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After the tragic defeat at the hands of the navy. Jaya was no longer a once veritable paradise. His guilt at his failure to protect the island drove him to the brink of madness almost. But it was the safety of his crew that brought him back from teh abyss. he still had his men and his ship. He sat upon his bed his hands covering his face as he had a restlessness about him. He felt not at ease at all. perhaps it was the buster calls mental effects. He asn't sure he was no doctor. Speaking of which he needed to get one of those.

There came a knock at his door and he exhaled and turned his head and spoke in a firm tone "Enter!" He sat up standing up his two feet as he looked towards teh door. It was one of his men grunts and he gave a comforting smile. "The grunt spoke in a deep barrow tone voice " Sir we've arrived at the next island Hisashi wanted me to ask you for your presence on deck." Zanji nodded his head and proceeded towards his dresser and put on his famous white coat and motioned with is hand that the crew man was dismissed. The grunt nodded his head and proceeded out the door leaving him alone. He was definitely going to make the government rue the day they decided to attack jaya, but first he had bigger fish to fry.

He shut the door to his drawer and proceeded towards the door. Taking one step at a time he exited his dark room getting hit in the face with rays of dazzling sunlight.His eyes narrowed and he outstretched his hand obscuring the sun from his eyes. He hadn't left his room since the jaya escape his eyes were not adjusted. He inhaled deeply with his nostrils enjoying the smell of the salty ocean air. He looked upon the horizon and saw the ship pulling up into a somewhat narrow passage way. His ship would be tightly fitted but with its new upgrade it could take the force of the rocks without any damage to it whatsoever. 35 million berri well spent,but now his pocket book was getting somewhat lighter. He was definitely going to need to rectify that. He walked up the stiars to the helm and patted hisashi on the back " Take her nice and easy half mast should be just about fine,with the upgrades hull she can easily take a few hits without any damage." Hishashi smiled and yelled at the crew " half mast boys roll the sails up!"

The crewmen nodded and quickly ascended to the mast and pulled the sail upwards tieing her up going at ten meters per moment down the passage way. Hishashi looked over at his captain and nodded his head " It'll take us approximately 40 minutes to travel down the passage it's going to be tight fit but we will barely be able to manage we may crush a few crush a few rocks along the way and shift debris." Zanji nodded his head and smiled for the first time in a long time a real genuine smile " Oh don't you worry about a thing the dawnbringer can take it she is far more stronger than she had been before and i have complete faith in her and you." Hishahi's cheeks blushed from embarrassment beneath his mask and he held onto the helm keeping the ship nice and steady. After teh approximate forty minutes zanji and his crew arrived at the docks to ship wreck city. Zanji looked over the dawn bringer as he jumped down and watched as she weighed anchor and was tied to the dock. " You guys wait here Guard the ship, I'm going to do a little bit of exploring." His men waved him off and zanji saluted his navigator with a thumbs up and proceeded into the city.

(Zanji Exit)

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