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1 Deadly Dinner Guests on Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:36 pm

The sun was setting over the golden sand hills of the Alabastian desert, casting long pink and orange shapes onto the grand city of Alubarna. The last light of day was shining through the walled window of the private dining hall that Rokuju now occupied. It was the room that was used for the former royal family for their day to day meals, nestled in the back of the castle. Quite lavish, but also holding a nice homely feel to it. This wasn’t like the grand halls where the King would host banquets for distinguished guests, but somewhere for his family to dine in peace.

Tonight, Ro was expecting two guests. These guests were none other than Shichibukai, pirates that had allied themselves with the World Government against the plethora of outlaws that flooded the Grandline. They took the name of Warlord, as well as immunity from the marines, for the price of keeping the pirate pests under control. So when Rokuju Vinsmoke had heard that not one, but two with this title had popped up here on the summer island, she had naturally taken quite an interest in this development. Being someone who had earned a name under a black flag herself, she was curious as to their intentions. Simply put, are they friend, foe, or somewhere in between? The blonde woman did not get nervous easily these days, but the minutes leading up to the dinner time had her apprehensive, her fingernails biting into her triceps as she crossed her arms. Meanwhile, EDI had been set up with a new batch of projects.

She had sent out an invitation to both of them earlier in the morning. The men known as Nico Moretti and Sebastian Sinclair would have been approached by a non-descript person that would have then announced that they had an invitation from one ‘General Vinsmoke’ for dinner that evening. The letter that they handed out was a yellowish parchment, folded and sealed with wax, with an intricate seal bearing the number ‘66’.
invitation wrote:Dear Warlord [name],

I invite you to the castle this evening at sunset for dinner. I am sure you are very busy but I must insist that you be there tonight.

Rokuju Vinsmoke [signature]
Straight to the point. She did not want to promise anything, nor assume anything. At the very least, it would allow her to measure up the pair of strange faces that had found their way to her sandy corner of the world.

If these individuals were to show up to the palace, a butler would show them to the room where Ro waited.

Items: Central System, EDI (set up)

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2 Re: Deadly Dinner Guests on Sat Apr 22, 2017 4:26 am



Truth be told Sebastian Sinclair wasn't entirely sure why he had picked Alabasta to travel to several days earlier. There wasn't any particular business he had on this island, he simply liked the dry heat of the place. Normally he'd be on a recruitment tour for soldiers of Samael, but truth be told things were going well since he joined the World Government. He didn't particularly care for the World Government itself, it seemed a bit oppressive to his ideals, but he respected its organization. Not only that but it was a great way to spread the word of Samael and attract followers. He had no love for the World Government, but for now they served as a great tool, so for now, he was content in his position.

It was around seven in the morning, the sun hung low in the sky, just barely waking up itself. The Mad Prophet watched sinners stumble from the bar, only just now put together enough to drag themselves home, or to the nearest gutter, to sleep. Sebastian shook his head in disgust, he wanted to purge them and show them Samael's light. He wanted to burn the entire bar to the ground, listen to the sinners scream their regrets as they begged for mercy from deaf gods. However, today was not the day. He may have been immune to many of the laws of the World Government, but immolating civilians was something they still took serious from time to time. So instead, he distracted himself by reading The Aduro for the upteenth time.

As he read, a shadow passed over the book, blotting out the early sun and distracting Sebastian. Looking up, he found a plain looking man with a letter in his hand. The man handed Sebastian the letter, General Vinsmoke extends a warm invitation for dinner at her castle. And with that, he was gone. Flipping the envelope over in his hands, Sebastian noticed the trademark "66" on the front to signify Rokuju Vinsmoke. Sebastian couldn't say he was particularly familiar with the name, though it sounded familiar. From what he could remember from the wall of bounty posters in Marine HQ, Rokuju Vinsmoke was a relatively low tier pirate, but had been marked as someone to watch for her underworld dealings more than for her crimes of destruction or murder. A different type of criminal than what Sebastian was used to for sure. He opened the letter and read it twice to make sure he had everything before turning his fingers to magma and watching the parchment go up in smoke. The Mad Prophet turned back to his scriptures while the sun made its way across the sky.


