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1The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:21 pm

Task Name: The Test
Tier: 3
NPC or PC: Pc
Location: Yotsuba Island
Crew, Team, or Personal:Crew
Description: After finding new people for our crew and returning the villagers home. Its time to look at the book. THe book seems not that easy to read. Elisa and Syndra find out that the book wants to test us. TO get acces we have to fight a enemy of the books choosing. Defeat it and get acces tot he information inthe book.
Enemy Details: 1 strong beast that is created by the book to test Syndra and Elisa if they are worthy to know the secrets it is keeping inside its pages.
Boss: Yes

Boss Name: The guardian of The book of Evolution & Desire
Tier: 3
The guardian his 4 meters high. He also has a giant club with spikes. THe guardian has a green/brown like skin and his skin is made out of scales. It also has claws at his fingers and toes.
Devil Fruit: none
Haki: None
Equipment: None
Strength: 5
Durability: 5
Speed: 2
Perception: 2

After Elisa and Syndra met their new friends the two of us take a day off from all of the work. To spend time with eachother and their new crewmates. Learnign to know eachother a little is important. Also we have a new vessel. We need some time to get used to it all. The people of the village suply our new ship with food and water for free.

As time porgresses Syndra decides to take a look at The book of Evolution & Desires. She takes the book and takes it to our lunch to look at it whiel eating. Sebastian has prepared a table for four. On my plate are 2 remarkable sandwiches. Sebastian sits near Syndra eating his lunch. On the table is hot chocolate milk and tea. If Sugar and Elisa join them at lunch time is up to them. Eather way Syndra looks at the book. She places it infront of her on the table. Then Syndra opens the book and takes a pen. She then starts writing on the blank page. “Hello book of Elovution and Desires. I have been thinking. I have some questions and you are maby able to answer me. I wanted to ask you if you know who killed my parents and where I can find the killers of Orlando. Can you help me? ” When I am done writing the words disappear. The book takes some time to answer. Its not what I expected. “If you want to use the knowledge I have you have to proof your worth. If you pass I will share it with you. If you are unable to do so you will porbably die. ”

Syndra is surprised. I then ask Sebastian to get Elisa and Sugar to come over to look at the book.

Wordcounter: 299

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2The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:55 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Once Elisa reaches Syndra to gaze upon the book a strange woman with no face in a blue fancy dress is walking ontop the tip of the page as if there was the world within the book itself and just like that were the words do you agree were beneath her feet as she looked up towards Syndra and Elisa. Without hesitation, Elisa would agree and thus also spoke for Syndra in this moment.  An echoing ghostly voice would echo out of the book. “Very well you have accepted may let the trail begin.”. The book slams itself shut with a gust of wind flying out knocking everyone nearby away five meters at which point a very large guardian reaching an extremely tall height with green and brown scaled skin as if he was a lizard of sorts but was still, in fact, a man wielding a large spiked club once he had arrived from out of the book “YOUR WAY IS SHUT… AND I KEEP IT”. The large Guardian said in an old trembling voice as he draws back his weapon preparing to attack but alas before he does Elisa is behind him aiming for key points in his back.

Meanwhile, sugar has also already taken to the attack haven reached his left shoulder stabbing him in his shoulder muscle [between the main shoulder bit and his neck]. After Elisa, Sugar and Syndra and the butler who already almost certainly launched their own attacks into the guardian; the giant would simply laugh has he attempted to ignore the pain and begun to swing his club forward with power and the power was real. Even though Elisa was behind the attack would be sent backwards into a large tree which also was created from the book in order to contain this battle.

Word Count 302

The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Rzw76K1
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3The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 7:55 am

Syndra and Sebastian are both pushed back 5 meters when the book closed. Elisa had agreed without hasitation or thinking about what might happens next. Next up is a guardianthat looks like a sea monster with a huge club. Elisa already attacked it again without thinking ahead. As the guardian swung his clubaround sending ELisa flying withotu even touching her. Syndra and Sebastian and Yury areall 3 too far away to get caught in that attack.

