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1 Ishtar di Angelo- The Archangel of the Sea on Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:52 pm



   Name: Ishtar di Angelo
   Alias/Epithet: The Archangel of the Sea
   Race: Kuja
   Tier:  5
   Gender: Female
   Age: 24
   Mode: I go hard

   Occupation: Scientist
   Affiliation: Marine
   World Position: Admiral

   General Appearance:
Ishtar is tall and strikingly beautiful woman standing at about seven feet in height. Her warm peach-like skin tone protects her from the sun's rays while traveling aboard navy ships and contrasts nicely with her blue, almost lavender, hair and eyebrow color. Ishtar has a slender body type with make her slightly above average in size breasts and ass appear much bigger than they are in reality and give the image of an hourglass figure.  Despite appearing quite slender Ishtar has an incredibly toned body from years of marine training. She has a great deal of muscle in her legs from all the jogging and traveling she does, which give the appearance of her above average behind. She usually keeps her nails painted an orange color as it reminds her of the sunset and her late husband who had orange hair. Ishtar also loves piercings, having her naval pierced with a silver stud and also having four more silver stud piercings around her naval. Each of the four piercings has a small five-pointed star design on them, while the piercing in her naval has a rose engraved on it.  Ishtar also has both of her nipples pierced with simple silver bars at a diagonal angel. She also wears a silver ring with an orange gem stone on her left ring finger, an engagement ring she got from her husband.

Ishtar has a warm youthful complexion with no signs of wrinkles or blemishes. She usually wears a lavender eye shadow to complement her sharp thin blue eyebrows and highlight her striking amber eyes, as well as dark mascara shaped in a sort of cat eye look on her top lashes with diagonal distinctive lines in the corners of her bottom lashes. She usually wears a nude or subtle colored lip gloss or liner as her lips are usually closed in a neutral expression when. Ishtar has 4 silver piercings in both of her ears, having both of her earlobes double pierced with silver studs, both of her orbitals pierced with silver rings engraved with rose designs, and her helix pierced with a smaller silver ring. Ishtar has blue labret piercing on her face, similar in color to her hair but slightly more violet in color. Her piercings, neutral facial expression and usual half-lidded gaze give off a "I don't really care" vibe to people when they meet her. Some say she suffers from chronic bitch face.

Ishtar can style her hair a number of ways depending on the situation but she usually keeps her short blue hair styled up with a slight bangs. Ishtar usually leaves strands on both sides of her head down in order to bring more attention to her smoldering amber eyes by framing her face. Ishtar usually leaves her hair up in a bun leaning somewhat to the left of her head as she usually is busy working and doesn't want it to get in her face. She pins her hair with a light blue intricate origami rose given to her by her mother when she was only a little girl.

Ishtar's look can vary day by day depending on the location, weather, and task she has at hand. Her usual look consists of  a revealing navy blue robe that reaches just above her ankles with a high collar, no sleeves, a zipper in between her cleavage, and a large hemline on the front with her back, her stomach, and the lateral part of her breasts (side boob action) all exposed. She also wears a pair of tight black leggings which taper off at her ankles and pair of black open toed high heel sandals which show off the orange nail polish on her toes. if she wants to cover up (which she rarely does). Her marine admiral coat is usually draped across her shoulders, where it stays on some how without falling off. Occasionally if she prefers it can be slipped off and move down to the middle of her arms to be more seductive.
   Height: 7,0
   Weight: 140
   Crew Tattoo Placement: On her side

   Personality: Ishtar usually portrays a smart, stoic, calm, level-headed, and analytical demeanor and is a strategist on and off the battlefield. She usually doesn't like to resort to violence right away and is content with silently observing others parties battling until their fighting reaches a conclusion. No matter the situation she is placed in she never usually seems distressed or worried (on the outside).

Ishtar has a strong grasp over her emotions, so much so that it's hard to tell what she is actually feeling or thinking. She is highly perceptive and can change her demeanor and personality depending on the crowd she is around. On the inside Ishtar does not tend to actually feel much of any emotion and it can be hard to get to know the real her. She is nearly in a constant state of indifference which goes with her motto of "indifferent justice," where she only acts on situation when she herself feels they deserve action.

