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1 [For Kyo's Thread] Benjamin Porter on Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:50 pm



Name: Benjamin Porter
Alias/Epithet: Big Wheel Porter
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Pirate | Paradise Pirate
Use: Combat
Tier: 3
Equipment: N/A
Haki: Busoshoku
Experience 100,000
Devil Fruit|Skills: Wheel Wheel Fruit | Hasshoken
Attribute Priority:
Strength: V
Speed: III
Durability: II
Perception: II

General Appearance:
Physical Description:

Porter's dingy silver hair is his most defining trait and ultimately the most peculiar element of the man's hairstyle is the flower row that naturally sticks out of his head like a boquete. Standing at 5'5 in height, he's pretty much a runt but when using his Wheel Wheel Fruit, his body almost doubles in size. His brazen skin and gold iris's makes his former Nobility as an Alabasta Chief not hard to believe. His nails are poorly kept from his time inside the walls of Down, however, his teeth are kept perfectly shone, his canine teeth being naturally longer than usual. His ears are unusually pointed, giving him elf like traits. However, he's very much human in nature, despite his elf like appearance.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 150 | 500 | 700 Weight increases when using Wheel Wheel Fruit.
Porter hates waiting, it's the trait that made him destroy cities when his crew-mates took to long to finish up their respect clashes with other Pirate Crews. With an intellect geared in his youth towards Shogi and Chest, he's often thinking about the next heist, making a name for himself by stealing from Nobles and punk pirates who we're fresh to Paradise, thinking money and power respectively would be enough to cut it in the seas, mistaken. Porter is very vindictive, he loves to feel the bones of an enemy crushing under his wheels, and often rewinds backwards to feel it crush over and over again.

Porter hates marines, especially women. Being a sexist by nature, he thinks women shouldn't be in the Marine Force, they are just tools for his own personal pleasures and is often immoral when it comes to fighting the latter. Porter was a monster rookie, with around 75,000,000 Million before he was arrested by Rear Admiral Giselle Syfer, after picking a fight with her on Hebi. The most dangerous trait about Porter, is his nature of avoiding conflicts he can't win, he uses underhanded methods to get what he wants and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty to complete his tasks.

Porter enjoys extravagant showers, fine dining and anything that his money can get him, especially when it isn't his own. He's a master at Hasshoken and incorporates it into his Wheel Wheel Fruit abilities, if he's underestimated, he might just crush you.


All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.
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