We watch at Sugar and Elisa had launched their attacks. Elisa does hit a tree behind her created by the book itself. The guardian does see it. Elisa is wide open so He swings his club in her direction. When he does Syndra gives her butler a order. His order is to save Elisa. Sebastian runs forward and draws some kitchen knifes. that he is carryign with him. He then aims thema dn throws them at the guardian. It interrupts the attak not completely. It does change the direction o the club though. THe club smashes in the ground 2 meters away from Elisa. The force sends some pieces or the ground lying in diffrent directions. Some of them are flying towards ELisa. She has to dodge it or she might gets stuck beneath it or damaged. When Elisa is safe the butler would start attacking the legs of the guardian. The attacks dont hurt but they are annyoing enough to get its attention. Syndra uses the distraction to run up behind it together with Yury. I grab Yury and shoot my chain at the guardian. The chain gets stuck in his back. Syndra then pulls herself witht eh chain towards the guardian. Who reacts byquickly turning around. The chain is because of that removed out of his backand sends Syndra flying. She is able to throw her pet Yury towards the guardian. Yury lands on his head and starts attaking it with his small bear claws.

WC: 323

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4The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:16 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Elisa uses her legs to push off the tree to project herself back towards the guardian avoiding the danger coming towards her previous position, with Yury engaged at the guardians face Elisa had the best chase to cause some harm but alas she had a better idea than a direct attack. In fact, Elisa would find herself standing on the club itself between two spikes as she lowered her position to launch a powerful attack into the palm of the guardian's hand. "Shottopanchi Shottopanchi Shottopanchi Shottopanchi". Elisa would launch four air cannonballs with her shottopanchi punches inflicting significant wounds on the inside of the guardian's hands. While the goal failed as the guardian didn't drop his weapon but his grip was weakened. Using her speed Elisa would quickly grab Yury of the Guardian's face just in time to avoid the attempt to grave the little guy. 

Meanwhile, Sugar had rotated herself around the Mass of the giant and was know somehow standing on the Giants belly button "Oh what do we have here, she had decided to stab the Guardians upper chest where a nipple should be and just as expected it would cause huge pain. "YOU RUNTS ARE NOTHING BUT RATS AND SQUIRELLS, I WILL KILL YOU NOW !!!!!". the Guardian believed he was being serious as he randomly started smashing the ground, again and again, sending rubble everywhere though while if someone was to be struck by the rubble it would be painful it was easy to dodge and easy to predict but the Giant actually wanted to make this fight more close quarters by digging a giant hole. Meanwhile, the book had called for more trees to surrounded the fighting area as if a forest stadium was being built. Elisa would speak in this moment "Everyone regroup together". 

Word Count 310
Total Word count 612

The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Rzw76K1
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5The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Sat Jan 21, 2017 4:35 pm

Yury claws wild in on the face of the Guardian. He doesnt do much damage but he blocks the guardian's sight and aqnnoys him enough to be a distraction. Wich gave Elisa a oppertunity. She failed but was able to weaken it. The guardian is about to grab Yury off his face to kill it. Elisa is just in time to save him. As thanks Yury pushes his nose against her cheeck and licks.

The hand on the guardian missed them both but blocks his own vision for a second. That leaves him open for a attack of Sugar. She stabbed him in his nipple what pissed him off. He starts rampaging. Syndra and Sebastian take some distance to net get caught by it. The guardian keeps rampaging for a while. Syndra and her friends have to wait till he is done. Attacking him whiel raging would be too dangerous. The guardian does stop raging eventually. When he is done raging his wounds are bleeding less and shows signs of recovery. The huge giant takes the club in his other hand and then swings his giant club towards Sugar. You will pay for that !! The club attack is followed with by a kick with his left leg.

When the guardian attacks Sugar, Syndra starts running towards the monster planning on attacking it from behind. Sebastian is right behind her. When they are near it Sebastian got to the right and Syndra to the left side of the Guardian to flank it from two sides. Syndra jumps toattack the guardians femur because its nor armored. Sebastian does the same to the other leg. Sadly Syndra misses when the guardian tries to kick Sugar. Syndra lands behind the guardian. Sebastain on the other hand stabs it in its right leg with his kitchen knife. The guardian roars and starms stamping with his feet. Syndra wants to roll away but the earth around the guardian shakes too much that Syndra loses her balance. THe guardian uses his heel to kick Syndra sending her flying to then land agaisnt a tree.

