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1 Seppo Ilmarinen on Thu Mar 09, 2017 11:27 am

Name: Seppo Ilmarinen
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Navigator, Marksman
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: N/A

General Appearance: Seppo is a muscular mass of a human being with broad shoulders framing his body he seems to be the embodiment of a Clydesdale. He has sandy brown hair about shoulder length when down but usually pulled up into a ponytail, and a beard of the same color that covers his face. A pair of steely blue eyes is set equidistant in his face turned to a scowl at almost every waking moment. A slight grimace sets his mouth showing him slightly irked or rebuffing anything that he comes across. His overall color is something akin to burnished copper, not from birth, but from being set against the elements is almost an excuse for his skin being the texture of vellum.

He's seen wearing a pair of boots that, not unlike his overarching thematic presence, are worn and darkened with use. A pair of tanned work pants, and a white unlaced corsair shirt. He wears an apron over all of this to pull the ensemble into an amalgam of comfort and industrious accessibility. The apron has a world of pockets and crevices that hold tools of the trade and a plethora of other objects be it tokens of good luck or teeth from a fallen foe. He already has one tattoo placed on his left breast above his heart, the Vegvisir as a sort of ward.

Height: 6'4
Weight: 175
Crew Tattoo Placement: Placed on his right breast mirroring his other tattoo


Diligence - First and foremost Industria, the antithesis of Acedia. To be industrious and diligent in the actions of the world is the aim of any man worth his salt. Seppo will always work towards the goal no matter the circumstance.

No nonsense - When placed in situations that require even a modicum of seriousness, the problem gets his full measure of attention. However; when someone fails to perform adequately in this duty within Seppo's knowing, They're in for one hell of a browbeating.

Violent -  Seppo is not one who veers towards the path of conscientious objection. Seppo sees wars as a social litmus test. A way to gauge the readiness of old and young men alike. Fighting is a constant. So why should Seppo be one to go against the grain?

Quick tempered - A touch brash would be a good descriptor for Seppo when things don't go his way he'll let his anger take hold of his better judgment. Letting himself loose his usually demure self.

Loyal - When Seppo finds a captain he can stand, that's it. He'll follow any order and do whatever it takes to stay in his captain's good graces. He'll follow them until either the captain or his self pass from this mortal coil.

Reputation - Whether or not his reputation will ever precede him, Seppo believes that his reputation is the only thing that lives on after he dies. A good man is known not by his words but by his actions and that is what Seppo strives to embody.

Superstitious - As well as having his tattoo, Seppo has other nervous ticks that help him get by when the world conspires against him. His favorite method of escapism is pressing on the compass inlaid upon his breast believing it can clear weather. Counting teeth like rosary beads is another one of his depraved ideas.


Music- A sea shanty never hurt anyone. Also, it lets you set the meter for work. All in all, it's a boon on the high seas and something that no one should ever be without.

Spicy food - Spice is the veritable lifeblood of Seppo. If he's eating anything else it just feels bland. The hotter the pepper being used in the food, the more compliments that stream forth from his mouth.

Alcohol - What kind of sailor doesn't like a refreshing and intoxicating imbibement after a long and hard days work. Alcohol is a treat for Seppo, He's keen on mixing his alcohol with anything he can get his hands on in pursuit of the greatest drink.


Lawbreakers - When someone can't abide the law of the land there's a breakdown of social issues. The person in question shows that they have no respect for society and at that moment

Bureaucrats - The world has no place for pencil pushers. Seppo feels that the safety of the functioning world should never fall into the hands of the bean counters. They have no idea how the world works, it's all figures to them.

Birds - They're practically rats with wings. Seppo has no love for birds, they fly around and shit all over the place. They're nuisances at best, and filthy disease spreading trash creatures at worst.


