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1Black Pearl Empty Black Pearl on Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:06 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents



Dante - Star Shooter|Star Shooter|Coogi|Eye Scope|Oxy Mask

Centurion w/ Gatling Gun Mk IV Integrated - Mercy

Verde - Cerberus

ace of spades
Dante had wasted no time after meeting with Satoshi, or at least the man he thought was Satoshi. He was directed to go to a restaurant that was located in the bowels of Water 7 called the Black Pearl. Once there he was to specifically ask for Brenda to be his waitress and once he was in contact with her, he was to tell her he was sent by Satoshi. That would be Dante's key to Kiretsu if it all was done correctly. Apparently the diner was actually a front and beyond the kitchen was Kiretsu's very own auction house. With such a private and secret location, it was exclusive to renown high-rollers personally invited by Kiretsu of course. Dante admired the entrepreneurship and figured he'd establish something of the like one day.

Along with him he had Verde and his Centurion, the 8`6 model with a Gatling Gun integrated unnoticeably in it's arm. Slung over the Centurion's back were five separate bags. One held the head and torso of Mercy, two held her arms, and the last two held her legs. All the pieces were separated, to prevent her from being able to do anything or any control her body parts. Additionally the piece of equipment that gave her the ability to talk was removed courtesy of Dante. What he planned to do was showcase his expertise to Kiretsu. Not only was the Centurion a fully functioning robot created by Dante, but he had also provided Mercy with her Artillery. Beyond that however, he also knew the price that rested on Mercy's head after the fiasco at the Reverie. Being Asher's commanding officer and having him commit such a treacherous deed and go missing as well, she surely was wanted for treason as well. So not only was Dante looking to find a business partner, but he was also looking to get in the World Government's good graces by delivering a high value target to one of their dogs.
Dante's bandaged appearance looked up at a street sign to see that he was on the road the Black Pearl was located on. He exhaled a chilly breathe that came out his covered mouth as fog. He had his coat Coogi on, but it did nothing to supply his with warmth as it was more so protection and a weapon. Despite this it hung comfortably on his shoulders and was partially open in the front like it was an actual coat. The sleeves dangled loosely at his sides, his actual arms on the inside of the nebulous black garment.

"So what's stopping him from taking credit for Mercy's capture?" They had been walking in silence since they left the scrapyard district of Water 7, so this question broke the silence, but Dante continued walking as if he didn't hear it. Nonetheless, he'd answer, because he needed to think of how he'd prevent such a thing from happening or if he could and talking out loud about things usually helped him. "Given his character, Underworld dealings, Shichibukai, and quite the criminal, it's hard to even think how I can do that." Dante took a few more paces before speaking again. "I'm not looking to fight him, so it's not like I' can threaten him. I figured I'd just offer to create something for him in exchange. Scratch my back, I scratch yours kinda thing." Verde nodded to the back of Dante's head. Dante had stood ahead of the group the whole time. Not far ahead, but in the way that bosses lead the way and followers followed. "Even then, there's no guarantee that he'll be interested in my products. Not unless I disclose my identity to him." Another foggy breath was kicked out from between Dante's bandages over his mouth. "Think it's worth the risk?" Dante played around with scenarios in his head in silence as they walked for awhile, before speaking again. He honestly didn't know what to expect if he revealed himself as Birdie to the Shichibukai. Either the man would respect him for the balls he had and the terror he caused or Dante would have dug his own grave. "It's a risk I'm willing to take if need be." Verde got the chills upon hearing this, because it'd also put a mark on his head if the word got out. "Why the fuck did I get tied up with you." As he pitied his own miserable life, Dante opened the door to the Black Pearl and stepped inside.
Black Pearl Lumberyard-diner
The place was easy on the eyes. Low light, light jazz was being played by some lax looking musicians on stage, cigarette smoke lingered in the air from patrons at the bar, but despite this there were people sitting in booths and tables eating food and conversing. For it to be an hour after midnight, the place had a healthy amount of business going on. Verde stepped in behind Dante, than the Centurion ducked it's head to make it in the doorway without clipping the top of it. The host's eyes seemed soulless as he looked at the trio in a manner that showed he wasn't amused. "Is this your whole party?" Dante nodded as he scanned the place shamelessly by turning his head to the left then right, then back on the host. "Yeah, seat us in Brenda's section too please." The host sighed in annoyance upon hearing the request. Dante knew if the guy was facing them and not walking to lead them to their seats, he'd have seen the guy's eyes roll out his head. "Sure."

