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1 A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:17 pm

Task Name: A Fallen Star! The History of Skypiea
Tier: 1
Location: Skypiea
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Bazel and Sadie take Faust back to the village after the defeat of Hugo. There they learn of everything that has happened. They learn that Cesar isn't in the village upon their return and that he took the device which funneled power through the village. Kash on the other end is held captive by Dread and Cesar in the "Tomb of Icarus"
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: No

As the trio made their way to the outskirts of the village they had exchanged all the information that the collective parties had on the situation. Once the village gates were opened Bazel and the group noticed everyone was surrounded at the front of the village. "What's wrong?" said Sadie to her people to which one of the elders would come forward and speak. "Cesar, he took the generator for some reason.." said the elder to which Bazel who was still limping had pushed off of Faust walking up towards Sadie's location. He'd look around at the villagers "What generator?" said Bazel as he clutched his ribs with his right arm. "The village was powered by a generator that was built long ago as a means of preserving this village for generations to come." said the elder. Bazel then looked around and noticed the still lit up village. "If you don't mind me asking, how is the village still operating?" said Bazel who would cringe as his pain intensified. "The generator often had a reserve input within the village systems which left us with a few days before we run out of power, however.. those days were slashed in half for the improper removal of the generator." said the elder.

Bazel sighed as he looked back at Faust who simply nodded his head. "We'll get your generator back" said a smiling Bazel who would then proceed to the tent he once resided in. Once there Bazel would lie down and immediately pass out. Coming into the tent shortly after Bazel was Sadie and Faust. "Ya know Baz, I don't think you should be saving anybody right no-" Faust was cut off by the snoring Bazel who was catching all the sleep he could. "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS BAZ, RIGHT NOW YOU CHOOSE TO SLEEP?" said the yelling navigator. Sadie would begin to lightly chuckle as Faust would start to shake the drooling Baz waking him from his sleep. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat, Nick" said a tired Bazel who was resisting the urge of waking up. "Why are you sleeping right now Baz! We have to go get Kash and the others!" yelled Faust towards the drowsy Bazel. Bazel would push Faust off of him before he jumped back in the bed lightly. "Because Nick, if I don't get any sleep and I go out there with these bum ribs.. We can call us and this village as good as dead." said Baz who would hold a hand in the air, "What's the worse=t that can happen? They come here looking for us? I'll be healed by then" With that the trio would all take spots within the room and begin to sleep.

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2 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:14 pm

Littered in blood the crew of Bazel's had been through the ringer lately and their latest stop wasn't any break from that. Tied up and just dripping blood was Kash who had been wounded pretty deeply during her battle against Dread and his men, it was a proven fact that she was a warrior but the damage she had suffered would have killed normal men. She wasn't conscious at the moment but those around her were amazed how she could survive everything that had been done to her. There were several doctors preparing to operate on the woman as a means of saving her from the gnarly gashes she has suffered at the hands of Dread. "Sir if we begin the process now Jolly's sister will be fine by morning time. The longer we take to begin the lower her chances of survival are" said one of the men who was reporting to Cesar. The village elder had stood here in front of Kash's body wondering what the sister of someone as fearsome as Jolly had been doing up here in Skypiea, especially with Bazel's bunch of warriors. "Very well, proceed with your actions." said Cesar who would let the men do what they do as he began to walk away with his cane.

He'd make his way towards where his comrade Dread was standing. "So the generator." said Cesar who wouldn't look at Dread but look forward towards the dunes of Icarus where the vibrant night light beamed down on the oasis. "Yes, I an glad you saw my vision Cesar. With this I can overthrow the entire Skypiea and have singular rule over the regulations." said Dread who looked mad with power now that he had a device that could do for him what nothing else could. "As for my village and its people?" said Cesar who would slightly tilt his head towards that of Dread. "The agreement is still on, your village will become the capital of Skypiea boosting its income dramatically." said Dread with a smile on his face. The unsettling nature of these two individuals would lead back to them eventually, as for now? They overlooked the oasis as Kash had began to awake while the operation was taking place. She would release small sounds while the pain ensued and the expression on her face slowly shot from pain to that of revenge.

