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Task Name: Lifes Reflection
Tier: 1
Location: Boin Archipelago  
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: you almost died.... If it hadn't been for the distraction set u by the scientist then you would have died. You reflect on your life, on your lives goal and how far you are from achieving it. whats your next plan, are the marines worth it? are you able to be you there...or are you nothing more than fodder to them? is the marines the faction to change the world? you always thought so.......
Enemy Details: None
Boss: -

"Maximize the pheramone output, we can't let that creature come for us. Get the tent ready, Mirya can you save her" The voice of the scientist uttered, "I..I CAN TRY" Mirya replied. "Don't try, just do it" Bert said, and with that the unconcious form of Cerulean Faith was hidden within the designated medical tent. "That cut her arm clean off, cut right through the bone as if it where butter" Mirya said. "I need blood bags, she's lost a lot of it" the way Mirya worked, was marvelous, the beauty in her working, Cerulean would be astounded if it werent for the fact that she was currently unconcious. The Vice Admiral of the marines seemed to be seeing a movie, a movie of her life. She watched herself grow up, abused by her parents, she watched herself find those same parents bodies, she watched as she refused to weep for them, saw herself become the cheerful little thief she had become. Saw herself  grow up in the world, joining the Crimson clan, becoming the dangerous killer she was feared to be.

Then that all changed, all of it changed when the adopted brother she had cared for, was murdered. Not by a rival gang, not by someone the marines could actively control, but a visiting world noble, her brother wished to be apart of the noble line, he wanted all the perks that went with it, and when this noble visited he foolishly tried to give this gorgeous noble woman a flower, a rare flower he had been saving, and she shot him. In public right in the middle of the street, did marines move? did they do anything? No. They couldnt, but the Crimson Clan did, the crimson clan attempted to swoop in and murder the noble. But it was useless, one by one caught by the marines who now acted because the crimson clan where criminals, not the noble whom murdered someone in cold blood. She knew then and there that she had to do something to stop this reign, so she joined the marines with the sole purpose of bringing down the noble higher archy. So far she had yet to make any headway apart from killing a few nobles discreetly. So far she had made no head way. No one had joined her cause, and now she was lost, lost unsure on where she was going. Even in her dreams darkness had taken her.


It throbbed, all the way down to the fingers that where no longer present, it had been two weeks since the incident, everyone was impressed with her, she had lost her arm yet she took it in her stride, as if it were simply her keys that where misplaced. Alone she cried for her limb, for the style of swordsman ship she could no longer wield. She was also greatful for her life, and for her right arm, having her right arm meant so much more to her now, it was her dominant hand, the one that she used for almost everything, but one does not realize how much both hands are needed. Her balance was off, she would often try to reach something with her left hand forgetting that it was gone, it would throb constantly, like a phantom limb, she could feel her hand moving, feel her fingers clenching, but she knew it was all in her head. Her arm was gone, more so devoured.  Of course the camp had questions, more so how could she have lost, though it seems only she, bert and Mirya know the truth. Though neither of them have said anything.

Cerulean lost because of her attitude in believing she could take out all evil, though there was a high possibility she could have won, if she had not been hindered by the fact she could not wield her ultimate style, even so close to death, she chose to compact her flames, she chose to cover her sword instead of her enemy, for the promise she had made to Mirya and Bert, that she would not use fire so that she would not burn some of the rare and exotic plants that only grow here. Because she kept that in her mind, refusing to wield her Kitsenryubi, she was left with her weaker electrical powers, she knew she was not physically powerful in terms of pure strength, she was strong don't misunderstand her, but compared to Dalmascal she was much weaker, beating her in a fight of strength was impossible. SHe had deduced she was faster, the scorpion lady struggled to read her speed, but regardless of how fast she was, the scorpion ladies defence was impossible for her to normally break through. Now she lost the advantedge with Dalmascal knowing this and potentially staying in her full form to halt Cerulean from flashing in and striking her weaker, fleshier human half, which would have been the ideal strategy, but alas right now she was no where ready to fight the creature once more, she struggled with her training, she fought with two swords, so holding the swords she wielded was effortless, it was the balance, it was trying to remind herself that she was no longer whole, that her left arm was actually gone despite the feeling of it remaining, she had a habit of lfowing into combinations that required her to use her left hand now, that had to be conditioned out of her, not to show her weaker side, to rely on her left leg more often if needed, to kick instead of attempt a punch that would never come.


"Cerulean, we...we know why you failed....why you lost your's because we asked you not to use your were at a serious disadvantage, but you kept your word to us...and because of th.." Mirya said, though she could not finish her words, her voice aching, cracking as she spoke her realization out loud. "You,  should have broken your promise and used your strongest attacks to bring that beast down, we would have understood" Bert said as the three sat around a campfire, the pheramones at full capacity. "It never occured to me until the last second to break my promise, and even then when i used fire, i concentrated it to the edges of my blade, i would never break a promise, i wouldn't burn this place down, it just isn't me" Cerulean said with a smile. "If you ever face that beast again, do not hold back, we, bert and i, we want you to destroy that creature, for revenge for your arm, for the people she's eaten, your released from your promise, this place will eventually grow once more, but that monster, being here, well...if nothings done about her, if she just sits and bides her time being here, then we will never get our home back" Mirya said. "She's right, If that beast is in your way again, then use everything you have to tear her limb from limb, burn her to a crisp, you got that girl"

Cerulean would smile softly, the conviction in the eyes of her friends, it was all she needed. "I got it" she said gentl. She did, she knew exactly what she was doing, she knew that her place was within the marines, it was the only place she could be, but she would no longer pussy foot around, she would make her stance known and if the marines came for her, then so be it. She would fight them for a better future, it all came down to them.

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