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1 [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:41 pm

Event Task:

Task Name:The start of a New Era?!
Location: Nanohana, Alubarna, Katorea, Ancient Ruins for the conflict
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team

Davy Jones was a man, no Legend, many Pirate's respected and aspired to be; the news of his Death has angered a specific man. The Yonko Raphael Aleksejev who used to serve on the crew of Davy Jones. But, something stronger than revenge took over him. And that was greed. With Davy Jones dead the treasure of his was now open to be grabbed. Something Raphael has always wanted but due to Davy Jones being alive could never get close to, due to a Curse being put on the treasure. But now that curse was no longer able to hold him back, as it ended when Davy Jones died. And so he sets off to Alabasta, with the entirety of his crew.

The map that those who tried their best to get will change after those began to change. The direction on it would complete fade away and a message will appear.

"You have passed the first test. Congratulations. I will cut right to it. If you wish to gain riches of a King, without any real hassle, pour salt onto the map. If you wish to gain the riches of the heavens pour sand onto the map."

If someone's greed over took them and sand would be poured onto the map they will get an map to Alabasta. There all those that choose to go there will meet a menacing Mink who will explain to them they will be going after the the riches of Davy Jones; and that they will be facing the crew of a Yonko in order to get it. The Mink will explain that you, or you and your crew, will not be facing the Yonko directly but dealing with those under him. He also explains that he and a few others will assist you in this endeavor.

Those that don't wish to fight against a Yonko are allowed to take their map back to wherever they were. But, they will not receive any form of riches.

The amount of enemies within Alabasta are more than any one crew could handle. Marines trying their best to stop this sudden surge of Pirate Scum and the Pirates of a Yonko just doing whatever they please while they wait for their Captain. True chaos has befallen Alabasta.

Enemy Details:

Rival Pirate Crew: 30 T0, 15 T1, 10 T2, 1 T3

Sand T5 option
Pirates of the Yonko: 115 T0-T1, 20 T2, 2 T3
Marines: 200 T0-T1, 8 T3

Allies Details:
Minks: 20 T2, 1 T4 Mink[Can pick what he looks likes. Stats are +1 from what the enemy bosses have.]



Name: Leiko
Alias/Epithet: Cleaving Sheep
Race: Mink
Gender: Female
Age: 24

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Pirate
Tier: 4

Equipment Name: Muramasa
Equipment Type: Weapon
Strength Req.: 3
Equipment Description:
The blade is a 22 inch long and 10 inch wide blade which weighs roughly 185lbs. It’s a weapon primarily used for cleaving purposes, the blade’s make titanium in nature. The Sori(back) of the blade is made of seastone trailing along the twenty-two inch fram of the weapon.
Attachments: N/A
Curse or Devil Fruit: N/A
Materials: Titanium and Seastone
Units per Slot: 1
Haki: Both
Attribute Priority:
Strength: 7
Speed: 6
Durability: 5
Perception: 5
General Appearance:
Refer to picture provided above.
Height: 6'7
Weight: 197lbs
Leiko is a proud mink whose personality is high obnoxious. She’s very vain, constantly mentioning the softness of her wool and her methods in grooming. Though slightly air-headed however, she’s not to be underestimated as unintelligent, actually, that’s what she’ll love you to think as she robs you blind because much more than her woolen coat, she loves money. Her greed for becoming an extremely wealthy woman left her to leave Zoa at the age of nineteen, hence then, she’s amassed several fortunes. Leiko loves grass, she’s often seen chewing on a stalk of grass and during her meals, the vegetable portions consist of leafy greens, far surpassing anything else on her plate. Vindictive streak?, not a bone in her body believes in inflicting unnecessary pain to others, however, mess with any of her crew members, you might just end up headless. Leiko has no problem with bloodshed, she garnered her nickname for beheading ten slavers who tried to kidnap one of her crew members. She currently sports a bounty of over 300,000,000 Million.

Event NPC:


Name: Marauders Pirate Brigade
Alias/Epithet: Gentlemen Syndicate
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18-24

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Pirate
Use: Combat
Tier: 0-1
For Tier 0: 25 Rifle Bearers | 15 Weapon Specialist - x 40
For Tier 1: Steel Longswords (16-18inches) - x 75
For Tier 2: Titanium Longswords(18-20inches) x 20
Haki: Busosho
Attribute Priority:
T0 - All Tier 1 Stats in priority.
T1 - Tier 2 Strength and T1 in all other priorities.
T2 - Tier 3 Strength and T2 in all other priorities.

General Appearance:

Height: 5’8-6’2
Weight: 185-200lbs
The Marauders are a pack of musketeers that severe the Yonko Raphael Underling Twins, Renaldo and Felix, The Blood Ruby Twins. They’re gentlemen in nature, they’ll avoid killing if necessary but aren’t afraid to fight for their leader’s cause.  

Name: The Blood Ruby Twins - Renaldo and Felix
Alias/Epithet: Blood Ruby Twins
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age:  18 | 25

Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Pirate
Use: Combat
Tier: 3
Titanium Tier 4 Jousting Sword With Seastone Tip
Haki: Both
Attribute Priority:
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Durability: 4
Perception: 5

Strength: 5
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Perception: 5

General Appearance:

Height: 7’9 | 8’
Weight: 225lbs | 245lbs
Felix personality is nonchalant, he’s very independent and moves to the rhythm of his own drum even though he’s underneath a Yonko’s Banner. His brother Renaldo is a little bit more clever and quick witted, bases all of his movements on calculated steps moving to the tee of Raphael’s plans. Both of the brothers are born savages, having to fight in a series of scrimmages as orphan’s on Hebi.


Name: Branch 88
Alias/Epithet: Florian Triangle Ruffians
Race: Human
Gender: Male | Female
Age: 19-26

Occupation: Marksman | Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 0-1
Custom T2 Pistols | Rifle | Steel Katanas
Haki: N/A
Attribute Priority:
Tier 0 - All attributes are Tier 1. X100 (25 Rifle | 50 Swordsmen | 25 Bazooka)
Tier 1 - All attributes are Tier 2. x100
General Appearance:

Height: 5’8-6’0
Weight: 189-195lbs
This branch is one of the rowdiest on Paradise under the command of Marine Rear Admiral Pierre. The have expertise in subduing Paradises wildest rookies and have clashed with Cappadonna months before his imprisonment.

Name: Pierre Rogue  
Alias/Epithet: Metal Mouth
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Occupation: Martial Artist - Hasshoken
Affiliation: Pirate
Devil Fruit: Hachi Hachi No Mi - Harden Harden Fruit
This fruit allows the eater to harden the body at will, increasing defense capabilities. Not even the drilling power of the King Cannon could break through it, as it was the floor caving in that defeated him. The user can also increase the temperature of their hardened body portions, which can be used to increase damage done to the opponent, enough to set his chair ablaze upon contact.
Tier: 3
Seastone Gauntlets Mixed With Steel  - T4
Titanium Metallic Braces - T3
Haki: Both
Attribute Priority:
Strength: 6
Speed: 5
Durability: 4
Perception: 4

General Appearance:

Height: 9’5
Weight: 245lbs
Pierre is the ultimate ruffian and commander of the 88 Branch. He’s scattered across the map and collected the finest marine Captains to serve under his branch. He’s very ambitious and hard headed, often sneaking around in non-marine attire and mingling with civilians until things look favourable on his end.


OCC Notes:

NB: The other marine Captain’s have similar attribute specialisations and practice Hasshoken. I’ll leave any interactions with them up to the participants and the Staff.

NB.2: You can start from anywhere on the map(except for Alubarna) but note, this thread’s main conflict will occur in Alubarna(Capital City)

NB.3: All Minks attributes are as follows at Tier 2. Tier 3 Strength and T2 in all other priorities.

NB.4: In the thread, it's currently one day before the rumoured Yonko Army is about to arrive. You can stage your entrance anytime before this point but not after.

NB.5: This thread is under 48 hour conditions. We have ten posts to clear, let’s get it!

SolarGravitas & VitasStrong BirdBlitz SticksOto OtoOto Tier 3NitufiaSantufiaNitufia - Tier 2Flight & Fight
Charlotte & Caprice WeaponsNico & Juju's Weapons
"We're all caged song birds, waiting for someone to hear our sound"

As the Dutchman docked on the shores of Alabasta once again, The Songbird’s reasoning for returning to surface level had to do with the last words exchanged between Elena and themselves. They’d agreed to meet up months later to chase after the co-ordinates on the map, however, during the conflict on Skypiea, the contents on the map had altered. On the surface of the map, the coordinates and the island depicted had mysteriously faded, on it’s surface the words had mysteriously appeared:

"You have passed the first test. Congratulations. I will cut right to it. If you wish to gain riches of a King, without any real hassle, pour salt onto the map. If you wish to gain the riches of the heavens pour sand onto the map."

Docking on the Coast of Katorea, the Songbirds sat on the deck of the ship, examining the map in a circular manner. In the centre of the forecastle deck, Charlotte, Junbei, Caprice, Juju and Nico, each examined the map’s contents, representing segments of the pie shape pattern the pirate crew possessed. “If you wish to gain the riches of a King…. Pour salt?” Charlotte read inquiring puzzle. “Riches of the heavens… Throw Sand.” Caprice commented, nodding his head. “Hoho… What an interesting riddle. Seeing as we literally came from the Heaven’s should we case after the King’s own?” Juju said chuckling lightly. “What’s a King to a God? I say go for the heavens.” Nico commented. “Glory for the brave and the bold.” Junbei said grinning. Letting down their anchor, Hennessy and Iley swapped the ship’s deck along with their former boss, Jacob.

A gust of wind struck the ship, blowing the map overboard. After chasing the cursed treasure map, making sure to only allow Junbei to grab for it, due to Elena's past coma fiasco, the map laid on the sandy bay. Lunging from his ship, the man reached towards the map, however, as he temporarily glided in mid-air, the sandy coast became his bed. As a dust field of sand shimmered onto the map, it revealed the island Alabasta, as Junbei now laid in the dirt, the map floated right in front of his face. On it’s on content’s was a giant ‘X’, located several paces on the map, behind the city named Alubarna. Chasing after Junbei onto the coast, Charlotte paired at the Cursed Map intently. “It seems whatever where looking for… is literally located in this place called Alubarna. I believed we docked off the coast of Katorea, meaning, if continue North, we’ll eventually reach Alubarna.” Charlotte concluded.

Meanwhile, in Nanohana, a group of reported ‘Standing Animal’s’ took up base in the small town’s most noted perfume shop, ‘Lewis Retailers’. Resting her enlarged katana on her shoulder, the woman cleaned the blood from her woolen face with a special grooming cloth, designed specifically for cleaning her hair, sparkling clean. The shop was quite meager in size, maybe around 1,000 Sq Feet in width and even more underwhelming 800 Sq Feet height against the surface. It was one story, it’s main storefront situated to the South of the shop, while it’s main stock was located to the North of the Property. Surrounding the building was at most ten soldiers in number, each covering the perimeter of the property, separating the distance between each other by 150 Sq Feet. Every ten hours, the Mink warriors was change shift, shooing away the locals from the building with scary demeanors, however, most of the Mink’s wanted to commit acts of minkship on the locals. However, these urges were repressed by their Captain’s stern command, ‘Ignore the Lesser Minks until our Mission is accomplished.’ Sitting on the inside of the building, the mink woman pressed her weary back on the owner’s rocking chair, getting her men to position the shop’s mirror directly in front of her. “When dawn strikes… The Lesser Minks should make their move.” Leiko commented, fascinated with her reflection in the mirror, gnawing gingerly on a grain of wheat she’d recovered from the building, rendering the workers and it’s owners unconscious with slight thumps on their foreheads.

Inside Alubarna Castle, murmurs trickled through the Royal Court, filling the hearts of the Royal Council with fear. “You must be mistaken!” one of the nobles shouted immensely enraged, slamming his hands against the maple table top. In the Council Room, several members of the Alabasta High Council discussed the alarming new revealed to them from their informants in the Market. “Calm down… It’s only a rumour.” one of the other nobles exclaimed, signalling for the servants to pour him a drink into his mug. “Rumour… If you believe that at this stage… You're delusional. The Revivre has summoned our King… and all of the highest ranking guards in the National Army. After submitting our initial report… It might’ve been a rumour then, but since that fortnight, the marines have sent over 200 hundred troops, several of which are commanding officers, who stormed these Castle Walls… To anticipate that ‘man’s’ nakama…” the Noble reported, picking up his glass from the counter, his hand shaking, steady speech and eloquent phrasing could only suppress, on the outside, the true turmoil he felt inside of his heart. A silence befell the table, “The Gentleman of Gems, Raphael Aleksejev’s men are planning to raid Alubarna in five days. According to the intelligence from the Cipher Pol, I’ve confirmed these reports to be true… Our King May not have a Kingdom to come back home to… By dawn we should know our answer. Our time is up.” a next Noble stated, his hands propping his head up, his facial expression, like many others in the room was filled with dread.

Skills | Misc Traits. :
Stamina | Haki Usage:
NPC's Present :

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2 Re: [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:04 pm




It had been a few days at the oriental port where the mighty monk had arrived. A large individual entered Alabasta who had heard of some trouble on the horizon. Something that he just needed to be apart of there was no question about it. All over the world several events that would change a many fate had begun. It was time to make himself known to the world after leaving the blues. He had been flying under the radar with several false identities since he got to the Grandline. He made quite a mess in the blues for the Marines before leaving that region. However, that story would be told a different time. Geno had been staying at a local inn trying to figure out this map he had come across some days ago from a group of pirates he demolished. He was trying to casually eat his meal before a group of ruffians waltz into the diner causing issues for everyone in a cliché manner. They had just been fresh out of the blues and had their first big adventure. Drunk on the fruits of their success they thought they could takeover the oriental docks uncontested. Geno was going to keep to their lane but they just had to disturb him while he was eating. To be brief there is no longer a inn and those pirates won't be moving for a while. He looted all their cash and their maps. Maybe they were heading for somewhere who could know. They sure aren't talking for a bit.

