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1 Sebastian Saint on Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:53 pm


Character Name: Sebastian Saint
Link to Approved Character: Bam Bam
Affiliation: Marine
Occupation: Martial Artist | Beast Tamer
Tier: 2
Bounty/Reputation: 2,500,000
World Position: -
Fate Perks:

  • Lineage (1)
  • Hard Worker (1)
  • Hawk's Eye (1)
  • Cursed Hands (1)
  • Belionare (2)

Fate Points: 0


Primary: Speed
Secondary: Strength
Non-Prioritized: Durability & Perception

Stamina: 250/250

Haki: D
Kenbunshoku Haki: -
Busoshoku Haki: -
Haoshoku Haki: -

Devil Fruit: Dub


Link to Primary Skill Set: Rokushiki
Link to Secondary Skill Set: Kami No Karada
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: -


  • Ti Tan No Ken | Gauntlets

    [color=#cc9900][b]Equipment Name:[/b][/color] Titan's Fists (タイタンの拳 - Tai Tan no Ken)
    [color=#cc9900][b]Equipment Type:[/b][/color] Weapon
    [color=#cc9900][b]Strength Req:[/b][/color] 2
    [color=#cc9900][b]Equipment Description:[/b][/color]
    These Gauntlets were a gift to him, given to him by his father Howard D. Saint when he first joined the ranks of the marines. These gauntlets are gold in color with brown outlining them for a more sophisticated look. The gauntlets have have aspects to it that allow it to store dials inside of them, though of course the dials have to be purchased separately. Only those who have tier 2 strength can wield these strong iron gauntlets.

    [color=#cc9900][b]Curse or Devil Fruit:[/b][/color] -
    [color=#cc9900][b]Units per Slot:[/b][/color]
    [*]2 - 1 Each gauntlet
    [color=#cc9900][b]Experience:[/b][/color] 0

Ships: -

  • Geesix (G6) | Tier 2



    [color=#990000][b]Name:[/b][/color] Geesix (G6)
    [color=#990000][b]Species:[/b][/color] Dinosaur (Ancient)
    [color=#990000][b]Tier:[/b][/color] 2
    [color=#990000][b]Total Experience:[/b][/color] Tier 2 | 13,000
    [color=#990000][b]Primary Attribute:[/b][/color] Speed
    [*][b]Appearance:[/b] Geesix is a Quetzalcoatlus from Little Garden. Being extremely large for her age G6's body is exactly 20 feet long, while her neck extends an extra 5 feet, while her wingspan is 5 meters. Geesix has no teeth which means she usually eats things like worms, snakes, or fruits and vegetables.
    [color=#ff0000]([b]The picture above is Geesix fully grown - Tier 3)[/b][/color]
    [*][b]Personality:[/b] Geesix is extremely lovable and loyal. She often shows compassion for Bam Bam and obeys his every command unless she is absolutely against it. G6 has never been a traitor and will remain by her owners side forever, often showing her love by rubbing against Sebastian and sympathizing with Bam. Sebastian is her main priority. Easy going, when the ancient creature isn't flying she's either eating, sleeping, or playing.
    [color=#990000][b]Special Characteristics:[/b][/color]
    [*][b]Fly like a G6, like a G6:[/b] When using G6, Sebastian does not need ships or other forms of transportation to travel between Islands, Blues, or any area. Tiers needed for ships to traverse the waters depend are applied to G6's body. Geesix can hold up to 2 people while flying.[/spoiler]
    [color=#990000][b]Haki:[/b][/color] Ken
    [color=#990000][b]History:[/b][/color] Obtained through Task

NPCs: -
Grunts: -

Completed Topics: -
Completed Topics This Tier: -


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