The sun was once again hanging low in the sky, but this time over in the west. Sebastian had made his way out of the main part of the city and into the desert where the Vinsmoke castle sat atop dunes. He carried nothing but The Aduro in his left hand, his right hand around the left's wrist so his arms crossed him as he walked. His crimson cloak was worn long and the hood high over his face to block the sun's harmful rays, even this late in the day. At the gate, Sebastian was greeted without problem. Whether this was because he was the only one even remotely near the palace or simply because he was recognized on sight due to his new title, Sebastian wasn't sure, but he appreciated the lack of trouble. The servant brought him through the castle halls to a dining hall where a single woman sat. Removing his hood, Sebastian looked the woman up and down, studying her before cocking his head to the side, Ah Rokuju Vinsmoke I presume?

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3 Re: Deadly Dinner Guests on Thu Apr 27, 2017 3:12 pm

Ro’s blue eyes flowed out over the desert contemplating what the fates had planned for her next. Her life had taken many unpredictable turns, and despite her best intentions to prepare. She had given up struggling at this point, resolving herself to instead work with what she had at the time and more or less ‘go with the flow’. She did wonder what Junbei was up to at times like this. It was a little boring without having that rowdy lot around. One of the serving staff cleared his throat in the doorway, telling her that the Warlord Sebastian Sinclair had arrived.

Ro heard the door behind her click open and she turned, responding to the massive man who had just entered. Rokuju smiled warmly at her first guest. “Yes. It is a pleasure to meet you Mr Sinclair. Thank you for freeing up your evening for me.” She was dressed in a white dress shirt and charcoal trousers. Not one for dressing up, she forwent the typical dresses females usually wore, not fond of the impracticality and restriction of movement they gave. The room they were in was small enough to be cozy yet big enough to express the grandeur of royalty. There was one lone table in the middle of the room, a round polished hardwood piece, with three intricately carved chairs surrounding it. The walls were coloured with a dark blue wallpaper and covered in tapestries and paintings depicting the former royal family. The art was of a smaller size to the pieces in the palace halls, and more appropriate for a private residence.

“Would you like a drink of something?” Ro said, giving a waving beckon to a young waiter that stood in the corner. The suited man stepped forward, eagerly rattling off various beverages, including some of the finest vintages. “Now now, don’t get carried away.” Ro said, attempting to calm the prattling young man. He was early in his career and she had heard that he had been looking forward to serving some of the great pirates, so she had given him this opportunity.

Ro would smile at her guest again. “Thank you again for coming. I had extended this invitation to another warlord that is currently on Alabasta however I am not sure that he will make it this evening so it may just be the two of us.” This really was a bit strange, a social situation outside of her comfort zone. She still tried her best though.

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4 Re: Deadly Dinner Guests on Wed May 10, 2017 5:16 pm



OOC: Sorry Deep, been mad busy with finals and graduating and such. Let's get to it. Also don't worry about me for the Haki Trainer. You're already well into that topic so I won't bug ya, thanks though.

Sebastian gazed at the lavish decorations this residence had to offer. He looked his host up and down once before returning his gaze to the furnishings of the place. She was attractive in the common sense, though Sebastian rarely bothered himself with such idol distractions. When his needs arose he sought out a woman, used her for what he needed and moved on. He had never felt love or even a strong attraction to a singular other person. Regardless of her looks or Sebastian's preferences, one thing was clear, Rokuju Vinsmoke fit right in with these decorations. You certainly lead a life of luxury Ms. Vinsmoke. Sebastian commented, reaching out and touching the edge of one of the ornate tapestries that decorated the wall of the small meeting room. Such beauty and craftsmanship is a marvel to behold, even if it reeks of excess and overindulgence. Sebastian was a man of practicality. He could admire the beauty of such art, but saw no real use for it and dismissed it shortly after witnessing it. It spoke of only excess and greed. These material things did not help one survive in this world and they held no value in the afterlife, nor could they be brought with the damned soul to their final resting place.

Behind him Sebastian heard a young man's voice, though at first it sounded like only white noise as the boy prattled on about this and that. Turning over his shoulder he looked at both Rokuju and the young, well dressed man, Water will be fine, thank you. Sebastian said with a polite smile before turning to the table and placing his copy of The Aduro on its top. Ah yes, Nico. I had heard he was in the area, can't fathom why he might be here on Alabasta, but then again I couldn't give you an exact reason as to why I'm here either. I'm sure Samael will explain and give me direction in due time. Regardless, you're right to not wait up for him. I don't know him well, but he rarely shows up to any of the meetings the World Government organizes so I doubt this will be any different. Sebastian took his seat at the table and folded his hands in front of him, directly in front of his face. He was quiet for a moment, lost in thought before adding, I have to ask, why invite either of us? I'm afraid I've experienced too much of this world to expect this to be a simple polite invitation. I also doubt you've heard the good word of Samael and are wishing to convert, considering you invited Nico and I've yet to host my first reading in the streets of the city. So my question, Ms. Vinsmoke, is what do you want from me? There was no malice in Sebastian's voice, simple inquiry as he was truly curious what this dinner could be about.

