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Travel to islands within Paradise temporarily no longer requires a Log Pose or timer/wc. A post to signify travel is still required however.

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1 A Quick Departure [Travel] on Tue Feb 21, 2017 2:30 am



Geno made his way to the docks after everything was said and done. He was a mixture of emotions. Sadness, accomplishment and a few other things danced around his head causing discord. A idealistic concoction for discord in ones body, soul and mind. He stood at the edge of the docks, a ship had been arranged to take him to a place not to far off. Regardless he knew he could not sulk for too long before fate would throw another curve ball at him. He found himself on a ship that was bound for Drum. A island owned by the Revolutionaries. Leaving Alabasta would get his mind off of what conspired here. He could most likely find some action there on Drum. He would most likely have to wait till he got there to get some winter clothing. Being on a desert island he wouldn't find any form of winter based clothing that would keep him warm. He would only have extra robes for the moment until he got there.

[Free Travel from Event]

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