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1 World's Greatest Ronin [Revamp] on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:59 am

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Name: Yagorō Tenzen ( Last Name, First Name)
Alias/Epithet: Ronin, Orge , or some will call him by his title.
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Age: 52
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapon Specialist - Navigator
Affiliation:  Marine
World Position: World's Greatest Swordsmen

General Appearance:

He puts little care in to what he wears and is often seen in dirty torn up rags. Tenzen also has an unshaven facial and long hair tied up in tree like bun. Tenzen looks very healthy and lively for his age of 52. Like all others like him the basic clothing item in his 'everyday' wardrobe is a kimono, which normally consisted of an outer and inner layer. The colors varying. Heavier kimonos are worn in the winter, while lighter examples (those made of finer silk, for instance) are worn in the summer. He also always has his blades with him.

Height: 198cm
Weight: 102kg
Crew Tattoo Placement:


Lazy: Tenzen has gotten pretty lazy with his age, and naps a lot. That is one of the things he usually does on his down time, or even during times he is supposed to be doing his job.

Drunk Teacher : The next visitor that he would have would have been a large group of people. Tenzen would great them once they got their rowboats onto the beach. He did this just so that he could tell them that some areas are too dangerous for normal people. For the warning they invited him to drink with them. Tenzen had never drunk before, but he would not be rude and say no. And that was his first taste of the vile pleasure that was alcohol. Tenzen was a happy go lucky drunk, weeks he drank with them. And even was able to learn how to create his own, so that when they left he wouldn't be without it. He was though kept in check by his wife, and only drank occasionally. Even though he wanted to drink more. After that they would be visited a few more times, and some people even settle there. The Island became lively. His wife though would pass though due to illness, and the children would leave for adventure. Tenzen at this time, when people started coming, was a teacher of the blade. So that his children and others could have ways to protect themselves. To this day he still can teach but only after he offers. This also only being after something drinks with him and he has a good time.

Deadly: Before he left Wano all he knew was killing and being a simple dog that took order. Only really gaining any personality once he left his homeland and started to live more. And still to this day if meet in combat he is relentless. Scoring people by giving them points depending on what they do in combat, and that determines at times if he is going to kill them or not. The spiral of death is something that Tenzen is deep within, and may not be able to escape. He knows this, especially after gaining a new title, and plans to escape it. But, he does known that he still will slay many people, and he will until he reaches his target.

Dirty: After his wife passed and his kids left Tenzen has let himself go, a lot. Not in the sense that he is overweight and old, but his attire. He doesn't clean up after himself that much, if at all. This due to his wife being the person that always helped him keep himself up. if Tenzen trains he will end up getting dirty, from sweat or the elements, but he wouldn't clean up afterwards but do whatever he was going to do. Also when he eats he is a mess.

Loving and affection: The first encounter he would have on his Island is a Women, and her child, washing up on the shore. And this time he made sure he would help them, and he did. As they were able to get back into top condition, and what they brought him was something he had never had. And that was Love. They taught him how to love, and this was his first true Family. His age was his mid twenties and he would have a child with her. They taught him how to be someone that can be looked up to. Taught him proper manners. Taught him how to care and provide. That love can also be given to others if they are able to ever become close to him. Even having two of his own with her.

Fast Leaner: One day on the island a winged man fell from the sky, gravely injured. So, Tenzen did his best to get the guy back into good health. Though, due to the lack of medical knowledge Tenzen had what he did would last long, and both of them knew this. Tenzen wanted to help the guy reach the village, but he wouldn't make such a journey.  This Winged guy never gave his name, but he did share something with Tenzen. What he shared was knowledge. The only things the Winged man fell with was a large sack full of books. He gave them to Tenzen and also explained that he would die soon, but that he had a gift for Tenzen. That gift just being a fruit that he picked, before this talk started. The Winged Man would tell Tenzen to eat it and read all of these books, and he would understand. Tenzen had to honor this man's request, and once the man died he ate the bitter fruit a few minutes later. Tenzen would then, show his kindness, and bury the man. Conducting a ceremony his people did for their dead, and then he began to honor the man's wish. Tenzen was able to fully understand what the Man's gift was after reading them all. The quickly adapting and learning Tenzen could honestly now call himself a scientist, as he understood so much. As those books where books that the Winged man wrote. About how the weather worked and how one can travel properly across the sea. Basically Tenzen from that encounter showed that he is a caring person at times, and helps those in true need when is the only one able to. That he is also able to pick up on things extremely quickly, even when he is getting up there in age.


  • Winter: He never has problems with his allergies during this time.

  • Summer: His best training sessions and battles took place always in the summer

  • Alcohol: At one point, when he escaped Wano, he picked up this bad habit. And now he has become a habit that he can't get rid off.

  • Women: He isn't the best looking so he has never married. But when he has enough money he is able to taste the pleasures of the opposite gender.


  • Spring: Due to his allergies that time of year is the worst for him.

