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1 Travel To Alabasta on Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:50 am

Bazel and his crew had stocked up supplies for their trip loading up the boat at their top rate. Bazel would remain on the outside of the ship as he watched his men working. Bazel watched as Kash limped towards the ship going into her quarters where she would probably sleep until she was battle ready. Bazel stood near the village elder who wanted there stern and stout as always. "Elder will everything be fine here?" said Bazel as he watched the loading process on his ship. "Thanks to you and your men Bazel, we were able to get the generator back and functional so the village could sustain it's power for the duration of its time." Bazel smiled as he heard that news and put his hand on the elder's shoulder "What about you and your crew Bazel?" said the elder "Well Elder, we still have a lot of the sea to see. Well before i become king at least." said a smirking Bazel. The elder would nod his head "Well good luck my boy. May the seas be kind to you" said the elder as he hugged Bazel and walked off. Bazel would start loading up the last few boxes before he prepared to set sail. It was then a voice could be heard in the distance "Baz! Bazel!" the pirate would turn and see Sadie running towards the boat. "I wanna join the crew!" yelled Sadie. She would eventually come to the river where the boat was at and catch her breath. "Baz, I'm coming!" said Sadie as Baz smirked "Eh, If you want to. Hop on" said Baz as he went down the hatch of the ship leaving it open for Sadie to come in.


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