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1 Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:39 pm

Island Description: Irithyll is a small Winter island that has been heavily developed, with little to no wild lands or natural spots left on the island. The island and town that has been built upon it have become one and the same to such a degree that they now share the same name. The town itself is composed of a sprawling layout of Gothic Victorian style architecture. Tall peaked rooves, stone gargoyles, and arcing buttresses line the cobble stone streets. Oddly, through an unknown phenomena, a strange miasma has covered the island, casting it into an eternal twilight. The citizens of Irithyll attribute this phenomena to their god, Argesh, a deity supposedly enraged by the citizens' sins, who has cursed the island to remain in the eternal twilight.

The ruling government of Irithyll is that of a theocracy, with a Pontiff as the leading speaker to god. Through this Pontiff, Argesh's wishes are made clear to the public and his desires carried out. Many of Argesh's supposed desires involve brutal crimes and torture, often public. The citizens carry out Argesh's word without question, but many times these orders lead the citizens to sin, forcing them to go back to the Pontiff and repent to Argesh, begging for forgiveness. This creates a vicious cycle in which the Pontiff gives the sinner new orders handed down from Argesh himself. As a result of this undying loyalty to a faceless god, the citizens of Irithyll have become mindless followers, willing to commit any crime no matter how atrocious so long as they believe it will please their god.

Oddly the citizens are anything but recluse, instead welcoming visitors and travelers with open arms in hopes of showing them the light that is their holy god. While usually pleasant towards strangers to Irithyll, there have been reports of certain townspeople suddenly turning on the visitors. Some have reported their friends going missing or being dragged down darkened alleys and left beaten to die. The townspeople attribute this to Argesh, angered by certain visitors and the sins they cary, while outsiders simply see it as the Pontiff ordering people of the island to carry out his dark bidding.

In recent decades the World Government has taken an interest in Irithyll, for while it's a small island it sits on an impressive deposit of rare ores, the most notable being that of Seastone. As a result the Pontiff often meets with World Government officials and Marines to discuss transactions, generally in the form of large sums of money as well as the sworn protection of the full force of the Marines so long as Irithyll continues to supply the loads of Seastone and ore. By order of the Pontiff the Marines guarding Irithyll are left alone and for their part the Marines turn a blind eye to the actions of the Pontiff and his devout followers.

Species: None
Influence: Marines
Status: Stabilized
Log Pose Point Requirement: 18

Population: 5

Housing: 4

Army: 3

Weaponry: 3

Technology: 1

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