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Task Name:Greasy adventures Chapter 1: Arrival at Pirate's den
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Through a series of investigations and favors, Jimbob finally made it pirate's den. A free island without the influence of vega, he felt like it'd be a cool place to start his own lab and do cool sciencey stuff. Life however, had different plans for him. Things don't always go your way and jimmy was about to find that out the hard way. Stupid wolfdogs and some drunk pirates make for a good day ruinerer. Very Happy
Enemy Details:30 Tier 1 pirates with iron swords. 20 Tier 2 pirates with iron swords, 4 tier 3 pirates with flintlock pistols, steel swords. Wild wolf pack
Boss: No sir ee

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It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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Okay so I meant to do more on pirate's den with this task,but it ended up being way too long with me trying to use the event for setting up the task and actually traveling to the island. So I'm turning it in as is. I'll just try to get a wolf next task. e.e

It isn't about the quality of your writing, but rather it's about the quantity.
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