She is not above lying and manipulating people to get the job done, and is an incredibly talented liar and actress. She is able to fake a personality and lie with no trigger on near instinct. She is not a trusting person after the death of her first husband and does not form attachments easily. She can become paranoid quite easily, often double checking things or sometimes reading too much into something. In extreme cases, she can believe anyone around her is an enemy, and go into fits of psychotic paranoia where she believes people are trying to kill her based on mundane actions or something completely out of their control.

She rarely criticizes others for their faults, seeing as they are hardly any of her business, and  has a great amount of empathy and understanding of others. Even if they are deemed insane she can usually understand the motive for why people do things, even pirates. She shockingly has great people skills, and can be quite social if the situation calls for it. She listens to peoples' problems and has a calming maternal presence. People often confide to her and ask for advice.

It is hard to anger her since she is so indifferent, but she has a fiery temper when she is passionate about something. Along with that temper is a huge streak of stubbornness.

She enjoys playing with people. She loves to get a reaction out of anyone and is not afraid to freak others out or make them unconformable. She is very manipulative, frequently toying with people, flirting with them, or using her body to get what she wants. She is numb to the judgement of others, if needed she could walk around naked to just throw an opponent off. In the end she will do what it takes to further her goals, whether that means torture, seduction, murder, or anything else.

Ishtar expresses herself through her clothing and has a great appreciation for a person's style. Her individuality is very important to her and she hates the uniformity of the marines. Along with an appreciation for individuality is an appreciation for artistic expression. Ishtar enjoys all forms of art and regular practices origami and paining. Her mother taught her origami at a young age and she has become incredibly skilled in it. Due to the importance she places on individuality he refuses to ever dress in marine attire, besides her justice jacket, and can sometimes challenge the chain of command.

She is known to play with her opponents if they bore her, sometimes putting them in a complicated situation just to "test" them and see how they react. She is known to leave her opponents alive much longer than she should and also to take advantage of an opponent's weaknesses to have them submit to her, no matter how underhanded they may be.

Ishtar has a high tolerance for alcohol and is able to drink almost anyone under the table.. She strangely likes the taste of most, if not all, alcohol and she never turns down a drinking challenge. Her favorite drinks are vodka, tequila, and saki. She usually keep a bottle of something stored on her person at all times.

Though she is a loner she still can love and trust people, and can be a good team player. She may not always do things if they don't agree with her thoughts, but she will try to protect those she cares about adamantly. She can be a compassionate and fun when finding something or someone that actually interests her.


  • Origami
  • Art
  • Science
  • piercings
  • The rain
  • Yahiko
  • Helping people


  • Selfish People
  • People who mistreat women
  • Greasy food
  • People who don't appreciate the importance of art
  • Obito

Edgey sad backstory:
Traveling, always traveling. That is how Ishtar remembers the first years of her life. Her mother was a pirate captain hailing from a a small island in the new world home to only woman. Her mother had been feared for her abilities on the island, having a keen talent for haki, including conquerors haki, as well as being the eater of a powerful mythic zoan fruit. Her mother fled the island, wanting adventure and to explore the various blues and seas. Ishtar never knew her father, only knowing that he had been a scientist from some island called weatheria that was in the sky. Her mother had lured him in for one night before stealing all of his money, dials, and gadgets. Her mother for some reason had never been a big fan of men, and saw them as lesser beings.

Ishtar's mother was forced to join a band of pirates she found on the island near her home and set out around the seas on a ship, looting those that passed by while also doing jobs for hire. Her mother joined so she could sustain herself and Ishtar, whom even though was unexpected by her mother, still was loved by her. Well, love is a strong word, Ishtar was her possession, and being a possession meant that Ishtar had worth.