One of the maps was a map to Alabasta, seemed like the only useful one of the bunch. As the other ones were mainly blues related. This was the only Grandline one so he kept it. On the third day he decided he would head inland where there was more populated areas according to the guide he spoke with. He geared up, (got his monk robe and turban on with a backpack full of supplies) and rented a camel. One that would be his preferred mode of transportation. It would take roughly a whole days worth of riding before he got anywhere. He would start early in the morning and being his journey.

[Few hours later]

All of Geno's emotions were summed up into one singular word.


Was how he was feeling at the giving moment. He was hot, sweaty, and hungry. He did not want to set up camp just yet because it was mid day roughly and he had daylight to burn. He stopped for a moment to get a drink of his liquid heaven in this desert hell. As he reached into his bag he accidently pulled out too much and the map under the canteen plopped right out. It unfurled and landed in the sand. The hot desert wind decided to be a little shit at that very moment and blow sand all over it.

“Fucking hell.” he said while rolling his eyes. He quickly hopped off the camel and pointed at the awkward looking beast. “Don't you go anywhere.” The camel's eyes were nonchalant and it just spit to the side. With a head shake Geno quickly dug the map out of the sand. He pulled the out and flicked the sand off of it. At that very moment some mystical shit began to happen. Ink swirled and began to materialize right in front of Geno's very eyes. “What the...”

Before he could finish his sentence the ink placed a marker on the main palace. A dotted line leading from his very position, the map became  a magical gps of sorts if you wanted to call it that. He could only smile as the heavens had shown him favor. He actually read the text that was on the map for the first time.

"You have passed the first test. Congratulations. I will cut right to it. If you wish to gain riches of a King, without any real hassle, pour salt onto the map. If you wish to gain the riches of the heavens pour sand onto the map."

“I guess fate made the choice for me.” Geno believed all things happened for a reason as he did believe in a higher power. A being that exists above all that governs this universe. Reading the map Geno realized he would be heading to the royal city, Alubarna. Apparently this is where all this treasure from heaven was. He got excited because who knew where exactly this map would take him in the royal city. He took a quick swig of his water and hopped back on the camel with his personal guide. "Hyea!" He yelled kicking the camel to make it race towards his destination.

Little did our hero know he was about to embark on a adventure that will change his life.

"I am the solution"
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3 Re: [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:49 am

In progress

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4 Re: [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:43 am

You see the son of the Pirate Queen wasn't fully well. While traveling to whatever island he was on at the moment. A huge storm had appeared out of nowhere, creating waves that made the ship rock back and forth. Himself being on the edge of the railing as the storm shook the ship, would cause him to be thrown overboard. Like a sack of feces from an animal ship.

Nearly drowning, if it was not for his newly recruited crew member. A mysterious man whose name was Joy Boy, coming from the crew of his mom, the Gunsmoke Pirates. Apparently his mom felt that he was still unprotected as she left him on his own. Something he was greatly annoyed by.

Still coughing as he walked onto the sand of the Island, he would say “Joy Boy, didn't my mom give you a map or something. I hate sand and I want to hurry and leave this hell”. Said Apollo with a tone.

It didn't matter what you did to stop it. You could be walking as slowly as possible and sand would still get into your shoe and make its way in between your toes. It was as if it had a mind of its own.

“From the looks of it Apollo. The map is pretty basic, but I th”... The wouldn't finish his sentence as a large gust of wind would come from the east, taking the map out of the his grio and sending it surging forward towards the ocean. “Hurry, get it!” screamed Apollo towards his 3 crewmates as all of them would begin to run hastily in the sand. Their speed being slow due to them moving through the thickness of it. However, the Cyborg Genome had other plans. Using his full strength he would step hard into the sand as he shot forward, his hand stretched to the heavens as his fingers would come to grip the piece of paper. Though, he didn't come down softly. Being high up in the air, he would fall to the ground. Upon impact sand would fly everywhere. Covering him as well as his 3 pirate crewmates.

It was as if if the air itself was getting hotter. “Genome, please, just give me the map.” said Apollo as he would try to begin to calm down.

Walking towards the man who was still lying on the ground in a awkward position. He would reach forward and snatch the map out of his hand. Looking at the map he would say “Now from the looks of WHAT THE HELL”. Screamed the man as the map would begin to start changing. The map had completely changed revealing a name of a placed called Arabsta or Alabasta some shit he could barely read.

Becoming frustrated, he would say “Hey Xena, you mind taking this map. You are the Navigator”. The woman would happily take the map as she stood near Apollo saying “Ok, our log shifted to the Sandy Island of Alabasta and from the looks of it. The map is a map of Arabasta, the sandy kingdom. I haven't encountered these maps before, but I do know that these cursed maps lead to loads of treasure. So captain, do you want to go on an adventure”. Asked the woman.

The captain of the still unnamed pirate crew would smirk. “You guys ready to go on an adventure.” said Apollo.

The scene would seem to darken as ominous music would begin to play. The unnamed crew of Apollo having docked in the Oriental Port didn't know what they were going to be gettinf themselves into.

Character Name: Apollo Daffodil
Link to Approved Character
Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Martial Artist
Tier: 2
Bounty/Reputation: 62,883,750
World Position: Noble
Fate Perks:
Devil's Meddle - Allows you to ingest a Devil Fruit.
Lineage - Allows you to have blood relations to one World Position NPC. Tell us what NPC in the Fate Points section of the character app. Also requires mandatory 250 words explaining this relation through history. (Fiona Daffodil)
Gold Blood - Allows you to start as a Noble/Royal See World Position System. You can claim an unclaimed Island or make a new one. (Pirate's Den)
Hawk's Eye - Gives you the capacity to utilize Kenbunshoku Haki.
Fate Points: 1

Primary: Strength- 4
Secondary: Speed- 2
Non-Prioritized: Perception- 2 and Durability- 2

Stamina: 250

Haki: Unawoken
Kenbunshoku Haki:
Busoshoku Haki:
Haoshoku Haki:

Devil Fruit: Magu Magu no Mi

Link to Primary Skill Set: Power of Hell
Link to Secondary Skill Set:
Link to Tertiary Skill Set:

Queen Azula's Revenge
Grunts: 100 on Islurl

Completed Topics
Completed Topics This Tier

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5 Re: [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:11 pm

Eile mit Weile
And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. - 2 Corinthians 11:14

A black sun called her name. It’s undeniable radiance and inescapable gravity overwhelmed every sense. “Rokuju…” It beckoned her, in her own voice. “...Rise now, for it is morning.. Set the sky ablaze and bring forth the new era.. Everything begins and ends with you…” The sun opened it’s eyes, two piercing blue sapphires. The tendrils of sunlight bordering the black sun slowed into a wavy motion, condensing into a mane of blonde hair. Even without features, the sun seemed to sneer at her. “Kukukuku…”

Sitting up in bed, Ro massaged her eyes. Oh how she wished these episodes were dreams.


“Now you just wait here and hold the fort until I get back, Okay?” Ro spoke to a little whirring box as she was gathering her things. EDI reassured her that everything would be taken care of and that her products would be ready when she got back. Whew. Wiping a bead of sweat away from her brow, she peered out the window at the desert landscape. Today would be another scorcher, not unlike the day in which she had met a young man by the name of Junbei. She smiled fondly at the memory. It was a strange experience to be sure, but when your life was as regimented and stressed as hers was, you come to enjoy those uncomfortable moments in hindsight. Oh well, it was about time to be off. Waving goodbye to her contraption, she exited the bunker out into the summer's’ morn. After working in solitude for a while she had started treating EDI more like another person somewhere along the way. She really did need to get out more often.

Her first steps were made out into the sand, light rubber shoes protecting her feet from the burning granules. She began marching toward the port city of Katorea. She was pretty close already, what with this little base of hers being situated near the south-eastern coast. The Vinsmoke had been anticipating if or when this day would come. That damned cursed map had finally given up it’s secrets. Not that she knew what it said herself, for she only had a copy of the map that she had been given by Junbei’s crew. But she had her sources. Apparently there were other maps scattered around the Grand Line. Like a spider in the middle of an expansive web, she could feel the tremors approach as new players entered the Island’s vicinity.

Yes, things were heating up, even the locals could tell that something was amiss. She had even heard whispers of a reviere going down, the nobles of the world being hauled off to the holy lands for.. Some reason. She couldn’t seem to find out anymore of what was going on no matter how far she probed. Ro wondered if any of her siblings would be getting involved in that ordeal, but the thought quickly left her head. That was none of her concern right now. Their lives now seemed so abstract from her own reality that they could have been living on a different planet for the last year. Oh well, that had been partially her fault. As business had picked up, she had been focusing more on her domestic efforts. This was another reason she was keen to get herself into some trouble.

Soon enough she was strolling through Kratorea, heading down for the docks. A white silk scarf wrapped itself over her head, the shade hiding the eyebrow that curled up and over her eye in the shape of a nine. Under a grey and yellow vest hid her central system, a thin, homemade onesie of woven synthetics and fibre optics that clung tightly to her figure. An energy pistol sat strapped up to each wrist in their little containers. There were a set of small plastic capsules hidden around her body in various places for ease of access. Yes she was ready, but nervous as to what was going to happen. For such a meticulous planner, throwing herself into such an uncontrolled situation was exhilaratingly reckless. But she guessed that this was the essence of piracy itself, and something that people like the Songbird were used to.

Before long, Ro was standing on the docks, looking out over the sea. To look out over the vast ocean was one of the simple pleasures anyone could enjoy. With it’s glimmering wave caps to it’s salty depths, today it was hard to believe that such a thing hated her so much. Pulling down her scarf, her bare skin would catch the sun’s rays. She sparkled, ever so slightly, as if pieces of glitter were inlaid into her pores. Past regrets, present stresses and future worries. They all melted away in the moment. And here she would wait.

When Junbei arrived, she would accompany him by sea or land, however him and his crew wished to travel from then on.

[820] words
setting up EDI (20% crafting wc reduction) with automated systems
400 Make gadget - central system
400 Upgrade - central system 0 -> 1
20 left
Gear: central system, 2 x energy pistols, dynamic capsules

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6 Re: [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:25 pm


Special Chapter: The New Era

Task Track "Yo! Name is Joey Jones! Navigator of Jacky; Dynamo Jacky! Were seeking to establish the damn most fabulous pirate crew ever to exist out on the seven seas of this world! Then maybe chicks will dig me you know!?" Unveiling the utmost beautiful introduction to ever be set by a pirate of yet very little fame, the panel flashes to an anew brand scene.

"Get your ass out of my face dip shit! Smells like pure ass!" Insulting and shoving Jacky away from him within the small amount of cramped space they own and or share. "It's cause it is an ass! Plus, its not my fault that I'm in this position! We had to sneak into this barrel fast before we got caught!" Defending the reasoning behind the odd position that he; Jacky had gotten stuck in. "We!? What do you mean!? It was you! Cause you couldn't control your damn hunger until they left the storage room!" Arguing back and forth as the brilliant and caring friends they were until finally, they were freed from this tight imprisonment. "Oi! Roger! This barrel is talking!" Questioning the constant bickering being produced from within the barrel itself, the man starts to wonder if he had enough sleep yesterday night. "Don't worry Berry! Probably just lack of sleep ya know!?" Reassuring Berry the sailor man that it is nothing but the problem of sleep deprivation. "Eh.. Probably yeah. Anyways Roger, you down to head to the casino tonight? Maybe we hit big ya know!?" Convincing the rugged sailor of Roger in dropping by the casino for his spicy gambling, Berry robustly locked down both the room containing barrels of fruits and the dynamic duo of the Punk☆Star Pirates; the new generation outlaws on the run.

Escaping outside the restraining walls of the barrel they were hiding out inside, both Jacky and Joey hopped out at long last. "Phew! So were finally here! Alabasta! Just wish we really had a ship though, it was annoying having to smuggle ourselves here. Besides that, we should probably start checking out this map. Got the map?" Arriving to the point in which they would now require the map that Jacky stole back on Jaya's bridge, Jacky asks for the map from Joey whom he entrusted with the essential piece of parchment. "Don't got it, I gave it to you. Don't tell you lost it you dumbass?" Recalling that he handed the map back to Jacky before even sneaking into the barrel they were previously in, Joey following up with an inquire. "I don't think so.. Could of swore I had it on me. Wait, think I left it in the barrel just now. Yep, here it is." Grasping it with both hands as he rose it up in the air to examine, Jacky and Joey both took a quick look.

"You have passed the first test. Congratulations. I will cut right to it. If you wish to gain riches of a King, without any real hassle, pour salt onto the map. If you wish to gain the riches of the heavens pour sand onto the map."

"Hm.. Lets go outside and pour some sand on it then shall we?" Inspecting it and it's contents laid in ink upon the elderly paper, Jacky ultimately deduced that it would end up best for them to go down the sand route. Springing out the wooden shudders with a pouncing step in his feet, Jacky stepped foot outside onto the kingdom of Alabasta with Joey accompanying him. Bathing the cursed map in the sand of Alabasta, it's path to the riches of the heavens revealed itself. "Hm? Looks like its directing us to a city by the name of Alubarna, were in Katorea at the moment." Stating the duo's current location within the kingdom of Alabasta, Jacky and Joey set out.

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7 Re: [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:16 pm

OOC: I'll update the map with our positions after the next round. It'll take awhile before I make the Yonko and his men arrive, just giving us a chance to make our way on route.

As taken from Admin:

Until Combat occurs each round will occupy 48 hours. Within those 48 hours each member must post or they will be skipped. The NPC Post singles the start of each new posting round and refreshes the 48 hour timer. We are now entering posting round No. 2. Should combat occur, the posting order will be loose then the following round (after initiation) will follow the order set in the round where combat was initiated.

