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1 Log Pose Charging {Social With Syndra} on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:51 am

Elisa DarkWalker


With all members of the small crew doing their own thing with very to little communication between them at all due to the events that had recently transpired due to Hercules and his connection to Syndra, knowledge of Elisa passed and even knew this crew had connections to the revolutionary army and it required deep thought. which would cause Elisa Darkwalker to simply stay at the front, of the ship on top the 10 meter wall letting the sea breeze flow through her hair, as her mind enters deep thought as the long sea journey had barely started, though she had a clear view of the harbour of Twin Capes and was keeping a watchful eye for any threats or interesting people, Sugar was also ontop the ship inside a centreless crowsnest that could see all around a spot she trully loved and while she was thinking on this Hercules person she nor cared here or there and was enjoying the day. Loki was just maintaining his place in his room knowing there wasn’t anyone on the ship but his crew and Hercules.

During the first part of this crews Journey taking over a couple weeks as they crossed the blue sea the environment wouldn't chance to much at all apart from the odd moment between Elisa and Syndra but all was improving despite Hercules their possible newest recruit being locked up in a cell waiting for his fate to be revealed. Meanwhile back on the harbour a young crew much like their own called the Blue phoenix lead by a gal named Rebecca Atlanto someone who thought she was a lone survivor from the same place Syndra was seeking yet neither would truly know this fact or each other. Though something about this person had caught Elisa eye as Unlike every other crew including her own this Rebbeca person would offer her help to the harbour master in order to gain reputation, doing harbour duties from carrying supplies, helping tourist man a boat. Untying and tying ropes to let things out, or dock. Supplying information to those who asked as best they could they even helped fishing while trying to inspire a competitive pulse with the fisherman of the Island which was successful in raising the daily catch.

After watching events unfold while still keeping a watchful eye for trouble Elisa started thinking to herself inside her head “Why arnt we like that, a crew that helps out the common folk of places they go

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2 Re: Log Pose Charging {Social With Syndra} on Thu Mar 23, 2017 4:42 pm

Despite not talking a lot while everyone working the little communicaion they have is with Sebastian when he walks around giving the crew food to keep the energy level high. What helps us and gives us the strength to keep working. Sebastian also makes sure everyone drinks enough to prevent the crew from hydrating. Then a small conversation would be made between him and a crew member to thank him and how amazing he was at his job as a butler. The other form of ommunicatian was Syndra orderingSugar Loki and Sebastian around and give them work to do while doigher own things too. Elisa could be found in the captains room where she was looking at maps and the log pose or at the steering wheel. Even Yury had a job with gguarding Hercules the prisoner who had some bandages around his right shoulder and his head. Sebastian and Syndra made sure to look atter him and giving him attention. Syndra also sometimes took the guard post over for him so he ould run around at the top of the deck. At the moments Syndra is guarding Hercules it is really quiet. Their seems to be some kind of connection between the two but Hercules was still angry about the pan lit so he didnt speak a word since he was locked up.

As some days pass by a new crew arrived at the harbor. Syndra was interested in the new crew. It seems Syndra was not the only one. Elisa kept a eye on them so Syndra send out Sebastian to ather some inormation. When he returns he tells the crew the name of the crew is "The Blue Phoenix". That their captain is a woman with the name Rebecca Altanto and that they are a free group of people traveling around and helping people along the way. That is also how she had build up her crew. They were all peole who got help from Rebecca. They do have a good reputation.

One day Syndra catches Elisa again staring at the Twin Caves harbour at Rebecca Atlanto and her crew "The Blue Phoenix. Syndra joins Elisa's side. They ddint talk much since that odd moment 2 days ago. The moment was really awkward for the both of them. That night of two days ago the crew had a celebration becuase of Yury's birthday. Sebastian felt his duty as a butler to go to bed on time. At some point the two of them were alone and just talking while drinking. The stuff Sebatian had brewed was a bit stronger then expected. They felt the alcohol wich started to effect their behavior. As the alcohol took away their brakes they got a little chummy. As a hour had passed by they became more chummy and then before both of them knew what was going on the two were kissing eahoter. When they realize what they were doing the two pushed eachother away and went to their rooms. Ever since then the two barely spoke to eachother.