Her mother was a skilled warrior with her aptitude for haki and her abilities with her rare devil fruit. Soon her mother became the leader of the pirate band. Seeing as her mother and her crew had the particularly rare abilities, as well as knowledge in the creation and use of dials they had jobs quite often and were living comfortably. Her jobs were nothing big, just mass robbery, looting of small island villages,the occasional assassination, and destruction of a few small marine bases, but soon that would all change. To Ishtar, the pirate crew and her mother weren't scary, they would often play games with her or read to her. Ishtar's mother would often show her all the islands they passed and tell her stories about them. Her mother taught her all kinds of things about the world such as the power of devil fruits and haki. Her mother also taught her the art of origami which Ishtar showed a great talent for. The last gift her mother ever gave her was an origami rose made of beautiful blue paper.
When Ishtar turned 10  the crew had grown quite famous and had been assigned the biggest mission of their life, to assassinate a world noble. The money they would receive for the mission would be enough for her mother and her crew to never have to work again. The world noble was believed to be visiting on a large island in the north blue called Flevance for a mermaid and fishmen slave trafficking deal. Ishtar and the rest of the crew were on their way to meet their employer when they were ambushed by a group of 100 bounty hunters that had apparently been assigned to capture her mother by the world noble In the end of the battle, only Ishtar, her mother, and a few bounty hunters were alive. One of the bounty hunters set off a huge explosion in an attempt to kill them all. Ishtar's mother had received severe injuries that made her incredibly weak, but with the last of her strength she threw Ishtar into the sea nearby to save her from the blast. Ishtar would drift in the sea barely conscious for hours until a small fishing boat found her off the coast of another small island.

Eventually Ishtar found herself on a small orphanage, all the fisherman had found near the island was Ishtar, her origami rose which was pinned to her hair, and her mother's bag. The town's doctor has patched her up and left alone to grieve and in that time Ishtar went through her mother's bag for any type of thing to hold on to. Inside her mother's bag she found some maps, some forms of gadgets from her father on weatheria, and a strange fruit. Not a whole lot for her to use to get off an island. In the dead of night Ishtar left her room to get some air and took the small fruit with her. The curiosity was too much for her so she finally took a bite from it. It was the most disgusting thing she had ever tasted, it was slightly salty and smelled horrid. She threw the remainder of the fruit into the ocean and returned to her bed. Little did she know of the changes that were about to happen. Ishtar would not realize she had become a devil fruit eater for many years, simply seeing her inability to swim as post-trauma from her mother's death.

For the next 6 years Ishtar spent her time in the orphanage on the island, which she learned was called Spider Miles. She refused to tell any of the children her past or where she came from and just told everyone she had amnesia from the experience. The orphanage was ran by an old marine scientist named Clair who had taken over the place when the marines were thinking of cutting funding to island. Clair was an important scientist to the marines and moved her lab to the island in order for funding to continue. Ishtar got along well with Clair and would often help her in the lab with research as an assistant. Clair would teach Ishtar all the beauties of science and the world around her, often taking her star gazing. Eventually Ishtar showed Clair the strange weather gadgets she found in her mother's bag and together they would begin a long journey of weather research.

All of the other kids were kind to Ishtar on the island, except one. The exception was a boy named Yahiko, he was a mean, rude, immature, nasty kid that would go around fighting everyone. Yahiko did not know his mother and his famous marine father had been killed in battle with a Yonko. With no other family he was forced into the orphanage, the only thing he got to bring was his father's sword. Yahiko was not too happy to be in the orphanage and took his anger out on the other kids, especially Ishtar.

Ishtar, having grown up around pirates her entire life, was never afraid of Yahiko like the other kids and often stood up to him for people. Many times Clair would have to separate the two and often mocked them for being so alike. Eventually the two began to learn more about each other and became closer as well as rivals. Yahiko often talked about joining the marines just like his father, so Ishtar made it her goal to become a more famous marine than Yahiko. Still not knowing about her own devil fruit abilities, Ishtar needed a way to compete with Yahiko's swordsmanship skills so she and Clair worked to create the climatact through their weather research. Day in and day out the two trained and Ishtar grew to respect Yahiko through their training. He told her the reason he wanted to join the Marines was to protect families so kids didn't end up orphans like they had.Being the same age, both applied to the marines when they were 16 and were accepted.

Leaving Spider Miles was tough for Yahiko and Ishtar but they both wanted to make the world a better place. Yahiko and Ishtar had become very close and were put on the same marine squad for training together. Through their adventure the two began to grow feelings for one another and began a relationship. Yahiko's family name and incredibly swordsmanship talent made him very popular within the marines and he rose through the ranks quickly, he was famed for his practicing of a sword style that could cut fire. Ishtar's talents were more for science than combat as many were interested and impressed by her strange climatact and her tutelage under the famous Clair.