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North - East Alubarna - 2km Away, 100 Meters Concealed

Meticulously, a metronome sound omitted from beneath the pillars of sands, leaving silhouettes of dust fields scattered over a century worth of Meters in it’s wake. The steel cladded behemoth of a  transportation moved beneath the sand at T2 Speeds, moving roughly at thirty-five miles per hour. This was by no means the vessel's maximum speed, however, for the sake of the arrival to the destination, with appropriate timing in mind, it was sublime. Wriggling its way through the natural mineral like a worm would make it’s way through an apple’s core, the vessel progressed. It’s exterior coated coated in solar panels, converted the desert's scorching heat into fuel used to funnel through the sand with immense ease. The Gentleman's Cot was 80 Meters in length and it's girth around 15 Meter's, it was nothing to scoff at, as it inched closer to Alubarna, the reversed engineered sand engines, powerful in nature, wiped in the sand into a plume as it progressed.  

The Beast’s name was The Gentleman’s Cot and it was a fine vessel [Tier 4 Sand Vessel] made for one simple purpose, travel beneath and throughout the Desert terrain with ease. The vessel had three levels, at it’s peak, the warriors sat around drinking ale, having immense merriment with the women and liquor, each wealthy pirate made up the consortia. These men, no, these vessels of an Empire, approached as the initial and ideal force sent to collect their master’s namesake. A claim that he’d made his stake on the day he forsook the Cursed Vessel which rose his skills and name to fame, far before he was the man he was today.

However, this story isn’t his yet, on the second level, was for Cot’s staff only, who dealt with the navigation and kept a direct line open to the Emperor, around the fifty meter wide vessel, several snail cams lied hidden beneath the behemoth's metallic skin, mobile with wheels to paparazzi the Commanders. On the third level, was simply a supply room, it’s contents possessed the weapons for today’s operation, bazookas, rifles, ammunition and swords, you named it, this level was an armed warehouse. Sitting at the tavern, the youngest brother Felix, had several women leaning onto him, swooning for his attention and using his body like the night sky for the moon’s pinnacle and patriarch positioning.

Emerging from the lower levels, the merriment ceased. No man dared to breath and no man dared to drink until the eight foot man’s content was assured. “Felix!” the man’s deep voice ushered through the submarine’s contents, the bar which acted as the centre of the room was positioned twenty-five meters away from his bellow at the staircase, symmetrically built as an island in the oasis for alcoholic refills and treacherous tales to be had. Kissing each lady on the cheek, the man who was shorter than his brother by nearly an merger inch, rose from his seating position, walking streamline towards his brother, as the men moved their tables to support their Commander’s drunken walk.

As the man approached, his older brother shook his head in disbelief. “You're younger than me yet you drink so profusely brother… You stink.” the older brother scoffed, holding his noise from the scent of his brother’s whiskey cologne. “To love me is to love my faults… Besides… the Mission isn’t til dawn. We’re still several miles away from the target… I can tell by how she’s rocking… We haven’t entered into smoother terrain.” Felix exclaimed, finally making it to his brother, resting his arms around his brother’s neck. “Gotcha! Big Brother!” Felix shouted.

Wedging his hands against his sibling’s face, who was trying to give him a drunken Minkship smacker on his cheek, the man stated, “You better sober up… Boss is calling in to check in on us.” Renaldo exclaimed sighing, nudging his brother away with all his strength, though his cheerful manner shattered when news of the meeting with the boss came into fruition of his ears. A pale colouring came to the man’s pale face, even the hair on his head of his long flowing blonde curls seemed to stand up. Proceeding to the lower levels, the two seasoned warriors travelled down the elevator docking system, revealing a communications room on the second floor.

Below the large transponder screen, a mighty figure revealed tomorrow’s plan, hours passed, the meeting was complete. Hauling over onto the floor, Felix screamed for the staff to bring him a bucket, which he spewed his innards into. “Good job.” Renaldo said winking, chuckling slightly at his brother’s pathetic state. His jet black hair and piercing opal eyes rattled with the unstable movements of the land shark’s movements. “Jesus. If he knew I was drunk on the job, he’d have my head-” Felix stopped before spewing his innards once more into the bucket. Laying on his tummy with a content look on his face, Felix worked hard so the proud red and black themed uniforms his brother and himself shared was spotless.

On its front, the image of a crucifix was fashioned in the garments, a white undershirt of cotton make and long black starched pants to compliment the duo’s imperial look. At their waists were two jousting blades each, their blade’s tips of a seastone make. “It was your idea to enter from below… knowing your sea sickness is this severe.” Renaldo exclaimed chuckling. “Your such a sadist!” Felix exclaimed, trying to keep what remained of his lunch stationary. “It’s night out. Get some rest… We get the treasure and then we get out. Our sources on the surface report the marines have sent quite the bigwig to handle us. Not big enough though… I’m insulted.” Renaldo stated grinning.


Arriving in the city, the marine troops rallied on patrols around the perimeter of the city’s trademark fifty foot wall. In a circular fashion, from all pinnacle directions, one hundred men manned the look-out point’s of the city’s wall, twenty-five on the wall’s peak, aiming their sniper weapons with scopes that could pick-up any sign of life about one hundred meters away from their positioned direction. Along the wall’s peak, each sniper was placed exactly ten meters away from each other, with a snail-phone at their sides in-case of any changes in activity, the first number on call was that Rear Admiral Pierre Rogue.

Between each sniper was eight to ten men at most, while the remainder waited behind the city’s closed gate. Pierre wasted no time, no haste in his actions, the Nobles and the Citizen’s were escorted into the Royal Palace and some into the Clock Tower, the able bodied that is,  that sat in the city’s square about two-hundred meters from the palace, the remainder of the men created yet another perimeter around the palace’s steps. One hundred in number, each marine possessed a metal katana. With the nobles, four of the Commanding Marine Captain’s sat in the Palace’s hidden passageway, which was accessible from the library only by removing a single book from the shelf, one entitled, ‘Oracle Eyes’.

This underground passageway was a gateway to the ruins, and the treasure that Davy Jones had left behind in Alabasta, a trade secret only the Marine Captains, the King, his closest men and the Rear Admiral knew. Since the King was away at the Revivere, only the Marine bigwigs knew of this passageway. Pierre ordered the men to wreck the room and several books off the shelf onto the floor, to make it appear as if it was raided prior, in case of his untimely death or inability of the Captain’s to protect the nobles. Each Commander had a baby Den Den Mushi strapped to his arm, which possessed direct links to each other, and their commander.

The remaining three Marine Captain’s guarded the East and West Entrances of the city, by themselves, confident in their skills in Hasshoken. The final Marine Captain manned the Southern and main entrance in the city, where three-quarter of the snipers were positioned at the wall’s peak. With these plans put in place, everyone was ready for the attack, as night time fell upon the city. Remaining guards from the Army sat atop camel’s in the desert, willing to lead any stragglers to the West Entrance, which permitted any citizen’s into the city through screened checks.

No other entrance permitted strangers and tourist entry, and word had been spread to all the ports about this arrangement. With everything set into place, the man of the hour was missing. His Den Den Mushi rang constantly, as the Commander of the Southern Wall, Rox, was a worry wart of a woman and wanted to give by the hour reports. Pierre sat dressed in Alabasta city attire, silk long flowing sleeve shirt and a kilt which stretched towards the ground, to cover himself from the desert heat. Boozing himself away in a small abandoned pub, approximately, ten meters away from the main entrance, the metal mouth marine chugged his sorrows away with Sake.

“Ah boy… If I fail… The bloods of these citizens are on my hand.” Pierre exclaimed picking up his Den Den Mushi periodically, listening his student squawk, in hopes of intel on the Yonko troops positions but with nothing new to update, except a few flickers in dust balls and miniature sandstorms that plagued the desert, the man hang up, drinking once more.


Still light out, the Songbirds had concluded that they’d have to go towards Alubarna to locate this treasure. Returning to his room, Junbei strapped his holster onto his waist, attaching Gravitas, Vitas, and his primed Blitz Sticks into the leather strap belt. Grinning, he’d now wear his red kimono, with a fishscale pattern on it’s fabric, leaving the top off to negate the Desert Heat, revealing the various scars, new and old plastered across his body. Digging through his chest, he strapped his fur coat over his body, with it’s array of rainbow colours, grinning in the mirror at his appearance. Strapping on his wooden sandals, the man returned from the lower deck, towards the main deck, where his crew was also getting primed and ready.

Charlotte opted to stay behind and guard the ship, along with the remaining grunts, three in number and of course, the haunted ship staff of the Flying Dutchman. Hoisted safely in the ship’s crow’s nest, the woman arched her bow and arrow, primed for anyone suspicious who’d approach the boat. “Hoho… I have something for you Nico.” Juju stated, opening the crate he’d packed onto the ship from Skypiea. The giant box revealed, a glaive, with a dial in it’s centre and a bazooka which had two other dials, a Heat and Breath Dial, sitting several inches below in the straw filled crate. Picking up the glaive, which the man rested on his shoulders, Juju pointed to the bazooka, “That one’s yours. I noticed everyone else on the crew had a weapon, so go nuts. The different dials give the Burn Bazooka a different effect.” Juju said grinning.

Strapping the bazooka onto his back with the leather strap provided, the men were all set for their journey, Caprice also having his titanium blade hidden under his long sleeved brown jacket. Running and jumping off the deck and hopping onto the sand, the Songbird Captain was eager for his journey, Juju and Nico descended off the deck via the normal platform, which was now hoisted into the sand. Caprice followed shortly behind the too, “This damn sun…” Caprice exclaimed. As the ship was anchored onto the docks, Junbei turned back towards the ship once more waving towards the look-out.

After traversing the deck for several meters, in the distance Junbei recognised a familiar face. Entering into his intangibility state, the man sneaked behind the woman, hovering his reformed head above the woman’s shoulder, “I’m not sure if a pretty lady such as yourself should be standing on the docks glowing like this. What if you make some random stranger fall head over heels for ya?” Junbei inquired, grinning as the woman’s glare, slightly made it hard for him to see, squinting his eyes. Running behind their Captain to play catch up, Juju flapped his wings, docking three meters from the Captain and the woman’s position, while Caprice dashed forward to meet up with Elena, Nico also hovered behind the rambunctious duo.

Taking out a cigarette, the man lit it, taking a few puffs. “Who's the cutie?” Nico inquired. “Hoho… No clue.” Juju commented, pulling at his beard.


Meanwhile, the soldiers couldn’t resist it any longer. Sheaving their weapons, the Minkmen rushed towards the frightened townspeople, rubbing, nibbling and licking against them screaming ‘Garachu!’. The reports leaked from Nanohana into the neighbouring town of Katorea within moments via a citizen who was freaked out of his mind from being licked. Hopping onto his Spotted Bill Duck, the man high horsed towards Nanohana hoping to get some assistance from the guards within the village. Hearing the commotion, the Mink Commander who’d set up shop within the perfume house had emerged from her slumber, brushing and combing her wool as she walked towards the door.

As she opened the door, the Mink and the town’s people were making merry, exchanging clothes and trade secrets about grooming among the Lesser Minks. It was if a huge party had broken out into the street and it wasn’t even afternoon, it was still wee into the hours of the day, dawn just recently breaking. “They just couldn’t help mingling with the Lesser Minks-teia.” Leiko chuckled, as she closed the door behind her. “I get I should get some Minkship in too!” Leiko announced, flailing her hands into mid-air, rushing after a Lesser Mink who was selling vegetables by a nearby stall.

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8 Re: [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:40 am

The Sun would seem to blaze down upon the crew as they walked through the sand. Apollo however was immune to heat. Having eaten the Magu Magu no Mi, he had obtained some form of Heat Resistance. This had made him a huge force to be reckoned with while he was apart of the Gunsmoke Pirates. Using every thing he had in hos arsenal of skills,so that he could help his mother conquer the seas.

Smirking slightly as he thought of the lady he would say “So Xena, where exactly are we going”. Asked Apollo as he had started walking west from the port.

Xena would come to walk by his side. Gripping the fragile parchment as she would say “From the looks of it. We are heading to the Arabasta Kingdom. From the Oriental Port spot on the map and the Arabasta Kingdom. Looks like we are going to be walking for a few hours.” said navigator.

This would cause the usually quiet and destructive Joy Boy to screaming saying “God dammit Fiona! I told you to make him an Airship instead of one of those lousy on water things.”

The others would only look back at him beginning to believe that the dessert heat had gotten to him. “Don't worry Joy Boy.” said Apollo pleasantly. “Just drink some water. Who knows, we may come along some stray Camels.” said Apollo trying to get everyone's hopes up. Since the heat wasn't affecting him. He wasn't as fatigued as the others. The only thing causing him to tire being the rough and strong sand that tried to pull his feet even deeper into it with each step he would take. He could have just melted the sand which would allow him to waid through the lava and get to this kingdom easier, but this would handicap his crew members as they would die a painful death. Then something would spark in his mind. He couldn't melt the sand, but he could turn it to glass.

Being an aspiring scientist. It was common knowledge for him. If he activated his technique and stayed in a spot long enough, he could potentially turn the sand into glass. However, he wouldn't tell his crewmates about this as he didn't want to get their hopes up if it didn't work. Rubbing his fingers together, something in his mind was telling him something was about to happen. Maybe it was just paranoia or maybe it was just pure instinct due to fighting his whole life and almost always being in near death situations.

As they continued to walk, he would start to hearing voices. Saying something about how they intended to rob Alabasta while the King was away. His crew members had heard as well. All of them looking around. Coming to lay there eyes on a large group of people. All of them riding camels.

A small smirk would appear on the face of Apollo. “Well folks, looks like we have a lucky day.” said Apollo.

