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1 I go where I want. [JailBreak] on Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:29 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"Wallace you wanna try and escape?"

"What? No. Leave me be."

"Aww, come on! I got a new plan!"

"Do you not remember last time you tried that, they torture you. You are on Level Six, not the first level. You won't be able to go and play around like before. You are stuck." Wallace would tell Sun.

"God, how did someone like you every become Pirate King?" Sun would say.

"Hush, i'm going to sleep." Wallace would say.

"Hmph." Sun would act like a child and pout for a few seconds before looking at his cuffs. He was chained to around his writs and as well as his ankles, pretty tight to. But, Wallace was right. Only way they would escape is if someone would break them out. And they both knew someone was, but that didn't even make it less unbearable. Would it be a year? A couple years? No, they wouldn't be allowed to rot that long. Both of their execution dates are around the corner, unless those in charge changed their mind. Maybe Sun would get an extension but Wallace was sure to be executed soon.

'What can I even do? Maybe I should've escaped when I had the chance. I can't even use my Devil Fruit right now. Well, since Wallace is asleep I won't be childish. Might just train.' Sun would then stand to his feet and face the wall. He felt so weak due to his Seastone cuffs, that it was getting hard to even stand up for long. But, he wouldn't fold. Sun would then punch the wall, and not a love tap. He would muster whatever strentgh he had to throw this right punch. He would repeat this over and over again, until his knuckle would begin to bleed.

As blood began to drop from his fist he would stop, 'I kinda regret coming here. But at least it is better than that place.' Sun would say to himself as he would begin to remember his past.

"Shit down prisoner!" One of the Guards would say as they looked into the cell, after hearing what Sun was doing.

"Tch!" Sun would glare at this cocky bastard and swell in anger, as no one told him what to do. But, he would sit down. And he would put one of his fingers into his mouth and begin to chew away at it. he would do this for over ten minutes till he got down all the way tot he bone, and then he would look around his cell for something to sharpen his finger bone. He would then sit in the corner of his cell and wait, as he sharpened his bone. An whole day would pass till he would get the right sharpness. Sun would only get a bit of sleep each day as he paid close attention to the Guards that shifted in and out of the Prison. Now most didn't sit right outside of the cell of the Pirates King, and Sun, but rather patrolled the whole level. Stopping by this cell at the beginning of their shift, in the middle, and at the end. Three times in total, and always in a pair. But, they would have to slip up some time. And when they would Sun would act.

"What happened to your finger?" Wallace would ask Sun, out of curiosity.

"I got hungry." Sun would tell him.

"Man, you are freaking craaazy." Wallace would say. A yawn in between some of his words. He had been really sleepy for the passed week. He probably was sick and just sleeping if off. Was the only thing one could do here if they didn't feel good, as there weren't any doctors here for them at all. That was fine with Sun though. He wanted Wallace to sleep so he wouldn't get distracted. As he just loved talking with that guy, their bond growing with each brotherly exchange of harsh words.

'THERE IT IS!' Sun would think to himself as his opening would arise. A guard would be alone when he would attack, his sharpen finger bone pierce the jugular vein in the guards throat. How he was able to do this was because he would be naked, yup. And the guard would come over to tell him to put his clothes back on. Getting real close because Sun had seastone cuffs. He got real cocky and tough, but that backfired on him. Before the Guard would stumble back Sun would reach out to grab him, and bring him closer so that he could head butt him, blood would already be quirt out and would cover Sun's naked body. Dropping him to the ground. Now that he was on the ground by his cell Sun would now begin to look for the keys.

"I'm back bitches!" Is what Sun would say once he was out of his cell, his sea stone cuffs within the cell still. He wouldn't move from his spot as he would begin to regain his energy, his Devil Fruit doing it's magic to heal his wounds. The pain that he had received now was beneficial.

"Ugh, he is just going to end up back in here." Wallace would say. As he was awake during Sun's escape, but he wouldn't leave his cell. He said he was going to wait for Oscar and he was going to.

Sun knew he would be pressed for time so he would rush to the Elevator, his Haki already was telling him people where coming. And once he got to the Elevator, which was lowered to this level he would go over to the chains that pulled it up. "I don't need any interruptions." And with that he would begin to break the iron chains. No one would be getting down here and no one would be leaving.

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2 Re: I go where I want. [JailBreak] on Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:32 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"Okay, okay. I know you all are probably wonder...Why did he do that!!?! Or Is he going to free us!?! And to answer those questions. I did it because I want to play a game. And to answer the other one...maybe. " Sun would say as he would twirl the set of keys around his middle finger.


"In due time. First I have to tell you all the rules of my game. And the objective of the game." Sun would open his mouth wide before speaking again and then drop the  keys into his mouth, except one. Taking them off of the ring one by one. "The objective is to kill me and take the keys. Rules are though have fun. Go all out. And don't think I won't kill you." Sun would say.

"So who will be first?"

Many people would call out to be the first but Sun would just open the cell he was closet to. Three individual would walk out, being all around seven-feet tall. But one was chubby, another was really scrawny, and the last was actually pretty muscular. A bit too Muscular. These were the first three to play the game with Sun. They wouldn't start attacking right away though as they began to speak among themselves. Sun would first though release them from their shackles, so they could really go all out. he would then walk away and make a ten meter gap between them.