wordcounter : 351
total : 351 + 323 = 674

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6The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:05 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
After a few moments passing with Elisa and Sugar successfully avoiding the attacks coming their way and syndra striking against the tree was this battle starting to take its toll on the area around it with sound pollution from the combat and thus several townspeople had begun watching, some even being part of the force that sailed with Elisa and Syndra. Elisa would be forced to order sugar to exit the battle in order to swiftly prevent any intrusion into this conflict but alas the book itself had this aspect covered as it heard Elisa speak. “No one gets involved, sugar please provide external support”.  Before Sugar could take a single step strong bamboo sticks would shoot out from the ground around the fighting area along with strange shaped wooden logs rising just outside of the initial bamboo as if welcoming the growing crowd to watch while still preventing their entry into the conflict. The book had just granted two desires and thus on the first page, two puzzle pieces would appear as blobs of black ink on the first page.  

With these events unfolding the guardian didn't launch any extra attacks as he shown respect to his targets and neither did Elisa or Sugar until the book whispered once more like a ghost on the wind “you may continue”.  Elisa eyes would dip slightly as her attention was once more rested on her current opponent the Guardian from the book, her legs positioned slightly to either side with a very slight crouch and arms at either side of her torso with her armed fists positioned towards her target and with every moment of stillness would her eyes intensify their focus. “This may sound odd but Guardian…. I request your Surrender”.  The Guardian while in a very angry serious manner found the request extremely comedic and began laughing “Hahahahahahaha, Don’t make me laugh, Surrender please you guys are pathetic"[sugar]” “But you're already laughing”*Coff*"Pathetic" [Elisa Whispered “Shut up Sugar”] “I’m just saying he is”. Within a moment there was a silence among them all began to awake as all parties knew this was about to get serious.

And with a gust of wind cracking the silence Both Elisa and the Guardian were charging each other though Elisa wasn’t messing about this time and was using her [T4]Soru skill Elisa would be moving incredibly fast that the guardian couldn’t even see her let alone the launch of the barrage of attacks she was launching into him, and yet he understood her skill and that she wasn’t teleporting and with the sudden seriousness that she wasn’t about to disrespect him with a rear attack and thus the Guardian from the book continue to swing his club as hard and as fast as he could in her direction along with preparing to use his entire body to barge into her.

3 seconds later.

Elisa's forearms were fractured in multiple places leaking a significant amount of blood, the spiked club broken in three places. The joints of both the Guardians elbow and shoulders were frozen in ice along with his entire body from the tip of his head to his toe having major cracks through his entire body leaking blood with his right hand nowhere to be seen. Though despite Elisa clearly dealing more damage it would be her that seemed more exhausted.

Skills used in the barrage of attacks
50 calibur Quake - Kabutowari  x2; Comboed with 2 Shottopanchi
Ice output from Ravager Gauntlet x 4

558-word count

Total Word Count = 1170
Stamina used 140 this post

Stamina remaining = 280
Ravager Gauntlet:

Equipment Name: Ravager Gauntlet
Equipment Type: Weapon
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: 

The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Brakor10

This weapon consists of hardened plastic pieces coloured light brown to give off a bronze look, despite being much stronger and lighter. The webbing in between the pieces are made of the same material, although it is transparent. On the top of the gauntlets is a bold engraving that says "66".

Other than protection and close quarters combat using the gauntlet, there is a built in mechanism that harnesses water from the atmosphere around it (think clima tact) to fuel it's abilities. While the weapon looks like a gauntlet, it is much more like a shotgun and gives up range for superior blast diameter and damage when compared to a pistol of the same make. Fires to 10m, t2 damage and has a 2m blast diameter, all projectiles are fired at t4 speed and can dent iron while destroying weaker materials. Draws enough water to be shot once per post. Weighs .5kg for each gauntlet, 2 in the set. Upon creation the gauntlets are limited to the base shotgun, and can get the fire and ice outputs through upgrading.

Fire output - The mechanism fires a pellet of activated water. This activated water has had it's intramolecular bonds disrupted. When the water collides with a solid surface, the energy locked in the bonds is released, simultaneously generating heat and breaking the H2O into it's base elements. These then react with a popping flame, applying damage and knocking those in range off their feet.