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The focus from her eyes faded while she waited. The cool salty air gave wonderful contrast to the relentless heat. Her mind wandered, just thinking. About all that had happened over this last year that she had been alone. About all she had accomplished so far. It wasn’t that much in the grand scheme of things she supposed, but it was a helova lot better position than she had been this time last year. She breathed in a deep breath. She would be turning twenty three soon. Out in this desert, on the grind. She had been able to get the Germa 66 arms company back from the brink and breathed life back into it. For any normal trader, having a business that spanned over the seas was the sign of ultimate success. But she just couldn’t be satisfied with such a milestone. The breath was released. Seagulls cawed at each other, vying for space on the dock railings. Was she really happy with the way things were? Of course not. There was a reason she had been trying so hard for so long. Her eyelids drooped slightly. Her soul was tired. Tired of the struggle, tired of the failure. Was this really the way she wanted to carry out the rest of her life? Her end goal of restoring Germa and surpassing its former glory seemed as far away as ever. Some days it just seemed all too much.

Too wrapped up in her self contemplation, Ro hadn’t noticed the ship come in to the Kratorea dock. The next thing she noticed was a voice, right next to her head. Jerking up in sheer surprise, she let out a nervous squark that was both a little too loud and a little too strange. “-make some random stranger fall head over heels for ya?” is all she heard. The man had really caught her off guard, the intrusion into her personal space and particular line of conversation made her blush. Snapping her neck around, she now saw that she had been snuck up on by the one man she had come out to meet. “Junbei!” Taking a moment to calm and refocus, she noticed his ship had pulled up on the coast. “I knew you wouldn’t have missed out on this.” Her mouth curled into a smirk. She raised a hand in a tentative greeting to the rest of his crew. Some of them she did recognise, some others she didn’t. “How have you been? I hear you’ve been causing a bit of trouble recently.”

“Now, let me see that map. The copy that you gave me wasn’t an original so I’ve missed out on the recent developments. And don’t think I’ll be letting you keep all the treasure to yourself!” Perhaps if she had the map herself she would have been tempted to go after it on her lonesome. But either way, she didn’t really feel as though she had much stake in the treasure pot, regardless of what she had said. After all, upon initially meeting the pirate, she had tried to take advantage of him and the situation. In the end, he had ended up saving her life regardless, and she had been pretty sure that he had worked out she was lying. It didn’t seem to bother him though, for whatever reason. Rokuju knew that if anyone was that dishonest to herself that she wouldn’t trust them at all and would soon look to get rid. But for some reason it was different for him. How peculiar.

“So where to next?” If Junbei should lead the way, she would follow on.

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The calm before the storm

50 miles outside of the Royal City Night time 11:00 pm.

Night time had fallen on the traveling monk which only meant it was time to set up camp. From the looks of the map he would arrive in the afternoon but there was no reason to rush across the desert for a few reasons. If someone was already after the treasure, best to let them do all the heavy lifting and relieve them of the treasure. Or better yet let someone rush into what could be a trap. It would be pretty hard to tell what was really going to happen from here on out. That was the fun part of it though, not knowing what could happen was something to look forward. It was exciting to have the thrill of adventure once again. The camel was exhausted and he had done his job for the day. Geno found a rock arching over the sand that created a nice overhang for him to set a tent up. Thankfully the camel was loaded with supplies that were good for setting up a overnight place to eat and stay. It took roughly about a hour or so to set things up but it was quite easy. As there were instructions for him to follow. Of course the first thing he did was give the camel some much needed water and food.

He set up a small camp fire with some paper, flint, steel and a single log that would burn for maybe a hour. This was good enough for one person to be warm for a while before sleeping. He did not want to cook as he did not want to send any smoke signals up to warn people of his approach to the city. If anyone was watching. A small fire was kept under the rock to ward off critters and the desert cold. With a calm yawn Geno stared into the fire for a moment, as if he was reflecting over times long passed. The fire crackled and embers danced around in the flames. A flash of memories crossed the flames as he could see his very village being razed to the ground by Marines. They had caught some pirates there and claimed the village was harboring them. So the village was wiped from the face of the planet and the survivors were scattered to the winds. He looked up to the starry sky for a moment and said nothing. His train of thought was broken by the snoring camel which Geno could only chuckle in response. “I suppose I should get some sleep myself.” he said climbing into the ten. The tent was sealed tight so nothing could crawl in while he was catching sleep. He was in a light sleep, so light that any sound outside of the Camel would cause him to snap awake. He knew he had to wake up at day break to beat the heat.

5 hours later day break 4:00 am

Geno awoke from his five hour slumber. It felt more like passing out as he did not dream. Just felt like blacking out and waking up a few hours later. He was still a bit groggy but he knew he had to wake up quick. The camel was still sleeping like a log which was quickly broken by a snap of Geno's fingers. “Let's go we need to get there before it gets to hot.” The camel responded with a grunt and slowly stood up. Geno reached into his bag and pulled out a canteen and a tooth brush. He was a advocate of the hygiene not to mention waking up always had a shitty taste in his mouth. Also the bad breath was a partner in crime to that. Always made him sick when waking up. He quickly brushed his teeth and saw that the fire burned itself out as planned. He did not have the time to roll the tent up or nothing. “I apologize mother earth for leaving this I must make haste.” he apologized to the planet as he got ready to leave. Hopefully someone could make use of the camp if they were traveling from oriental bay to the palace. It would give some form of mental relief that he wasn't a scumbag for leaving trash behind.

A few minutes passed by and he was all saddled up again. Geno made a clicking noise with his mouth as he nudged the side of the camel. In response the camel began to move towards Alabasta. He would get there mid day as planned.

Next post rotation Geno will have arrived 1:00 Pm in the afternoon.

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Special Chapter: The New Era

Task Track Digesting all of the new instructions toward securing the riches of not of a King but instead all of the Heavens, the dream seeking duo had both agreed on departing for Alubarna; as it was where the precious treasure trove of paradise lied. All it took was the swift departure of the two punks to start only a piece of the story into motion, constructing itself as they proceeded. Question that remained for the two were in which how they were planning on venturing out to Alubarna; the royal capital of Alabasta. "Why not a camel?" Flinging a inquiry mark at Jacky as he stood next to a camel that owned an advertisement titled "Rent a camel!" plastered in ink along a wooden sign. "Oh, I completely forgot about camels to be honest. Almost forgot that they even existed. Anyways, guess it won't hurt to ride a camel there." Settling transportation into Alubarna, Jacky bought the necessary essential supplies for the upcoming trip. Shrouded in true unknown mystery, nobody yet knew of the brewing gales of uproar that would greet this fresh new generation; it was not yet written in history at this time.

Springing up on a hopping mount onto the camel loaded with stocks of provisions to put in use once night replaces the scorching day. "Jacky, take a look! This gecko imitates everything I do! Blooo blahh boo!" Expanding his cheeks as he performed various types of silly faces to the creature, the gecko mirrored those movements of Joey's in an almost uncanny identical fashion. "See!? See!? It does everything I do!" Extending a pointing finger at the mimicking gecko as he glanced back toward Jacky whom rode the rented camel. "Bloo blahh boo!" Had been the copied sounds that the gecko performed as he at last, lowered himself as for Joey can latch on.

"Woah! I want a gecko! Where did you get it!?" Envious of the giant gecko mount, Jacky's sought to ride one questions in which where Joey obtained the creature. "Well I didn't want just a normal mount so I did some searching while you were busy buying all the supplies. Didn't actually rent this but instead I tamed it after it was causing a ruckus up in Katorea; reminded me a bit of myself." Revealing the method on how he acquired the zippy gecko of his, Joey smirked as he gripped onto the sprinting reptile. "Ah! You shitty gecko!" Falling off the mount as it suddenly burst in a snap of acceleration, Jacky laughed at the tripped up Joey. "Who is a dumb ass now huh!? Ehehehe!" Mocking Joey's previous insult, Jacky kept on to advance with his camel. "Come back you damn gecko!" Chasing right after the mount's tail, Joey hastily pursued the creature to recapture it. Reaching roughly around half and or less than half of the way to their destination, the pirate pair set up the camp as they would plan to resume their journey in the early morning.

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OOC: 48 Hour. Place holder's only work within the timing allotted.
OCC: Right so, as you can see, me and Roku’s timeline are in the previous day. Geno will most definitely arrive before us, not sure about Kyo. I just manipped Jack to our position, he can either disregard it or go along with it, in hopes of speeding the plot along. In Roku’s next post, I’m giving her permission to move us along, allowing her to get the ducks for us, we’ll go to Nanohana and meet the Mink’s. Who will tell us about the conflict and we’ll speed right over into the next day. Which timeline commences from 6:00am. Geno’s ball’s in your court, same as Kyo since ya’ll are at like different aspects of the timeline.

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100 Meters - Alubarna - Time: 6:00am

The Gentleman’s Cot halted its movements, still submerged now approximately fifty meters below the desert’s terrain. As the sun began to crack into the sky’s humongous being, the clouds moved slowly above the city of Alubarna, white in colour as fluffy as cotton. In the navigation room, the Yonko’s commanders sat in patience as the submarine’s periscope extended from the beast’s conning tower, extending fifty meters above surface level.

The Periscope's lens was around twenty-two inches in side, hoisted inside of the thirty inch make that contained the scope. From the Periscopes body, a small chamber emerged, a mechanical door hoisted, releasing a series of Camera Den Den Mushi which were mobile, fixed to their bottoms were small ten by ten inch wooden platforms which were attached with rubber wheels, all fuelled by an miniature engine hoisted to the platform's bottom. Revving immensely, the probe dashed towards Alabasta, around twenty in number, scaling the city’s plateau approaching from the North-Eastern block.

At this time, several of the marines were sleeping, and though unusual to see small robotic fixtures, it was still fairly dark out, as the sun had yet to crack it’s luminance fully into the sky. After moments, the probes arrived, entering into the city by scaling the cities outer wall. Making it to the peak, the probes revved once more, rolling off the wall, falling almost fifty feet towards the ground, the wheel’s had fastened rubber shock absorbers to resist the wall. The Den Den Mushi’s mobilised through the seemingly abandoned city, communicating the images on the screens of the Gentleman’s Cot and the Gentleman of Gems at his undisclosed location.

Looks like the Nobles took the tip and evacuated the city. Smart.” Felix commented, fidgeting his right hand on the his jousting swords hilt. “You know how boss likes to do things… A true gentleman extends his hand in conquest before taking what he desires… Whether it be from the lady he courts or the city he plunders.” Renaldo stated. “The probes are in place. Now shall we. I still say we do this old school pirate style… Decimate until they submit.” Felix said scratching his head as he unknotted his curls. “We’re the Commanders of one of the most influential men on the sea… These toys don’t come cheap.The lot of you!” Renaldo shouted.

Activate the Dust Field!” Renaldo grinned. From the sides of the sand veiled submarine, ten gigantic twenty foot fans emerged. It was now an hour pass their arrival time, the ship began to emerge from its prior position at T1 speeds. As the submarine emerged, the very desert shook in it’s wake, alarming all of those who had been sleeping at the arrival of the Gentleman’s Cot’s party. After several moments, the vessel reached the surface, the gigantic fans began to kick up a hailstorm, blowing the oasis of sand into a sand storm which covered not only the submarine's position but extending outwards, as the mouth of the submarine now touched the North Block’s Entrance, the closest route to the Castle.

The whole Northern Section of the city was covered in a Sand Storm, which spread across the city within hours, the whole of Alubarna was covered in sand field which lowered visibility. It was now noon. Ascending to the upper levels of the submarine, Felix and Renaldo appeared before their men, gas masks in hand. Walking over to the island in the centre of the level, Renaldo and Felix hopped onto the table, drawing their jousting blades and extending it towards the heavens. “Today… We chase our Captain’s greatest desire… Davy Jones Treasure. Our target is simple, the hidden catacombs beneath Alabasta’s Royal Tower… However… To minimise casualties our forces will be divided into into several parties as explained during this journey but to repeat, it’ll go as follows!” Felix shouted.

Picking up from where his brother left off, “We are currently at the North Gate… by this point the Marines will either A) Change their formation or B) Try to hold us off with the forces we have and gradually send reinforcements. None of this matters, as long as they have marine uniforms on their fair game. Leave the civilians out of it, we’re gentlemen after all!” Renaldo shouted. “Renaldo-sama!” his men cheered at the man’s pure chivalry, the slight blush on the Captain’s face when he urged his men to leave the civilian’s out of the squabble.“Rifle Group! You’ll raid the stairs behind the swordsmen party, gain control of the wall! You’ll be fifty in number and attack the North Section with us. Twenty of our finest men, along with thirty of you rookies looking to make a name for yourself!” Renaldo shouted. “I’ll lead the North Gate charge and retrieve the map!” Renaldo shouted.

And I’ll lead the lot of you to the South through the city… We’ll attack the bastards from behind! Don’t forget to wear your masks at all times! The remainder of your men will come with me!” Felix shouted. The men cheered, slamming their mugs against the table in pure excitement. “Once I’ve retrieve and confirmed the treasure leading the probes into the ruins… We’ll mow the submarine into the city, dock at the Alubarna Castle and retreat our submarine and switch into aquatic mode. It should take no less than twenty-four hours to cease this city! Don’t put dirt on Raphael’s name!” Renaldo shouted.

Placing their blades in front of their face in means to say a prayer, the remainder of the musketeer themed pirates followed suit. “May our blades bring justice to our Lord! Move out!” Renaldo shouted. The Northern Dock of the submarine opened, revealing a pack of camouflage dressed Super Spotted Ducks, over hundred plus in number. Placing on their gas masks, specifically made to handle the sandstorm climates, the force circled around the dust field, which was now encompassing at least several miles of the city of Alubarna. However, it only stretched about 50 Diameters on the outskirts of the city, so, for anyone approaching the plume would look more like a puff of sand enshrouding the city.

The forces mobilised at 12:45.

