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1 The Kingdom of Flevance on Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:36 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Type: Organization
Name: The Kingdom of Flevance
Captain: Adèlicia Joséphine Zuleika
First Mate: Karou Redtyde
Crew Tier: 2
Allegiance: N/A
Alliances: None.
Crew Occupation: Adventurers - These crews are always looking for new adventures and finding new lands. They get a 500 word and 30min reduction on travel costs/times. In addition, once a month each member is given 5 Story Points.
Description: The Kingdom of Flevance is an organization made by the Queen herself, in her court she has her seven white knights of sin, and her adoptive daughter. Their main goal is to return Flevance back to its glory and retain more land to enlarge the Kingdom, they will stop at nothing to ensure this.

The White Knights of Sin work as a partnership of kinds, each man represents one of the seven deadly sin, bestowed upon them by their Queen when they claimed fealty and bent the knee. Each Knight came from a faction, either wanting to get away or needing a better place. It didn't matter to her, so long as they swore their alliance with her, and promised to serve and protect in whatever way she saw fit.

The Knights go as followed;;

White Knight of Pride ;; Leader of the Knights Karou Redtyde
White Knight of Greed ;; Second in Command Solas Suoh Adon
White Knight of Lust ;; Third in Command Aita Phersu
White Knight of Gluttony ;; Serr Hathcock
White Knight of Envy ;; Masako Ushigawa
White Knight of Sloth ;; ////
White Knight of Wrath ;; /////

These Knights are the Queen's Guard, rose to standers above and beyond. Each one of these men has sworn to protect the Queen with their lives. Along with following her rule, and word until the day they die.

The secondary goal of the Kingdom of Flevance is to see the World Government burn for abandoning the Island and its people when the outbreak happened. For having let the King die well before he was supposed to, for his madness, and the ill regard of lives. Along with this, she wants to see the Revolutionaries go down along with the World Government for nearly the same reason, for claiming to want the Gov. gone, but not helping a small nation out when they were in need.

Bounty: 0
Crew Ships: N/A
Crew NPCs: N/A
Link to Founding: Here

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2 Re: The Kingdom of Flevance on Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:13 am


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

Looks good 1/2

Finish your founding topic and it'll be fully approved.

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