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1 Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:39 pm

Island Description: Kurosenzai is a remote island in the New World of rather impressive size. The island is a spring island, with flourishing cherry blossom trees spread throughout the thick jungle that consumes the majority of it. The northern end of the island opens up to a large, crescent shaped bay with towering cliffs on either side and a single wooden dock at the center. This is the only real place to arrive on the island and dock as the rest of the island is made up of similarly towering cliffs with no real way to enter or exit without the ability to fly.

Once on the island, visitors will find the jungle dense and terrain uneven. Massive creatures roam freely on the island with few inhabitants save for those looking to escape the watchful eye of the government. Over the years Kurosenzai has become a paradise for those pirates and criminals seeking a hideaway for some time while whatever it is they did blows over. The thick jungle makes navigating the island nearly impossible for anyone who hasn't been there before or possibly acquired a map through a friend/black market seller. As a result, Marines rarely venture into the jungle for fear of becoming lost like so many before them.

What's most interesting about the island, aside from the maze like jungle and terrifying beasts that reside there, is the way gravity effects the island. For the most part the gravity of the island is normal, with people and creatures traveling just the same as they would anywhere else. Structures and plants stay where they are and even small objects like bullets travel the same way they would. However, when it comes to water and other various liquids, travelers will notice a peculiar aspect that can be quite jarring if not warned about beforehand. When it rains on Kurosenzai, the clouds form overhead but instead of water pouring down, droplets spring up from the ground and flow upwards towards the clouds. Similarly, rivers and waterfalls found on the island flow backwards, with water traveling up the falls rather than cascading down. No one has been able to figure out what exactly the reason is for this, but all the rivers and waterways flow back towards the large lake at the Southern end of the island.

The few residents that do occupy the island year round are generally hermits who keep to themselves. They live in large, asian-style houses, ornately decorated and built completely from the materials found on the islands. For the most part the animals and residents leave each other alone and live beside one another peacefully. The animals can be territorial when travelers visit, but aside from that are rarely provoked unless attacked or threatened.

Species: T3-T5 Giant Gorillas, Jaguars, Snakes, and Birds
Influence: Pirates
Status: Claimed (Put an NPC here maybe?)
Log Pose Point Requirement: 22

Population: 1

Housing: 2

Army: 1

Weaponry: 4

Technology: 1

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