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1 Sister Luna T4 NPC on Wed Feb 22, 2017 10:09 am




Name: Luna Friede
Alias/Epithet: Abyssal Hunter
Race: Fishman (Tiger Shark)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Occupation: Marksman
Affiliation: Free Agent
Use: Combat
Tier: 4
Equipment: -
Haki: Both (Purchasing)
Attribute Priority: Perception
Rules wrote:While this single Attribute can grow to Tier 5, the rest stop at Tier 4.
World Position: -

General Appearance: Luna is a rather tall fishman, she was born from a family of shark fishmen. She has a slender fram but don't let that fool you, she was able to keep up with her bigger brothers while growing up. Her skin is light blue with dark blue stripes on her cheeks, arms and back. She has long, crimson hair that is usually in a pony tail at all times. She wears a Blue tank top with a pink bra that covers her B cup chest. Her tone stomach is revealed still. On her lower half she wears blue camo pants with black spots. She usually only wears wraps around her feet because she is usually in the water. However, when extended stay on land she covers up her feet with black combat boots. Her back is covered in whip marks from the beatings she has taken throughout the years.

Height: 7'4
Weight: 215
Personality: She comes off as a tough but usually it's just a bravado to hide her female nature. Seriously tho it would not be wise to piss her off due to the fact she does have borderline inhuman strength. She is wary of the human species because she was taken from her family at a young age and thrown into slavery. She hates them for the most part as she has been in chains since the age of 13. At the age of 23, she has come to the conclusion that all not humans are terrible. The reasoning behind this is there are various walks of life at baltigo who are slaves.

Humans, minks, others like herself and much more. It is the evil that flood this world that cause people to do what they do. She awaits the day she can be set free so she can exact her revenge on those who have crossed her. Luna sees herself as a big sister to the other slaves brought in by the broker to be sold out to various buyers. She knows she cannot save them, but only protect them from the horrors to come. She has become harden by her tribulations but tries to keep a positive outlook on things. As far as where here allegiances lies, she has none at the current moment. Her current goal is set on freedom and trying to get away from the place as fast as possible. She needs to get back to her family and she will do anything to be in the arms of her loving father again.

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3 Re: Sister Luna T4 NPC on Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:02 pm



k I will just have it t4 for the moment. I will be doing my tier up mid arc to 4 so I will upgrade her then

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4 Re: Sister Luna T4 NPC on Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:07 pm

thing looks like a cat.......but approved

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