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3 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:43 pm

"So let me get this straight. This Cesar guy is one of Skypieas legendary swordsman?" said Faust towards Sadie who was telling Faust of the legend who was Cesar. "Yes, he wields a great deal of power within his skills. I've never seen someone as vicious as his to be quite honest" said Sadie as she began to think back to what she knew of her leader. "Not even Baz is on his level?" it was then Sadie took the question from Faust and began to think. She had this image of Bazel fighting Cesar in her head and she just saw Bazel's wing get cut off. "Ehh, Let's just say I don't know how that would go" said Sadie with a slight chuckle. Bazel who was lying in the bed heard the entire conversation but chose to refrain from participating for the time being until the end of the conversation when he actually spoke "It won't end pretty when I catch Cesar." said Baz who now chose to climb out of the bed. Sadie would turn her head at the sight of a shirtless Bazel. Faust jumped back not knowing Bazel had waken up "How long have you been listening creep!" said an annoyed Faust.

"Since the sprinkles story" said a smirking Bazel to Faust. Faust grew red in embarrassment while Bazel began to chuckle. Meanwhile Sadie was still red at the sight of Bazel. He would begin to put his clothing on while talking. "Oi, It's time to put an end to this entire Dread and Cesar thing. I'm thinking we take the attack to them, end things quick and get back our people." said Bazel towards Sadie and Faust as he put his jacket on. "Anything to get our crew back as a whole." said Faust who was thinking about Kash and the lasting images he had seen of her battling before he escaped. "Nick, I'm putting you on recovery. You will be in charge of recovering the ship from it's location. Considering you saw it last you have the best idea of where it is being held. As for Sadie, she'll be going with me towards the compound Dread calls home. There she will be in charge of freeing Kash and the rest of the crew. That will give us enough fire power to save the crew and get off this damned island." said Baz towards his team "Got it" they would both say as Baz would walk out the room.

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4 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:14 am

Task Name: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread
Tier: 4
Location: Skypiea
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Now that everything has come to light Bazel and co set out to save Kash and take down Dread once and for all. Faust and Sadie are tasked with securing the Desert Star and the crew members who were tasked with guarding it.
Enemy Details: Dread, Cesar, 100 Tier 1 Soldiers
Boss: Yes

Bazel and Sadie had been on course for their destination for hours now. So had Faust who went in a slightly different direction to retrieve the ship. They should be approaching the compound of Dread any moment now and Faust should be approaching the ships location if he wasn't there already. The only thing on the mind of Bazel was if his friend was okay and going to get the job done. If he didn't do his part Bazel and Sadie's part was useless. They wouldn't be able to save Kash and the others. It was then the duo had reached the end of the woods and approached the outer gates of the compound. Stopping Bazel would look at Sadie "Baz, this is your part. Do your thing" said Sadie towards Bazel. The fire bird nodded his head before putting his left arm on her shoulder "If you ever need help in there don't be afraid to ask. Once you get to Kash things will get a lot easier." Sadie would nod and smile "Good luck Baz" she would say before Bazel took o three meters forward before taking flight with his gorgeous wings. Heading over the gate Bazel would descend and immediately make contact with the men of Dread.

Bazel would make light work of the grunts with several punches that sent the men flying. One of the men Bazel sent crashing through a portion of the gate which would open up a piece of the gate for Sadie to sneak in through. She would eventually make her way through the hole while Bazel himself dealt with the men near the entrance. Dread's men were pushovers compared to the power of their leader. Once those men were cleared out Bazel would begin to walk further in to the compound while Dread and Cesar were fully aware of his arrival. The ground beneath Bazel began to shift causing the fire bird to lose his balance as he tried to see what was causing the motions. As for Sadie she would use her wings to keep moving forward and find Kash. The ground began to pull away and form a large object which turned out to form a face at its top, "Fire bird, nice to finally meet you" said the forge of ground "Dread." said Bazel before he attempted to fight the creature before he was knocked into the gate towards his left by swipe of the giants hand. Bazel would begin to get up after the hit he didn't expect.

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5 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:51 pm

Through the woods walked a tired Faust who had no idea why Baz had sent him on this trip to get the ship by himself. He wasn't a savvy warrior or someone who could deal with a large amount of forces like Baz or Kash could. "I swear i need a new crew, Baz doesn't appreciate the talents I have" said a sighing Faust who crept through the woods looking for the location of the Red Desert. While he was low and spying up ahead Faust saw the Red Desert up ahead while it was guarded heavily by what Faust assumed was the guards of Dread. "Shit this isn't good" said Faust while he remained kneeled down in the woods watching for an opening and preparing a plan to get the ship. "Baz is gonna owe me big time if I pull this one off"said Faust who would began to back track his feet as a means of opening up space between him and the ship. His current position had him 10 meters out from the ship making him a sitting duck. Stepping on a twig caused two of the guards near the Red Desert to start going towards Faust's location.