Inside Alubarna Present Time

The sound of the massive fans could’ve been heard from the Northern Block. The sound of the Captain’s Den Den Mushi rung, his sensory Haki already in effect, picking up the panicking bodies and movement within the city, from his position at the Southern Gate in Alubarna. Answering the Den Den Mushi on his wrist, the features of the Mushi transformed to that of one of his supporting Captain’s faces. “When I heard the noise, I rushed over immediately. It seems they’ve appeared. A large submarine bearing the Jolly Roger of the Yonko, Raphael Aleksejev has docked at the Northern Wall.” the Captain Killjoy reported. “Those bastards knew the treasure was nested in the Royal Castle all along… I underestimated the Yonko’s information network. How’s the civilian transport going?” Pierre asked, fighting his way to his feet from the pulsating headache in his temple.

We’ve safely relocated most of the population through the Royal Ruins across the river… We’re receiving reports that the cities of Rainbase and Yuba have provided refuge for the citizens of the Capital. The only ones who remain in the Castle are the nobles and the four other Marine Captains… As you ordered. We’ve even managed to evacuate the citizens in the clock-tower. All incoming merchants have been re-directed from the West Block, towards the River to Rainbase… The City is free scope to do as we please.” Killjoy reported. “Good. How big is the vessel?” Pierre asked, his eyes squinting from the sun that peered through the window’s blinds to the pub, the hangover rocking every aspect of his biological markup.

Approximately 300 feet or so…” Killjoy reported. “Fuck me.” Pierre responded, picking up the half empty Sake bottle, and gobbling it down. “Sir!” Killjoy reported appalled at the man’s response. “Alright… Tell every personnel remain in their posts… I’ll be over at the Northern Wall shortly.” Pierre said. Finishing the last ounces of the bottle, Pierre licked his lips and used Geppo to break through the pub’s ceiling, climbing fifty meters into the air, above the and veil. “It has girth but it lacks height… Alright… Game on Raphael!” Pierre shouted, pushing off the air, in his previous suspended position towards the Northern Dock. Suddenly, the sound of cannonball fire could’ve been heard bustling from the South.

Katorea - The Previous Day - 11:00am

More like trouble seems to find me… I’ve been slaying Cats and fighting off hordes of Winged People for the last few months…” Junbei’s eyes sadden with memories of the ruins and the battles with Lena. In response to the acquisition of the treasure,“Rishi Rishi… We agreed to split it down the middle. I’m a man of my word.” Junbei exclaimed, backing away a few inches to give the woman space after realising his face was offly too close to hers.

Down the middle… We worked hard for that map… I say Seventy Thirty…” Caprice exclaimed, his eyes shining with greed and dollar signs, fashioning his fingers into an ‘okay’ sign. Slamming his fist against the child’s head, “Stop being dingy.” Junbei commented. The Captain and the Thief got into a playful scuffle, “Says the man who eats us out of a house and home on every voyage! Ha! Right down the middle! Your stomach can’t support such idealistic splits!” Caprice shouted, throwing punches in between his sentences.

Wedging his fist in the child’s face, “Eh… I remember a certain thief who squandered all of our money in backdoor Spotted Duck Fights and dice games last time we were in Alabasta!” Junbei exclaimed. “It’s an investment. In-Ves-Ment! You wouldn’t know anything about that huh!? You're too busy chasing after bird girls and sketchy inventor ladies to notice that!? Eh Captain!? Go write some music for once!” Caprice shouted, as his hands phased through Junbei’s face, which had a default smirk.

Hey! You’re not suppose to dodge that with your Devil Fruit! Stingy!” Caprice said sticking out his tongue. “Rishi Rishi-” Junbei chuckled his laughter halted by the feel of a hand grab onto his bird-coat, lifting both himself and the child in mid-air like cats. “Hoho… Now Now…” Juju exclaimed, chuckling once again heartedly. Resting his glaive into his makeshift cloth holster, “We haven’t met. My name is Juju Fall. I’ve had the pleasure to meet this strange man 10,000 Feet in the Sky! And you are?” Juju said, holding the two as they squirmed in his hands.

The eight foot man’s height certainly towered over Junbei and Caprice’s stature, as well as Roku’s. However, the jolly giant meant no harm in his advance, he just wanted to put an end to the pointless squabble. Advancing from his former position, the fedora wearing musician came to the forefront, grabbing the woman’s hand, Elena’s hand and bowing onto one-knee. “It’s nice meeting you… My glowing goddess… My name… is Nico Squalo. Charmed.” Nico exclaimed dramatically. After a few moments passed and Junbei finally broke free, responding to Elena’s question about what next, “We head to Alubarna! Apparently it’s directly North of here!” Junbei commented, handing over the map to Elena to check for herself.

“Charlotte said it’d take at least a day's travel by camel from Nanohana.” Junbei commented. Chuckling slightly, Caprice walked ahead of the pack, “A day's travel!? Ha! You underestimate the power of information dear Captain!” Caprice announced smugly. “There’s a way to travel in Alabasta that’s ten times more faster than a camel.” Caprice said, placing his finger index finger under his chin in a ‘check’ sign. “Eh… really… What?” Junbei asked, his squinted, sketchy at the truth in the child’s statement. “Believe in me dammnit! And follow me!” Caprice explained puffing out his cheeks and marching away. Staring over his shoulder to Elena, “Shall we?” Junbei asked grinning, his royal purple eyes sparkling under the sun’s glow. If Elena had choose to follow the crew, they’d follow Caprice through the city to the outskirts of the town, where Caprice revealed his bright idea.

“Tada!” the child exclaimed pointing to the small ranch which housed several Super Spotted Bill Ducks. ‘Mahual’s Super Spotted Ducks!’ the sign above the house read. Turning away, “Let’s go and look for some camels… I think the sun’s gotten to the boy’s head.” Junbei said unimpressed, pushing Juju, Nico and Elena away. “Stop it! I’m not kidding!” Caprice shouted. “Hehe… I found out last time we met up that these ducks are even faster than camel’s we rode towards the coast. Their feet and shanks allow them to glided above the sand at alarming rates!” Caprice stated.

“Alright. I’ll give it a shot.” Junbei responded sighing, slightly convinced. Just as the male was about to enter into the shop, two odd things occurred simultaneously. A cart transported perfumes had dropped a barrel off in the distance, which revealed two males who were seemingly playing around in the sand. Secondly, a messenger rode into the village screaming something quite peculiar. “Animals! Walking Animals are attacking Nanohana!” the messenger screamed frantically, falling off the camel onto the sandy terrain in exhaustion. “Rishi Rishi… Speedy Ducks and Talking Animals… Alabasta sure is an interesting place.” Junbei exclaimed.


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Reminder that I posted and a new round has begun.

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Play it cool right?

OOC: Will slow down a bit to make sure our time-lines match up so I don't go too far ahead and prematurely spawn the Yonko. Gotta wait till all the party guests are there right?

Geno would cross over a sandy dune that would put him in sight of the Royal palace. He halted the camel by pulling on the reins causing it to halt. He slid at the top of the dunes almost going over the edge. The larger camel did not seem to be bothered by the almost sliding down a 20 meter tall sand dune. This would give Geno the vantage point he needed while being roughly 500 meters outside the palace entrances. He reached into his pack and grabbed two things. One would be some binoculars, some standard equipment inside a camping kit. Also the map that he found on the pirates from earlier in the week. The heat was beating down on him and it felt even hotter being at this altitude. He looked at the map and realized that it was not that far off. However, something was amiss. Seemed like people were being held up at the main gate. A crowd of people were waiting to get through a check point.

“Good Grief, can I just be somewhere where the marines aren't?” He let out a sigh in frustration at seeing this check point. The magnification of the the binoculars were more than enough to make out decent details. Not to mention detachments of goons were marching around the area a patrol fashion. Not to mention there were men positioned on the wall looking around for anything particularly off. Seemed to be they had a keen eye on things of the place. It would be pretty hard to go gallivanting around inside the castle walls. He could only see the main entrance, granted he could automatically assume that the other entrances were closed off as well. He scanned the area in silence before that was broken by grunts from the desert dwelling beast he rode on.

Watching the movements of the grunts he wasn't too worried about them. He was more so worried about the high ranking officers and snipers. He needed a way to think around all of this. Looking over the area he saw something that a idea popped into his head. He noticed carts being tugged along in a straight line. Men at the front of the carts looking to get in. He noticed various emblems which signified various merchants that went in and out between towns frequently. He sat there for a moment in the scorching heat, scratching his turban to cure the itchiness on his scalp. That was the gripe he had with having so much hair in his head when it got sweaty or hot it got itchy like crazy.

'I could just wait till night time and sneak over the wall using the cover of night. I am black, I have natural night camouflage on my side. Maybe use those merchants to get through....' he began to grow frustrated with the whole situation and the heat was not helping it. He just figured that he would hav eto think of things as he went. Improvising would be his only way through all of this. He could not waste time to wait and see if a idea popped in. He made sure his dread locks were in a tight bun and placed them completely under a turban. While making sure none of his identifing tattoos were shown in his robe. He placed a poncho over the top half of his body and took a deep breath. He gained his composure and looked forward. “Well lets make it hot.”

[Geno Ranzu has arrived. Location 350 meters out from main entrance. 12 pm]

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as laz said, Ima take some shortcuts as far as moving his characters so that we can get this moving. Sry bout the long post btw.

Ro watched with raised eyebrows at the banter between the two crewmates. It was a curious thing to Rokuju, they seemed to disagree with each other on something as important as their deal with herself and yet, the conversation was not heated at all. What’s more, the kid brought up an issue he had with his captain, about him eating too much. But the way they were acting and reacting to each other, they didn’t seem to be bothered much at all. Pirates had always been a rowdy and loose bunch, but usually a successful captain required firm command to keep his crew in check. Mutiny was something that happened when times were hard, when things just weren’t working out for the group in question. When this happened, pirates would look to remove their captain. The resulting environment was one of almost militaristic regime. What she saw in front of her was definitely not the case. It was almost like they were friends.

A large man stepped forward, introducing himself. Ro was about to answer when something had appeared at her feet. A man on one knee had grabbed her hand, calling her a ‘glowing goddess’. The corner of her mouth twitched. Tapping into a little of her devil fruit’s speed, she took her hand from his and tapped down on his fedora, sending the rim down over his eyes. More of a playful manner but enough to send a message. She didn’t mind the flirt much, it definitely wasn’t the worst she had seen from a sea outlaw. “My name is Elena Veil, it is lovely to meet you all. Thank you for letting me join you today.” She nodded politely, while subsiding the sparkle from her skin. “And I agree, I will take the 30 percent. You have a whole crew here to support.”

Alubarna. It made sense, this was the capital of the Alabastian Kingdom. If the country had been holding treasure, then naturally it would be there. However it did make it more difficult. As it was the centre of the island, there was a more formidable place compared to some isolated village. There wouldn’t be any waltzing in and taking what they liked, that was for sure. Ro took the map as it was handed to her, studying it and agreeing with the assessment. The faint markings did seem to point to the capital.

Junbei addressed her, bringing her attention back to the Songbird crew. She nodded, and followed them off to the outskirts of the town. Where they were led, was to a small duck stable. The brick red paint blistered off the walls in the heat and a small empty pen was fenced off around the back. The kid seemed to be quite enthusiastic to journey on these things, even if his captain wasn’t. Ro could hear the commotion behind her, talk of animals attacking another of the Sandy Island towns to the west of Katorea. It sounded like things were beginning to get under way. They should start moving, they did not want to be late for this particular date. Ro stepped forward, taking lead for the moment. She didn’t want to push the pirates, but time was of the essence, and there was no telling what would happen to this country come this time tomorrow. “I’ve come to know this country well, if you will allow me, I can show you the way to the capital.” She would step into the room and exchange a few words and a small roll of beli with the owner of the stables. After a moment, she would emerge with a set of duck reigns for each of the pirates. Showing them around to the back of the building, they met a rather lively pack of oversized ducks. While Ro knew of these birds, she had never considered riding them herself. The thought had not ever been that appealing to herself, but she agreed that this would be a good idea for a quick mode of transportation. A girl appeared from the stables, and showed the group how to saddle the ducks up and gave them each a small pack of feed. Each of the birds seemed to have it’s own personality and ‘pecking’ order as it were. They were allowed to pick whichever duck they wanted, but Ro noticed that the girl deliberately led Juju towards the largest and fluffiest duck. The Vinsmoke still was unsure if the poor duck would be able to cope.

At some point while everyone was getting ready to depart, Ro would quickly excuse herself for a moment, and popped in to the post office down the street. She asked for the manager, waiting for a grey haired man to emerge from the back. She left a message with him and left, skipping the pleasantries. The man was on her payroll and the message that she had given him was to contact the shipment of goods that was at this time, being hauled off to Alubarna. The message was to ask them to wait for a few hours and make room in their carriage for a group of stowaways. It was about as good of a cover as they would be able to get for a crew worth hundreds of millions in bounty. Ro would prove to them that she was worth her 30% split. Returning to the group, she would help out with whatever preparations were needed and then she would depart, leading the pirates through the desert - if they would take her lead. Although hey had rented quite a few ducks, if any others in the area wished to travel by duck, they would find that the same place still had a couple left. What’s more, they may find that Rokuju and the Songbird pirates would not be covering their tracks, leaving them easily followed.