Ice output - The mechanism fires a pellet of water that has been projected to a heat sink. The kinetic energy within the water being forcefully raised, once colliding with a solid surface, the kinetic energy bottoms out, spreading the water over the range and pulling vapour from the atmosphere for instant sublimation, flash freezing the area. This applies damage over the range and stops movement of those hit for 1 post.
Attachments Vapour drawer: Draws more vapour from the air, enabling each gauntlet to be shot twice per post instead of once.
Curse: -
Materials: Hardened plastic (similar in durability to steel)
Units per Slot: 1 slot for a pair
Experience: 0
Upgrade Log:
1 - fire output
2 - ice output
Upgrade Points: 2

Skills used:

Skill Name: - Soru
Tier: - 4 
Type - Speed
Range: -  20m Travel
Speed: - Own + 1.5
Description: - The Soru allows the users to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power. It was revealed that the principle of this move was to kick off the ground at least ten times in the blink of an eye. Speed increases by 1 Tier.

Skill Name: - 50 calibur Quake - Kabutowari 
Tier: - 1 
Type - Offensive
Range: - 1.1 meters
Speed: - Own
Description: -Elisa focuses her great power into a small, spherical area, otherwise known as a Hypocenter around a single limb to perform a concentrated, explosion-like attack. Rippling the power of the users strength through the embodiment of the affected area, with the initial point of contact being increased by .5 tier in strength. Spherical diameter is 4cm bigger than the limb used.

Skill Name: - Shottopanchi [Shigan+Rankyaku]
Tier: - 2
Type - Martial Arts
Range: - 15m
Speed: - Own
Description: - Pushes their fist towards a certain target at a very high speed, creating a compressed air cannonball with a 2cm radius. Capable of creating large bullet wound greatly damage a human body.  Shottopanchi is purely used when launching a trusted punch motion.  

The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Rzw76K1
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7The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:39 am

When Sugar wants to help the cintizens and protect them the book stops her in her tracks. He calms us down that no one except the 5 of us who were going to get hurt or die. Bamboo surrounds us to protect them. Syndra has mixed feeling about this. Sure the people were safe but we are now locked in a cage with this thing. Their is now less space to dodge to or to fight. Also the ground under the giant guardian is really damaged.The fight just gets a bit more difficult.

Before SUgar Sebastian or Syndra can attack. ELisa and the Guardian already had started as they charged at eachother. The 1 vs 1 does only take 5 seconds max. After that both are really injured. With Elisa having her forarms fractured. The guardian is bleeding too and some parts of him are frozen.Despite having more injuries the guardian seems to be in a betters tate then ELisa. He does have a bigger body and that now shows itself. Worried about her sister in law Syndra orders her butler to look after Elisa. Sebastian takes Elisa away from the fight and seems to take a look at her wounds and to help her. He seems to be well prepared for a butler as he wraps bandages around ELisa's forarms.

While Sebastian is treating Elisa's wounds Sugar and Syndra are the only two left to fight the Guardian. Syndra joins Sugar and takes a look at her equipment and then looks back at the opponent. Lets beat him together Sugar. Are you ready? I then charge at the guardian on his right side. He only has his left hand left so that was the only thing we need to look out for. She then starts attacking it but While Syndra is attacking putting in free hits the guardian gets some strength back. He is able to break the ice and then starts his counter attack by kicking and stamping with his feet at Syndra.

wc: 342

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8The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:20 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
Syndra's butler Sebastian was tending to my wounds as Syndra and Sugar battled the formidable foe, i was staring at the battle unfolding as if it was a sort of day dream, I didn't think anything could withstand her attacks when she got serious though she could tell by its torn body it didn't have much left to give but at the same time it was giving everything.  Sebastian would slap me in this moment to gain my attention as for the last 4 minutes he was asking me a question. "Does it hurt here?". I replied no confused by his question "Does it matter if it hurts or not look at it, it's clearly damaged" Sebastian would continue talking to me but i was back day dreaming. Watching how Sugar used her tail to not just grab Syndra but pull her out of the way of the Guardians attack but to perform a unique motion to put them both on his upper back and primed to strike.  Sebastian had finished wrapping bandages around Elisa's arm and had turned to see how Syndra and Sugar were handling the monster. 