Sadie on the other hand was sneaking around Dread's compound looking for Kash who would be held up somewhere being the golden goose of the prisoners. That is however if she was caught by his forces, Sadie never got confirmation from Faust that Kash was actually captured. Sadie had a rock in hand and noticed four men walking from a cave near the Tomb of Icarus which was a revered location on the island and would throw the rock up the hill causing other rocks to shift and catch the attention of the guards causing them to go upwards north towards the hill. As for Sadie she would come from behind the rock she hid behind ran inside the Tomb of Icarus. There she would see several cages where Bazel's crew was held. In one of them was a downed Kash who looked ever as gorgeous. "Hold on guy's I'm going to free you!" said Sadie as she started to look for keys around the cave. The uproar from Bazel's crew drew people back to the cave and they noticed Sadie was in there. "What are you doing here! This is sacred grounds!" yelled one of Dread's men causing Sadie to cease her search and prepare to run.

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6 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:55 pm

How did Bazel get stuck in these weird situations. He was currently running from the giant Dread who was in the form of dirt. He was waving his arm against the ground Bazel was on in an attempt to knock him against the wall once more but Bazel continued to out run the giant arm. Coming to a stop from one of his roll out moves Bazel was on one knee as he looked up at Dread and thought to himself. "If I keep this up I'll just tire myself out and never get the generator back" the raging Dread would flail his arms as he let out a large wail which began to push Bazel back who was attempting to resist the gust of win. "Shit" uttered Bazel before he was blown backwards, pressed against the gate of the entrance. Bazel was stuck like a fly on the wall and couldn't even lift his arms but he knew what he could do. Opening his mouth Bazel released an extremely large beam of flames which shot directly towards Dread and only grew in size due to the extreme winds provided by Dread and his immense size compared to that of Bazel's.

The Beam went forward and collided with Dread turning his dirt body into that of a harden rock object. Bazel would then slide from the wall to the ground where he caught his breath before charging towards the giant formation coating his fist in fire and taking off with one good punch to the mid-section of the creature causing it to shatter upon contact. Bazel would get caught within the rubble being buried underneath. As all the rubble was grounded there was Bazel digging himself out of the rubble before he was greeted by Dread who came from a piece of the rubble. He'd kick Bazel in the mid-section before charging him with his rapier. The fire bird would lean backwards even more than he was initially kicked as a means of dodging the strike that was coming directly at him. It was followed by a downwards strike that he would roll out of the way from before the strike could actually hit him. Bazel would then get on the offensive with his speed forcing Dread to have to weave with each striking motion Bazel laid out there. "The prophecy isn't true Bazel. You will not save these people" said Dread with a smirk on his face as he continued to dodge Bazel's attacks with ease. "I don't care!" said Bazel before he feinted a punch with his right before hitting Dread with a gut punch with his left.

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7 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 4:43 pm

The punch sent Dread backwards knocking him off his feet, Bazel would be breathing harder than normal after wasting all that energy just to get one solid hit off on Dread. Bazel would begin to walk towards where Dread was at and that is when Dread would begin to laugh "Bazel, Do you know what I wanted that generator for?" said Dread which caused Bazel to sigh "Don't know, don't care. I want it back" said Bazel who was still walking forward preparing to let Dread experience all the pain that those he hurt had suffered. "See, the generator would amplify the powers of my devil fruit ten fold. I would be able to harness things that I never could before." Dread had started to position his left leg against the rubble as it would assimilate, Bazel wasn't paying his foot much mind thus not noticing what was going on. "I really don't care Drea-" it was then Bazel's words were cut off by a pillar of rock coming upwards knocking him square in the chin. Bazel would pop up before falling backwards. "I'll show you it's power Bazel!" yelled Dread before he assimilated into the ground while Bazel was standing up. Disorientated and Wounded Bazel would spit up blood before looking around searching for Dread.


