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1 Murcíelago Machivise on Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:39 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Name: Murcíelago Machivise
Alias/Epithet: Nothing for now.
Tier: 4
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Weapon Specialist and Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: Vice Admiral

General Appearance: With just a glance one can tell Murcíelago has a hard exterior and doesn't let much pass by him. Though he's taller than average, he's not remotely close to being giant or extremely tall. Nonetheless, he has an imposing presence that seems to weigh down on those who lay their eyes on him or have his eyes freeze on them. It goes beyond looking stern and strict and delves into looking like the personification of the word predator. Even to his allies and those he swears to protect, Murcíelago's body language and mannerisms communicates that he exists as an untouchable entity or concept, something like a God or shunned angle. While it's not on purpose he naturally stands upright and seems to proctor his surroundings with unforgiving attention to detail.

To start on his clothing, Murcíelago wears a forehead guard, that is shaped somewhat like an elongated triangle. It's not a shiny metal or reflective at all and seems to be dull and worn out simply because it's existed for so long. There are many scratches and scars on the headband showing that it has protected him many times and that he's lived through many battles. This protector of course offers no real protection and is just aesthetics, but it wraps around his head to right beyond his ears. There, cloth lengths begin and wrap around to the back and are tied to secure the guard and hold it in place. Like his shroud, his hair is an abyssal ebony and is kept at a short low maintenance length. It's a bit spiky and shaggy, but again not so much cause it is kept so short.

Perhaps the root of why the man seems to be so intimidating are his avian like eyes. Always hardened as if his brow was permanently furrowed, they are a piercing topaz in color and the shape of them are sharp as a sword. His forehead protector sometimes casts a shadow over his eyes making them look even more grim.

On his face are a few faint scars, but none of them are discernible or stand out. Their clarity and severity has eroded as the years have gone by and as Murcíelago has aged.

While he doesn't seem "old" one can tell that the man is middle aged by looking at his face. He keeps a bit of stubble as a shadowed beard on his chin and the surrounding area. It never blooms into something with volume or at least he doesn't allow it to. As professional as he is, he likes the scraggy look even though it sort of does shout "deadbeat drunk father".

Onto actual clothing he wears a white long kung-fu robe as his primary article of clothing. While it covers his torso as a regular top would, it proceeds to cover his arms and is tied at the waist by a small black band of cloth. The kung-fu gi continues beyond this band of black cloth and drapes both in front and behind him and stops right beneath his knees. It's not like a dress, for on the sides it is cut open revealing the outside of the thighs on both sides.

For leg wear, he dawns a slightly darker white, perhaps grey, kung-fu pants that billow before tucking into his footwear. His footwear consist of black boots, nothing too special. Last is the most impressionable piece of his outfit, his black cloak. It's worn in a typical marine fashion, draping off the shoulders and open in the front. It works well to represent his grim stand on the Justice principles of the Marines. As a Rear admiral the symbol for Justice is emblazoned on the back, but in white font as opposed to the traditional white since his cloak is black.

His build is of the muscular variety. Not especially compact or "lithe", Murcíelago has some bulk to his body. It is still an efficient amount of bulk however and nothing to encumber him or limit his range of movement. Deeper into his actual body's appearance, his skin is littered with scars. On his legs, to his back, to his chest, stomach, arms, and as previously stated, his face. He's lived as a warrior and a fighter for a long time, so it's nothing offsetting and something he's actually proud of. He's not one to show off his scars, but he's surely not ashamed of them and claims to keenly remember when each scar was given to him and by who.

Height: 7`0
Weight: 245lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Either Pectoral


  1. Composed - To begin, Murcíelago is an extremely composed individual. One doesn't obtain a reputation like his own by being reckless and letting things outside their own mind's pester them. While his voice isn't the voice of the knight in shining armor and is dreary and monotonous, he's very well spoken. He acts when he feels the time is right and doesn't dance to the rhythm of others if he doesn't see it yielding a reward. This can make him seem like a man of sage-like patience or a selfish hasty twat.

  2. Dedicated - Murcíelago has dedicated his life to upholding his definition of Justice. It's true that he does hate Pirates and Revolutionaries alike, but this does not mean he will ride by and die by the World Government and Marines. His dedication goes beyond just to his principle of Justice, but all that he puts his mind to. He's an old-fashion type of guy and isn't one to quit very easily. He doesn't take failure lightly, so while he does know when to count his losses and retreat, he has a hard time doing so and swallowing the pill.

  3. Merciless - To those he deems as prey, he knows no mercy. He's not a fan of incarcerating criminals and the thought of Impel Down makes him angry. While he understands he's simply the hand of the World Government as a Marine and if someone is wanted alive, they will be delivered alive, Murcíelago is rumored to have had criminals he's turned in murdered if he felt their punishment wasn't harsh enough.  

  4. Strategic - Being a composed mind, Murcíelago is also one who dwells in the recesses of his brain a lot. The man thinks left, right, up, down, backwards, and any other directions you can think of. Not to say he's an all knowing entity, but he's a problem solver and thinks hard to make what he works hard for happen. This is applied both in battles, small and large scale, and applied towards the moves he plans to bring to fruition.

  5. Vengeful - Hell hath no scorn like Murcíelago. The score isn't settled until he's on top and he never forgets the score. To the public he seems to be an overly dedicated Marine, but behind closed doors, Murcíelago is a very ego driven person who doesn't tolerate his reputation being tarnished. Not that he cares much for building his reputation a certain way or having a certain image, he just doesn't take well to losing or being humiliated.

  6. Justice - Murcíelago's outlook on Justice is a very unforgiving flavor. While he wouldn't go as far as to feel that a petty pickpocket should be put to death, he sometimes likes to act as a hand of Karma. This gives an all new meaning on the saying "Karma's a bitch." He can't stand to see wrongdoers go unpunished and feels he enforces the true will of God. As grim as his deeds may be, Murcíelago's justice is Holy Justice.

  7. Warrior - Murcíelago was raised as a fighter and to this day he prides himself as a true warrior. While he is obligated to fight for the World Government as a Marine, he also feels obligated to fight strong opponents as nothing more than a warrior looking to test his might. He loves to fight and prove himself strong and growing and respects people who do the same. This explains why he can be unyielding in battle and feels more at home and at peace on a battlefield than resting in his cabin onboard a ship. He long lost count of the amount of lives he has taken, but he proudly claims to be well beyond 10,000. This is odd to many, but Murcíelago doesn't see himself as a murderer, it's just how combat works.

  8. God - Like all should be, Murcíelago is a God fearing man. He doesn't push his beliefs upon others, but enjoys bestowing knowledge upon those interested in learning. As evil as they may be, Murcíelago doesn't believe that killing people is a righteous thing to do. Despite this he walks a path that is very necessary, at least that's what he was told by elders of his religious sect. For that reason he believes he is forgiven for killing as long as it is for the sake of good.

Likes: Order, Things Going His Way, Justice, God, Weapons, Fighting
Dislikes: Pirates, Revolutionaries, Chaos, Heretics, Cowards

History: (Revamping so no thanks)
Face Claim: (Nurarihyon no Mago|Abe no Yoshihiro)

Bonus: Log Pose
Location: Baltigo

Fate Point Allocation: Birdie had 8 Fate Points
Born to Brawl - 1
Hawkeye - 1
Hard Worker - 1
Diligent Spirit - 1
Devil's Meddle - 2
2 in reserve

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2 Re: Murcíelago Machivise on Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:39 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


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