Syndra wants to lay a hand on her sister's shoulder. Syndra stops for a moment thinking if it was the right move. She then maks a decicion and lays her hand on ELisa's shoulder. [Syndra] "Hey big sis Elisa. I think I know what you are thinking. I saw it too. They help people and you want that too. We are sisters and I know you. We can help out people too if you want. You are the captain so just give the order if you want. THe only thing is we ant charge the log pose at the harbour. We would have to use rowboats to get to there. "

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3 Re: Log Pose Charging {Social With Syndra} on Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:31 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Turning her head towards Syndra with her hair flowing as a gentle breeze picks up Elisa would reply to Syndra "You are right, I would like to help out more,... ... Like.... isn't that how this crew started when we helped them, kids, stopped that corruption and went to war with them assassins". Elisa turns fully so her back is leaning back on the ship's rail "For now we should just charge that log post, and keep his in mind for our next destination".  Elisa would itch her ear as the thought of the guy below deck came to her mind "What should we do with the stranger below, he does seem to know allot.

At this very moment the man in the cell would stand firm crossing one arm across his torso as if saluting the crew of this ship as the critical moment would take place. Starting to tap his left foot as he made his pose. The strangest sounds would leave his mouth with a nice echoey type of sound "I feel your beats... beats beats, beats of your crews rhythm oh the rhythm the Rhythm" he was singing. "tell you one thing battle never ends, 1. for the blood 2. for the life. 3 to survive. Let me see you save the world, burn it to the ground because the army of the Orland century" Syndra is the wind in my sail... the legacy of the great Orlando so when you run I'd run with you, if you hide id deploy for you ...... if you go id go with you and if you wish id Burn the world down for you this is my vow as the last remnant of his Elite Guard. ..... stand stand standerd is HERE!. 

At this moment Sugar would punch him in the face knocking him out "would you please Shut up, your doing my head in".  Elisa on deck could work out what had happened from the sounds alone and started to giggle as she moved to stand on top the rail to feel the full breeze "So Syndra lets accel through our Journey". happiness had suddenly shot through Elisa "This chapter has ended and the next is about to begin, let's always remember to have the time of our lives, andddd I willll nottt forgett the faces we passed behind and the best of days. Love you.


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4 Re: Log Pose Charging {Social With Syndra} on Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:01 am

WHile the two of us were talking ELisa explained her worries and her feelings towards Syndra. Syndra nods. "You are right but that doesnt mean we can help everyone. When the log pose is charged we will leave this place behind and isnt it nice to see other crews help people too. Its not just us. Tomorrow the log pose will be ully charged up."

Then rom below deck we can hear the stranger Elisa mentioned singing. It was a good song and catchy . While the man is singing Syndra feels some urge inside to dance. She tries to resist. Sugar punched the man just in time . We hear a groan of pain and the singing stops. When the song stops the urge to dance disapears too.  

Syndra is lit with Elisa's moment of happinnes shoot through her body. When Elisa is says the words "Love you" Syndra launches herself towards Elisa to hug her. "I love you too. I think we should keep the stranger and make him our singer what do you think?".  

When Elisa and Syndra let go of eachother after their hug Syndra goes below deck. When she is below deck she crosses paths with Yury and Sugar. Still effected by the shot of happinnes earlier she picks Yury up and starts cuddling him. She scratches him behind his ear as Yury makes bear noises. Yury licks  Syndra's cheeck and claws softly in her skin. Syndra plays for the next coupe of minutes with her pet while carrying him on the deck to Sabastian. When Syndra enters the kitchen Sabastian is busy cooking a delicious smelling dish. Syndra stands still for a moment  to sniff the smell the food. Her stomach started to make noises what betrays her to Sabastian. He turns around and lays his work down to turn around bow. "How can I serve you mistress Syndra?". "Do yuo uhm have some food for us and and somethign special for Yury? " Sabastian nods"Yes I do" he runs through the kitchen but with such elegantly that it more looks like he is dancing through the kitchen. He brought for Yury a fresh piece of meat on a plate and for Syndra , Elisa nad the others a plate with some glasses on it filled with greek yoghurt and some other things.

Syndra thanks Sabastian and gives him a hug. She puts Yury down near the plate of meat. Yury jumps towards the plate and starts eating the meat.Then she leaves the kitchen and runs around to Loki giving him a glass. She hugs him too and then goes to ELisa and gives her a glass. "Here from Sabastian sis" Then Syndra goes back below deck to Sugar and the stranger.  Syndra then hugs Sugar extra tight and kissing her on her cheeck. "That is for last time. I didnt return the favor yet." before giving her the glass. Syndra then takes the last glass and a spoon. The spoon goes inside the glass. When Syndra pulls it back some o the ood inside is on the spoon. The spoon then goes towards her own mouth and then starts eating. Ater the first bite she quickly would put thespoon back in the glass and a minute later the glass is empty. "Sabastian is the best!!"

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