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1 Dog of the Marines : Bass Monroe on Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:48 pm



Name: Sebastian "Bass" Monroe
Alias/Epithet: "Dog of the Marines"
Race: Minkmen : Dog
Tier: Tier 2
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: None

General Appearance:
Sebastian Monroe is a extended part of the Minkmen tribe , being as they resemble several mammal like land animals. As his parents his mother being that of Dog resemblance and his father a human he bares two different blood lines. Usually in most cases the male minks would be covered with more fur and resemble the animal more though in this case of being a half-breed its different. His body build is more or less a bulky slim , relating to his body being skinny with a solid tone of muscle underneath. He bares a wild silver hairstyle not that long that drops just down to his ears , and is intentionally messy. His dog ears stand out through such hair , and his tail also reflects the silver fur complexion. His face bares no facial hair except a bit of stubble underneath his chin. His eyes are a pure black , that change to a green during the nighttime.

Around his torso he's inked with a few tattoos , being that his Mother's name "Lisa" is tattooed down his left forearm vertically , and his father's name "Timothy" just below his collarbone horizontally. On this right upper arms just below his shoulder he has a half sleeve of just Clouds and Stars , besides the Marine Insignia on his left rib side.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175
Crew Tattoo Placement: Left Rib

Nonchalant: All work and No play isn't something Bass relates to as much as others. He takes full abuse of his off-time or any other time were he's not required to fulfill a request without it benefiting himself. Unless he's actually ordered , paid or his since of Justice decides to kick in nothing is his problem nor should it concern him in any matter.

Protective: It's probably just something with his personal sense of justice or maybe something with his Mother's bloodline but he's a very protective fellow over those's he's grown close to , seeing as he's stayed within the Marines this long. Being protective over his parents as where he comes from Money is beginning to become rationed and most of his checks go to back home. He'll put himself in danger to provide , support and Protect those he deems beneficial.

Loyal: Now this is definitely from his mother's side we can all trust and believe. Everyone understands how deep a dogs loyalty can come with it pertains to it's owner. This trait can speak for itself as far how deep it'll run throughout his journey.

Indecisive: He's unable to make up his mind on his own due to lack of confidence in his own decisions , which is the cause he's never had dreams of having in roles as a leader in his life.

Versatile: Adjustable , Monroe is a jack of many trades as far as understanding and executing in different situations.

-Off Time
-Being of Assistance to those he cares for
-Being Rubbed or Patted
-Free Service
-Tuna Sandwichs
History: Short Background: Around his 19th Birthday while at home his father entered his room holding back tears of fear , as he approached his son with a Letter with the MArine Insignia on the exterior. It quoted "To those who this may concern , after several battles with our war on Corruption and Piracy in our world with open arms we extend our hand to those in help and need. "Sebastian Monroe" , this letter hereby declares your Draft into the Marines effective within the next few weeks , we will be leaving the docks within the next full moon. Your family with be well reimbursed upon your enlistment."
Face Claim: Random Google Pic
RP Sample: Had {re-Existing Char}

Bonus: 1,000,00 Beli
Location: (If you wish to start in Paradise, what Island are you on? Cannot be Sabaody or Fishman Island.)

Fate Point Allocation:
-Race Change
-Born to Brawl
-Hawk's Eye
-Never Dormant
-Hard Worker

I'm the Sin that'll cut you down | You're truly slothful
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2 Re: Dog of the Marines : Bass Monroe on Mon Apr 24, 2017 11:54 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

good to go

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