Elisa was waiting for any sign that Syndra and Sugar needed her help at which point her injuries would become unimportant as the lives of her crew were more important than pain but until that moment she would remain resting as a bystander trusting them to finish the job, though Elisa was starting to get the impression we are not meant to kill him but instead make him admit defeat and then treat his wounds. Thinking inside her mind "But I already offered him a surrender but, hmm I'm sure I'm right just maybe we need to do it without affecting his pride" Elisa would whisper her thoughts into Sebastian's ear. 

Word Count = 311
Total Word Count = 1481
Stamina remaining = 280

The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Rzw76K1
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9The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:50 am

While ELisa is daydreaming and watching the fight. THe book is able to read her mind and gets in her head. What is wrong Elisa? Are you starting to be sentimantal ? Did you start to care for the guardian who is trying to kill you and your friends? If you are then you will die because he will not show you the same mercy. Meanwhile Sebastian inspects other body parts of Elisa to check for any other injuries. He treats some bruises and some smaller wounds. WHen he is done he stands next to Elisa and releases a heavy breath. He then lays his hand on her shoulder. I know how you feel Elisa. It feels bad doesnt it? Being almost unable to help or do anything. As a butler I do feel the same way in moments like this.

Meanwhile Syndra and Sugar are fighting the guardian. It seems to go really well as the two woman work perfectly together. Syndra somehow starts to enjoy the  fight a bit more. As I stab the guardian again he tries to punch me. Sugar used her tail to pull me out of the way. Syndra started to trust her new friend as we land on the back of the guardian we both start attacking. The guardian is not really stupid and to avoid being taken out he rolls backwards. Syndra grabs Sugar and jumps off its back before he is able to crush us with his weigth. As we land the guardian is standing up from his roll. Syndra uses the opening to shoot her chain inside its left eye. The guardian screams in pain. He quickly stands up and looks for who Syndra. He then runs at her with anger and rage. Enough I am going to kill you bitch!!

Syndra keeps her distance and dodges the attacks by rolling. While i distract him Sugar will be able to strike but I had to create the opening. Syndra gets a idea as the guardian punches Syndra lifts up her arms in a X and catches the fist. The guardian laughs. Now I got you ahahah He stops lauging when he feels something pushing agaisnt his fist. Syndra uses her robotic arm to stop the punch. The guardian is at a much weaker state so Syndra knew that she was able to hold it off. THe guardian starts pushing Syndra back but is not able to break her guard yet. It leaves the guardian vunurable as he is fixated at killing Syndra. Now Sugar!!

Wordcounter: 438
total : 1458

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10The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:41 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
The fight was moving on rapidly and the moment was now focused on sugar as Syndra had created an opening for her to strike as Syndra had just caught the guardian's fist and thus Sugar would take the moment to run up his arm with his head being her destination. Though Sugar would do something extremely unorthodox as instead of cutting his throat or even threatening it. Sugar sat on his head with her legs hanging down around his ears, and her sword nowhere to be seen[ placed behind the Guardians ear]. Using her tail to tickle the Guardians neck as she ran her hands through his hair tapping his head every other second as if playing the drums.

“Here it goes.Here it goes here it goes again”. Tap tap the left of his head “ “The monsters are going Climb into your head” “Tap tap the right of his head “Here it goes.Here it goes “Do you feel me crawling, hear me sing, deep inside your mind.  The Guardian would give up as he didn't want to hear any more of sugar antics.  He would fall to his knees and get sucked into the book along with all the bamboo and trees created by the book.  Everyone sitting down would suddenly fall over for a collective shout of “Ow”.  The viewers would all clap as the four fighters stood together with Sugar kissing Syndra on the cheek as she whispered: “You do an amazing job”.
Elisa had placed her hand on on the butler's shoulder as she replied to his question “That's not it at all, I am proud of Syndra for being so strong and I trust she doesn’t need me to win a fight and I want you all to grow stronger because I learned not too long ago; I can’t protect everyone no matter how hard and I try."

In this moment a photographer had taken a picture of the group.

Word Count 349.

