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26 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:24 pm



The cannonball fired through the wreckage of the ship would be countered, it was about time the vice admirals began to fight back. The sky became red with anger as the flares from the base erupted. It meant that Vega had escaped. Sinron had done his job all he could ask for and more. All he needed to do was escape. But he knew that wasn't a option. Granted he wasn't really all human any more due to the terrible things that Vega did to his body. He like others among Vega's ranks had been subjected to terrible experiments. He wasn't loyal to Vega out of willfulness. He was loyal due to the chip implanted in his skull. He could not disobey or try to harm Vega in any way. This was a fitting end for him but he knew of the horrors that Vega had in store for the marines. He didn't want to fight anymore he just wanted to leave this terrible world. As he stood there with his back exposed he would only speak into the mic.

“I am glad murderers call themselves defenders of justice. Vega hid innocent people on those ships. You all will face judgment for this.”

The back of the mech was exposed due to actions and the two attacks would collide with the mech's back as the boosters would be going on full throttle. Sure they would hit but the fire from the thursters would no doubt roast them in the process unless they were fast enough to attack and get out. They would not exit this unscathed. As a last ditch effort the Mech's head would spin around and launch the final laser at the rocket ship moving forward over the island. His final gift to the Marines, a bright destruction that would make sure the ship would not get far or stop the launch of the airship. Sinron felt the impact of both attacks radiate through his mechanical body. As he was bound to this machine through all the connections. Sinron couldn't escape if he wanted to. Electricity radiated through his body. All he could do was laugh, as he lost power to he machine. The cockpit began to explode and gave way to the attacks. The laser would fire as a final gift to the marines. The mech's power faded and the robot, damaged would sink to the bottom of the ocean slowly.

[On Mock Island]

The airship took off with a horde of men and one of the Viper Pirate executives. He was watching the fight the whole time. He could only smile as Sinron was finally free from Vega's torture. He was jealous of such a thing as he to was a cyborg with a chip. The air ship launched upward and took off quickly to not get caught up in the cross fire.

[Submarine out of Marines reach]

Vega crushed his seat handle in anger as he sat there for a moment. Word had come that the machine he created had been stopped. He would not say anything as Oscar watched Vega's actions carefully. “He served his purpose there is nothing to cry over. That was merely a prototype. The next one will be better. He was a test dummy."

Oscar only shook his head in disgust. He saw that Vega had no remorse for his own men. They were mere toys to him. Puppets that danced on strings to his tune. This was not someone he could see himself truly allying with. However, he did not have much of a choice.

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27 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Sat Feb 04, 2017 11:33 pm



Zanji smirked as he reamian vigilant up keeping of his observation haki. His 150 meter area giving him perfect advantage over possible incoming attacks. He held firm his position his arms crossed solemnly  the beach was in shambles from the secondary round of mortar fire. Things were beginning to get out of hand. he needed to defend his position but where in the hell was his back up support. He could of sworn bazel was ahead of him. No matter he still had his trump card up his sleeve. He heard another sound of cannon fire from his side yet another incoming volley and quickly turned his lower half of his legs into flames and shot upwards into the sky.

While maintaining his intangibility  he stopped twenty meters up in the air as he watched the shore line become decimated and become no more. So this was the power of the buster call. It was frightening at first but he acclimated quickly due to knowing about his near invulnerability. Some defender of the island he turned out to be. Things were getting well out of hand and he was loosing ground. He cracked his neck to the side and sighed. Guess it was about time to make up his mind to fight or to flee.

He looked over his shoulder and saw something glimmer in the north eastern side of the island. His eyes narrowed in anger and immediatley his mind raced to the thought of his crew. This had done it he would head towards the north eastern side. His body erupted out flames propelling him as he held back his right hand clenched in anger and in fear. He thought to himself "hang on guys I am on my way." He growled as he moved at his maximum speed at t2 and propelled himself. it wouldn't take him to long to reach that side he could clearly see the unknown flame object in the distance getting closer and closer with each passing second. What he saw when he arrived there was something he did not expect.