It was a bit frightening at first, she didn’t have such a great time with animals, and being on such a beast that ran at breakneck speed was a bit out of her comfort zone. However the bird didn’t seem to mind, it probably helped that she was as light as a feather. Their path weaved through the dunes, taking time to avoid main paths so that they would not meet anyone while also avoiding the monsters beneath the sands. According to the stable girl, the bird’s name was called Papango and had an unusual colouration of being jet black with yellow eyes. The squad of swift ducks would make short work of the expansive desert. After a few hours, Ro would call for a stop in the shelter of a rocky outcrop, taking a much needed rest from the sun in the shade. The sun was beginning to descend down into its horizon bed. There she would explain her plan of smuggling the pirates into the city. Should they agree to her plan, Ro would begin moving again, taking them towards the rendezvous point that she had set up earlier.
By the time the cart came into view, the last light of day was projecting streaks of orange and pink across the sandy hills. She would inform the pirates that this was the place. The meeting place was hidden in a valley several miles from the capital city. Dismounting, Ro approached and greeted the cabby. “Never thought you were a duck enthusiast, ma’am. Thinking about joining the avian rodeo?” Ro let him get away with the comment while shooting him a glare. She did not share the same loose authority with her employees as Junbei did with his crew, but she needed him for this job.
“How is it looking?” She was referring to the security of the city borders and how easy it would be to slip inside. He sprouted a cheeky grin, glad that he had gotten away with his impudence.
“To be honest Miss, I haven’t seen the city so well fortified in my years of workin’ these jobs.”
“We need to get this lot into the foundry, do you think you can do it?” She motioned towards Junbei and his crew. Being such a roguelike character, the smuggler dude would have recognised the pirate.
“Jeez… What exactly are you getting yourself into Miss Veil?” Ro’s eyebrows lowered over her eyes. He should know better than to ask those sorts of questions.
“There’s a big payday in it for you, Conroy. Get ready, I want to leave in five.” His eyebrow raised when the topic changed to money. Ro had always done right by him in terms of salary, so he knew she was good for it. He jumped to it, calling over the pirate crew to his cart. There he would make room for the group to stow away in the front of the cart, and if they would enter, stack crates of weapons and ammunition up behind them so that they were hidden from view. Then, he would throw a canvas roof over the cart so that all inside was shielded from the sun and wind and, more importantly, prying eyes. Meanwhile, Ro would pat Papango, feeding and watering him. Then when they were all ready, she sent them off with a command to return to Katorea the way they came.

Passing the cart that would have the Songbirds in it, Ro would call out. “Everybody comfortable? Only a couple of hours to Alubarna.” Conroy had finished up reigning the pair of clydesdales up to the cart and sat up as the cart’s driver. Ro sat up by him in the passenger’s seat, not needing to hide herself from the marines nor the kingdom. It was a slow trip, the steady horses pulling the cart over the sand dune ridges and onto the desert highway. The tread on the cartwheels dug into the sand and ploughed through it, sending them on their way to the capital.

Night had fallen by the time they approached the southern wall. Riding nonchalantly up to the gate, Ro would notice the number of marines littering the southern gate. It really was well fortified. Hopefully this would not cause too much trouble for them. Conroy trotted the horses up to the gate and stopped, waiting for the men to come out and meet them. Rokuju hopped off the cart and went out to meet them. “This shipment of supplies is urgently needed by the military reserves, we must get these through as soon as possible.” She talked with loud authority, standing in front of the marines as interception. The marines looked like they were coming to turn them away, the way they brandished their weapons and approached as a group.
“The last supply cart was supposed to come in hours ago. You will not enter. Unload your goods and prepare to be searched.” They tried walking past her to get to the cart, but once again she stood in front of them. This was her ball field, she was confident she could get them past this.
“That was us. My name is Elena Veil of Veil Industries, go check your list for me.”
“No can do, even if you are on it, we couldn’t allow such a non-compliance.”
“No you listen to me, Marine!” Ro amped up the pressure. “I am a ranking officer of the court and have a royal decree to prepare this country for war. I will have you executed for defying me!” Ro pulled out the legitimate paperwork from her pocket and shoved it in the man’s face with enough force behind her palm to smash the marine’s nose. He shouted in surprise and recoiled, the marines brandishing their rifles at her. Thankfully her business here on Alabasta had given her the perfect cover story. While she may have exaggerated her influence just a tad, she was technically correct. Luckily there wasn't any high ranking marine here that could fob her claim off.

An older lady stepped out from the gatehouse on the side of the walls. “I’m afraid she is right, ensign. Miss Veil here has managed to secure herself quite the position of authority within these walls.” She walked forward and took the document from Ro’s hand. In the torchlight, she could see that this was one of the people that had been present in the palace that day. Judging from the respectless address, she did not particularly like the young blonde upstart. “See, that there is the royal seal. You can just make out the King’s signature there under your bloodstain.” She pointed out the document to the marine. The contact had caused a little blood to drip onto the royal decree. “Unfortunately I can’t let you arrest her or her cargo.” Politely and maybe even a little passive aggressively, she handed it back to Ro. The blonde girl nodded and walked back to the cart and joined a profusely sweating Mr Conroy.

The group would wait for the marines to retreat and eventually raise the metal gates so that they may pass underneath. The horses slowly clopped through the city underneath the navy sky, stars just beginning to come out of hiding. Conroy slowly drove them down a side street and into an inconspicuous warehouse that Ro used for her own business needs. After delivering them, he would take his leave, retiring to some secluded burrow. Ro would boot up the home security measures, making sure all the scanners were operational before setting up camp. Here they would have a chance to get a good night’s sleep.

And they would surely need it, for unbeknownst to them, tomorrow was the day that the Yonko was coming to town.

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Aint tryna be skipped so I will post around 10 am

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Special Chapter: The New Era

Before Departing Katorea
Task Track During all of the purchasing of supplies for their trip to Alubarna, Jacky overheard individuals whom appeared to be entering a shop which housed spotted ducks capable of sprinting at high speeds. "Huh? I need one of those.." Strolling up to the sign in front of the shop, Jacky observed it's contents carefully as his interest was peeked at that point. "Eh.. Sorta pricey. Those are the type of mounts that royals would use or like super rich guys. Maybe I'll be able to afford one of these bad boys after I find that treasure. These are some weird ducks though if you think about it." Discussing pondering thoughts to himself as he rubbed the very back of his head, Jacky decided to attempt to bargain with the shop keeper. Entering inside, an odd individual outside started to claim there were talking animals whom have made appearance in Alabasta. "Ehehe, Speedy Ducks and Talking Animals... Alabasta sure is an interesting place!" Exclaiming as he glanced backwards on outside as the messenger fell off his camel, Jacky then suddenly noticed quite the coincidence. Bizarre oh it was as for Jacky and another individual shared the exactly same sentence and simultaneously, at the very same time. "What the!? Can you read my mind or something Red Hair!? That was pretty crazy, Alabasta is quite the place isn't it huh? Ehehe!"

WC: 228

After Departing Katorea
Venturing out into the deserts of Alabasta, the dynamic duo awoke as for they were seeking to reach Alubarna on this fateful day. "Auuuuh! Need to brush and wash my mouth out, this nasty taste is horrible. Could probably eat a morning snack after too, then head out on our way. Yo Joey! You up yet!?" Heading up to the tent that Joey slept in that night, Jacky peeked his head through to check on the navigator. Vanished without word, all that remained in the empty tent was a sole paper owning scribbles with possibly a lead on where Joey exactly went.

"We've been being hunt down by a bounty hunter, I decided to chase down whomever has been stalking us so I won't be able to join you in Alubarna. In two days, I'd like you to meet me back at where we rented the camels."

Truly a shock for Jacky, he had no idea that they were being hunt down the second they arrived in Katorea. "Hm, guess I'll have to do this on my own!" Preparing all the essentials for his next day, Jacky cleansed his mouth, ate a quick bite to eat, and then rode on out with the camel to Alubarna.

WC: 207


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Yeah Kyo was skipped this round. Alright people, by this post or the next post, we should all be in Alubarna, you can engage however you want from this point. I'mma just concentrate on responding to whoever's in my area, it's pretty much up to each of us how the story goes until the NPC show's up. God Speed and Read.

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"We're all caged song birds, waiting for someone to hear our sound"

Arrival in Alubarna
Previous Day Before Attack
Time 8:00PM

Tucked into the burrows of the envoy carriage prepared by Elena, the Songbird’s had penetrated the heavy marine guard of Alabasta. After hours of constant travel via the Super Spotted Bill Ducks, each of the ducks now laid flattened onto the ground, exhausted due to the large surface area covered from jolting through the desert, from Katorea to Nanohana. Exiting the cart, Junbei begin to stretch his muscles, the last rest they achieved officially was when they set-up camp a few hours prior in the afternoon. Caprice, Juju and Nico were still firmly asleep, exhausted from trying to suppress their urges to just barge into the cities walls. “You’ve done pretty well for yourself, Elena.” Junbei said grinning. “I was listening to the whole conversation using my abilities… Why do I feel as if they’re still some things you have yet to tell me?” Junbei exclaimed, walking over to a nearby table, filled with scrap parts and junk metal, which he hopped on top. Placing his fingers over his mouth, “I don’t want to know of course, unless you don’t want to tell me. A woman with mystery is the most dangerous kind in the word.” Junbei said grinning, wiggling his legs back and forth off the side of the large wooden workstation area. “If the marines are guarding this city so heavily… It means two things. Either they know about whatever treasure is being hidden in Alubarna or serious players are involved, a force this big, I’m pretty sure whoever it is, they won’t be a pushover.” Junbei declared. “So, Elena… What’s the plan?” Junbei inquired, as the moonlight that shot through the window of Elena’s base gave a certain sparkle to his Royal Purple Eyes.


“I can’t believe I overslept!” Leiko exclaimed, arriving several meters on the outskirts from the South-West, approximately, 100 Meters away from the city of Alubarna. Picking up her Den Den Mushi from her backpack, army green in nature, strapped over her right shoulder, the woman screamed to her men to set-up camp. Dialing the number of her contact, the woman began to whispered into the phone, “Helllooooo anyone home!?” Leiko questioned. The receiver was a spy aboard the Gentlemen’s Cot, on the Upper Level of the Submarine, responding to his commander’s call from his Baby Den Den Mushi, breaking away from the group to use the toiletries was his excuse. “Captain Leiko! I told you not to call me until we arrived in Alabasta! This is the third time you’ve called!” the Mink exclaimed, sweating bullets because he could’ve been murdered if the other Musketeer members had learned he was selling out intelligence to rivaling parties.

I’m sorry-teia. I just wanted to know how far chu where… I missed ya’!” Leiko announced, slightly louder than her former tone. “Captain are you drunk!? Whatever, never mind! Listen to me closely! We’re approximately one mile away from Alubarna. I’m going to leave the line open. You’ll be able to hear all of the orders relayed through us. I’m going to mute your end however, I can’t have you getting be killed!” the Mink correspondent informed. “Thanks James-tiea. I’ll make sure you get your huuuge cut when this is over!” Leiko exclaimed excited, brushing her wool with her free left hand.

Four hours the woman sat listening to the feed, nothing in particular was interesting about the Yonko’s Crew’s banter, until around 6:00AM, things began to get interesting. The Twin Brother’s Known far and wide throughout the New World, Felix and Renaldo were in charge of the operation, and as the information relayed, the woman knew exactly what her plan would be. “From the North and the South… I guess the younger brother is the distraction. I’m going to attack from the Eastern Block.” Leiko concluded. Shutting off the feed, the panicked Mink’s nerves eased, as his forces mobilised with the brother attacking from the South.


The forces had settled into their attack patterns, the Mink’s engaged the little guards situated to the East, managing to break through the wall’s due to Leiko’s immense strength, shattering the doors into two, the youngest Brother Felix, approached the guards situated to the South and the Eldest Brother Renaldo tackled the forces reigning in the North. From all angles, the capital city of Alubarna was under siege. Situated within the city was the Songbirds and Elena, unknown of his location due to the nature of their entrance into the city. Junbei, hearing all of the conflict would spring up from his sleep, activating his Kenbunshoku Haki, turning towards to Elena. “Caprice! Juju! Nico! Looks like we have some company, Rishi Rishi!” Junbei shouted.

Skills | Misc Traits. :
Stamina | Haki Usage:

Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information.

D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter


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Ro would have to admit it, after successfully making their way past the gatekeepers, a sense of thrill had been born inside her. This really was going to turn out to be another adventure, wasn’t it? After setting up camp in her warehouse, she had been confident that they could get a good night’s sleep here. After all, there were the security measures she had in place so that her produce would be looked after. Having no beds to sleep on, they may not have the best rest, but it would do. Before going to bed, Junbei had come to her and brought up the fact that she still had not divulged information about herself. He was smiling and from his words, he did not seem to mind so much. Ro would return his expression and make an honest statement. “If we get through this, I promise I’ll tell you everything.” It was not fair to keep asking Junbei and his crew to trust her when she was not being totally upfront with them. Naturally he had brought this up and Ro hoped that this would be enough for now. She no longer had any intention of deceiving the men, but it was hard to change her learned behavior. Trust was not something that came easily to her, and frankly, she was surprised that she was getting it back from the pirate. “There is one thing you should know, however. If things are going to get dangerous, then you should know this.” Ro would hold her hand out in front of her, morphing it into a shape of pure golden light and then back to flesh again. “I’ve eaten the Pika Pika no Mi, which may be of use.” Although there may have been hints here and there, she hadn’t revealed her powers to them yet. Hopefully her promise and showing her power would be enough for now.

“The plan? Well that would be to find the treasure!” The only clue that they had gained from the map was that it was somewhere here in the capital. She did not have any clear direction forward as of yet. “It’s late, let’s get some rest and then we can decide tomorrow.”


Ro had been awake now for a few hours, and was keeping careful watch of their surroundings. She had been mulling over what they should do next. They couldn’t just strut through the street, that would bring much too much attention. She was soon startled out of her thoughtful state by Junbei jumping up from his sleeping spot and alerting everyone to the incoming danger. Soon enough, in the minutes that would follow, loud smashing sounds and shouts and screams and thundering footsteps filled the air as the area around them was preparing for the impact of the imminent battle.

