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1Prelude: The NightHawk Descends [training] Empty Prelude: The NightHawk Descends [training] on Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:05 am


Free Agents
Free Agents


It was a bright sunny day, not a cloud to be seen in the sky, the sound of  waves calmly crashing onto the shore creating a soothing rhythmic sound to the beautiful view of the horizon where fishing boats rocked back and forth patiently on the waves awaiting their haul, the crisp sea breeze gently caressing everything it touched and you could taste the salt in the air.  

This is karate Island the closest island to the Grand Line and home to some of the best martial artist, it is here that our story begins about a young boy by the name of Tatsuma Yasuyuki.

"Today is a great day to train" Tatsuma says as he covers his eyes while looking into the blue sky, he proceeded to walk to a bolder on the shore 10 meters away from where he stood, removing his black leather hooded jacket with a fur collar and his plain white t-shirt, revealing his smooth skin and sculpted muscles and abs in his  athletic build, he sat on the bolder crossing his legs resting his hands on his knees, closing his eyes took deep breaths through his mouth and slowly exhaling through his nose until he achieved his meditative state and begun his mental training while focusing his energy in his lower dantian as he controlled the flow of energy through his body.  While controlling the flow of his energy he visualized fighting against himself in order to mentally refine his control over his techniques trying to figure out how to become one with a weapon.

Tatsuma wants to become a master of all weapons and to discover a way to make them an extension of his body. There is only one problem he doesn't have a true weapon of his own, he currently relies on his surroundings to provide him with what he needs be it a branch or a stone.

Tatsuma slowly opens his eyes as he slowly exhales through his nostrils one more time, he noticed that a bird was on his lap and a few butterflies flew by his face "sorry to disturb your rest little guy but i'm in the process of training" he said with a smile on his face "should i break it's neck and have lunch now?" he thought to himself as he pondered" .... there's no thrill in that, plus a buffalo would be more satisfying".  Shooing away the bird, he took his stance while looking around for something, having spotted a buffalo grazing under a tree about 200 meters towards the west of the island he smirked as he muttered to himself "I guess you'll be my lucky training partner today" as he set off running as fast as he could towards his target.  As he got within 10 meters of the buffalo it noticed him, it began stomping its hoof preparing to charge as it locked its eyes on the threat approaching and begun its charge.  As the buffalo got 1 meter away Tatsuma leaped into the air and swooped down behind it like a hawk grabbing onto it's tail "tag you're it, now lets do some training" Tatsuma said as it turned around.  The buffalo continued to make it's charges   at Tatsuma believing it will soon eliminate this threat but Tatsuma's keen eyes allowed him to move at the right moment to avoid the charge. After a few minutes he charged forward punching the buffalo between the eyes rendering it unconscious "Thank you for training with me" which he broke it's neck.  He grabbed the buffalo by it's hind legs and began walking back to the bolder where he left his shirt and jacket.

Upon returning to the bolder he left the buffalo as he went to the water to relish the feeling of the cool water on his face.  "Nice job kid" a strange voice said in the distance "you're light on your feet" Tatsuma looked around, it was a gentleman on a small fishing vessel returning to shore.  He saw the entire exchange between Tatsuma and his training partner and was interested in his ability to skillfully avoid the buffalo in close quarters. "Thank you, it was just part of my training" Tatsuma replied as he turned around to retrieve his clothes"Interesting, who's your master?" the gentleman asked "oh, pardon me i have been asking questions without introducing myself my name is Yuya" Yuya said with an apologetic smile as he remembered his manners "I'm Tatsuma, I don't have a master" Tatsuma replied as he finished putting on his jacket dusting it off "I have to go now".  Interested in his abilities Yuya wanted to learn more about this boy who had no master but possessed such natural skill. "I would like you to meet someone Tatsuma, i could cook that buffalo for your trouble if you'd like"  those last words caught the attention of Tatsuma cause he wasn't much of a cook.  "I'll take you up on your offer" Tatsuma replied with a smile, the man gathered his belongings from his vessel along with his catch for the day and proceeded to walk west with Tatsuma not too far behind dragging the buffalo.