he saw blue flames burning on a navy vessel and there stood bazel. He looked about with his haki and caught sight of his men and his ship coming around the bend heading towards the shore. He smiled happily and shoot towards his ship and landed deactivating his after burner and looked at the shore line at bazel. He cupped his hands to his mouth and smiled "Beautiful flames bazel but I recommend getting off the island pronto the marines just destroyed the eastern shore line you need a lift come aboard." He would however remain vigilant and remain intangible from attacks as well as maintain his observation haki, he still did not know the man to well nor did he trust him fully.

zanji stuff:
Haki:115-10= 105/150
Used sixth sense haki

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28 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:16 pm

OOC: Zanji I'm not on the island... Idk how you would talk to me. Also Marine NPC... Cash me ousside

For a slight second Bazel looked at the shore and saw it get wiped clean away which caused him great pain, his crew was on that island "NOOO" he would scream as his pain intensified thinking of everyone he had just lost due to the actions of the marines. A stream of tears flew down Bazel's face while he had his haki activated. Emotions weren't Bazel's strong suit but right now he had to learn how to control them right now if he wanted him and the rest of his men to escape. Looking downwards Bazel would see the destruction caused by him and knew he was a man of great power but now his emotions would guide his next decisions on the battlefield. Taking off to his left Bazel would go in the same position he had taken previously on the aforementioned rubble. Bazel would have done anything needed to dodge the shots that came towards him whether before his position change, now or after. The damage done to the ship Bazel had destroyed was extensive, it was in flames and falling apart by the second. Now being to the ship's right Bazel would release a ball of flames from his mouth which would shoot towards the left edge of the boat hitting it on it's side considering it was too large to move.

Upon Contact the ship would catch flame along with the 40 meter explosion which would happen the moment contact was made. The ship to the left of the hit ship would also catch flame as the flames were coming in it's direction. That would eliminate two birds with one stone and the effects were starting to hit Bazel. He was growing tired fast as he was exerting energy at a high rate as a means of securing what was left of his crews exit. Meanwhile on the ship underwater Kash was waiting uneasily wondering when Bazel would give them the sign to emerge and start their exit. "This is dragging out I wonder what has Baz so busy" said Kash as she released a deep sigh , meanwhile looking rather nervous was Faust who was believing the worst "What if they captured Baz, what if something happened?" he would say. Kash snickered at Faust's comments "You think some beat marine could capture Baz? We know that isn't the case" said Kash who would lean back in her chair with her feet up and proceeded to close her eyes, meanwhile Faust looked at the dashboard "I just hope they're okay." This was the case where Faust was right and Bazel was fighting for their lives.

Haki Active

Skill Name: - Castameres Mercy
Tier: - 4
Type - Normal
Range: - 40 Meters
Speed: - 5
Description: - From his mouth Bazel will release a ball of flames which upon contact with explode into a large flame engulfing a diameter of 40 meters. The height of the flames stands at 10 meters and operates at a tier 4 effectiveness.

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29 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Tue Feb 07, 2017 2:18 pm



[url=]*Click Me*[/url

That is a quick dispute topic about Geno laser blast.

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30 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:00 pm




"I won't stand for this any longer, continue the assault. I will deal with that, Pirate." Vice Admiral Akamine would say to the grunt that would alert him again to the attacking of one of their ships. Any more loses and they would lose too much of their firing force and destroying their portion of the Island would take extremely longer. Quickly, and without any second thought he would seem to vanish from his current position. It as if he would teleport. That wouldn't be the case though as he would simply utilize Geppo to a degree that no one aboard the ship, or well paying attention to him, had seen. This man was called the Invisible Aka for a reason, as his speed was something he has been praised for by enemies and allies alike. This even without the aid of any Devil Fruit. His Observation Haki was pushed to it's absolute limit s he wanted to pint point the threat right away, or whenever he got into range. Though, it wouldn't be hard to see the general area he was in due to how he was attacking the ships.

