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1 Godless Land on Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:28 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"So this is this how it feels to be a real God?" Adam would say as he was at God's Shrine, the place void of all life. He was the only person that inhabited this area, everyone else having passed recently. All of their deaths because of him. Adam would stand up from his ruined Shrine. A place all of those given the title of 'God' sat. He would then talk a couple steps before he would reach a opened box. He would pick the box up and then shake his head.

"I am one step closer to purging them all now."

Hours before the massacre Adam had finally returned home, and God's Shrine wasn't in it's best shape. He didn't know what happened, nor really cared. He had just gotten back from a Reverie, that he had almost died from. At first he was boiling in anger at what had happened, but he was fine with it. He knew what he would have to do in the future. He knew who he was going to focus all of this anger on, but not now. Right now he was with his Pillars, minus that idiotic Giant. They had been telling them about some guy that had actually claimed to be the God of this place, and Adam found it funny. He didn't have a problem with it at all. He was only worried about Eve, his love and Mother of his child. Right now the Child was gone and she was only here to see Adam after such a long time. During all of the reunions and passing of information a strange man would come to God's Shrine. A Winged man wearing prisoner clothes and carrying a box, he only said one thing. "I brought this for God." One of the Guards tried to attack the Man, but Adam would stop him. Adam would then motion for the man to take whatever was within the box and bring it to him.

"A Fruit? Really? You brought this to God? Guards! Kill this man immediately for his disrespect." One of Adam's advisers would say.

"No, it is fine. I'm actually hungry." Adam would say as he would examine the fruit.

"It may be poisonous, throw it away." Eve would tell Adam.

"Shouldn't you go check up on the Child?" Adam would say, this his way of telling her to leave him. Even would shake her head and leave. Adam would then, after Eve would leave, would then sink his teeth into the fruit. His eyes would go wide and a strange look was on his face. Everyone, except the one to bring the fruit, would get shocked looks on their faces. They thought Adam had just eaten a poison fruit and was going to die soon do to foolishly doing this.


"NO! I did nothing to harm out GOD! It is just a Devil fruit!"

"A Devil Fruit!?"

"So bitter."

Adam would say giving everyone a bit of relief. Even though he said that he would take another bite, and another till the fruit was all gone. "I kind of like the taste though, got anymore?" Adam would ask, but then something strange would happen. Everyone would begin to act as if they were choking, and then finally fall to the ground. Now we go back to the present.

Adam would lean up against a pillar, that hold up the God's Shrine. He just stood there, actually enjoying the silence. What he had eaten was a Devil Fruit, and he only knew a bit of what that actually mean't. It wasn't the first time though that he had seen a Devil Fruit or even show the abilities of one. But what was the abilities of the one he had just eaten was what he wanted to know. He wanted to find out what he could do. What he did know for right now was only that he could take out a lot of people, varying in degree of skill.

"If there will be any information on this. I have to head to the library. Craaap. Last time I even tried to go there I got attacked by a giant snake." Adam would say as he really didn't even want to head there, but he had to. But, he didn't plan on going alone. He would need his last Pillar, the Giant, to come and assist him. So, Adam would leave God's Shrine to get someone to find the big idiot.

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