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1 Cobain "Cobalt" Quistor on Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:43 am

Name: Cobain Quistor
Alias/Epithet: Cobalt
Race: Human
Tier: Vice Admiral
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Doctor
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: Vice Admiral

General Appearance:


Cobain's appearance is very different from others. As for his bodily features he is 10 foot 4 in height and weights exactly 415 pounds. His skin is very average for a Caucasian person. His nose is rather small and his lips are timid and kissable and his face is shaped like an average male. His eyes are gray but under his left eye is a tattoo of a lightning bolt. When angry his left eye turns red. His hair is very spiky and somewhat untamed. It goes all the way down to the neck. The shade of blue his hair is mostly represents a navy blue feel and looks like a rock star made it. As for his forehead it still has hair on it but he covers this with his goggles which are orange on the outline and teal on the lenses. He has 2 small hooped earrings in his right ear. On his right shoulder he has a tattoo that appears to be a symbol of peace. Besides that he is a very fit male with an average 7 pack. Now for the best part. Attire. Cobain wears a tight Tang-Top which is dark blue and shows off his 7 pack. He wears to sleeves which are a little darker than his shirt but have gold colored iridium attachments at the end near his wrist and the top near his shoulder. Speaking of which both sleeves leave his upper shoulder uncovered. Did I mention the sleeves connect to a dark blue vest? which has a silver colored iridium lining outline which connects to the fur at the bottom of the vest. On the upper back is 5 more of those golden iridium stripes which seem to be over a wing of honor which is awarded to military vets. Not to mention the clothing on his upper body is short so he reaches a little lower than his belly button. On his pants he wears a pair of pants which match his vest.

The pants have a line of iridium embedded into their front which is in the form of a 4 inch long stripe across. As for his boots he has iridium on the top of the boot, the tips and the bottom. A little higher than his right knee he wears a red bandage around his leg pants for some odd reason. As for his teeth they are sharp and seem to be implants. Basically they are iridium but where chemically colored white. Throughout his time in the marines Cobain came to have a thing for his broad marine jacket that was given to him upon his ascension to the ranks of Vice Admiral. His jacket just like his fellow vice admirals fits like a glove but usually never on his person. The speed of Cobain usually causes the garment to fall off. His entire attire is a reflection of his marine heritage and his prestigious work ethic. The color in his attire does reflect his marine lineage but it also reflects his abilities and affinity for the color blue. With blue hair Cobain had to find his own unique way to work the color he was picked on for in his favor.

Height: 10"4
Weight: 415lb
Crew Tattoo Placement: Right Shoulder


Lazy - Usually you'll catch Cobain trying to avoid his work duties as a means for him to slide off and do other things, such as sleep and read his dirty magazines. He simply doesn't find the urge to do anything often which results in his lazy demeanor and lack  of activity. Usually Cobain would lie about deployment to avoid getting shipped out on various missions from his superiors. His laziness extends past the battlefield as Cobain often forgets to file his paperwork for his various arrest and other things which usually results in a scolding from his superiors.

Combat - Even though Cobain is a lazy individual his combat suggest that he perfected his craft long ago. Given he doesn't get into combat often people rarely get to see how potent of a warrior Cobain truly is. His tactics are beyond that of an average man as he analyzes the battlefield with a sharp precision never seen. Along with his agility and keen detail you'd see the combat end before it truly started. This skillset has made Cobain grow complacent and lack the sills that made him this fearsome warrior. Though with his opponents Cobain isn't cut throat but very understanding of every situation. He won't simply kill because of an affiliation. He has his own code which goes beyond the black and white agenda propaganda spread around.

Marines - The ties Cobain has to the marines run deep. Even though he is a legacy to the Marines he never wanted to be one growing up. It wasn't until his father instilled the mental toughness in the young Cobain that he understood what it truly meant to be a marine. He has his own sense of justice which normally interferes with his ability to be the marine he wants to be at times. His comrades understand Cobain and usually aid him in his agenda and crusade for the marines. His very upbeat demeanor won't reveal it but Cobain himself is probably one of the most prideful marines who wants nothing more than to be the best, this usually reflects as his underlying motive for his actions for the Marines.

Pirates and Revolutionaries - Cobain doesn't see things in black and white and usually judges his enemy from person to person. He won't just judge you off your affiliation unless the affiliation has done something unspeakable to the masses. The factions as a whole have something to fear when Cobain is near them as he will take them in with no problem. Usually he will only going after those that will bring him more prestige in the ranks. If he gets the chance to individually face someone and can understand their struggle and want for what they are going after a sense of respect can be rewarded to them in the form of "Honor Among Warriors". This would extend to how they are brought in to prison or even their treatment once placed in their cell, Cobain is a man of values.

Attitude - Generally Cobain is a very nice person, usually taken for weakness as he doesn't go around flaunting his ability. He has this very warm and welcoming personality to him which usually works in his favor when stuck in a tricky situation as Cobain is great at making friends, people use to go as far as calling it one of his abilities, the power to make friends. Usually cracking a sly joke here and there Cobain isn't one to simply fit in with the rest of the pack usually being more than just the guy with blue hair.

The World - The grim reality that Cobain had to face was that he wants to lead. Not just because he wants to be the man in charge but because he wants to usher in change in the world. He sees the divide between the three powers and Cobain wants nothing more to close that divide and build a new world from the fallen one left behind him. It sounds awfully dark at times which is why Cobain usually doesn't talk about his wants in the world because no one understands it. Cobain has seen children homeless and orphans after a battle between two of the major factions left their island destroyed. That violence in the mind of Cobain breeds a new cycle of hate and contempt to people and continues the age of violence.

Likes: : Chewing Gum, Reading, Chess, Relationships, Operating
Dislikes: Narcissist, Smokers, People against him, Corrupt Marines, Those who don't want peace

Face Claim: IDK
RP Sample: Nah

Bonus: 5,000,000 Beli
Location: Tres Iron Lotus

Fate Point Allocation:

Devil's Meddle - 2
Born to Brawl - 1
Hawk's Eye - 1
Predator - 2
Hard Worker - 1

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2 Re: Cobain "Cobalt" Quistor on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:18 am

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


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3 Re: Cobain "Cobalt" Quistor on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:49 am

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


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