Sadie was busy leading the guards on a rabbit hunt around the cave as she evaded them at all cost. She knew getting caught was her ass and no one would be able to help her then. There as a rock formation which was like a slide which Sadie would get on to avoid the guards as they would all go down the slide also. Once down there Sadie had ran into none other than Cesar who had the woman shook the second she ran into him. "Hello my child" said Cesar as Sadie backed away walking back into to guards which lead to them grabbing her. "I looked up to you Cesar, All the people in the village did. How could you do this to us?" Cesar would smirk while walking towards Sadie, she would squirm at the arrival of her former leader especially as he leaned in close and whispered in her ear "Don' believe in me. Look where it got your father" the young woman would immediately gasp for air and start to cry as she thought about what Cesar just said. If that is what Sadie think it was Cesar just admitted to murder. "Take her to the others" said Cesar to the two guards Sadie had ran into.

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8 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:49 pm

The quiet winged woman known as Sadie was being escorted to the rest of Bazel's crew. On the way there she just remained silent as tears continued to flow down her face. Violently Sadie was thrown against the floor where she just stayed down and cried. "Pathetic" said a voice looming in the distance watching Sadie cry on the ground, each tear touching the hard ground surface. Sadie would slightly turn her head and notice the white haired woman known as kash. Sadie would stop crying fighting back her tears "Are you Kash?" she would ask sniffling with her handcuffs rubbing against her cheeks. Leaning against her cage Kash scoffed "I'm gonna take a guess and assume Faust actually made it to you and Baz?" Sadie would nod her head in a up and down motion which gave Kash the clarity she wanted. "Where are those two at anyway? Hopefully not dead." asked Sadie who would shimmy her arms against the floor and push off sitting up "Baz is fighting Dread and Faust is getting the ship." said Sadie to Kash who was now smirking. "Good I can sop faking now." said Kash who would stretch her arms out and break her shackles pushing open her cage. "I couldn't take out all their forces by myself, now that I know Dread and the ship are being dealt with. I can take that bald bastard." Those words caused Sadie's smile to grow from side to side. It was then the island began to shake.

Bazel on the other hand began to run towards the rock formation where he would run into Dread who had the device in hand. He would open it and grab a chip from inside of it placing the same chip inside a band on his arm which caused his skin to turn black and crack as if it were filled with lava. "This is what power looks like fire bird, this is what strength looks like!" said Dread with his voice sounding distorted. Bazel looked on as he was 15 meters from Dread and noticed he was definitely juiced up on some next level energy. "He used the chip and amplified his devil fruit." thought Bazel to himself as he prepared for battle with the juiced up skypiean. Bazel didn't notice it but where he was standing was all steel and so were the walls. Dread would start turning metallic from bottom to top as he faded into the ground. It as then Dread began to cause the ground to shake from sheer power.

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9 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:04 am

There he was, Faust hiding behind a tree was on watch as the two guards who were looking for him had been knocked out as they fell into trees from the shaking of the ground. Faust peaked from behind the tree and saw both men out which caused him to smile and stand tall. "When I tell Baz what happened here I won't tell him about this part" said Faust as he stood over both men. He would then advance over to the men who were watching the ship, once there Faust realized that thee men were dead drunks and didn't even feel the quake. "Easy picking" said Faust as he picked up a brick and walked up to each guard one by one hitting him in the head with the brick making sure they wouldn't be waking up anytime soon. Faust was now clearing all of the plants and dust that had covered the Red Desert before he made his way inside and noticed a monkey on the cockpit. It scurried at the sighting of Faust proceeding out one of the windows which were currently open. "Okay red let's see if you still got it." said Faust as he was booting up the systems and noticed the entire ship was still operational which made the pilot a very happy man. "And we're good to go, now Baz its your turn"

Meanwhile Kash and Sadie were freeing all of the crew when a thud could be heard against the floor and Sadie already knew who it was. "Cesar!" said Sadie as she charged the former village elder "Sadie wait!" yelled Kash before Sadie walked right into a blade from Cesar. Kash was horrified at the damage done to the girl as she began to cough up blood before the blade was removed from her causing her blood to fall all over the place as the girl fell to the ground in a puddle of her own blood. Kash picked up an adjacent sword which turned out to be the weapon she had put down earlier. "You will pay for what you have done to her" said Kash with emotion in her voice which was indeed rare. It was obvious to the world Kash wasn't in the best fighting condition but she didn't care about that right now. She had to kill Cesar now or never. Kash would take her stance and prepare to face off against the swordsman. "Let's see if you're anywhere near your brother in skill" said a smirking Cesar.