"Just give us the key. We think it would be easier that way. We honestly don't want to kill you. " The Chubby one would say.

"I also don't want to fight someone that is bearing it all." The Muscular Prisoner would say.

"No, no, no, and no. We fight guys, sorry. Only way for you to get out of here. And what is wrong with me being naked? Not like I can fix that." Sun would tell them.

"I can help with that before we fight, since we have to. " The Muscular one would say as he began to walk toward Sun. He would then, though with a disgusted look on his face, place his hand on Sun's shoulder. And then clothing would appear on the man.

"I have a Devil fruit that allows me to place special clothing on people. Some think it is a weak ability but, if I make contact with you I can make the material with special properties. Like for example. I have place my strongest set of clothing on you. You will never be able to take it off nor will you be even able to move, as the weight is too much for anyone. So I'll be taking that key." He would then take the key and begin to talk away. The Muscular Prisoner was not a pirate like everyone else. But he had once worked for a World Noble but had killed the man, and was set here. He used to be a tailor.

"Thanks for the clothes, they actually are pretty nice." Sun would say.

"Th-" The Muscular Prisoner wouldn't be able to finish what he was saying as his mouth would fill with blood. As he looked down at his chest he would see a hand soaked in blood.

"Never turn your back on your enemy. I missed your heart, but your lung is puncture. You will die soon. " Sun would say as he would begin to pull his hand from the Man's chest. He was extremely grateful for the clothing. "So, what can you two do?" is all Sun would ask them as he stood there.

"Huehuehue, he went down fast. I told you guys lets just kill him. SO! CAPPADONNA! I saw you kill the Warden, but also saw you get beat by the Vice Warden. BUT LET ME TELL YOU THIS! I COULD'VE BEAT ALL OF THEM QUICKER! SO, I BURO THE GOLIATH WILL DEVOUR YOU!" Buro the chubby prisoner would say as he would lick his lips.

"Huh, you are doing the most Buro. Lets just kill him and get the key." The scrawny one would say as he would get into a fighting stance. These two actually knew each other quite well. Both being part of the same crew. Buro and Shinku. Both having impressive bounties of 230,000,000 beri.

'Those two are capable' Wallace would think to himself as he would actually sit up and watch this fight.

"My name is Sun Ra, not Cappadonna." Sun would tell them. He didn't know who they were, nor cared. He didn't like it when his name was messed up though and also would like it for them to hurry up. They weren't the only prisoners he wanted to fight.

"Collier Shoot. " Shinku had already dashed forward before Sun could finish talking and would strike. Jumping into the air once he got into his leg's reach, and then attempting to drive a kick into the neck of Sun. The attack would actually connect, but against the forearm of Sun. This guy was fast but not faster than the eyes of Sun. There was power behind this attack though and Sun still would skid across the ground a whole meter, tearing up the floor. He wouldn't fall though. "Is that all yo-"

Sun would stop himself from needlessly talking as Buro would be at his side now. He had moved there right when the kick had connected. He would then throw a straight at Sun. "Shit!"

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3 Re: I go where I want. [JailBreak] on Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:15 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy




The two would yell at each other only once before Sun Ra would be grabbed and taken away. Dragged through the hole and into the great blue. His Devil Fruit powers no longer aiding him, but rather being his Achilles heel. Making him nothing but dead wait and honestly if he was left here he would drown. Or be eaten by the Sea King that lurk below. But what would actually happen is that he would come up and be able to breathe. His head being held above the surface. Still weak but alive. And as he looked around he could see Impel down, but only barely. As he was far away soon to be miles, as he was still being dragged away.

One hour before the hole was created.

Sun Ra wouldn't take the full force from the punch, and would stumble to his right. It had been just a long time since he was hit that hard, last person to hit him this cleanly being the Warden. "Ten points. More than I expected form you." Sun Ra would say before retaliating, hard. Increasing in size right before striking the foe. What would happen next would be skipped, as it was just a blood bath. Sun Ra had been devoured once again to the thrill of battle, and would release more than one cell.  With his Haki push to his limits so that he would keep track on how far the Guards were from his location, as he knew they wouldn't do what they did last time. Losing their Warden by just jumping down in this lions den. But he would only have a few minutes for this, and in his right hand he held a, 150cm long, prison cell bar. That would be used to be thrown at only one man, the Vice Warden(Or Warden since he is the only one left), if he was too enter this hell. It would be thrown with pristine accuracy at the best of his ability. But it wouldn't go straight but would bounce off of the nearest surface to hit it's mark.

That would be the case though as after Sun Ra had released everyone the place was gassed. So that the prisoners would jut be knocked out instead of the Guards jumping down, since the elevator was broken, and getting jumped. Sun Ra though wouldn't just sit there and wait though as he wanted to fight, and he would. Attacking everyone that ran passed him, some getting away but some staying to fight. There was someone though that would avoid a deadly right though, with extremely skill. And he caught the attention of Sun Ra. Sun Ra hadn't fought a Fishman before, this being the only race he just never had the chance to fight.