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2Prelude: The NightHawk Descends [training] Empty Prelude: The NightHawk Descends pt 2 on Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:48 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Prelude: The NightHawk Descends [training] 85331d10
       "we look to the hawks aiming to reach their heights"

After walking for a while Yuya and Tatsuma arrived at their destination which was Yuyas’ home on the outskirts of the western village on Karate Island.  Yuya had small yellow house with a front porch and four columns supporting the roof, a window on either side of the front door, a few windows on either side of the house and an open area in the back with a hut where it seemed he kept his fishing supplies.
Upon arriving Yuya put away his things in the shed and proceeded to the kitchen with his haul.  "You can leave the buffalo in the back and I’ll start to prepare it in a minute." Yuya called out and Tatsuma did as he was told.  Yuya began to honor his offer of preparing a meal from the buffalo that was used as a training partner earlier.  Tatsuma stood outside watching as people passed by as he wondered who it was that this person he met for the first time could possibly want him to meet after observing his training but after a few moments he relinquished the thoughts after a few moments "hmmm ... Yuya seems like a nice and honest guy" he thought as he closed his eyes.

The western village was rather lively with the sounds of persons training in dojos not too far away.  There were many martial artists who came to the island to train and improve themselves.  There was no better place to learn and practice your style with an endless number of persons to challenge.
A scent entered the air, it was the wonderful aroma of meat which would make your mouth water.  Tatsuma went inside to be greeted with various dishes of curry, hamburgers and more, he took his seat and began to indulge in his meal "Thanks for the grub Yuya" Tatsuma said as he stuffed his mouth with a big grin on his face, he hadn't had a well-cooked meal in a while "You're welcome" Yuya replied "I’ll contact my friend and he shall be here shortly".  In a matter of minutes Tatsuma completed his meal and again thanked Yuya.
Tatusya and Yuya went outside to sit on the porch and a man about 100 meters away caught Tatsuya's eye, his instincts from hunting told him something was different about him from everyone else on the street. He looked to be about six feet tall, wore a hat covering about al a scarf around his face and a brownish cloak around his body hiding most of his physical attributes.  As they locked eyes with each other a shiver went down Tatsuya's spine, was it fear or excitement he wasn't sure but the man smirked and charged towards them closing the distance within seconds.  Tatsuma changed his stance shifting his left foot slightly to balance his weight and observing the mysterious man for his intentions he saw a minute shift beneath the cloak and a shimmer of light ... it was a blade.  The mysterious man drew a blade from under his cloak and swung from below, Tatsuma stepped to the left avoiding the blade and saw a change in the man's grip as he swung the sword aiming for Tatsumas' head causing him to lean back to avoid the blade.  Tatsuma was about to retaliate when the mysterious man released his blade grabbing it with his other hand and aimed his strike at Yuya causing Tatsuma to extend his right leg and sweep Yuya off his far him to fall below the blades edge.  Tatsuma recovered his stance and observed to see what his next move would be when the man started to speak "You are talented, glad to see I wasn't called for nothing" looking at Yuya he said "looking good Yuya" as Yuya got up from the ground dusting himself off he replied "You can just greet me like a normal person every now and again, can't you old pal?".  Tatsuma looked around absolutely confused at the two men "Who is this guy?" he asked "this is who I wanted you to meet" Yuya replied "my good friend Kenshin he's a true martial artist and I wanted him to see your talent" as he turned to look at Kenshin "but he has a very unusual way of greeting people" Kenshin grinned and said "You never know talent till you see it naturally respond to circumstance".  
After everything settled downed and everything was explained to Tatsuma he was amazed that the two gentlemen were friends and were such since childhood.  Kenshin grew to be a very skilled swordsman under his master and after he disappeared from the eyes of the world Kenshin refused to take anyone as a disciple to teach what he knew for reasons unknown instead keeping to himself and training. Yuya thought Tatsuma might change his mind and take him on because he didn't want his friend to take on everything alone.

"I sense a power in you that is full of potential, I can teach you how to use that power" Kenshin said as he got up, this piqued Tatsumas' interest this could be a great opportunity to train and begin his journey of becoming a weapon master.  "I appreciate your offer and I will take you up on it but I don't intend to become a swordsman I want to become a weapons master" Tatsuma said with a proud smile "I will make them my own, they will not just be tools but an extension of myself"  this statement made Kenshin smile "Meet me here in a few days and then we may depart for your training" he said before walking through the door.  Tatsuya again thanked Yuya for his hospitality of making him food and departed full of excitement to prepare himself for hi next step towards his ideal.

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