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1 Civil Unrest on Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:57 am

It had been days since kyte had arrived on baterilla the excitement of the tropical paradise had overwhelmed her at first as it was like nothing she had ever seen before but it wasn't long until the reality and responsibility of being a marine had kicked back in, As the days passed and she became more familiar with the island itself and the idea of the tropical paradise began to sour.

She first noticed the stink of the dark side of humanity when she the lack of official ranked officers in the town leaving a struggle to capture power within the marine ranks causing internal corruption the soldiers on the streets parading around like cowboys demanding pay offs and turning a eye too the ill doings of criminals, the very notion that the town was being abused under the flag of justice was a personal insult that drove kyte mad with anger.

The true picture and gravity of the dire situation of the town only begun to present itself as kyte begun to intermingle with the towns folk themselves and the truth and horror of the disproportion of the islands wealth, the rich having reached the marines, due to the corruption the wealthy of baterilla have been granted immunity to work outside of the law furthering the gap between themselves with the lower class with no disregard for their actions.

This of course created nothing but a rift in the community as the poor got poorer their actions became even more despite the crime rate sky rocketing the lower class forced into stealing and other unsavory acts just to survive another day, the middle class forced into serving and providing for the wealthy not much different from slavery.

All of these factors bared weight on kytes soul forced to witness the horrors of human greed while having to uphold the law, she wondered as she was forced to arrest people with no options but to resort to crime if she was truly doing the right thing, that if their was anything she could do before the town reached a point of no return and turned on one another.

As the days turned into weeks it became more obvious than ever that this town had become rotten to its core, the civil unrest growing by the day kyte would no longer be able to stand back it was the she decided that she would have to take matters into her own hands, Having weeks to devise a course of action she surmised that the biggest problem in the town was a lack of authority.

Having decided to do something she would set one of two plans into action, the first being a application to head quarters for a advance in position in her mind it would allow her the rank to be able to discipline and stamp out the corruption withing the marine ranks, this would directly result in the rich having to live within the law and loosen the strangle hold on the town, the second step of this plan would involve expanding the marine ranks in the town allowing some of the poorer towns folks too obtain a job and self worth, slowly bridging the gap between the economic classes.

However this plan hinged on few too many variables for kyte to confident in its success so being tactically minded she devised another plan, one that could commence immediately, going forth with this would be risky as it would put a metaphorical target on her back, she would no longer ignore the situation around her from this moment enforcing the law on her very own comrades forcibly and publicly arresting anyone involved with the seedy underbelly of the town in hopes of rallying both the townsfolk and just marines around her cause, whilst simultaneously drawing out the corrupt figures hiding in the shadows.

Time was not on her side with each passing day the hatred and unrest was felt more and more, the abuse of power would surely lead to the downfall of the town, As predicted kytes actions had not gone unnoticed stepping in to defend the rights of the weak fighting with different corrupt marines in attempt to clean up the town,The impact of her efforts would remain to be seen as she stepped into unfamiliar territory ready for the path ahead.

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