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2 Re: To Paradise (Task) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:07 am

Dawn Island, it was a nice change of scenery for Ataru especially after his incident in orange town. He was just relaxing at the docks, he didn't have much on his schedule no word from higher had been sent in a while. He knew he had to become stronger but it didn't seem likely he would do it with Yak he seemed to vanish. For now he was going to have to either find a crew or make enough money to buy his own ship. While walking through the docks he smelled something savory, his curiosity got the best of him and he followed it. After moving through a couple side allies he cornered the smell. Turning the corner Ataru smiled to see the smell coming from a ham cooling. Waiting proved to be useful as someone came out to check on the ham. Approaching the girl Ataru spoke "How much for a piece of that ham it smells delicious". She smiled at him and cut a slice for him and placed it on a plate telling him how it was for her family and that it was free for the compliment. Ataru thanked her and started walking back towards the main area of the docks. Eating his slice of ham with his hands carefully to not burn himself.  

He was contemplating starting his own adventure when he saw a familiar face. It was Edward, he approached to greet him. He seemed to be in a rush from the brisk pace he was keeping as Ataru approached him he said "Hey Edward how is it going?". Ataru was sure he would be remembered, though he didn't have his skirt on this particular day, instead opting for black pants and a tan undershirt. If Edward said something Ataru would listen otherwise he was going to walk with him unless he shooed him away, all the while eating his ham.


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4 Re: To Paradise (Task) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:30 am

Edward told Ataru how he needed help in taking down a crew, and Ataru did need to start thinking about his career as a revolutionary. He tossed his ham in the nearest garbage bag he saw on the road as he followed Edward as he ran deeper into the docks toward the ports. After a little bit of running Edward ran up to some teenager at the dock, Ataru chuckled wondering if this was the captain he spoke of. The response from the teenager gave Ataru all the warning he needed, he quickly unsheathed his sword using the flat he didn't intend to kill anyone here. As a crew of 10 men quickly assembled behind the teenager who had unsheathed his cutlass, Edward said something but Ataru was already focused on which men he would be going for. When the fight started Ataru rushed into the 10 men leaping and striking the front pirate on his temple.

He sized up the men that were around him there were 4 not counting the 1 that he had knocked out with his initial charge. They surrounded him with their weapons drawn murderous intent on their face. It seemed that we had angered them in some way Ataru thought to himself chuckling. He decided to use a bit of scare tactics to help improve his advantage on his first parry he used his slicer partially destroying and charring a pirates cutlass. He then smashed his pommel into the man's chin knocking him out while eliciting gasps from the pirates around him. Another pirate had slashed at Ataru and he took a cut while trying to dodge it completely. He then swung the flat of his blade at the attacker who failed to block it in time falling to the ground like his companions. There were two left as Ataru looked over at how Edward was doing before he continued fighting.

WC: 317
Defeated: 3 T0
Stamina: 125/150
Skill Used:

Skill Name: -Slicer
Tier: -2
Type -Normal
Range: -Melee Range
Speed: - Character's Speed
Description: -Ataru channels his energy in creating minor fire around his blade he then leaps at the target channeling the power of destruction into a diagonal sword slash from left to right. The fire causes second degree burns if the target is hit by the swing the fire quickly dissipates after the swing. If the swing connects with a material instead it follows the damage chart interaction.

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6 Re: To Paradise (Task) on Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:45 pm

Ataru was fighting the remaining two men, they were attempting a flank maneuver. Their movements were to obvious and Ataru saw it coming instead moving at an angle to keep them both in his sight. He made a slashing movement at one but he leaped backwards as the other moved forward to stab Ataru with a cutlass. Ataru took the stab in his shoulder while connecting the flat of his blade with yet another head. That's when everyone stopped fighting as Edward used his devil fruit.

At the sight of the captain being dispatched the men laid down their arms, it was an impressive sight Ataru had to admit. Their was something to the devil fruits but he still preferred his ability to be able to swim. He sheathed his sword as Edward took control of the ship. Ataru would separate from him there waving to him and saying "I'll see you in the Grand line sometime". He wasn't ready to head out just yet. He had decided he wanted his own ship he wouldn't be restrained by trying to find ships in port. He smiled at his realization walking back into the town looking around at different inns. He would need somewhere to stay while he devised a plan to acquire the funds needed to buy a ship. He would begin looking in the docks as that was where the cheaper places were. Ataru had a smile on his face it had been a while since he had a good breather, he really needed to get his blood pumping like this more often.

WC: 264

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