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1A Walk Around Town Empty A Walk Around Town on Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:18 pm




It was another one of those nights, sleepless for Jasper as he wandered the streets of Water 7. Usually he'd curl up in an alley somewhere or along the beach on a soft sand dune, but it seemed tonight was different. Sleep simply wouldn't come tonight, no matter what he tried, so for now he walked. He past cafes and bars lining the streets, where happy customers mingled and drank. Even being on this island for as long as he had, Jasper had yet to make any real friends or interact with the locals. In fact, the only real acquaintances he had made were guests to the island. Junbei and his band of merry men had been beyond welcoming to Jasper, giving him food and drink. Even the other man, Dante, had been more than friendly in his own way. He was a different sort of man than Junbei, quieter and more stoic. He didn't spread kindness openly like Junbei, a warmth radiating from the Songbird, but instead Dante had his own way of showing kindness and making friends. Jasper continued to marvel at the vast differences humans could have and still be a part of the same species. When he was traveling with Mako and his crew, the fishmen were all relatively similar. They had a code of honor they stuck by and social rules that each one valued. Humans, it seemed, were a mixed bag. They each held different values and wanted different goals. They were truly unpredictable.

This train of thought seemed all but too appropriate as Jasper rounded the corner down a poorly lit street of Water 7. At this point he had left the main street area behind, with the bustling bars and cafes and people wandering down the street. Here he was alone with every few lamp post out or broken. It was the perfect place to rob someone and perhaps that was why Jasper heard the scream of a woman several feet in front of him. Squinting to try to make out what lay ahead of him, Jasper saw shadows moving against the far wall of an alley up ahead. He didn't run, he was no hero, but curiosity called to him as he nonchalantly strolled up to the opening of the alley and peered in. Inside, the moon's light illuminated four figures, one far more slender and feminine than the other three crowding around her. Three men, armed with knives and one with a crowbar, crowded around a petite woman. As Jasper watched, the woman threw her purse at the nearest thug.

Thanks for the cash lady, but we had something else in mind. The thug with the purse chuckled. The woman screamed but that only made the three men laugh even louder, clearly getting some sort of sick enjoyment out of this. The woman looked around frantically, her eyes easily falling on the 11 foot man standing at the mouth of the alley, P-please, help me. The girl begged, her knees shaking and her make-up streaked with tears. Jasper scratched his head, unsure of what to do in this situation or what even was going on. Um, hello. Jasper offered weakly, unsure of how to proceed. At first the three men froze, clearly intimidated by Jasper's size. Finally, the lead thug spoke, Jeez, you're a big boy aren't ya? Probably best if you just move along though. Don't worry, we'll see this pretty little thing gets home.

A long minute of silence passed as Jasper said nothing in return, Look buddy, we're not into watchers for this sort of thing, alright? So move along or we'll move you along, got it? Jasper continued staring at the men, hands in his pockets without a care in the world. Fine, you want to play it like that, huh? Lenny, show him we mean business, yeah? The thug said to his nearest thug friend with the crowbar. The crowbar man smiled before approaching Jasper. Without warning he swung the crowbar at Jasper's knees, attempting to break them and cause an imaginable amount of pain. Unfortunately for the thug, they had no idea Jasper was a magma human and as the crowbar passed through his knees, the magma chewed away at the iron, leaving the thug with a half melted crowbar on the upswing. W-what the hell are you? He said, clearly shaken by these strange powers.

I am Jasper. Jasper said before pushing the man down by open handedly pushing his chest. However, Jasper's hand was now burning hot magma as he gently shoved the man to the ground. The thug began screaming as burning lava dripped through his skin, bones and into his chest cavity. His friends, clearly scared now took a step back away from the girl and more importantly away from Jasper. The girl, for her part, screamed as she watched the thug's chest melt away. Finally, the lead thug found his voice and yelled, Oi, boys, we got a fighter. Let's get 'em! For a moment there was nothing but silence in the night until finally other thugs began appearing on the rooftops and behind Jasper at the very mouth of the alley. The thugs on the roof descended down through fire escapes and impressive parkour skills until the alley was filled with thugs and Jasper was standing in the center near the girl.

Hmmm. Jasper hummed in thought as he looked at the thugs to his right and the thugs to his left. Okay. Jasper said to himself, nodding before closing his eyes. Okay? The lead thug asked, incredulous to what in the hell this big man was doing or even thinking. Jasper opened his right eye to look at the man, Yes, okay. before closing his right eye again. Whatever, screw this guy. Let's kill him boys. The lead thug said as Jasper heard some whoops and hollers in response and then foot movement as they charged at him. Suddenly, Jasper brought his hands together in front of him, clapping as he concentrated on expelling his body outwards. There was the sound of an explosion as the magma and extreme heat enveloped the entirety of the alleyway. The people caught in this explosion wouldn't even have time to scream as they were instantly incinerated. When Jasper opened his eyes he found piles of soot where the thugs had once stood. Around him the walls of the building composing the alleyway were blown apart, the edges burned and melting. Looking to where the young woman had once been standing, Jasper frowned, Hmmm she must have gone home. That's good. Jasper nodded before wiping his hands of it and turning out of the remnants of the alley. In the distance he could hear sirens, probably Marines and maybe even fire-rescue. It was probably best to head out of the area, he didn't feel like answering questions and if the girl had gone home then it'd be hard to explain what had happened without her there to tell the story. Besides, Marines made Jasper uneasy and bad things tended to happen when Jasper felt uneasy. So instead, the big man turned back towards the beach, hands in his pocket and a whistle on his lips. He was feeling a bit tired after all his hard work as a hero, maybe it was time to lie down.

Words: 1229
Needed: 1220

Skills Used:

Skill Name: Extinction Event: Vesuvius
Tier: 3
Type Normal
Range: 20m AOE
Speed: 4 (due to explosive ignition to spread it)
Description: The user begins rapidly building up and heating the magma that composes his body before clapping his hands together and violently exploding in a 40m radius. The heat from the explosion vaporizing everything on the heat chart T3 and below. Lava is spewed in all directions, covering anyone/thing in the area. This leaves the user looking noticeably skinnier, almost skeleton-like for a post as the magma rebuilds in his body and flushes him out to his normal appearance.

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