  • Fall: As he believes that

  • Pirates: He thinks that they are lost souls

  • Not being able to regain his honor

History: If he reveal his past with you he will always end up telling you he ended up as nothing but shit, as well as a disgrace to all samurai. Born in the country of Wano he was brought within a clan that always served under the current Shogun, no matter if the people detested them or idealized them. He served with his clan to protect as well as carry out any deeds the Shogun wished to be dealt with; this usually being the slaughtering of one more more individuals. Tenzen at the age of five had begun his training with not only the sword but with other various forms of weaponry. He did nothing but train and learn the ways of his clan. The duties he would have to full full being something nailed into his mind, well they tried. Even at a young age Tenzen showed himself as someone that didn't do as he was told all the time. No amount of beatings would even change his ways, and this was trouble some for the clan. As they were respected not only those on Wano but anyone that knew of their name.

Tenzen would fight almost anyone that he felt treated him wrong, even those of nobility. This was shown when he was ten. He was brought once on a task to meet with a Lord on a neighboring Island, and fighting the Man's child. Luckily, Tenzen was stopped before he could deliver a killing blow to the boy. His punishment being many sever lashes to his back in front of Noble and others of importance there. Tenzen also didn't show any remorse for that he had done. And took his beating. He was never allowed to head out on, or be involved in anyway with delicate matters. So, he was assigned to the most simple of tasks, elimination. Tenzen over the years killed many people, and never asked why. He did as he was told like a dog, and many view him as such. A wild dog that if you loosened the lease would run wild. Though, as times changed and peace came over the land eliminating others wasn't needed as much. So, Tenzen, due to building as reputation as one of the strongest swordsmen on Wano was assigned to be a bodyguard of the Shogun.

Many didn't trust Tenzen and believed he should be near the Shogun, but Tenzen proved himself. For five years he served without a problem, and never let any harm come to the Shogun. But one day something bad would happen. There was a feast on Wano, that involved the whole kingdom. The Shogun was gaining a new member into his family. His Daughter was marrying a Young Man from a prestigious clan. This is not a story of Tenzen having falling in love with the Daughter before hand and that he wanted to run away with her, not at all. What happened was after the wedding was over and many influential people where in attendance. Dancing, Drinking, and some gambling took place. And at one point in the night the Shogun wanted to see fights, one on one bouts. Tenzen told him he would not like to take part, and at first the Shogun allowed him to sit out.

His Son-in-law showed that he was one of the best, or it seemed. He fought many bodyguards that day, many taking dives. This to let him not be shamed in front of his wife or the Shogun. And after his last fight the event was going to be over, but he wasn't done. He saw Tenzen. Everyone knew that the Shogun's bodyguard was the strongest. So, the Son-in-law wanted to prove that he was going to be capable when he would become the new Shogun. And he would, in front of everyone, challenge Tenzen. Many people told him that it was fine, no more fights were needed. But that wasn't enough and the Shogun had to order Tenzen to go up there to fight. Not everyone knew this, not even the Shogun, but Tenzen has never lost a one on one duel. Never throwing a fight or going easy on anyone that picked up a blade against him. So, when everyone thought that Tenzen would just fall they were mistaken. He did not show any sign that he was going to throw this fight, or lose. Luckily they weren't using real blades, so no one's life was in danger. The end result though was Tenzen defeating the Son-in-law. But, after Tenzen turned his back to the Young Man instead of showing respect after winning it angered not only the Young Man, but many others. Clan Heads, Nobles, and the Shogun could'n;t believe that someone that was just a mere dog would be so disrespectful. Only fellow Samurais not angered, due to respecting him as a Samurai.  The Young Man would be the only one to act on this though, and would brandish a real blade. And he would try to attack Tenzen for his disrespect. Tenzen was going to allow himself to be killed, as he didn't like his life, but his body would move on his own. Quickly, with one clean and powerful slash the head of the Young man would roll.

Tenzen would not stop there though as he would be attacked, on the orders of everyone, but more importantly the Shogun's to be killed right there. All the bodyguards in attendance and even Clan heads, would try to be the one to slay Tenzen. But, no one was able to kill the man and only a few where left a live in the room. The Shogun, his Daughter, and a few Public Officals. Tenzen would only attack those that attacked him, but it wasn't his fault. It was his instincts that took over. The last thing spoken that night was, "I'm sorry my Lord."

Tenzen had escaped Wano that night and the incident would be said that many people attacked the event, instead of just one, lead by Tenzen. This was to make sure that the Shogun didn't lose face that much due to the incident. Tenzen escaped to a uninhabited Island where he would for years, up to this point, where he simply trained. One day though after finding out what happened in the Holy Land, as he did keep in touch with the outside world. As he captured a News Coo bird once and made it always come back and deliver him a copy. For some reason he felt that he should help, and he would leave his Island to join the ranks of the Marines. Also, he wants the head of Oceanus. As if he gets that and brings it back to his Shogun he could try to get his honor back, or at least allowed to conduct Seppuku. He had become a few weeks later, but was mainly assigned to clean up ships. He was old and many thought he shouldn't have joined, but one day the crew he was with ran into a dangerous Pirate. The Pirate was known as the strongest swordsmen within this world, and tried to kill all the Marines along with Tenzen. But, before that could happen Tenzen slew the man, by himself. He didn't know though that doing that would cause him to take that Pirate's title.

Face Claim: (Vagabond|Ito Ittosai)
RP Sample:-

Log Pose.

Fate Point Allocation:
Starter FT: 6
Happy New year Event: 2

Diligent Worker: One
Devil Meddle: Two
God of Haki: Five

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2 Re: World's Greatest Ronin [Revamp] on Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:12 am


[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

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3 Re: World's Greatest Ronin [Revamp] on Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:22 am

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