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Currently upgrading Punchit- mk 6.2/1


Jimbob's fist buried itself into bubba's skull, shattering it into a mess of macrabre mess of gobbs and gook that used to be a human head. As he pulled his fist from the mess he noticed there was something strange about his equipment. Upon further examination he was able to glean some peculiar components in the engine. It was a rather different way of constructing an engine,but it was still steam powered. The difference is it used belts to cut down space that he would be using for pistons, which in turn could help him scale down his own stuff.

After dripping the deadman's corpse apart and thoroughly examining his mechanical boomerang's engine, jimbob started to work on his own. This time having to start from scratch, he began to replace half the pistons with belts to make the gears turn. The biggest challenge came from his newly assembled component, which was the piston located underneath his forearm. He had to worry about its strain on his arm and having enough room for it to properly operate. So he ended up using whale blubber to cushion his arm and settled for a one time use, rather than connecting it to the main tank. This was because it'd draw from the machine's normal functions, reducing the amount of times he could use the punchit. While necessitating more blood per emergency use.

The shell for his new punchit was easier and more routine once he created the base and engine. It took him a while longer to forge the plates because this time he's experimenting with hollowed steel. It would result in a more fragile machine,but it would have more room inside for the components.

Lastly was the circuitry and forging the components for different switches in the machine. His machine has exclusively functioned off the kinetic force of his punches and perhaps most of his actual power came from his own strength. For this upgrade to work he needed to work on a switch board and send a current to the piston to activate it. If it worked he would spend more resources on other types of functions such as levels of energy consumption, with more leaning toward more destructive power. But before he got ahead of himself he needed to create the switch board on top of his forearm.

The first half of the struggle came from initial tests and the use of plastic composite wires he looted from the den's junkyards. The first attempts ended in shorts that required new friggin circuit boards. The third and fourth trials actually ended up with the piston moving,but it was minor and barely moved. To jimbob it was his greatest feat yet, the first time he created a simple electronic piece of machinery. After the tenth or so try, he finally managed to actually create the necessary charge to operate his machine at 100 percent by destroying an sheet of iron. It was just a piece of junk,but it was more than he had accomplished in his other attempts.

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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