used to be would not have even hesitated at this test, willing to take the chance with her own wellbeing at stake. Reaching into herself, she realised that it must be done. Ro would step forward and raise her forearms in a cross, ready for Colt's attack.

Her heart was beating out of her chest as she tried to steady her breathing. As the blade fell down onto her forearms she could feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through her. And then she decided. The sword would NOT hurt her. Flashing through the air, it struck down and collided with her forearms, biting barely through her skin before stopping. Ro looked at Colt with wide eyes, her chest heaving as adrenaline coursed through her. He had definitely not been taking it easy on her with that attack. If this was busoshoku then one thing was for sure, she would need more practice. Rokuju would be ready to train with Colt for the rest of the day to make sure that all the things she had discovered today would be cemented into something useful.

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12 Re: Forging Iron Will on Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:15 am

Colt commented, plopping onto the floor as the woman's will had broken through. In glimpse of her Busoshoku however, Colt sensed a power aside from that oozing from the woman's body. "Hehe... Your so very interesting. I'm glad my knuckle headed student has someone like you in his corner. He might just live." Colt commented ominously. "Alright. I think you may possess the third kind of Haki but call it an old man's hunch. Your will to live has revealed much to me... Intriguing to say the least." Colt responded. "Now, harden your hands and climb out of this bunker using the Busoshoku Haki around your hands only. It'll work as a foundation for everything else." Colt commented. Grabbing his blade, the man walked over to Rokuju, and flicked her forehead. "I know you seem to calculate everything but sometimes, you need to take a step back and take a look at life for what it simply is." Colt said, whispering in the woman's ears before walking away joyfully. Wrapping his arms around her escorts neck, "She has work to do boys! Now for my payment! Booze and women! OH YEAH! SHOW ME THE BELLY DANCERS!" Colt shouted, with a blushed and perverted expression on his face. "Oh! Yeah!" he exclaimed, turning to the woman who was now preparing for the climb out, regaining a serious expression once more. "If you continue to use your abilities so tight-assed, you won't ever see it's true potential." Colt stated, before exiting off to his own kind of amusement.



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