'The foe must have some abilities that deal with fire. Bombs? Or maybe a Devil fruit?' It didn't matter what form of attack the enemy was using to take out the Warships, or how he was able to produce that quantity of fire. Akamine had already mentally prepared himself to go up against any strange form of attack before arriving here. As their enemy was the pirate Vega; and whoever was attacking this fleet right now was allied with that man. They had to be in the mind of Akamine, that could be the only explanation. Maybe it was to by some time for more Pirates to escape. Or maybe they were cocky enough to believe they would be able to take out an entire fleet without any problem. And from his Haki the person attacking was alone.

Akamine didn't clear the distance from his ship to where the enemy, Bazel, was right away. Taking any needed maneuvers, if something was fired his way during his advance, though he wouldn't have to worry about friendly fire.  But it took him a bit of time to kick through the air to get where he wanted. But he would or he would be confronted by the man himself first, which ever happened first.

"ENEMY SHIP!" Someone would call out as a ship would be spotted. Quickly one of the ships, the closest to the enemy vessel, would take aim. The trained Marines only needing a less than a minute to get the perfect alignment and then the attack that would obliterate the ship upon impact would sail through the sky. Why this ship hadn't left before the arrival of this Fleet wasn't known to anyone but those aboard, and honestly that didn't matter. They had chosen to stay within the danger zone and would pay for this; most ,if not all, with their lives. The cannonball, if noticed in time, could be hit. But, the attack would need to be of great potency[T3]. And that also would prompt another attack from the Warship.

"YOU!" Akamine would say this whether he wasn't stopped in his advance or if the enemy came to him, what he would do wouldn't change. He would still call out to his foe. His fist had been cocked back once his Haki had alerted him to his foe being within the range of his attack, twenty meters. He seemed to be steaming. As his blood was boiling with anger at this point and he would unleash all of that anger with one blow, to avenge those that have fallen. Once he thrust his fist forward, throwing his punch, his attack would decimate all within it's way. It moving at an extremely frighting speed [T5]. The whole area he was in would light up, making this deadly move a real flashy one, but this was just an after effect of the magnitude of this attack. The attack was thirty-meters in diameter and would travel double that.  

It would crumble upon impact and Cudi would do his part All his comrades had to do now was to capitalize on that, and they would. And they would, taking out the mech finally. But, that wasn't their goal here, just something they had to step over. Their goal was to take destroy Jaya Island, to leave nothing for any pirate to come back to. The Two Vice Admirals though that would have done the majority of the work though did have one hurdle though left in their way, but they should be able to manage. Being Vice Admirals being proficient in Haki was something that they had to be, and some good Buso Haki should serve as a strong enough defense. Or the superior speed of the Winged Vice Admiral should be enough to get them out of harms way, just before taking any real damage. But, what they did was up to them, as Cudi was in no position to save them at this moment. As he had to stop another from causing some real damage. He would utilize Soru to position himself in front of the incoming beam of energy, and meet it head on. Something he was able to do now due to his whole body being clad in Buso Haki.

He would then, utilize Geppo to kick forward, to stop himself from being simply pushed back. Use everything he had left to begin to pull up, to send the blast upward into the sky and hopefully away from any of his comrades. As if that attack had, or does, land on the Rocket ship the damage wouldn't be like before. It would be even greater and the casualties from it would be more staggering than the one Warship that had been obliterated. Either way Cudi would be dead or near death from the attack that he was attempting to send into the air.


VC Aka: Geppo & King Punch[T5]
VC Cudi: Soru & Geppo

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31 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:01 am




Now her own actions would come after that of the giant, as Marina was somewhat slower in her flight movement due to having to carry the weight of her sword, the weight of Faith as well as faiths own swords. Even with the Jet Dial in her hand the giant would have had precident to perform whatever movement and ability he had wished to perform without the winged and her partner being in any way in danger. Though the flames that shot forth, downwards to sustain the motion covering the entirety of the back [meaning that those whom would attack the back would be enveloped within the flames easily]. Would be cause for concern. Of course fire rarely bothered her, though it was marina she had to worry about halting her stream of wind Cerulean would shout. "HIGHER THEN THROW ME" she ordered. "What?" "JUST DO IT" shouted Cerulean with no time to lose.

