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1 Kibo's Profile on Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:07 pm

Kibo Yamanaka



Character Name: Kibo Yamanaka
Link to Approved Character Link
Affiliation: Revolutionary
Crew: N/A
Occupation: Weapon Specialist (Master)
Universal Bonus: You gain .5 tiers of strength and speed
Master: As Master you spend 5 less Haki Stamina when coating a weapon with Busoshoku Haki.
Tier: 4
Bounty/Reputation: N/A
World Position: Revolutionary Captain
Fate Perks:
      Never Dormant (2)
       Born to Brawl (1)
       Hawk's Eye (1)
      Devil's Meddle (2)
Fate Points: 0

Primary: Perception (6)
Secondary: Speed (4.5)
Non-Prioritized: Strength (3.5) and Durability (3)

Stamina: 450

Haki: D
Kenbunshoku Haki: Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect based on the amount of intentional killing intent coming from the assailant. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information. This ability to perceive a threat undetected by conventional senses only applies to intentional attacks from beings with their own consciousness.

   D-Rank - 30m diameter
   C-Rank - 75m diameter
   B-Rank - 150m diameter
   A-Rank - 300m diameter
   S-Rank - 750m diameter
   SS-Rank - 1km diameter

Busoshoku Haki: The Color of Arms - The Color of Arms is a Perk that allows the user to increase their defensive status as their Busoshoku Haki increases in Rank. The more developed the Color of Arms gets, the darker and more metallic the shell encasing the Haki colored limb becomes. At D-Rank, the user’s defensive capability is equivalent to a T1 defensive skill, increasing the defensive ability of Busoshoku Haki by a Tier per every additional Haki Rank after D.

Haoshoku Haki: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A

Link to Primary Skill Set: Heaven's Mercy, T3 Skills (Ignore the Black Leg stuff)
Link to Secondary Skill Set:
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: N/A

Weapons: Flying Raiju
Armor: N/A
Ships: N/A
Pets: N/A
Grunts: N/A

Completed Topics N/A
Completed Topics This Tier N/A

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2 Re: Kibo's Profile on Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:15 pm



Checks out

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