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1 Paradise Traveling on Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:29 am


Free Agents
Free Agents


Paradise Traveling

After traversing Reverse Mountain and entering the Grand Line you will find yourself at Twin Cape Lighthouse. There you are stuck and can only go back to the Four Blues unless you come into possession of a Log Pose. From there a Navigator must be present and in possession of a Log Pose then you may progress through Paradise.

These are the following ways in which a Log Pose can be obtained:

  • Black Market - On the occasion.
  • Twin Cape Lighthouse - For 10,000,000 Beli
  • Event/Site Plots/T4 Arcs*

There are no routes, due to the fact it was impossible for folks to meet up if they rolled a bad route. Or chose a route different from their friends. Instead of rolling or picking a route. Individuals who create Tier 2 characters can start anywhere in the grandline outside of Sabaody Archipelago, Fishman, Marineford or Newworld. When going to the grand line from the four blues individuals can come from the reverse mountain and begin their journey. One must be weary of the island they start on because certain islands have a base tier strength for wildlife, and encounters. The world is now open and as long as you have the ship requirements, navigation and log pose. You are free to roam. However before moving onto the New World/Sabaody Archipelago/Fishman one must travel to a minimum of six islands before accessing the area.

  • Need to meet Ship Requirements for each area. IE: Grandline/Fishman/New world
  • Must gain required amount of Log Pose Points before sailing to another Island.
  • Log Pose Required
  • T2 NPC Navigator or PC T2 Navigator
  • Travel to six Islands other than Fishman island/Sabaody Archipelago before going to the New World.

Log Pose Points

Log Pose Points are crucial to you making it through Paradise. After choosing what island your Log Pose is attuned to, you can look at the Island Description that is stickied in the Island's forum to see what the Log Pose Point Requirement is. To get Log Pose Points simply RP on that island. For every round of posting you complete on the island you gain a Log Pose Point. Upon reaching the required amount of points you can then choose the next island your Log Pose is attuned to. Even should you take the Sea Train or travel with another person to another island, your Log Pose will stay attuned to the island you chose until you complete the requirement. You cannot gain points on other islands until the one you chose is completed.

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2 Re: Paradise Traveling on Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:12 pm

Paradise Traveling into the New World
Now you've done all six of your island and land on Sabaody Archipelago. From here you choose how you want to enter the New World, either through Fishman Island or Marie Jois. Should you have any bounty whatsoever, Marie Jois is off the table unless you're willing to take a risk. This option for travel will be explained further below.

Fishman Island

To reach Fishman Island you must first have your ship coated at Saboady Archipelago, this is regardless of the ship type. This process cost 75,000,000 Beli for an average coating and 150,000,000 Beli for a well done coating. The difference is an average coating has a great chance of failing and breaking on the way to Fishman Island while a well done coating will nearly guarantee you a safe trip. Whether you made it or not is determined by a dice roll after your travel topic to Fishman Island is complete. You can also find a Shipwright with the Bubble Boater Specialization to do it for you.

Average Coating
The dice for this roll is the "Bubble Dice". It is numbered 1-10 and is to be rolled once. If you have an average coating you must roll a 1-3, any other number results in your ship's destruction, but luckily your life will be spared. At least the first time around. If your roll fails you a second time, the end result is death for all aboard, so the smart choice is probably to get a well done coating the first time around and especially the second time around if it comes to it. These failures counters only reset if a different ship is used for the voyage.

Well Done Coating
The dice for this roll is the "Bubble Dice". It is numbered 1-10 and is to be rolled once. For a well done coating you must roll 1-9. Rolling a 10 will result in your ship's destruction, but you'll still have your life. If your roll fails you a second time, the end result is death for all aboard the ship. These failures counters only reset if a different ship is used for the voyage.

When getting a coating your ship must be at least Tier 4, any ship below that tier requirement will be allowed to be coated, but will fail regardless of roll results.

Upon arriving at Fishman Island, there is no Log Pose Point requirement and you can spend as much time there as you like. The only requirement is that you refill the air supply of your coating before proceeding to the New World, your ascent to said area will be guaranteed as long as you are using the same ship during your ascent.

For Fishmen, as long as you are Tier 4 you can travel to Fishman Island and to the New World hassle free.

Marie Jois

Traveling to the New World through Marie Jois is for those who don't wish to go through the hassle of ship coating and all things that involve Fishman Island. One thing about taking the Marie Jois route is that you may not bring your old ship. It must be left on the other side of the Redline and the only way to bring it over is if you went through Fishman Island with it. How access to Marie Jois is granted is through a lift system which takes people up the enormous continental shelf the Holy City sits atop of.

The Lift
Taking the lift isn't just as simple as sailing over, handing over money, then going to Marie Jois. The lift operates on a heavily guarded Marine controlled outpost and only after going through an extensive background check can you be allowed access. The background check uses and electronic facial structure recognition system similar to the Pacifistas in canon when they were capable of seeing through Luffy's disguise on Sabaody, meaning disguises are useless. Should you have any bounty or committed any crimes you will be denied access and or detained depending on the severity of the crimes or amount of bounty. Those who are Nobles, Celestial Dragons, members of the Gorosei, at least Rear Admiral, a Shichibukai, or a member of CP9 or CP0 will be allowed to ride the lift hassle free although weapons are held in lockers on a separate lift. The lift costs no money.

Should you be aware you have no chance of making it through the extensive screening process on the lift, there is always the option of being smuggled into the Holy City and maybe even through it. Degenerates of the Black Market run a smuggling business that can get you up the wall hassle free, but the catch is it only runs on the 6th, 14th, 23rd, and 29th of every month. It cost 15 SP to be smuggled up the wall into Marie Jois. If you wish you can then pay another Black Market organization, not related to the first one, 25 SP to be smuggled completely through the Holy City into the New World. This organization runs all days of the month. This means it cost 15 SP to go in and then an additional 25 SP to get through.

If you choose not to pay to get smuggled through the city, you must post at least 10 times in Marie Jois in topics that are open for invasion. These post should be about you sneaking through the city trying to get through it. Should you make it through the city, there is a ferry for those who aren't welcome in Marie Jois that transports them to Hyokaido Island free of charge.

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