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10 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:45 pm

Bazel was stuck in an intense battle with Dread who could vanish and appear at several different places at different times. Bazel on the other hand wasn't the best with guessing his opponents movements and opted against trying to do so in favor of being light on his feet. Standing there the ground beneath Bazel began to shift and turn into liquid which caused Bazel who was attempting to move back to dodge the incoming Dread was thrown off and knocked down on his feet. Bazel then pinned down as his limbs were submerged within the steel. "Time to end this stupid prophecy once and for all fire bird." said Dread with a menacing glare across his metallic face. The right arm of Dread would turn into a crescent blade before he would begin to slash up and down the chest of Bazel. Dread who was content with the damage done to Bazel didn't expect the fire bird to have any answer for the damage done to him. "Quite underwhelming of a foe" said Dread with a quick laugh at the end. He shifted the ground and sent Bazel sliding across the ground going upwards to the wall adjacent to Dread. With his head down Bazel was a bloody mess and no other man would be able to operate at his current damage level. "You know.." said Bazel to the approaching Dread "hmm?" Dread stopped and said before Bazel slightly lifted his head "I'm not done"


Kash was in deep with her battle against Cesar and their swordsmanship was something of beauty, each knew how the other would strike and had a counter measure for each slash of the blade. Sadie on the other hand was on the floor bleeding out watching the battle unfold as she just was there crying in silence just knowing her life had come to an end. Kash on the other hand was fighting to save her and protect her from that same fate. "Your father raised two competent warriors in you and Jolly. It makes me wonder who was gifted with the superior brains as you're both skilled combatants." said Cesar who was parrying the strikes from Kash who grew angrier at the talk of Asher "Unlike my brother, I won't let you live from an encounter!" said the angry swordsman as she slashed downwards hitting the left Achilles of Cesar causing him to go down. Kash would then clear space before the wind around her and Cesar began to form. From 10 meters away Kash began to spin her blade and make a spiral of wind around her blade before launching a star shaped slash towards Cesar planting him in the wall a bloody mess. It was then Kash who knew Cesar was defeated had made her way to the downed Sadie and checked on her. Kash herself was in no shape for this but knew Sadie was far off from standing shape let alone living shape. "Hey, hey. I'm here you're going to be okay" said Kash as she would start to free her crew from their confinements and the men would grab Sadie from her grounded state. Kash on the other had would succumb to her wounds and fate herself, the damage suffered earlier at the hands of Dread and Cesar hadn't healed fully yet.

Back to Bazel

"What are you on about fire bird?" said Dread who would once again start to make his trip to Bazel. "I was hoping to save this until I got to the New World, but I always knew I would have to use this here.." said Bazel as the room would begin to raise in temperature even causing the steel bodied Dread to sweat. "What is this Bazel!" said Dread who began to look around and saw his room melting. "I call it Mach I" said Bazel as smoke began to release from his body freeing himself from the confines of the wall. Bazel would land on the ground where he opened his eyes and revealed they were yellow in appearance. "My power is unleashed at new heights here" said Bazel before he vanished reappearing over the heat of Dread who was shocked at the pace Bazel had moved "Where is he, where did he vanish too that fast" said Dread who looked like a deer in the headlights. It was then Bazel whistled signaling Dread to look upwards. Once he did Bazel who was 10 meters overhead would strike downwards releasing a palm of concentrated heat and air that forged Dread into the ground. The man would go down there and assimilate into the nearest thing which happened to be the rock he was next to. Once done Dread would return to the battlefield looking much more like magma than he originally did, "Now we play." he would say as Bazel smirked "Now I end this" he would respond which caused Dread to become shocked and stunned by the words. Bazel would see a spiral of flames form around his right arm. He would cock his arm back before he took off at his maximum speed towards Dread punching him directly in the chest "Burning Finger" screamed Bazel as a spiral of flames grew around the chest of Dread knocking him straight through the tomb of Icarus calling the minor pyramid to be destroyed in its wake. Bazel on the other hand after had defeating his foe had fainted from wounds and the amount of energy he wasted on this battle. His crew was escaping the tomb with Sadie and Kash while Bazel fought adjacent to it in one of Dread's temples. On the floor fading away Bazel was unable to move hoping his crew had made it out before the tomb had fell upon them.

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11 Re: A Fire Arises! Bazel vs Dread (Task) on Wed Mar 15, 2017 4:56 pm



Tier 1 Task:
7,000 EP
1 SP

Tier 4 Task: Mach I seems fun
1,500,000 Beli
30,000,000 Bounty (x2 = 60mil)
29,000 EP
4 SP

All applied

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