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1 Alotta Fagina on Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:48 pm



Name: Alotta Fagina
Alias/Epithet: Protect Genesis: prototype mark I
Race: Cyborg
Gender: Whatever you want
Age: 2 years old

Occupation: Blacksmith
Affiliation: marine
Use: non-combat
Tier: 3
Equipment: (Must be paid for separately)
Haki: Kenbo
Attribute Priority:
General Appearance:
Alotta blacksmith mode:

Alotta Sexy school girl mode:

Sexy Maid mode:

Height: 5'11
Weight: 500 pounds
Personality: Being reborn as a cyborg while still young, Alotta has a very cheerful and child-like personality that can make her seem naïve, emotional, energetic, and gullible at times. She enjoys playing dress up and can usually be found in some sort of costume. She easily became excited at seeing all the things around her, as she isn't used to travel. She usually needs Ishtar or someone to point out when she is being tricked.

Despite being child like in personality Alotta has a decent level of sensibility and common sense towards the battle and weapon creation, which are arguably the only things of which she has any real memories of. She is very perceptive in battle and has a high amount of analytical skill and photographic memory due to the technology implanted into her brain to enhance her cognitive abilities and senses.

Alotta is very loyal to Ishtar serving as her 2nd in command and head research assistant. Ishtar serves as a mother figure to Alotta and she will do anything to help Ishtar as Alotta's life is in debt to her. Alotta devotion to Ishtar is absolute so much so that she will even allow herself to be used a shield in battle or tool for distraction.
Story: Alotta was created as the first successful prototype cyborg in project Genesis. Project Genesis was headed by Ishtar as a research project into using cyborg technology to save human life. Alotta was once a child in one of the marine orphanages who was given up by a family of blacksmiths on Water 7 due to her being expected to die soon from a terminal disease which made her body and immune system very weak. Ishtar found Alotta and decided to test if cyborg technology could be used to save someone from the brink of death. Alotta was the only orphan who survived the transition into a cyborg and was given a new body. Unfortunately Alotta lost all of her memories and old personality in the process. Ishtar essentially became Alotta's mother figure and looks after her. Alotta is Ishtar's second in command and assistant in her research.

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Hecate Mágissa- The Witch
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3 Re: Alotta Fagina on Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:13 pm



oke doke

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