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Travel to islands within Paradise temporarily no longer requires a Log Pose or timer/wc. A post to signify travel is still required however.

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1 Farewell, Sand. (travel) on Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:12 pm

Ro stepped across the gangplank and onto the Teufelskerl. So this was it. She would finally be departing from Sandy Island. It was a move that brought mixed emotions, but it did feel good to move on. "Haven't seen you in a while, young missy." An aged voice with a crackly finish came from in the cabin. A man walked out with wily hair and a glint in his eye.
"Willy! It's good to see you again." Ro smiled and walked up to greet him, going in for a hug. The man had been her teacher when she was young, and had followed her when the empire had collapsed. Now he acted as her navigator. She hadn't seen much of him due to her work on the island but the sight of the old man was a sense of comfort to her. "Did you get the pose I sent you?"
"Yes, Miss Vinsmoke, I did. Or is that General now?" He cracked a smile. Times had been tough for both of them in the past, but she was glad that her recent successes had given her ex-teacher something to celebrate.
"Ro is just fine, Willy." She replied.

The pair set sail for Water 7, searching for a particular crew.

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