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1 Chano Daffodil on Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:09 am

Name: Chano V. Daffodil
Alias/Epithet: The Dragon King, Devil's Brother, Worst Pirate's Brother.
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: -

General Appearance:

Chano looks drastically different from his elder sister, Fiona Daffodil. Chano stands at a tall 6'3" with a very muscular body. He has a dark skin complexion which is fitted with sharp, dark blue eyes that are surrounded by dark circles. He also has strong facial features that make him look intimidating at most times and show no indication of real emotion ever. Chano has long flowing grayish white colored hair that goes past half his back and inhumanly sharp teeth that look as if they could easily tear through flesh. Light blue markings also cover his face and arms.

His clothing is often referred too as ultra rugged. Chano wears a black, tattered, high collard cloak with no shirt underneath showing off of his muscular chest. He chooses black baggy pants that have the same markings on his body with a light blue sash around his waste. The last few notable features of his clothing are the claws of beast hanging around his neck, a tight golden ring on his right arm, and the fact that he does no wear shoes whatsoever.

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: -


Chano seems as he looks, like a man who doesn't care for anything of anyone but himself. He generally hates being around people, seeing them as nuisances that are in his way. However due to being a marine and having to work with others, he tolerates them to a certain extent but will still ignore them if he feels they are not worth acknowledging. Chano is also a very silent person choosing not to speak to anyone but he will if he absolutely has too or just wants to say something that is on his mind. Growing up, Chano deemed that emotions were useless and believe that they get in the way of things. If Chano does show any emotion it is usually anger or disgust, seeing as people can usually easily be disgusting to him or make him mad.

Chano has a fuming hatred for the members of his family, namely his parents and his elder sister Fiona Daffodil. Chano hates his parents because he felt neglected by his parents, who seemed to acknowledge more on Fiona than him. The neglect made him feel as if he was unimportant and unloved while growing up, feeding into the hatred that began festering after his mother just left him with his father and never came to see him when he was a child. The hatred for his sister comes from the fact the pirate queen seemingly refuses to acknowledge his existence as her brother.

Chano thinks that pirates are a curse to this world that need to be destroyed and will do everything he can to stop them. His hatred for the pirates fits into his love for marines, who he seems to praise for doing their job to stop them at all cost. He also thinks that the marines and world government can do no wrong at all seeing any sacrifices that are made by them are needed, therefore feeding into most of the dark justice that some marines harbor. Anyone who wishes to challenge the world government or pose a threat, he will try his best to detain or find a way to detain.

He has a goal to one day bring his older sister in and have her executed, therefore ending her reign over the seas and make a huge win for the world government. Anyone who gets in the way of his goals he will meet head on and attempt to take them down, seeing them as threats to himself and the world government.

- Chano likes to be by himself, going as far as purposely avoiding people so he can be alone.
- Chano also likes the marines as they share the same goals as him, to take down pirates and his sister the pirate queen.
- Chano lastly likes bitter foods, he does not know why but it taste like heaven to him.
- Chano dislikes his sister so greatly to the point he wishes to execute her himself.
- Chano also dislikes pirates, seeing them as nothing but criminals that cause nothing but trouble in the world.
- Chano lastly dislikes his parents, they neglected him and he simply can not forgive them for that.


Chano was conceived by a kuja and a pirate she met out in the sea 18 years ago, around the time their oldest daughter Fiona was out in the sea making a name for herself. His mother thought that at first that she was birthing a girl but instead it was a boy, shocking all those on Amazon lily . His mother soon after sailed the seas with her child in tail to find and give him his new son, who she had named Chano. A day before Chano's first birthday she had found him and told him she could not keep him on Amazon lily with her, as well as she no longer wanted to see him. The father figured that since he had to keep his child he could no longer see his beloved, which she confirmed. Afterwards she left back to her homeland too see her daughter Fiona, who she never told she had a brother.

After the last encounter with his love, Chano's father went back to his home in south blue, the city of Baterilla. While growing up, Chano's father was abusive to him the main excuse being that he is the reason his love left him. Eventually Fiona started becoming more famous and eventually her family tree became acknowledge, therefore revealing the fact that she had a little brother who she didn't know existed. However for Chano everything got a lot worse as his father started to focus and brag about his daughter, even leaving Chano by himself to visit Fiona on the seas. This left Chano feeling even more neglected and with a even brighter burning hatred for them with a hatred for his sister growing as well.

Eventually his father stayed at sea at his old age, leaving Chano to fend for himself. While out one day, he met an old man who taught him an ancient type of martial arts so that he could defend himself as well. Years passed and he waited for his dad to come back home or at least get a visit from his older sister and mother but they never came, letting his hatred for them consume him completely. At the age of fifteen he finished his martial arts training and left south blue, eventually joining the marines. Chano has now been a marine for three years and now at the age of eighteen, he is working to make his dreams come true.

Face Claim: Fairy Tail | Acnologia
RP Sample: -

Bonus: 1,500,000 Rep
Location: Marineford

Fate Point Allocation:

Lineage (1)
Born to Brawl (1)
Hawk's Eye (1)
Devil's meddle (2)

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2 Re: Chano Daffodil on Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:26 am

Well done, post in Admin request thread for your color


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