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1 Island Description on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:34 pm

Island Description: Mobius is a Sky whale and the last of its kind. Before the void century there's records saying they used to act as island transports. Some used them for tools of war, invading other skypean tribes with the help of the sky whale. Others used them for more docile purposes, such as commercial and civilian transport. The sky whale was the skypean boat, home, and warship all in one. Though most of Mobius' predators have gone extinct since then, it still winces and causes earthquakes at the sight of birds.

The mobius in recent years has been experimented on by the Revolutionaries who on an expedition into skypeia, happened to come across it. Their scientists have been working on making different modifications to make the whale more efficient and docile, such metal snout added onto it. At the head of the whale scientists are working on replicating its communication through echo location. But sadly due to the lack of other whales, they haven't been able to efficiently develop language for the thing. In recent years there has been moves such as building actual dig sites withint the whale's noggin to alter its brain.

Beyond that the mobius is equipped with massive artillery for repelling what wild life seem to attack the whale. It's also a self contained military town within. They collect rain within metal silos and use airships to bring in supplies at bays nearing the edge of its fins.

The whale though, still has its own river of clouds running through it. It's just been disappating in recent years. It's ruins have been mostly renovated to meet the needs of the revolutionaries,but much has been left alone. In particular there is a rumor about there being a giant burial tomb within said ruins that would possibly lead to a poneglyph. The thing about that is its mostly an assumption as most would assume that's impossible since the revs beleive they're the first to have found it. But there's evidence not just of indigenous skypean involvement. No there's also involvement from various pirate that also includes former pirate kings.

Beyond this the whale does seem have method to its madness. It has a natural sense of direction and tends to start its year at hovering 10,000 feet about twin cape lighthouse and slowly makes its way toward tundra before turning around. The scientists studying Mobius believe it may be an instinctive fearor perhaps lasting memory about the dragons that keeps it from venturing past the red line and into the new world. But if one is lucky, it will by the mid point of the year pass over what once jaya and fly over the knock up wave for a split moment, before heading on out on its route.

Species: Giant avians T1-4 during the day, Giant vampire bats T4-T5 at night Skypean fish T1-4 Skypean sharks T3-5
Influence: Revolutionaries
Status: Stabilized
Log Pose Point Requirement: 30

Population: 2

Housing: 2

Army: 2

Weaponry: 4

Technology: 2

This island is only accessible by air ship after paying 15 story points or using Revolutionary escort for generals or higher.

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