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5 Re: Deadly Dinner Guests on Wed May 24, 2017 6:48 pm

"Yes, it does have that upper crust feel to it doesn't it. A palace fit for a king, you could say." Ro winked at him, taking too much pleasure in the little joke. "It has been nice to slow down and enjoy these sorts of things for once. Much more pleasant than being caught out in desert heat without any air conditioning." Whether the warlord would know of the electric powered air system she had whipped up during her time on Alabasta or not weren't good odds, but nevertheless. "Though I don't truly feel comfortable in a place like this, I must say. By your reaction I am sure you are the same. Such luxury isn't my natural habitat. It could have been, but I my fate was bound to a different path." She was trying to speak with a superfluous grandeur that she was hoping a religious man such as Sebastian would appreciate. Science and faith rarely complemented each other and so Ro had decided to try her best to relieve any friction that may arise. Whether that good intention would produce something productive or offensive remained to be seen. "No, if I had a home, it is a place far away from here."

Ro would watch the waiter pour the Warlord a glass of water and bring it over to him, bending at the waist in a half bow before walking back to his post. "I'll have a glass of that stuff I tried last night." Ro perked up, seeing a chance to have at what she had been forbidden.
"Miss I don't think that's a good idea-"
"Aww fine!" Ro dismissed him with a wave of the hand. "You're relieved for now." The man would toddle off and leave her and her company. She would cough a little sheepishly before settling down in her own chair. She would not explain that yesterday she had asked for a drink of whatever her lieutenants kept saved up for a rainy day, not realising that the men kept a rather potent concoction. Ro, being the ultimate lightweight, was far gone after a single sip. Twenty minutes later she had been trying to wire up a crystal chandelier with a mechanical fram so that it would dance appropriately to whatever music was played. That was until she decided to go back to her quarters to pick up some parts and flew into a closed window, going splat.

Listening to the man's question intently, Ro would nod and think about her answer. Leaning on the table with her forearms, she would lean forward and speak. "You are right, the main purpose was not for social reasons, although I was hoping to enjoy the night. I have heard of your practices although I don't know much about them. You say that you don't have an objective here on the island. You see, this is a problem for me because I am someone who wants to understand every piece on the table. Most men have basic tastes, with understandable motives and predictable actions. But you're a wildcard, and that makes me uncomfortable, especially when you have wandered close to my own endeavors. So, with all that being said, if you could enlighten me as to your faith's intent." At this point, Ro would lean back in her chair. "Are you a threat to me or mine?"

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6 Re: Deadly Dinner Guests on Sat May 27, 2017 1:18 pm



Sebastian raised an eyebrow in confusion and question as Ro mentioned something about the conditioning of air. It wasn't as if he had never experienced this air conditioning before. Surely various Marine bases he had been in had ways of keeping the air warm or cold throughout to keep its occupants happy, but Sebastian had never concerned himself with such matters. When he became cold he warmed his body up naturally with the magma that composed it. When he became too hot, he simply cooled the magma until he was at an ideal body temperature. He had lived so much of his life like this that it had become second nature and his body simply adapted to the air when necessary without having to give it much thought. Hmm you're correct, I don't care for the luxuries of life. I can appreciate their beauty, but they merely distract us from our true goals in this life.

Sebastian thanked the waiter with a polite nod before taking a sip of the clear liquid. Water was the sustenance of life and the only drink necessary to keep an living being alive. Anything else was simply excessive and unnecessary. He found that many people found drinking, that is the drinking of alcohol, to be a bonding experience. A time to gather and speak with friends. Sebastian viewed eating and drinking however as nothing more than a necessity. He took no pleasure in these tasks, simply saw their need and made sure he kept to them. Sebastian smiled as Ro concluded with her question, I am certainly of no threat to you Ms. Vinsmoke, not now anyway. There's talk that the Marines are mounting an offensive on Tres Iron Lotus. Against that new Yonko who rose up a year or so ago. I only know this because I was contacted by the Marine HQ requesting all hands on deck. It interested me, no doubt, but at this current juncture in my life I have no need for bloodshed. Samael has not called for it and therefore, I see no reason for it.

