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1Naruto Forum Role Play Empty Naruto Forum Role Play on Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:32 pm




[div align="center"][img style="max-width:100%;" src=""]
[font size="4"][a href=""]Home[/a] l [a href=""]Rules[/a] l [a href=""]Character Creation[/a][/font][/div]

[font size="3"]NFRP - Naruto Forum Role-Play has been around 10 YEARS with quality forum role play and still going strong!![/font]

Come give us a visit to see whats kept us going throughout the years! NFRP is a non-canon RP meaning we don’t use any of the named events or characters from within the series just the lore. Play as characters from clans or blood limits such as Uchiha, Hyuuga, Inuzuka and more!!! Wanna be a shark man like Kisame? Or use explosive clay like Deidra? Maybe a TaiJutsu master like Guy and Lee? We have all of that and more!! At NFRP we have a broad range of character customization to make that perfect character in a broad RP world!!!

Here are just some of the perks at NFRP - Naruto Forum Role-Play

[font size="1"]10 Ninja villages to choose from or even be a non-ninja![ul]
[li]23 Total Countries to explore, battle, and RP in![/li]
[li]40+ Cities in total! Theres no shortage of places to role play![/li]
[li]40+ Clans & Blood-limits (kekei genkai) to choose from[/li]
[li]40+ TaiJutsu styles to choose to be as brutal as you want![/li]
[li]10 Elemental releases each powerful as the other![/li]
[li]Exclusive Ninja Village Jutsu. Each village has powerful secret powers![/li]
[li]8 detailed GenJutsu styles to be deceptive with![/li]
[li]Comprehensive Puppet Weaponry building system!![/li]
[li]Summoning Jutsu pacts and animal companions![/li]
[li]Rituals to further enhance your character![/li]
[li]Skills & Traits that gives your character extra edge in role play![/li]
[li]So many extra features that would make this list too long!![/li][/ul][/font]

[div align="center"]Check us out with the following links. We hope to see you around!!
[font size="4"][a href=""]Home[/a] l [a href=""]Battle Rules[/a] l [a href=""]Custom Creation[/a][/font][/div]

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