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1 On The Road Armed With New Power (task) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:57 pm

See it wasn't everyday that old Edward took command of a pirate ship. At this moment he was sitting on the deck facing the rest of the crew as they mopped the wooden floors and laughed amongst themselves as if their crew wasn't under hostage by the assassin. As Edward stared at them he could see the navigator who was controlling the ship trying to sneak peeks at him. This would only cause Edward to let out a silent laugh. A laugh that was quite good for him considering what had happened to his son. Being approximately 20 feet away from the navigator, he would make his voice loud saying "Look I don't know why you keep looking at me." This would cause the Navigator to let out a small yelp.

This would only cause Edward to laugh even harder as he would now come to ignore the young women. Standing up from his spot on the deck he would begin to focus. Even though he knew what the Yami Yami was capable of, he was still quite foreign on using its abilities. His previous fight only being pure luck that he was able to use it. He would consider himself a prodigy of the fruit seeing as most could barely use their fruit upon eating it, but he could care less. He only needed to become with it so he could get his son back. That was the only thing that mattered to him at this moment. Inhaling the salty air around him, he would begin to close his eyes. Feeling his chi flow through him as he would make a jab towards the area in front of him. Opening his eyes he would see the darkness of the Yami Yami cover his body.

'Twas a unique fruit indeed. Being able to control darkness and its unusual power of gravity was quite a formidable force to be reckoned with. Turning around, his back facing the working crew. He would begin to face the open see. A large mountain seeming to stretch into the sky in the distance. As the darkness of the Yami covered his body he would begin to see the light around him being absorbed. The area around him would begin to feel heavy and turn the heat to an even more cooler air. The people behind him were in awe as they had never experienced anything like this before. This would only cause the mind of Edward to become even more cocky.

Making the darkness go back into his body, he would refrain from using the rest of his abilities as he didn't want to sink the ship. Having eating the devil fruit he couldn't swim now. Which meant that he was at risk as long as he was on water. A risk he had to take if he ever wanted to see his son again. Turning back around he would come to eye the navigator as he would say "Navigator, I see that we are approaching Reverse Mountain. Before we go over it I need to know if this ship is durable enough. I am sure no one here wants to die." Everyone would come to look at the woman as most of them didn't know what they were getting themselves into. Looking at Edward she would begin to stutter saying "Y-yy-es, it is made of a highly durable steel. I made the ship myself"

The stuttering of the navigator would only cause Edward to smile. Taking his seat back in the wooden floors he would close his eyes once again. He had traveled back and forth from the Grandline many times. So he knew these routes pretty well, but no as well as a navigator. He himself was only going by pure memory. Balling his hands into fists, he would feel the blood leak from his palms due to his nails digging into his skin. The thought of never seeing his son again frustrated and angered him. Feelings that he were not foreign too. He had made a promise to his wife though. He would get their son back at any cost. Even if that meant himself would die in the end.

As he thought he would begin to feel the boat tilting upwards. He knew that they had just struck the stream of reverse mountain. Standing up he would run for the nearest pole to latch into as he didn't want to go flying overboard. These were dangerous waters and he needed to stay alive.

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