The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Rzw76K1
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11The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:04 am

Syndra doesnt know what Sugar is doing at all. She is focused on holding off the giant fist. As Sugar does her thing the guardian is suched up by the book and disapears. THe pressure is released and Syndra needs a couple of steps to keep standing ater losing her balance. Syndra then holds up her arms and catches Sugar who is falling down. Since the guardian suddenly disapeared under her feet. When Syndra catches Sugar. She puts her back on her feet. You did so amazing Sugar. I do not know what you did but amazing. Then Sugar kisses Syndra on her cheeck. She does not really hear her words becasue of the kiss. It did suprise her quite a bit. Syndra blushes and then kisses Sugar back on her cheeck. Thank you or your help Sugar.

Meanwhile Elisa did respond to Sebastina's question. He looks at her. I do know my mistress is strong and that she can win her own fights. I just noticed that look in your eyes that you wanted to keep fighting too. She is still your sister. Its just a human thing I gues. Besides I do not want to lose my new mistress. SHe is something special and I have traveled long and far to find a mistress like her.

WHen the fight is over and the bamboo removed the book alls on the ground. Syndra would walk over to pick it up. She then notices a man snatching some pitures of me and the group to then quickly run away. It doesnt bother me too much. The book is more important ater all. Syndra then walks back to Sugar and together they get to Sebastiana dn Elisa. Syndra would hug Elisa. I am so glad that you are alright big sis. How are your hands?
Then Syndra opens the book and asks the book i he now iswilling to share his knowledge with us. The book tells us we passed the test so its knowledge is for us. Then Syndra asks another question. "Do you know who killed Orlando and my parents?" The book answers with "Yes do yuo want me to lead you to them? I can give directions." Syndra smiles and shows it tot eh others. We have ourselves a guide we can finally track them down

Wordcounter: 404

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12The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:51 am

Elisa DarkWalker


Elisa DarkWalker
The conflict was over and it was time to follow their feet to where they would be taken; Elisa would bow to the crowd and inform the crew that they should return to the ship before deciding on their route which would be predetermined as not only would Elisa soon be given orders by the revolutionary army but the book would give Syndra Directions as the Image of reverse mountain appeared on its pages along with two pairs of clapping hands shown at its peak.  "You must enter the grand line". 

Though before the group would set off they would each have one free day of vacation to spend on the island before setting off; Elisa would meet a monk who would insist on training her would engage in combat; while Sugar would end up in a 30 man bar brawl that she would start for the benefit of gaining a means to contact her revolutionary army contact without causing any issues to the crew, Syndra and the Butler would also have their own united adventure. 

The fates of the four had now been cast like clouds performing a scripted shape in the sky though from here on out things would only get harder as Elisa took a position at the front of the ship "Set sail", at this moment their ship would start rowing its own oars on its own as if a spirit was inside the ship. Elisa would then move to talk to Syndra on her own for a bit coming to a conclusion that they need a musician .

262 word count
Total Word Count = 2092

The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Rzw76K1
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13The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) Empty Re: The Test (Task Syndra+ Elisa) on Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:37 am

After defeating the guardian the book reveals its knowledge to the 4 of us. The book now belongs to us and our eyes are the only ones in the world who can read it. That is why none of the civilians is able to read what the book is saying to us. The book gives us the exact location of where the people are that we are looking for and also warns us that those man are looking for Syndra andthat she is in great danger if they catch her. When Syndra asks the book why they would want to catch me the book tells us that I am part of Orlando s secrets and a key to open the door to it.

After the conversation with the book we all returned to the ship. Despite the warning the gruo decides to go to the place but before that we have a day off. On Her vacation day Syndra would slender around on the island while Sebastian the butler took off into town to buy groceries and other important things for the journey. He also gets some medicines and kitchen materials. Sebastian does take the whole day for this.

As Syndra slenders around her pet Yury follows her around. To not lose him Syndra uses dog collar she bought earlier in a small pet shop in town. Its a fancy brown and red collar made of leather. WHen the two are at the beach they sit down. Syndra pets Yury on his head and picks him up to cuddle him. Yury makes some cute bear noises to let his owner know that he is enjoying the extra attention. For the rest of the day Syndra plays with Yury unti it is dinner time. THat is when they return to the ship where Sebastian is waiting for us in the dining room with a amazing buffet.

Wordcounter : 316
Total : 316+404+1458= 2178

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