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Task Name: Corporate Espionage
Tier: 2
NPC or PC:
Location: Karakuri
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Emil finds the perfect chance to finally escape his cell. However he uses it as a opportunity to search the underground prison and map the place out for his potential escape. He spends the next few months training and finalizing his escape plan just as they start using him as a test for their new experiments.
Enemy Details: 2 T3 Cyborg Wolves

[Timeskip Task][Flashback] Corporate Espionage Latest?cb=20150108115531
Boss Name: Hound X7
Tier: 4
Description: A large two headed wolf cyborg made of complete machinery. It is 4m tall and 3m long with a white fur coat that seems almost realistic. It's body ,fangs, and claws are made out of pure steel however all made to look realistic making the machine seem alive. It acts just like any typical wild beast due to it's programming. It will carry out any orders it is given from it's creator.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: N/A
Equipment: T3 Mouth Cannon, T4 steel claws & Fangs
Strength: 5
Durability: 4
Speed: 3

Emil laid in his makeshift bed of pelts. He had gotten over feeling sorry for himself and the animals he was forced to slaughter. Not making use of them was a complete waste and an insult to their existence. The skeletons of the beast he had set up against the walls of the cell to stare out at revolutionaries. His back was facing the bars of the cell as he clutched a bone in his hand along with a harvested fang. The hatch in which his food had fell from was recently torn off. Nothing had been unusual about it as they still sent in his food at the same times. He deemed it safe to explore considering he had just finished up his dinner.

Turning his head Emil scanned for any prying eyes before hopping up on his feet. Running directly below the hatch Emil sprung up in to the air and with a geppo flying upward. Up inside the passage way Emil saw no exit until nearing the top. The vent made a sharp turn which he softly landed on before looking back from where he came. So far so good he thought starting forward looking around the vent. Nothing in sight as the vent just went straight. However the fact of nothing being there only made him more cautious and wary of his surroundings. Suddenly warm air came to his attention as the smell of food. The smell invaded his nose and birthed some type of warmth in his body. Running towards the much smaller opening in the vent he looked down to see a fairly large kitchen. Punching the vent he knocked it off with a few quick blows to muffle the noise it made as it swung open hanging by it's hinges. Peeking down he scanned the room before dropping causing a shake throughout the room.

"Damn." He cursed under his breath as the body of a young woman sprung up. Emil dashed towards her grabbing her before turning behind a massive fridge as the footsteps of soldiers came running inside. "Veronica you ok?" Emil shot the woman daggers holding on to her arm as she peeked from the edge waving with a free arm. "I'm fine guys just dropped some stuff I got it." Nodding the soldiers left out the double doors that had apparently left to the outside. Emil sighed letting the woman go as she breathed a heavy sigh of her own. "Your him.. I heard about you taking on all our soldiers. Ensign Emil Hyune." With a warm smile Emil casually walked in front of her in case she tried to make a run for it. He had no real intention of harming her if she didn't try to harm him."That I am. You are?" Emil questioned with a raised eyebrow extending his hand. The girl jumped shaking it wildly. "Veronica Hyuno...."  Emil chuckled at the similarity with their names. He was slightly worried about how to handle the situation.Taking a more a serious look the worry showed on the girl's face. "Look i'm trying to escape plain and simple." " I can help, i'm a marine like you too!" Veronica ran in to a little room which looked like a office of some sorts. After a few minutes of scrambling she came out with writing utensils and 3 rolls of paper. "I can help you with giving you supplies to map out the place. But promise me you will cause a big enough commotion for me to escape too." Emil with a hearty grin hugged the girl as a lone tear dripped form his eye. "You have my word Veronica." Grabbing the paper he jotted down the area around his cell and towards the torture room. He had remembered that much through the years.  Followed by the routes of the vent system making one of two ways possible. Find a way through the vents or storm through the base until he found a way out.

Emil thought out the possible escape plan without putting Veronica in to immediate danger. "Captain Moegi!" Hearing those words Emil gathered the paper and pen before nodding to Veronica. With his speed he was out within moments going back up in to vents with his geppou. The rest of his day had been spent mapping out the maze making important discoveries of where everything was.Emil was in no way a navigator so he had nothing more than lines with the names of the places connected to each other and would use his memory rather than his novice map. With hard days of work done he returned to his cell without a hint of him ever being gone. Phase 2 would start to begin.

Word Count :782

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