Seppo was born on Drum Island. He was brought up revering the land and learning the arts of orienteering and cogent cartography by his father. His mother, however, was a deadeye. He lived in this veritable paradise for fourteen years learning the ways of the wild and honing his skills as a marksman when he felt that the island had nothing for him any longer. He knew that there was only one place that made him feel alive. The whale roads that was where he was truly free from the plights of terrestrial origin. He packed up his bags and bid his parents a good life and he left to seek his fame and fortune elsewhere in the world. He traveled to a nearby port city and spent a few months looking for anyone who would take on a green navigator.  He finally got picked up by some no name captain who had managed to get here by sheer luck. Seppo swore he could bring the man anywhere he wanted so the captain with no other alternative took the teenager as his navigator. It wasn't easy switching from land-based objects to get your bearing from the canopy of the heavens that are always moving. It was the dead of night when a Deluge took down the boat, Seppo felt the fury of the gods first hand. He was awash in the sea for a few days of roiling ocean a tempest of brackish water spraying him for days until he was pulled aboard the ship of a Marine officer patrolling the water looking for survivors of the hellacious act of nature that capsized the no name captain's ship. After this event, Seppo pledged his life to the marines. he spent the next few years learning everything he could about navigating. It was also after this even that he began to stray into the darker side of navigation getting wards tattooed to his body for a safer trip and he began to hoard the teeth of the fallen. Life was alright for a while he learned about honor and duty and about the world offshore. He would offer to anyone leaving to allow him to go along and learn anything he could from the navigators the marines had aboard the ships. He also spent a fair amount of time on the range practicing and enhancing his skills in marksmanship. One day he received a package from the Drum Kingdom. His parents had died years previously and the courier had gone through great troubles to find the son of the deceased couple. Seppo opened the package and rifled through its contents. There were a plethora of letters from both parents and a few keepsakes from them as well. From his father, he received his old maps he had haphazardly made up about Drum island and a few other pieces of mapmaking worth as well as a leather satchel that bound the pages of the maps together in one volume. From his mother, he received a powder horn and a cleaning kit that she had had since she was a girl. These as well went into the leather satchel and were the last remnants of his life with his family. A tearful reminder of a better and easier time. Sometimes he still looks back at these things with fondness and remembers the lessons he was taught and thinks that they knew that some day he would have become a marine. At least he hoped they did.

Face Claim: Kalevala, Seppo Ilmarinen
RP Sample:

It was nearly dawn and they had been following the ship for a hundred knots or so. It was like any animal hunting something weaker than itself. Seppo stared up into the swirl of gray and orange mass that would soon give way to morning light. He began to climb. Seppo has a penchant for sitting up in the crow's nest, not for any reason pertaining to navigation there was already someone on the boat who would call out to him if there were something on the horizon. He shuffled things around in his apron carefully pulling out a scrimshaw pipe. He ran his thumbs along the engraved works of men with either great talents and major perseverance or far greater time to spend than his own. He loaded his pipe up with tobacco and set to filling his rifle with powder, took a ball out of one of his pockets and rammed home the projectile with the rod. He took a long pull off the pipe and moved over the nest to position himself so he could sight the ship flying a jolly roger. He sighted a man as the ships were drawing alongside one another. He Slowly fingered the trigger as he let a stream of smoke escape his lips. A crack. The man fell from the boat with a scream. He had taken one of his knees. "It's a shame I could have taken those teeth." He said to himself while he cleaned his pipe out and began to push in another measure of powder. The scene below him began to look like a red bath for most of the marines and pirates alike. He sighted another and his shoulder was gone right as he began to swing. Seppo chuckled as the man howled and cradled his now useless arm while the marine turned back around and slaughtered the man. The battle was tumultuous but at the end the marines were victorious. Seppo began his dark work and slowly meandered through the red viscera that covered the deck checking the newly dead for their teeth. The marines lent him a wide berth. No one liked what he did but no one said anything about it. Well, not to Seppo of course. That day he took three new teeth and the life of over twenty men. He sat back against the railing and began to light his pipe again marveling the treasures he had laid before himself. He took a draw and blew out the smoke. "This is the life."

Bonus: Log Pose
Location: Marineford

Fate Point Allocation:
1 - Hard Worker
1 - Hawk's Eye
1 - Diligent Spirit
1 - Cursed Hands
2 - Devil's Meddle

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