"What is wrong with you?" Kisame would say as he would avoid another attack from Sun Ra. But Sun Ra wouldn't say anything at all, but would continue to try and fight. Due to the elevator being broken many had no way of getting out, but there were those ones that knew what they had to do. As the key Sun Ra used to open their cells also could be used for their cuffs, and once that key was distribute everyone began to help each other, just for this moment. Those that had Devil Fruit abilities no longer had shackles and could use their abilities to get out of this situation. And it no longer was many stuck but only a few, as they did whatever they had to do to scale the elevator shaft. And once they were above their pent up anger would be unleashed on all, so that they could get to freedom. The Guards would have their hands full with those managed to escape through the elevator shaft.

"Fuck! Those guys left us! And this gas.....I-it..." One Prisoner would fall over, being exposed to the gas for too long. Those that hadn't been able to get out would be put to sleep soon.

"SIT STILL!" Sun Ra would say as he had grown now, using the points he had gotten from the others prisoners to increase to his max size. He had also got the Fishman pushed into a corner and was just unloading many devastating punches, all in one area. Sun Ra wouldn't notice that what he was doing would be extremely bad.

"That fishman is using him. But is also putting all of us, mainly me, in danger. Once that hole is made....this place will flood. Dammit!" Wallace would say as he would use the key that he was given by Sun Ra and remove his cuffs, he wouldn't allow himself to die here.  So he would look around his cell for something, anything that he could use. And then he found it.

"You do know you won't be able to hit me right?" Kisame would say as he continued to dodge the strikes.

"I'm not doing this for you!" Sun Ra would announce as he would keep going. The prison bar still in his hand, unless he threw it prior. It being used for a constant source of pain. With it being in his hand, and him being larger than before, it was being held as if it was a toothpick. But with his whole hand covering it and the ends piercing, but not penetrating too deep. Sun Ra had decided to change his mind on the whole waiting thing, and wanted to leave now. Usually he would think of a plan but decided that he would use this Fishman, unknowing that the guy was using him. And this also was going to be a big gamble. A few minutes would pass and Sun Ra had also decreased in size. This being because he just needed to be large to make the initial hole.

"Got yah!" Sun Ra would say as he would strike the Fishman, but not hard enough to kill him. He had just hit him had enough to daze him. He would then pick up cuffs off of the ground, and place them on himself. But just on one of his hands.

At this time there was a hole in wall of this hell. The two being the farthest from the elevator, the only entrance into the hell. On the opposite end of the hell if you want to be exact. The hole was big enough for people to walk in and out and it was just one punch away from being having water surge into the prison.

"Listen I know you want me to put a whole in the wall to lead outside. So you can swim away from here, but you gotta take me to." Sun Ra would say

"No, why would I help you?"

"Because I've knew this was your plan when I had first started fighting you and hit this wall. So, I decided to help you out. You owe me, now pay your debt. And put this cuff on." Sun Ra would say to Kisame.

'Why is this guy talking to me like I should just help him. But those eyes....if I don't listen to him what will he do to me? Kill me? Maybe as he could.' Kisame would way his options and then he would talk. "Okay, break this and I will help you. But I will only drop you off at the closest Island, and then we part ways." Kisame would say as he would hold his hand out. And Sun Ra would put the other cuff onto the Fishman.

"We are kinda like prison..NO! Escape buddies" Sun Ra would tell Kisame as he would cock back his fist. He only need one punch to make it rain, well make water come, in the hell. He honestly didn't feel bad about what he was about to be doing, as he knew it would all work out. He could sense Wallace, who was now out of his cell. And he knew Wallace would at least save himself, so he didn't think that man would die from this.

"CAPPADONNA YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ALL OF US!" Wallace would scream as he would in front of the entrance to the hole they made. In his hand he had something.

"IT IS SUN RA! YOU KNOW THIS WALLACE!" Sun Ra would say as he would punch the wall and the water would begin to surge.The new entrance and exit being large enough for Sun Ra, if he was double his current height.

Wallace would not allow himself to die here, as he was waiting for Oscar. So he would place the prison cell bar in front of him and instantly it would make it grow and plug the hole before it would fill the hell. It also would stop Sun Ra and Kisame from being pushed back into the hell.

Now, it was a race against the clock. Kisame would take off, even if he was drag Sun Ra along, and head forward at an angle. Moving at his top speed within the water almost instantly. These waters were filled with many different types of Sea Kings, of varying levels. Kisame knew this as he had been communicating with many of them, an ability Fishman of his level where capable of. And this is why he, along with Sun Ra, wouldn't be attacked. As it already was a race against time, for Sun Ra. He was a human who had eaten a devil fruit, so he was at his weakest in water. Sun Ra knew this and held his breathe, using all of his remaining strentgh for this. But luckily for Sun Ra Kisame was one of the fastest in the world, able to move at tier 6 speeds once fully emerged in water. And soon they would make it to the surface.

Kisame wouldn't stop once they were at the surface, but continue to swim till they got to a knew island within the calm belt.

[Exit Impel Down]

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