A beeping went off at her office station across the room to alert her that her sensors had been tripped. There was someone approaching the warehouse. Ro rushed to the office to gather info on the potential threat. “From the north-eastern direction.” She informed herself, and then ran up to the tinted windows to peer out. A small group of marines was coming up to the building entrance. The man in front banged on the door and piped up.
“In this state of emergency, we have come to seize all weapons and ammunitions. Open up immediately or face the consequences!” From the stripes on his shoulder, he looked like he was a commodore.
“Looks like they found out the shipment wasn’t delivered this morning.” It showed how desperate their situation was, that they were trying to take what they needed in this last minute scramble for preparation. Ro looked around the side street around the squad of marines to make sure the coast was clear before making her move. She walked over to about five metres in front of the door and turned to Junbei. “I’ll handle this.” she said with a wink. Then she took off, running full pelt at the door that separated her and the marines. Her body glowed with light and thin lasers were emitted forwards as she accelerated. The lasers criss crossed in front of her, penetrating the steel door and shredding it apart. Ro carried through, running through the squad of marines before any signs of recognition had adorned their faces. Her lasers were aimed at the necks of the men, clotheslining and decapitating them. By the time Ro stopped, each man’s body was separated from their heads. Debris from the door finally reached the ground, slow compared to the pace of her attack. The point of attack was planned as they now had half a dozen marine uniforms to choose from if they wanted a disguise, although that meant that they would have to pick them off the bodies of the murdered squad. They also had a commodore’s uniform that would help them move through the low ranking marine reserves without being called into battle.

Ro would return to her new acquaintances, checking that the coast was clear before turning back to the main task at hand. “We should be leaving as soon as possible. Gimme another look at that map, did it say anything about where exactly the treasure was located?” Ro would grab the map and unfurl it, the sounds of battle being masked by the ringing of the city clocktower in the background, to mark 1pm. As the first chime rung, new words rose up onto the map parchment. They read as followed:

Map wrote:
“It is high time the key was found,
To the bells, the path is bound.
The Angel’s Melody is the sound,
That will let you pass beneath the ground.”

They had been given a riddle to follow. Ro looked up in the direction of the central clock tower as the last bell was struck. There was only one place in the city could be called 'high time'. "I think I know where to go next..." Ro would share her idea and wait for Junbei to respond with how he wanted to proceed. Whichever way, she would follow.

1976 left

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I have to help them.

As Geno and the Camel slid down the side of the dunes he wouldn't know it but some commotion had started near the gate. The line of people and the crowd of folks had scattered, screams could be heard as people ran. He halted the camel roughly 300 meters out from the main (North) entrance. Gun fire could be heard as the Marines would be focused on all the commotion down below. Geno quickly flipped his backpack around so he could grab the binoculars he used earlier. He rummaged around in his bag and brought up the Binoculars to get a better view of things. “What exactly is going on?”

Looking around the front gate he could make out clear as day who was attacking. A large group of pirates had engaged the civilians and marines at the front of the gate. Some of the civilians in front would be struggling to get out of the cross fire that would occur. Some people rushed into the gates before the doors shut closed. There was one pirate that seemed to be moving in the back of the pack as his grunts rushed forward into the fray. Of course not all of them would be able to make it as the Snipers were doing their best to pick off pirates without hurting the fleeing civilians. This was utter chaos, and Geno was not having it. He threw the binoculars to the side. He took a rather large swig of his water and placed the canteen back into his backpack. He would rub the back of the camels neck to reassure the beast as it was clearly spooked. Gun shots screaming into the air and people screaming for their lives. “Don't worry I won't get too close with you. I just need you to get me close enough to engage alright buddy? I believe in you, trust me to protect you.”

The camel did not respond to Geno's words of bravery instantly. Only a calm head turn with tears running down its face as it was terrified. “It's okay friend lets go.” He would only give a big smile with both eyes clothes while cocking his head to the side. The camel gave a gulp and turned back to the action. Geno would only jab his heels into the side of the beast and run forward. Hooves slammed the ground as Geno leaned forward on the beasts back to add to the momentum. They both cleared a wide distance in few minutes to get to the action.

[On top of the north gate]

x1 T3  x20 T1-T0 grunts x25 T2 snipers

“Captain! We are being overrun!”

One of the three captains that defended the gate looked downward to see the men trying to get civilians through the gate. “Get the civilians out of here! Close the gate and prepare for battle!” The snipers began to take careful aim downward. “Make sure not to hit the innocent bystanders! I am going down personally.” The captain would brandish his weapon and leap from the top of the wall. He vanished from sight suddenly and appeared on the ground. Through usage of Geppou and Soru he was able to land safely and quickly. On the ground he stood in front of the gate and began to bark orders. “Shut the gate! Prepare for battle!”

“Aye!” The men responded in a triumphant roar and rushed forward. The decisive battle would begin at the front gate.

[Yonko Pirates point of view]

x50 T0-T1, x10 T2 x1 T3 On location at north gate, remaining forces at South gate.

A man in a red outfit walked forward into the panning camera angle. This man was one of the Yonko's executives, his name was Renaldo. One of The Blood Ruby Twins, one who had reached status quite quickly through his quick wits and tactical maneuvers. He was tapping his chin eye balling the front gate thinking of some sort of plan to break through those doors. He really didn't want to get too riled up just yet. So he figured he would let his men have some fun. He was roughly 30 meters back from all the impending commotion.

“My my looks like we have some resistance. They look kind of weak. Do your Captain a service and crush these men. Riflemen deal with those sniper will you?”

Pirates yelled in response and charged forward. While some of the rifle men began to exchange fire with the marines posted on the North gate. At this point any civilian who was caught in this would be considered expendable by the pirates. The marines would have their hands busy trying to stop the pirates from getting through the front gate. Renaldo would wait in anticipation for victory. While waiting he activated his haki to get a wide range of the area to make sure no one would ambush him.

-150 Ken Haki sixth sense-

He would monitor the battle from a 30 meter distance. Waiting for anyone to make a move.

[Back to Geno]

Rushing down the side of the sand dune the finally reached ground level. 150 meters out Geno's mind was racing at that very moment. Several options presented themselves. He could scale the wall, possibly draw the attention of the snipers on both sides. He could join the fray help the Marines and risk getting arrested. He could not go all out because there were civilians present in the area still trying to flee. “Shit looks like I might have to help the marines.” Thing is most pirates would not risk such a thing. Why all of a sudden was Geno trying to help the very people who ran him out of his homeland. For this one time the marines would get a pass as they were protecting the innocent in this case. Maybe not all marines were bad.

He pulled up the desert scarf to cover his lower face from the sand kicking up. He would hope that the desert protection gear he had on would be enough to shield his face from the Marines. Pirates and Marines clashed their weapons and blood was about spilled on both sides.

Geno has engaged the Yonko pirates at the North gate

"I am the solution"
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Special Chapter: The New Era

Task Track Scampering across the deserts of Alabasta as he rode on to Alubarna, Jacky felt a sense of loneliness. "Hmph, better do a good job Joey. Counting on you." Entrusting his navigator; Joey in his task regarding the stalking bounty hunter on their tail as Jacky pursued the riches of the heavens. Encroaching upon the city of Alubarna, Jacky swifts up a spyglass up to his right eye as he caught ear of a clashing occurring on in the eastern gates. "Hm? What is going on!? Wonder if anyone else knew about the riches of heavens? No matter, I'll just go crash the party!" Nearing it's massive gates currently under invasion by flocks of strange animal people, Jacky couldn't help but rub the back of his head in wonder.

Yet no hesitation fell upon Jacky's intentions as he advanced up to the eastern gates, garnering the attention of infiltrating minks during his approach. Encountering these mink people were quite odd for Jacky but at the same exact time, Jacky felt like he heard about animal humans at one point in his childhood back on Bateria Island. In truth, Jacky's grandfather; Dynamo Tesla had informed Jacky about the mink men whom roamed the Paradise and the New World. There were rumors regarding the mink tribe that focused around the usage of an ability titled "Electro", Tesla Dynamo once researched this topic and rumor religiously in order to discover ways to produce mass electricity with little work. "Now that I look more closely they look li- Lesser Mink! Its a blue haired monkey lesser mink-teia! Garchu!" All of a sudden, an absolute surge of minks came rubbing up against Jacky as soon as one of the female minks said the word "Garchu!", Jacky was quite confused on what was actually going on. As a result of minks rubbing up against Jacky, his fruit suddenly activated and consumed all the electrical energy that the minks fed off of their bodies.

"Hm? I feel it, I'm absorbing their electro ability! It really is true then, minks are basically batteries too in a sense!" Acknowledging their electrical capabilities, Jacky noticed his body digest mass amounts of electricity as the mink's bodies rubbed up against himself. "Ehehehe, thanks for charging me up! Guess I should introduce myself, name is Jack; Dynamo Jack! I ate the Denchi Denchi no mi, thus I've become a human battery! Besides that, what is going on anyways?" Asking on what exactly is happening here in Alubarna, Jacky started to pack his belongings inside his traveling bag. "No time to mingle around with a Lesser Mink-gara! We have trouble on our hands! Were up against a Yonko here! None other than Raphael Aleksejev-gara! Hurry up friends, Leiko has broken through the gates! We need to reinforce her-gara! You coming too blue monkey mink-gara!?" Notifying all of the minks about Leika busting the eastern gate's doors open, a male mink then asked about if Jacky was planning on participating along side the minks for this brawl. "A Yonko!? I heard only slithers of their existence by visitors who came by my home island when I was little. If a Yonko is really here then... I'll have to go all out! Count me in!" Pounding his fists together in a robust manner, Jacky and the minks entered into the city of Alubarna head first. "Don't get yourself killed now, you hear blue mink-teia!?" Warning Jacky on not to do anything insane to have himself be taken down, the mink fret for the boy. "Gotcha! I won't be dying here though, still need to meet up again with Joey; my navigator!" Assuring a particular female mink that he won't be planning on falling here, if anything, he plans to soar here.

WC: 644
Electrical Energy: 30/30 (Rubbed up against Minks using Electro)


Voltage Vault
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(So basically it is like the movie thing where there is a black screen then they skip scene. My crew and I took out the desert smugglers and took some of their desert clothing, camels, and food. If the skipped scene is a problem I will do a flAshback of it in my next post.)

12:00 Noon

The crew of Apollo was roaming through the desert slowly on the Camels. Walking through the sand on the back humps stored with water, he would say “Xena, how far is this kingdom from our current position.” There would be a pause of talking as the navigator would come to analyze the map. Looking up in front of him as he gripped the reins of the camel. He would let out a small yelp. “Don't tell me that is where the kingdom is.” said Apollo looking at the veil of sand moving around what seemed to be a large wall in a random and slow manner. It didn't look like a real sand storm.

“Unfortunately, that is our destination. The eastern entrance of Arabasta.” said Xena as she would begin folding up the map and thrusting it back into one of her many pockets.

Cocking his head to the side and squinting his eyes, trying to get a better picture. He would see multiple people in an area where a opening was to the kingdom. Maybe they were friends rather than foe.

12:45 Noon

Walking for about forty minutes or so. They would come to pass through the veil of sand, hopping off the camel backs, as the animals themselves turned around and went to roam the deserts. Shrugging his shoulders, Apollo would begin to fix his desert equipment. Tightening the ski mask like fixture on his face and putting the large hood over his head and forehead, hoping to shield the sand from hitting his face as it was falling downward vertically. Though, even through all og this. His top hat still managed to stay on. Walking through the storm of Sand. He would hear someone say something about a battery. Something he could barely hear.

Walking further through the sand. The entrance in almost clear view, he would see animal people. He heard the words crew, Yonko, and Raphael. All of the blood draining from his usually cheerful face as his heart would begin to pump blood even faster. Maybe this was a test from his mother. Giving him a treasure map knowing that many powerful crews would be after it. Even the Yonko Raphael.

Sighing, he would walk up to the group of people and realize that they were Minks. Being with his mom nearly his whole life. He had traveled to many places both far and wide. Even encountering the electricity baring minks. His body shuddering he would say “Hi people, I heard the words Raphael and crew. So I assume whatever is here in this kingdom is so important that he himself may come. So if you want I will help.” said Apollo as he eyed the fusion of animals and humans. Such a unique source of people. Maybe they were not from this world.

Eyeing them waiting for a move. He would see all of them blink only once and run towards him. Most of them grabbing him as he fell in the sand. His body being licked and rubbed. He felt violated. This was the things he hated about the minks. Their “Minkship”. Maybe it was their form of sex. Pushing his way through them with his immense strength. He would stand up and begin to eye one that looked like a sheep. She held a cleaver in her hand and would say “You may join our ranks. The battle for the Treasure of Davy Jones shall commence.” screamed the Sheep creature as she held her cleaver in the air and had began to rush into the city. Her fellow minks following behind her. Looking at the rest of his crew who had been bombarded by the Minks as well he would say “Well, we got an adventure alright.” nodding at them. He would rush behind the minks as well. His mind knowing it couldn't do much in battle due to his Devil Fruit powers.

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SolarGravitas & VitasStrong BirdBlitz SticksOto OtoOto Tier 3NitufiaSantufiaNitufia - Tier 2Flight & Fight
Charlotte & Caprice WeaponsNico & Juju's Weapons
"We're all caged song birds, waiting for someone to hear our sound"

As the sound of officials banging on Elena’s warehouse made the situation even more dire, Junbei was curious as to what in the world was actually going on. Elena had signalled to him that she’d handle it and prior, her magic machines had revealed that there was an attack to the North East. “So cool… Alright… Focus. Radar!” Junbei exclaimed. Coupling his radar with his already active Kenbunshoku Haki, his mental map or Echolocation skills came into play. In the warehouse they currently resided in, outside was a main street, this street was one block over from another building, directly to the West of the building. To North of the building, several unknown auras entered into scope, since the warehouse was strategically positioned in the middle of the eastern block, access to the road’s wasn’t difficult to ascertain. “Twenty-one… Twenty-two… and even further North… More than I’m willing to acknowledge, barely on the edge of my scope.” Junbei’s thoughts echoed. The frequency came rushing in, as reports fell along his radar, Junbei relayed the information in real-time. “No time to mingle around with a Lesser Mink-gara! We have trouble on our hands!” Junbei repeated as the sounds came rushing in, much like a radio would spit out a picked up frequency. “Were up against a Yonko here! None other than Raphael Aleksejev-gara!” the last set of words froze everyone in the room in their footsteps.

