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Elisa DarkWalker


Task Name: Orders of the Revolutionary army
NPC or PC: Npc
Location:Yotsuba Island
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal or Crew
Description: Receiving the letter about drum Island Elisa will now command her ship to sail out of the west blue and up reverse mountain and such a fun experience
Enemy Details: None
Boss: None

After the crew vacation day where Elisa had met a training of a Unique martial arts, Sugar had won a bar brawl and gathered some information, Sebastian had gathered supplies for their journey along with some other interesting items while Syndra and Yury had some animal noises of fun. Elisa had also spent the time to buy some artillery for their vessel but it wasn’t exactly installed yet just simply sitting on the top deck slap bang in the middle of the ship but despite this Elisa would still give the order to set sail. “Alrighty, ladies, Animals, and Butler prepare to set sail..Raise the anchor, the sails and let's get moving.” While Elisa was just getting into character there was no one to really listen to her the ship was already on its way to reverse mountain… the entrance to the grand line.  With their new found navigator who had joined them on the way as a friend of sugar who was fully aware we would need one for the trip though he did seem to be quite weak and easily defeated if combat got serious.

While the ship was on route Sugar would hand Elisa Darkwalker a letter from the revolutionary army containing her second true task as a member of the organization; Elisa would open the leader.  

Dear Elisa Darkwalker

I am glad that you managed to push your objective forward but with your course set for the grand line and Drum Island i must ask a favor. On Drum Island I need a blow dealt with the corrupted leadership hovering their dominance over the people in order for our more experienced forces to make our move. Can you please remove Garen the 3rd commander from the equation as he often has the wits to prepare a marine force to be nearby whenever we are in the position to strike as if he can read the crowd.

On accomplishing this goal you will be promoted and officially established within our ranks as someone we can trust.

------------------ good Luck----------------.
Once Elisa had read the letter Sugar would burn the letter.

380 words.

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Elisa DarkWalker


As the ship approved reverse mountain Both Sugar and Elisa were on the top of the ship with Syndra and the butler still below deck but something was strange; Elisa had believed it was sugar who was navigating the ship as neither the Butler or Syndra had the skills to do so. “Em Sugar who is Navigating the ship” “Loki obviously” “Whos Loki” “Lokii is our Navigator and has been navigating this ship for days now, how do you not know” “I repeat who is Loki”, “A Friend of mine that joined the crew” “When?” “Emmm a week ago” “What, and How have I not met this man” “He's antisocial and it's easier for him if he just does his job.” “I see, well i better go say Hello”.
Elisa leaves Syndra and begins to make her way to the steering controls of the vessel where the butler was just leaving having given the man named Loki his dinner.

Elisa would be standing 5 steps from Loki staring at him entirely “Am I the only one who didn't know you existed/ joined the crew?” “Sorry for causing you trouble” Loki would pick up a bag of his belongings and started to walk towards the exit of the room “I will leave then”. Elisa would use her right arm to block him by moving to across his torso gripping his right shoulder and moving him in front of her as she used her left arm to grip his left shoulder; though neither of her grips were not strong as she wasn’t being hostile. “I have no issue with you being here, I’m just surprised”. Elisa takes a deep breath and looks down before reasserting her gaze to maintain eye contact taking a step back before speaking   “I’m Elisa Darkwalker Nice to meet you” “I’m Loki Ginger” Elisa would give Loki a hug before making her way out of the room “Brilliant now were Friends”. Loki would smile before returning to his navigating.

Word Count 331 : Total 683

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Elisa DarkWalker


And so the Climb up reverse mountain would begin with Loki finally speaking with a commanding voice, “Right Elisa I need you and the rest of the crew to keep the sails straight, if we don’t maintain a horizontal course we are done for, additionally when we reach the peak put the sails down”. “Alrighty Sugar and Butler get on with it” “I have a name and it's not butler””Oh shush butler”. The butler would make a pale face as if slightly annoyed by something stupid. With the ship flowing up the strong current flowing up the mountain Elisa had Sugar and the butler manning the sails as Elisa Darkwalker maintained her position directly at the front of the ship, to give the sign to drop the sails and-and prepare for their decent.  “We're at the PEAK drop the sail”.

The sails are dropped, the ship has turned and is now flowing down the mountain and gaining speed with every second [Loki] “If we maintain this speed we will crash on the ocean's surface once we reach the bottom” [Elisa] “What do you expect me to do?” [sugar] “Make the oars row backwards” [Elisa]”Ah yes that would work, Elisa uses the wheel to trigger the self-rowing oars to row backwards skimming the tip of the river [Loki] “Slow us down”. [Elisa & Sugar] “We covered that one”[Loki] “Aight just checking”. [Sugar] “Sigh now he's gonna be depressed for an hour”. [Loki] “I heard that” [Sugar] “Then cheer up”

And just like that Elisa and her crew were now in the Grand Line

Word Count 266
949 total.

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