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2 Re: T3 Mode on Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:27 pm



Zenno wrote:
Mode Name: Black Ice Smoke
Mode Tier: 3
Skill Set Derived From:
Freezing Frostbite- As darkness is absence of light, it is cold due to the absence of both light and heat. The user is able to tap into this force of Darkness and unleash a Frosty Darkness that causes anyone to be near the user or near a skill of the skill set or mode to be affected by the effects of Frostbite. Anyone 10 Meters near the darkness will have multiple things happen to them while near the darkness. As this is a lesser mode the effects won't be as tremendous. Below will be a small chart to detail these effects.

1 Post Near or In Darkness- Speed is reduced by 1 Attribute
2 Posts Near or In Darkness- Speed is reduced by 1.5 Attribute and the user's body begins to turn purple/blue experiencing the effects of a frostbite their skin will begin to crack with pain coming after.
3 Posts Near or In Darkness- Speed is reduced by 2 Attributes and the person near or in the darkness body will be Immobilized for remainder of topic or until a doctor cured them of their frostbite. Start this at .5 and end it at 1.5. That's the normal progression for tier debuffs at Tier 3.
Mode Description: (General overview of the mode, be extremely descriptive. Mention appearance changes if any, etc.) You completely leave this part blank. Do you look different? What happens? How do you trigger this? Etc.
Drawback: After using the mode the user's speed will be reduced by 1 and their body will begin to turn blue as they experience some minor effects of a frostbite. This is due to them not being use to manipulating the cold of the darkness as well as a user of cold would. How long? Remainder of the topic?

Tier: 3
Type Offensive
Range: 30 Meters
Speed: 3
Description: The user spreads chilled darkness from their body in a 30 meter diameter sphere. Those enveloped by the darkness will be taken over by the effects of gravity and be thrusted to the ground and held there until the skill is over unless your strength is one tier higher than skill tier. The Yami's gravity doesn't work like that, you're treading in Issho's territory. You can pull them down into the darkness, but not force them to the ground just because.

Tier: 3
Type Offensive
Range: 30 Meters around user
Speed: 3
Description: The user stomps the ground sending darkness into it. After stomping the ground the darkness will cause the earth around the user's feet (3 meters away) to send frozen shards of rocks and other forms of earth into every direction around the user for 30 meters. Shards do not go towards the user but away from the user. Shards do not go straight into the air but in diagonal and horizontal lines. Shards have the power to pierce skin and fracture bones based on size. Huge shards can break bones. You're not freezing things, that's an ice-based ability. I'm fine with this idea of slowing people down and even lowering the temperature a bit, but you're not freezing earth and stone. That's a whole other grade of ice powers.

Tier: Will make later
Type -
Range: -
Speed: -
Description: -

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