“OI!” Nico shouted. “Did you just say Yon-Yonkou Junbei!?” Nico shouted. Opening his eyes, the man’s echolocation ran concurrent with his current conversation. Small bullets of sweat began to run down the redhead’s forehead. “Hoho… This might actually be bad.” Juju exclaimed resting the glaive on his shoulder. Approaching from the South, a large force of eighty-five in number advanced into scope from the Southern Gate area. “Rishi Rishi… Yonko huh? I thought those things only existed in the New World.” Junbei exclaimed. The sound of Elena snatching the map snapped the Songbird’s out of their delirious trance, Elena was right, they needed to get this treasure and get out.

Junbei didn’t believe in coincidences, if this Treasure was a big enough a deal to have a Yonkou in play, he’d have his Echolocation prime for up to 300 Diameters. Elena began to read the words of the riddle, exclaiming that she knows where it might be, “I do too. Sounds like the clocktower.” Junbei grinned. “Alright here’s the plan. If we go onto the street directly outside of your warehouse, that’ll lead us to the Eastern Block. There’s a substantial force already approaching in that area. I say, we travel west, then take the main route, which will lead us directly to the Clock Tower. It will take the Southern Force, whoever they are quite a while to reach the centre of the city.” Junbei stated, reassuring them that the longer they waited the closer to forces inched. “Also. As you can see, there’s a sand veil encasing the city but with my Haki, it’s nothing. Just a bit annoying so covered your faces. Nico! Juju! Once we make it to the main street, we’ll break apart. You guys intercept the Southern Enemies, Me, Elena and Caprice will go and secure the loot. Be careful… If any signs of Raphael appears at all, I want you guys to exit the city. Before you do, hit the top of the clocktower with one of your bazooka rounds Nico. If not, continue to engage the forces… I’ll handle the rest. Besides… the less people around the wilder I can get.” Junbei grinned, readily tracking everyone entering in and out of his scope.

Advancing by foot, the Songbirds traversed the streets making it to the main area. In the distance, about 250 Meters roughly, the Southern Force advanced. At the Junction, Juju grabbed Nico and took to the ceiling of a nearby establishment on the Main Street, about ten meters in height and fifty meters wide. The ceiling had an onion type shape and a small wooden bridge which Juju and Nico sat on, hidden behind the raging sandstorm. Winking at this crew, the trio advanced along the street for several minutes(50 Meters), until finally coming upon the Clock Tower. If anyone would come into scope or try to interrupt their advance, Junbei would instantly release his Waves to slow down their movements. However, for the most part, the advance would occur. Once arriving in the Clocktower, the following scene would play out, entering into the building, at the Tower’s bottom. Locking the door behind them, Caprice arched to the door’s right. “Angel’s Melody huh? I wonder if Davy was from the East Blue… It’s a lullaby that’s popular there.” Junbei exclaimed grinning.

“The heart of men are weary with sin,
May your love loweth in treaty.
For Angel’s do perch on the Open East,
To save a cauldron of men.”

The Redhead would sing, at the first utterances, though pretty the melody was, nothing was happening. Until Junbei reached the chorus, the stone slab structure began to shake.

“The angel’s voice, a key to men. Young and Old.” Junbei completed. Inside the tower, the floor began to separate, revealing a staircase which lead into unknown arenas. Meanwhile, in the streets of Alabasta, the Yonko’s probe’s advanced with slight precision, making note of all the players involved. From the South, the forces from the Marines were demolished. “Alright! Maintain this gate! Fifty of you follow me!” Felix shouted.

Skills | Misc Traits. :


Skill Name: Radar
Tier: 1
Type Normal
Range: 10M
Speed: VI
The user is able to listen into conversations and all sounds within 10M of his range. However, he’s unable to put ‘body’ or ‘person’ to these sounds unless he’s previously met them or mentally visualizing them using Kenbunshoku Haki, this skill can last up to three posts.

Stamina | Haki Usage:


Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information.

D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter

Aura Sight - No level of concealment can truly obstruct the vision of someone with this innate prowess. Capable of seeing thru environmental obstructions, the user also gains the ability to see people thru the color of their auras thru the obstruction itself.

NPC's Present :

Caprice Rogers:
Tier 4
Speed: V
Tier 4 in all other specs.
*Hand Blade

Juju Fall
Tier 4
Strength: V
Tier 4 in all other specs.
*Heat Glaive

Tier 4
Perception: V
Tier 4 in all other specs.
*Burn Bazooka

* All of which were declared in my header in the first post and several other posts in thread.


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The camel was running with all of his might towards the skirmish that broke out in a instant. People were running past Geno as he pressed forward. Loose cloth and his desert poncho danced around in the wind. Geno saw some of the faces that ran past him. Tears were shed, blood was spilled, and children cried for those who were lost to the pirates attacking. The pirates were ruthless in their attack as no one was safe. Carts were set a blaze by bombs thrown in this was a terrible sight to behold. This would enrage Geno in a instant as he heard laughter of these men as they attacked innocent bystanders. The scary thing was Marines were losing this fight. They were being pushed back and people were losing their lives. The pirates of the Yonko were proving their might at this very moment. Marines on the wall were the only ones having any luck in their attack. The captain managed to down a few of them with his sword and martial art ability. But he would so

Enraged by this needless bloodshed Geno at about 50 meters away stood on the hump of the camel with pristine balance. His arms were crossed while a look of anger crossed his face. “This ends here.” These worlds would be muttered to himself as he leaped into the air suddenly with all of his might. On the sand blood stained it causing it to clump up. A woman and child were clenching each other crying waiting for their demise. Two pirates stood over them with weapons drawn. Licking their lips with malicious intent. They had just killed a marine who was protecting them with all of his heart. His last dying words to them came out before he passed onto the next life.


They could not however as they were cornered, fighting behind them and fighting in front of them. One pirate stood to the left of them cutting off their exit. While the other on the right cutting off the other possible escape route. Their weapons were bloodied, “Oi what should we do with these two? I bet the small one will fetch a pretty penny.”

“What about the big one?” the one on the left asked.

“She got a pretty face, pretty sure boss will let us have our way with er I reckon.” They would both laugh as they took a few steps closer. This travesty would not go unchecked. A shadow would be casted over them in a instant as a large bodied figure appeared overhead. They would shield their eyes in a attempt to see what exactly was falling on them. “The fu...” These words would not be finished as Geno landed on one that stood on the left. Successfully goomba stomping the pirate's head into the sand. His landing would cause a lot of sand to kick up suddenly making it impossible for the one to the right to see. He shielded his eyes from the sand kicking up but this was a mistake. As Geno had appeared over him, a shadow cast over his top half. The pirate would shake in horror as he could only see a red glare lighting from Geno's eyes through the darkness cast over his body. He would attempt to swing his sword but it was too late. A fist embedded itself into his solar plexus. A punch so strong that the pirates body lifted clear off the ground. As Geno's right fist pressed into the area located under his sternum. His face would be completely exposed as his head would lurch forward in response with his mouth open. Geno would was no time in chopping downward on the mans open neck with a left hand. This would cause the pirate to be slammed into the sand immediately. A loud thud followed as his body laid limp in the sand. The man who Geno stepped on would most likely not be moving permanently. As Geno's entire weight was placed on his head. With no hesitation after dispatching the two Geno would move forward and grab the two cowering in fear and dash to the left. The girl in his left and the woman slung over his shoulder.

A large body would explode from the sand leaving it behind. Due to the sand being kicked up the pirate snipers would have issues getting a proper aim on the large man. Any marines near by would be confused as to what happened. He would be roughly 20 meters out in a instant away from the carnage. The two were at a loss for words as everything happened so quickly and the sand kept them from being able to see what exactly happened. “Don't speak run with the others.” Tears running down their face the woman would nod and grab her daughter and run. The girl wanted to speak but Geno was already gone with the wind back into the fray.

[Meanwhile back with Renaldo]

His sixth sense picked up something moving quickly towards the battle. This intrigued him completely. As some foreign combatant had joined the fray. He rested his hand on the handle of his blade waiting for something to happen. He had a uneasy feeling about the whole thing. He felt a overpowering presence a power laid dormant in this fighter. The question was he friend or foe. As two of his pirate's life force vanished instantly it was made clear. He would suck his teeth in frustration. 'I may have to get my hands dirty.' He was thirty meters out from the commotion as stated earlier. He moved forward and prepared for battle. There were ten snipers firing upward at a angle next to Renaldo. They moved around in formation to confuse the snipers on the wall while picking them off.

[Marine Captain]

The scene would snap back to the Captain who was trying his best to hold the line. His marines were dropping around him due to the sheer numbers they had in comparison. Even the snipers on the wall were dropping due to the pirates counter fire. They were not prepared for this kind of force. His den den mushi was going crazy as all of the gates were being attacked simultaneously. It would only be a matter of time before they were overrun. “Fall back and regroup!” His voice would echo out into the heavens. This was perfect for someone who was rushing back into the battlefield. Little did the Marine Captain know there was a pirate who had somehow got to a flanking position. He had leaped into the air and was coming down on the Captain unexpectedly. Marines would try calling out to their captain in a attempt to halt the attack. Their voices fell on deaf ears. It was as if the world stood still for a moment as the Captain was about to lose his life. By the time the captain would notice the attack it would be too late. Or would it?

At the point of the pirate coming down Geno came barreling from the left. Dashing full speed knocking over pirates that stood in his way like bowling pins. He would roar into the heavens as he leaped full speed  and forcing his knee forward. “Hyes!” A left knee would come in the nick of time pressing itself into the right side of the pirate attacking the Captain. Bones cracked, the pirates face winced from pain and a small shock-wave erupted at the point of contact.

However, his zealous effort Geno's turban and desert poncho would come flying off revealing his face and identity. The pirate on the other hand would be sent flying due to Geno's strength rivaling that of a giant. He would land directly behind the Marine with a serious look on his face. As the marines were at a loss for words. This giant man just sent the guy into the air with nothing but a knee. It was rare this kind of strength was showcased for them. The Captain instantly noticed who the man was but did not say anything immediately as his life was just saved. As the camera started as his feet and moved upward a guitar rift would explode into the scene.

One punch man Seigi Shikkou:

“I am in your debt....Geno Ranzu.”

The marines around him would be in question not knowing who he was. 'Who? Never heard of him...' would be muttered around him. Geno would be slightly embarrassed by this as he was not completely known out here in the Grand-line due to his measly bounty. “Never mind who I am focus on the battle! Any remaining marines get the civilians out of here! I can't let loose until they are out of the way!”

“What are you doing commanding my men!”

“Do you want my help or not!?”

“I don't really have much of a choice do I!? You heard the man get the remaining people and clear out we will handle this!” It hurt his pride a bit to say that because he did not want the help of a pirate. But at this rate and the current state of affairs he could use all the help he could get.

The marines would respond and proceed to disengage and pull back. The pirates would begin to circle around the two who drew attention to themselves. Geno and the Captain stood back to back waiting for the marines and civilians to pull back.

"I am the solution"
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25 Re: [Event] The Start Of A New Era?! on Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:27 am

Ro had just come in from dealing with the marine intrusion when she heard Junbei start up. She couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing, but from how his crew payed attention, it seemed like it was of importance. Ro would listen intently as Junbei reported back information about those that were surrounding their location. It seemed like some sort of sensory technique. Then a strange sound appeared from his mouth. She jerked up to hear the noise that was halfway between a shouted command and an animalistic growl. How was he able to make that sound? From the way he was phrasing his words, it didn’t seem like it was him talking. The voice would end with naming one of the four strongest pirates on the seas. One of the terrifying Yonko. Ro looked back and forth between the pirates, discerning the situation from their reactions. It really did look like a Yonko was coming. Well, that certainly made things a little more uncertain. Damn, she was hoping to stay out of the big leagues for now, but it looks like the big fish had come to her. Realistically, there was no way that she could take on such a foe but that didn’t mean she could not grab a few gold pieces and make a getaway. Disappearing was a specialty of hers, and if need be she could dissolve into the desert and out of harm’s way whenever she wanted. However the Songbirds did not really have that luxury. Ro had allied up with them and so she would fight alongside them. But now that a Yonko had been tossed into the mix, was she really prepared to stick her neck out for them in this regard? Surely she didn’t care enough about them to defy such a force. No, no. Something like that just didn’t make sense. After all, she couldn’t die until her goals had been accomplished. Regardless… She just could not see herself abandoning them. Ro’s resolve burned bright. They would just have to move faster, and with more care from now on.

Not a sight to be surprised at, all the commotion had whipped up a sandy fog that luckily was rolling across their path. Soon enough the group was beginning to make it’s way through the gritty cloud guided by Junbei’s proficient haki usage. Ro trusted him enough to give up her sight. He hadn’t let her down yet. Juju and Nico soon split off to follow their orders. It wasn’t long before they had reached the clock tower and entered. Junbei seemed to know what the map had meant by the Angel’s Lullaby. Another stroke of luck, their stars were beginning to align it seemed. He broke out in song, one that according to him, was a lullaby from the East Blue. His voice was simply amazing. Ro couldn’t help but stop and gawk, the melody carrying her off, and her eyelids started to droop regardless of the adrenaline filled moment. There was power in a voice so sweet, even if she wasn’t a connoisseur of the arts, she could recognise that much. This kid really was a bag of surprises. Well, what had she expected from a pirate that was named Songbird?

Once the song began to finish, the ground beneath Ro’s feet began to rumble, waking her from the trance. She would quickly hop out of the way, just in time to see a secret stairway to emerge from underneath the clocktower. Well now, it appeared they were getting somewhere.

(I forgot to do the stamina for the skill I used last post so Ima do it now)
-45 laser slicer
355 stamina

400 Make gadget: dynamic capsules
400 Upgrade: dynamic capsules 0 -> 1
200 Refined smith: dynamic capsules 1 -> 2
400 Make weapon: energy pistol
1182 left

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