Samarin ascended in to the air, while doing so Cerulean sheathed Gem, pulling mini from her sheathe it would be this blades time to shine, though not made of the seastone material that Gem held, she was sturdy and beautiful, she also was living, holding the power of a dinosaur within her. That was not the power needed at this point in time as they spun around. Samarin gave a great moan as she utilized all her strength to throw the petite woman whom now shot towards the mecha, the Jet dial in hand allowing a burst of intense speed. Yes her vision now tunnelled though her haki helped to control her. The mecha's size was enough to make sure she did not miss her mark.

The giant hopefully by now had heeded her words, and had left the vacinity, her words of justice left her lips. Light shone from the laser but she could not afford to be off guard. The flames of the thrusters? They did not touch her, flowing through the sword that also was engulfed in fire, being absorbed in to the imbedded dial. Sure heat was an issue but weaker to her than anything else. With the added durability of her buso, the ability to feel heat and fire at a lesser degree and the absorbtion of her fire dial, she was not halted by the flames nor entirely bothered by them. Her sword connected and lightning erupted forth.

The rest went as planned, the lasor shot forth, the explosion of the mecha following, the dimmness of the aura of the mecha's wielder from the internal explosion that seemed not to pementrate the titanium shell. Now like the Mecha she fell, though unlike the mecha the winged marine would grasp her. "GIANT RECOVER THAT MECHA" she shouted. Alas the aura of the beast master hit long ago had faded, Cudi's aura flickered as he took the laser head on. "WHAT AN IDIOT, SAMARIN GO" she shouted to her fellow Vice Admiral, with as much speed as she could muster Samarin flew towards Cudi's location, releasing the swordswoman in to the sea, she submerged, kicking as fast as she could to grasp her fellow marine. To many had been lost, she would not allow him to die here, not when she had yet to whip him with her words.

Breaching the water she pulled Cudi up as high as she could allowing Samarin to grasp on to him. "Get him to safety, order the ships to fire on Jaya, this ends here, rid the island of its existance" she shouted as Samarin flew off while she heself swam to the nearest ship, ascended it quickly though somewhat out of breath, her hair scorched slightly, her clothing wet and ashy yet she seemed fine. Her blades resheathed though she had sadly dropped her jet dial. She gave the order, every ship including the protected rocket ship fired, moving as they did so, the buster call advancing onwards, decimating the island piece by piece, a never ending volley of explosions rocked the world. In a matter of minutes Jaya would be no more.

She had seen the air ships light upon her attack, she had chosen to save a marine life, the mission was not over, but for now she knew she had done right, she would not allow any more of her fellow marines to die, not today.

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32 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:25 pm




Bitches Moisture

Carrying my loaded


Sliver was one unfortunate lad! Why? Because he had drown due to the lack of resource the marines had in this campaign. His body had landed with a thud against a piece of mountain 30 meters from the surface of the water . Due to sliver being with out oxygen he had died a simple death. But what made it more bad was he didn't just die from lack of oxygen but also the injuries he had taken from the wind wall itself.

Locating his body with the use of Haki would be impossible.

Rear Admiral Kronus:

Kronus had successfully release his shock wave. The outcome of his shock waves hitting the giant mecha would lightly dent the entire mecha body. That was something that Kronus could live with after all the orders was issue for Kronus to pull out, and that exactly what he intend to do . Unfortunately before he could Kronus was met by fire, and smoke due to the giant mecha thrusters his Kenbunshoku Haki had alert him of this threat as it came. His attempt with Wrath would be halted due to the danger these flames poses but his Hasshoken ability would continue forward hitting it goal.

Lucky the Rear Admiral was already clad in Busoshoku Haki the areas selected was both his legs,chest, and his left hand. The other area's was protected by Soru Iron Limbs, and his high level Hasshoken. Upon the flames hitting Kronus body they would be repel by Hasshoken Iron body lv 3. Using this opportunity/ opening the Rear Admiral would activate Kamisori then disappear to the right for about 20 meters  moving at speed that of sound{T5}. He would do this before Vice Admiral could strike, and disappear just as his shock wave ability was successfully.