As the years went by Yahiko and Ishtar grew closer together and soon they were engaged and then married. Ishtar had become a head scientist within her division and Yahiko had risen to the ranks of rear admiral. It was hard at times as Ishtar was often separated from Yahiko as he went on adventures  and she stayed behind in the lab, a part of her wanted to go on adventures as well.

Eventually Ishtar got her wish as she was assigned to a research mission on Boin Archipelago to recover some research files intel said were stolen by small band of revolutionaries. Ishtar was able to travel with Yahiko across the Paradise seas and it was a romantic and beautiful time. Ishtar was so happy, sadly that happiness would end.  

Upon stepping foot on Boin the group was attacked by a large army of revolutionaries, it was a trap. Ishtar radioed for help as the other fought, Yahiko leading the charge. Marine backup was stalled by terrible weather which left the small ship stranded for a day. Yahiko and the other marines fought for hours while Ishtar, the only researcher, stayed on the ship. Eventually it was too much for Ishtar and she entered the battle as well. The small group of marines were fighting back against the larger revolutionary army thanks to Yahiko's leadership and the numbers on both sides were evening out. Ishtar had hope they would survive, but that hope died the minute she watched her husband get beheaded by a revolutionary who had eaten the string string fruit named Obito. In that moment Ishtar felt true despair and unlocked her own devil fruit powers. For the second time in Ishtar's life she blacked out.

When Ishtar came back to consciousness she was covered in blood. The entire coast of the island were the battle took places was smolder in flames and the land was scorched black. Ishtar's climatact was completely broken and there were no survivors besides herself and a few of the high level revolutionary, including the one who had taken her husband. When back up finally arrived they found a pile of mutilated corpses and Ishtar on top cradling the decapitated head of Yahiko and sobbing. Her name as the Archangel of the Sea spread from that moment as it looked like God himself had delivered punishment onto the island.  

Ishtar took a few years off to recover on Spider Miles with Clair but eventually returned, only this time she wanted to travel as someone on the front lines and not just a researcher. Due to her well known intellect and having made a brand new climatact with her more advanced knowledge on weather technology, as well as obtaining her own devil fruit abilities, Ishtar started out as rear admiral. In one campaign of the sea Ishtar destroyed any pirate, revolutionary in her way and completed every mission without failure. Her name as the Archangel of the Sea spread throughout the world as she was seen as the messenger of punishment in the navy. Ishtar did not stop until she tracked down the man who had killed her husband. Finding the man on a revolutionary war in Alabasta. Ishtar in her rage not only killed the man, who was a revolutionary captain, but also single handedly defeated the revolutionary army on the island. For her actions Ishtar was rewarded the title of admiral.

Despite her success Ishtar was not happy as something inside her was broken forever. Now she wanders the seas on her ship looking for something to fix her brokenness.
   Face Claim: Naruto|Konan
   RP Sample:
Not sure what you want so here's an old haki training topic. I'm gud tho <3:
Otohime was not excited to be stopping at such a disgusting smelling place as Dawn Island. The island was a dump, literally, Otohime could see the junkyard from the ship. She didn't understand how her mother could have accepted a job from a group living in a junkyard but she hoped it wouldn't take her long. How hard could stealing from a small kingdom be anyways? She gave a small huff and looked up at the starry night sky. She was a 16 year old girl, and she was completely board.

"Raven I'm board!" She whined to her caretaker.

"Then go to bed." Raven replied curtly fluffing his majestic black wings once. Raven was one of the few members of her mother's crew that was from an island said to be in the sky. He was a somewhat short man with pale skin and dark spikey hair that helped to fram his permanently scowling place. Unlike others of his race Raven's wings were a deep black color. Otohime had always admired their beauty and Raven had always given her some of his fallen feathers when she was little to play with. When she was young she thought she would grow wings just like the crew members and she had always hoped they be just like Raven's;  however Otohime had grown up and times had sadly changed. Now all Raven did was yell at and scold her.