Sebastian took another long sip of his water, letting the silence between the two grow. It was like being in a room with two caged dogs ready to snap at one another. Sebastian sighed, As I said, I am unsure why I'm here. I caught an updraft of wind and sailed lazily over this sand pit. Samael has not instructed me on what to do next, where to spread the good word. She has not offered me any sage counseling on you or yours nor has she requested your head in payment for your sins. I suspect that is because they are quite minor when compared with the rest of the world. Sebastian waved his hand, I'm getting off topic. The fact of the matter is Ms. Vinsmoke, you and your people have nothing to worry about. The most damage I would do while on this island is perhaps hunt out in this vast wasteland you call home. I often enjoy inspecting and encountering the creatures of new lands I have never seen before. Beyond that I suspect I will be called away from your island within the week. Sebastian finished his glass of water and stood, looking across the table at Rokujo Vinsmoke, Now, if that will be all, yes? Sebastian asked, excusing himself but allowing Ro to speak if there was something else she needed from him.

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7 Re: Deadly Dinner Guests on Wed May 31, 2017 1:52 pm

'Not at the moment' was the general sentiment that she received from the warlord. Ro didn't like it. It was not a certain answer. It was one that could change, and she would not be able to predict when it would be. Her default nature was a controlling one, wanting to minimise variability in all things. At least she had his assurance for the moment. It was better than nothing, She decided that she would leave it at that. She doubted that she would be able to get anything more from the man on this, and to push further would only create a bad atmosphere.

He had brought up the attack on Tres Iron Lotus by the marines. Ro had heard of such things through her own avenues, but to hear it from the horses mouth was comforting comfirmation. And it sounded like they were attempting to recruit the warlords in the campaign as well. It sounded like they may finally starting to get serious. She had already begun preparations, but now it looked like it was high time to get everything in order. Showtime was just around the corner.

"Well, that is certainly good to hear." Ro would respond, giving the man a small smile. "Though I wish we didn't have to be so direct about the whole thing, although that is my fault. I hope that we can become friends in time, but I understand your commitment to your cause and it will be respected for as long as I receive the same in return." She had noticed that he had begun to wrap up their meeting. "Please, stay for dinner. We have a lovely spread coming." She would enjoy his company, though would not stop him if he wished to leave now.

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8 Re: Deadly Dinner Guests on Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:21 pm



I'm afraid I cannot and am called elsewhere. Sebastian said, though he hadn't received a call of any sort or message while being there, so one had to wonder just what he meant. However, I must thank you for your hospitality. You showed generosity and gifts to someone you had no need to do so, even if it was out of simple, personal curiosity. You are a woman who is vested in protecting her own Ms. Vinsmoke and for that you will live in peace in the after days, perhaps you may even walk the footsteps of Samael someday. Again, I thank you. Sebastian said before turning towards the hallway he had come from and showing himself out, one of the servants walking beside him to make sure he didn't lose his way. Outside he found the sun setting over the dry desert, the air crisp and beginning to cool rapidly with the disappearance of the sun.

Night was settling over the desert landscape and while that meant sleep for many, predators were beginning to come out for prey. Sebastian took a final look back at the large mansion Rokuju Vinsmoke had made for herself in this wasteland. It'd be simple enough to burn it to the ground, but he had promised no harm and she had shown him hospitality even if she chose to live a life of excess. She was an interesting one at that, relatively unknown amongst the pirate hunters and even World Government. Perhaps unknown wasn't the correct term, more so unprioritized, if such a term could be considered a word. The World Government was too concerned with the bigger, louder fish of the world, chiefly Oceanus as it was. Ms. Vinsmoke was no clear threat to the World Government for the time being, but she could certainly be an asset to Sebastian going forward. These thoughts muddled his mind as Sebastian Sinclair spread his wings and took to the sky, heading deep into the desert to join the predators.


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9 Re: Deadly Dinner Guests on Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:26 am

Ro nodded her head as Sebastian said his farewell. He was leaving, so be it. She smiled and let him excuse himself from the table and she watched him disappear through the door. Putting her elbow on the table and cradling her chin in her palm, she looked out over the red and gold rolling desert hills and sighed.

It looked like it was dinner for one.


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