The Rear Admiral guard was up halting his advancement to the right after he had successfully escape the range of the thrusters which was 8 meters in radius. While he maintain his Geppo in the air he begin to heavy breath due to the amount of stamina he had already use. Kronus was about 40 meters from  the right of mecha body as Vice Admiral Faith landed her attack successfully. Upon Vice Admiral Faith commands Kronus was only 6 meters from the  surface of the water, and 40 meters to the right of the mecha body.

Though Kronus didn't like the fact he was doing grunt works he follow his orders. As the mecha descend into the abyss of the water Kronus would exactly reach the mecha location utilizing his Geppo to reach the mecha location then if needed drive into the water then swim down to recover it while using Geppo to increase his movements in water if needed.

Upon reaching the mecha Kronus would secure it by grabbing hold of it upper body then use Geppo to push the mecha, and himself out the water. Then precede to head toward a marine ship to place the mecha on using Geppo to aid him.

The speed Kronus utilize was exact so success was secure in his attempt to retrieve the mecha. Upon securing the mecha Kronus would rest on the buster call ship that he had place the mecha own. He was sure to place the mecha onto the deck of the ship carefully so it wouldn't be in the way of the cannons or harm anyone on board. He had release his rokushiki,and but kept his haki own just in case.


Npc Info:

*Ichi Stamina Condition*:


*Ichi Haki*:

[i]~B rank Haki Sixth sense, and Hawk Eye

*Ichi Equipment*:

~*Big Black, Seeker, and other ammo*

~*Grand Arc*

Big Black :
~ 20 standard ammo rounds {Iron bullets for Big Black}

~Big Black Chamber:
3 Seastone Rounds in Big Black Chamber, and 2 Titanium Rounds.

~8 more Titanium Rounds 3 for  the Big Black, and 5 for Seeker.

~10 Steel Rounds 5 for either  gun.

~5 Sea Stone Rounds in Seeker chamber.

*Sliver Is Dead*:


*Silver Equipment*:

*Silver Haki*:

Nigga Sleep

* Kronus Stamina Condition*:


*Kronus Equipment*:

~1 Baby Den Den Mushi

*Techniques Use*:

{25} for Kamisori, and {5} for Upkeep of Geppo, and {45} Hasshoken Iron Body Lv3

~Skill Name: Kamisori
Tier: 2
Type Speed
Range: 20m
Speed: Own
Description: Kronus uses Geppo in combination with Soru to allow him to take off{Jump} into the air while attaining max speed when doing so he reach his maximum. This allows him to travel up to 20m maximum through the use of these two techniques. +.5 Speed.

~Skill Name: Geppo
Tier: 1
Type Normal
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Description: The Geppo allows the users to actually jump off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual. While the technique itself affords several advantages both in and out of battle for the user, it has but one major weakness: since its usage depends heavily on the user's legs, restraining, damaging, or pinning down any major parts of their lower body can significantly disrupt Geppo. The amount of distance it can cover is reliant on your speed stat.

~Skill Name: Hasshoken Iron Body Lv3
Tier: 3
Type Defensive
Range: Self
Speed: 4
Description: Kronus is able to release a consist  shock wave through out his body. The shock waves act as an shield that protect the user body form  physical  attacks, and some elemental attacks  . The activating of this skill must be PRIOR to the hit landing for the skill to work.( One tier 4 attack, Two tier three attacks, 3 tier 2 attacks, and 4 tier ones. )This defensive ability only work on those who make contact which him acting as an perfect shield . Those who clashes with this shield is subject to being harm by both internal , and external. The damage  follows the MDC. Which consist of several broken bones, and severe bruise organs which can lead to internal bleeding. He is able to move while using this technique.

*Kronus Haki*:

~C rank Kenbunshoku, and Busoshoku Haki activate.{10 Upkeep for Ken, and + 15 for Busoshoku Haki }

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33 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:31 am



The mecha that held the marines at the island would be no more. The airship would have came to life and taken off with another detachment of Vega's goons. As far as the other pirates on the island it was up to them to escape on their own as Vega has abandoned them. Silver has drowned so one life for another right?

Pirate NPC involvement has concluded. Posting will continue without pirate npc.

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34 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:28 pm

OOC: High key don't feel like posting anymore so I'm gonna bounce.

