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Task Name: Message of the Water Lord
Tier: 6
Location: Tres Iron Lotus
Crew, Team, or Personal: Songbird Pirates
Description: News has spread of course of the infamous pirate known only as the frog, the frog has been wanted by many a crew to join them, though news of him sailing to meet the Yonko Junbei and the Songbird Pirate crew has reached the ears of the other Yonko. Oceanus has decided to send forth his general to offer the Frog a simple request. Join his crew or perish. The general and his small platoon has been issued with the task of bringing the frog to him or killing him and any others whom attempt to halt him. Tracking the frog to Tres Iron Lotus, the recruitment session is on. Will the Frog join the Songbirds or become a member of one of the most feared yonko's crew.
Enemy Details: 10 tier 2 fishman [variety] 10 tier 3 fishmen [variety] 5 tier 4 fishman [variety] 3 tier 5 fishman [variety]

Boss Name: General Tidus
Tier: 6


Race: Wotan
Size: 50ft

Skill Sets: Fishman Karate and Strength based physical skillset
Haki: Buso
Equipment: N/A
Strength: 7
Durability: 6
Speed: 5
Perception: 7

Last edited by Hilda Valentina on Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:35 am; edited 1 time in total

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Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

The boss is fine but it's a Tier 6 task so I'd like to see a bit more than just 10 Tier 3 fishmen. I mean we're assuming this Tier 6 guy is a fairly high ranking officer in Oceanus's crew, right? So he's probably sailing to Tres Iron Lotus and you need more than 10 people to sail a ship. Even if they're just swimming...again, it's a Tier 6 task in Paradise.

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Orion A. Curry

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

Did you fix this?

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They dun need no ship boo, they fishmen. They don't need anything to sail [especially since he be a Wotan]. But that was my bad originally was supposed to be a tier 5 task, but edited to make it more tier 6 like.

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Orion A. Curry

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

Sure I fuess

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Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

I know they don't need a ship, which is why I said at the end, "Even if they're just swimming...again, this is a tier 6 task." Even without a ship, odds are he has some form of crew or underlings.

Regardless, you made the changes and Kyo gave you the go ahead, so you're good.

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Link to Task:
Post Count: 15 Posts total, 7 posts for me and Hilda each.


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