"Aw come on I'm not even tired! Can we please do something?? I'll die on this boat of boredom if we don't!" Her whining continued.

"Quit your whining! I'm board too ya know? I'm the one stuck here watching you!" He snared back. Otohime stuck her tongue out at the winged man. Raven was also the person who got put in charge of Otohime when her sitters "left" unexpectedly. He was her mother's first mate. Who she trusted more than anyone, as much as her mother could trust someone that is.

"Can we at least like train or something, I can't just sit here anymore!" Otohime exclaimed throwing her arms up.

"Uhg! Fine just quit your whining! We'll train, but no whining when you get frustrated or board. Got it?" He spoke in irritated defeat.

"VICTORY! And fine let's go explore the island for a nice place!" Otohime spoke in victorious glee. She was excited to finally get off the ship, even if it was onto a dumpster island that smelled like rotting shit.  "Okay where should we..." Otohime would be cut off as Raven flew into the sky.

"I'll meet a little bit to the left of the mountain of trash. If you don't get there by sun up I'm coming back to the ship and your mother will have to come get you and she won't be happy" He yelled down as her flew off. Otohime grumbled to herself. He always flew off without her and made her walk.

Otohime began the long walk to trash pile pouting the whole way there. After 30 minutes it felt like she had been walking for hours and she took a small break next to a fallen tree. Otohime laid back against the fallen tree closing her eyes and thinking about how stupid Crow always made her too stuff the hard way. It would have been way faster to just carry Otohime with him and he knew it. As she did this she traced the stitches on her arms, her mother had given her some painful knife slashes when she had gotten lost on an island last time, and she really did not want more. Otohime knew she had to get up and keep moving, but she was so lazy. Otohime was lazy but maybe she could overcome that laziness just for now to.... nahhhh she couldn't do that. That was like asking a fish to live without water. Her laziness was apart of her and she would embrace it like a mother her child. Otohime slumped further on the tree and had no intent to move until a huge black bear jumped out of the bushes near by randomly giving no indication that it was coming or anything. Otohime pulled herself up because she was not simply going to just lay there as the bear might try to kill her. Otohime got into a Ryusoken claw battle stance that she had practiced so much with her mother and Crow and prepared herself to fight the ferocious and intimidating bear. Alice watched as the bear charged at her and would slash down at her head with its large left claw. Should the bear have succeeded Otohime would most likely be dead and it would essentially be raining pieces of her all over the place. Instead of allowing it to rain beautiful pieces of her body she covered her hands in  Busoshoku haki,a birthright of the Kuja, and parred the slash with one of her own. The bear did not expect to have its immense strength parried and fell backwards a few feet, its left claw now wounded and letting out a steady stream of crimson. Otohime licked a few stray drops from her hand.

Otohime was far from out of the woods yet, as the might bear quickly got back on its feet and let out an immense growl before charging at Otohime with it's full strength. Otohime was cocky and tried to counter the bear's charge with her dragon claw attack aimed at it's skull. Otohime's haki was already starting to weaken from continual use making her talons weaker than before. She manged to injure the bear's skull and claw out its right eye but was thrown back into a tree in the process.Otohime coughed up blood from the impact, her abdomen was now heavily bruised. She could barely breath. The bear let out moans of agony that seemed to echo through the island. Blood splatted from its eye, sprinkling the ground around it. It was a truly a breath taking sight to Otohime, and not just because she could barely breath. The bear was furious now and set its one good eye on Otohime. Otohime could barely move, let alone stay conscious from the pain in her chest. She coughed up more blood as the bear once again charged at her, only this time it was more of a stumble from the head trauma it had received. Otohime did not know what to do, she might actually be killed by a fucking bear. She could barely breath, she couldn't move, and her haki was weakening every second, she was out of options. As the bear raised it's claw to slice her Otohime closed her eyes in actual fear. In that moment something inside of her was sent out in a 10 meter burst. It felt like haki, but not any type she had heard about before. This wave of haki stopped the bear in its tracks just inches from Otohime's face. A look of intense fear came over its face and in seconds it collapsed right in front of her.

   Bonus: 5,000,000 Beli
   Location: Tres Iron Lotus

   Fate Point Allocation:
1- race change

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