Bazel felt someone coming at him sharply through his haki from the ship furthest from his curret location. Bazel would take this time to change just the edge of his hand so he could communicate with his crew mates. "Oi, Kash come up I'm coming aboard" said Bazel before his hand turned back into a flaming wing. When the foe Bazel sensed came into rage he would initiate an attack against the flamed bird but Bazel simply dodged it by going right just as he dodged everything else. Bazel would head further out towards the eastern sea where the top of his ship was sticking out with a waving hand. Bazel would disarm himself from his wings and board the ship.


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35 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Sun Feb 12, 2017 1:44 pm



With his haki still active he and his men watched as sadly the once bountiful island in the grandline was soon becoming reduced to nothing. the marines had gone way to far this time. Unleashing a buster call upon a island and for what to catch a enemy pirate. No things were going to change. He sensed the incoming cannonball and chuckled ans he turned the bottom of his feet into flames and shouted at his navigator " Time to go boys we've done all we could but we will make sure the marines will pay for this." He and his ship thankfully had been out of range from the unknown attack that came at bazel his men however were somewhat shaken up.

He was headed at a direct course for interception with the cannon ball and pulled it back and activated his armament haki. He would stop at twenty meters at height but that was the maximum he could go however he would be well within the interception path. He smirked and used with a strength of t3 he returned the cannonball back towards the closest marine ship sending it flying at them his entire body becoming phased except for his right arm that hit the cannonball. He smirked and would watch the cannonball soar straight towards the hull of the enemy ship if not intercepted. " Get the dawn bringer out of here hisashi were done, Alright riflemen take each side of the ship and cover for anymore incoming projectiles. the riflemen nodded and grabbed there rifles 5 take on the left side while five took the right side their arms raised and cocked ready to fire at a moments notice. Zanji panted slightly as he was using quite a bit of haki the upkeep was rough but he needed to keep it up he needed to protect his men and his ship. Hisahshi took the helm and the dawnbringer with it's entire crew took off heading at full speed of 20 knots. This was a lost battle however the war was far from over.

(Zanji Exit)

Zanji stuff:
Haki:105-10= 95/150
Used sixth sense haki
I have t5 strength but i held back to t3 to return the cannonball so i could return the cannon ball back to the attacking ship and t3 durability.

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36 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:26 am



Jayas destruction was imminent, upon the total annihilation the war ships along with all those on it would drift back to whence they came, Cerluean was already writing her letter to the fleet admiral explaining her outrage at the other Vice Admirals whom did nothing within the battle, as well as the lack of any real knowledge granted it was indeed a shambles. With this the buster call ships where gone, Jaya island no more.


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37 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:01 am



Greatful that he had survive the Buster Call Campaign but still trouble with the death of Sliver. The Rear Admiral decide it would be best to train so he could become stronger. More importantly he had felt somewhat indebted to Vice Admiral Faith for her overall performance in the campaign so much that he decide to give her 9 million beli for her outstanding performance in this campaign.  Hopefully Kronus action was enough to catch his superiors eyes or even push him closer to the position in which he strive for a position none other  Admiral.


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38 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:58 pm




Now wasn't this a sight. Someone had actually dodged the attack from quickest Vice Admiral, and he was impressed. But his focus would shift to that of a cannon ball heading toward one of the ships and he would us the same move as before, albeit a weaker version, to destroy it. The Spotters were able to get a look at who had attacked the ships, so those guys wouldn't be safe. That is all he would manage though as they would escape, and he would feel pity for them. So, he would make chase but return to his ship. And then he would wait. Watching it all come to an end. Jaya Island was no more, completely gone. And the Marine vessels will head out, awards to be given out to those that showed great courage during this whole ordeal. No one expected Vega to have such a machine at his disposal.


Bounty/Reputation: 70 Million
Beli: 0
EP: 40,000

Bounty/Reputation: 25 Million
Beli: 0
EP: 25,000

Bounty/Reputation: 20 Million
Beli: 0

Bounty/Reputation: 9 Million
Beli: 0 Million
EP: 20,000

SP: 10

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39 Re: [Event] BUSTER CALL on Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:18 am



All rewards have been applied

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