Seated and given menus the host walked off without another word. They each slid into the booth, Dante on a side to himself, Verde closest to the wall and the Centurion closest to the aisle, the bag it carried set on the floor in the aisle, surely a fire hazard. Dante didn't bother to look at the menu as he knew he wouldn't be eating, nor did they have the time, but Verde did. "We're not eating." Verde's eyes glanced up from the menu to Dante's and he sighed just like the host had. Sometimes Dante felt like the youth was his child. Just as Verde was placing the menu down, a waitress had walked up to their table. "Sir you're going to have to move those bags out of the aisle." The Centurion didn't respond of course, nor did it even budge. It's head just remained facing forward in an idle state. "Go wait near the stage." Dante nudged his head as he spoke to the Centurion and it got out the booth, grabbed the bags and went near the stage with the bags over its shoulder as directed. The waitress looked at the giant steel robot in an offended way, but Dante paid little mind to it. "What's his deal." "Don't mind him. Are you Brenda?" The woman's eyes were still on the Centurion as it walked mindless to the stage then stopped and turned facing Dante's table seemingly staring back at her causing her to look away quickly. "Uhhh, ahem, yes I am. What can I get you guys?" "We're not here to eat. We were sent by Satoshi." At this the waitress, Brenda, nodded and put her pencil and notepad away in one of her apron pockets. "Oh ok, right this way."

Dante wasn't sure why he expected the whole process to be a bit more excited or eventful than this, but he was glad it was smooth sailing, at least for now anyways.
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2Black Pearl Empty Re: Black Pearl on Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:38 pm

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
The hotel had no life anymore, it was as if everyone had disappeared off the face of the earth. However, the songbirds still remained in their rooms faithfully on the rather chilly day, just hanging around one another. "Hey guys, I'm going to go buy some sake and food, I'll be right back Jade said as put on his sandy brown trench coat and threw his sea blue scarf around his neck. He quickly made his way down the hotels stairs to the front lobby where he walked out the spinning door of the place. Damn, its colder than I thought Jade said as he reached he outside, shivering just a bit from the bitter cold. He turned right from the hotels door, heading to a called black pearl. It was a cool retro vibe kinda bar he had found a few days ago when he was looking to try new places to eat. They had thee best fried fish and ramen, along with great roasted and grilled beef. Just thinking of the food along made his mouth water from excitement, especially with the delicious sake they served. It was his own piece of heaven basically.

After a few minutes of walking he finally reached the bar and walking in, the playing of soft jazz filled his ears. The smell of cigarettes filled the hair as well but Jade didn't mind it one bit. The songbird made his way to the main bar rather fast to order his food and lucky for him it was no real line today. After ordering his food, it was made and given to him within twenty minutes. "Thank you Jade said with a smile as he grabbed the bag that held two bottles of sake and his sky high pile of food, making his way to the exit. As he was leaving, he had bumped into a lady who seemed to be leading men but he was too busy worrying about the food being okay to look at their faces. Luckily some of the boxes of food that feel were still close so they didn't spill. After thanking the lady, Jade finally made his way out of the bar on the way back to the hotel. Sadly, Jade didn't notice that his special item had fallen out of his pocket. He had dropped a devil fruit he mysteriously obtained while out one day when he bumped into the lady who led Dante, Verde and the robot. Even if Jade didn't know, the fruit would be directly in front of Dante as he left.


Ponch now has a fruit in front of him and I also allow him to use my SP for the Shichibukai

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