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1 Syler Shandian on Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:02 pm

Name: Syler Shandian
Alias/Epithet: Seth (Preferred) | Angel of War
Race: Winged
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

Description of Modes:

Easy Mode: Easy Mode is for people who have no major interest in their characters dying. You have access to private topics, maims turn into severe bruising that inhibit the use of the damaged body part for the rest of the thread, what would normally cause deaths turn into your character simply being knocked out. However, everything isn't good for you, this also means that your character will never be able to pass Tier 3.

  • Exceptions to these Rules: Should you attack someone on Hard Mode with killing, crippling, injuring, or maiming intent OOC or IC, you lose your Easy Mode protection and may have the same done to you. May it be killed, maimed, injured, etc as long it is the same intention.

  • You cannot make private travel threads, but they can still be No Kill due to your Easy Mode Protection.

  • Also, there are also events which your character will be at risk if you choose to enter them.

  • Lastly your character can be vulnerable to death if you will it.

Hard Mode: This is for people willing to take more of a risk for more of a reward. In this mode you can reach up to T6, and there are other things available to you, like world positions. However, your character is always death enabled. A hard mode person is not allowed to make a "No Kill" thread or a Private thread. Their whole existence is open. Hard Mode is to promote a more realistic One Piece Roleplay-verse and while people are eligible to die while on Hard Mode, our aim here is not to make this a place where people meaninglessly kill. Hard Mode is introduced to promote interactive RP where people value there allies and teammates. Hard Mode is for an experience closer to Canon.

  • Exceptions to these Rules: If you are situated on your island or your ship while out in the sea(not docked on an island), you are permitted to make a private thread between you and crew members. HOWEVER, you cannot make a private travel thread on your ship, you are still at risk of invasion in those threads.

  • Protection for Private Topics on your Ship can last for a duration of 7 IC Post, afterwards the topic is Open.

Changing Modes: Changing modes is also possible if you start out a character, and realize the mode you chose does not really suit you. Unfortunately, to prevent people making the first choice without thought, or using easy mode to their advantage getting as high as they can with Easy Mode, and jumping to Hard Mode, there are penalties to both sides changing modes.

  • Easy Mode Penalties: If you're on Easy Mode, and you change to hard mode, you are bumped down an entire tier, and will have to build your way back up. Anything spent on something you cannot have anymore because of tier problems, (You were T3 with a T3 only sword, and you've been knocked down to T2), will be refunded if you wish.
  • Hard Mode Penalties: If you choose to jump to Easy Mode, you get everything taken from you that is Hard Mode only.

You may only change your Mode once and it does not effect preexisting topics you are in.

Occupation: Martial Artist (Berserker) | Marksman (Sniper)
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: -

General Appearance:
Sylar is a pretty handsome man - if that's what you were looking for. Due to being a Skypien, he has beautiful white wings that can be used for flight, while he stands at exactly 6 feet. In addition he weighs about 175 pounds making him pretty slim for his height. Seth's hair is white, though in some instances may look grey. His eyes are a grey in color, something unusual upon the Shandians.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 200
Crew Tattoo Placement: Hip

To sum up the base of his personality, Seth is an asshole. He'll often make dark jokes on just about anything, and taunt people if he senses that they're weak minded. If he can, he'll even manipulate you into doing whatever he pleases. Sylar usually doesn't want to do anything unless it's going to benefit him or his peers though he'll make exceptions if necessary. He usually likes to sleep or eat rather than doing anything else but instead of using the term "Lazy", he calls it "Chilling". The young Shandian enjoys to laugh and act silly. Some people call him immature, but he calls it a good time. Seth really doesn't give a shit about what happens in the future. If a dangerous task needs to be done he's usually the first out of whatever group he's in to volunteer himself. Death doesn't scare him and neither does anyone else for that matter. Although one wouldn't expect the young being to be caring, Sylar is actually a very caring individual when it comes to those close to him. Though it's very hard for him to even get close to anyone so it's very rare that he cares about people.


  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Sex
  • Fighting
  • Learning
  • Money
  • Music
  • Sleeping
  • Eating


  • Old people
  • Cats
  • Cigarettes
  • Crybabies
  • Losing
  • Bad Jokes


Skypiea, the beautiful land of winged people. This was the home of Mira Shandian and Haku Birkan. Both Skypiens from different factions but very much inlove. The baby Skypien known as Syler would be brought into the world at a much later date, in the middle of a war. This predicament made it hard for his parents to keep him safe, especially since they were both physically involved in the war. Attempting to find a more peaceful life, the family of three made their way down to the four blues where they would live in the forests of Dawn Island in peace. There, both Haku and Mira were able to raise their child without the sound of war.

Needless to say that the two parents were afraid of allowing their child to associate with humans as he got older. Sylar was getting smarter everyday and he was well able to use his wings. Naturally this came with curiosity which often caused him to completely ignore the no travelling rule. Despite Sylars parents being former fighters, they taught him only the basics in combat. Haku promised his wife that they would return to their homeland when their child was old enough to handle more complex situations and so they waited. With time passing by, Sylars father began to dig deeper into combat with him, while his mother became his educator. They often went on expeditions and she even taught him tricks when it came to flight. Together, the three of them were conquering life, or so it seemed.

One day, at the age of 15 Sylar returned to the forests where his home was, only to see that his father and mother were not there. The home was destroyed but what it could have been was unknown to him. The young man didn't know how what to do. At this point he had no family, and he hadn't socialized often so he hadn't any friends. The only thing he could do to secure his safety was to go to his homeland - a place he'd only hear about from his mother and read about in old books that she had. Upon reaching Skypiea after long days of travelling, he was lost.

For three years he was winging life...literally. He worked in a restaurant as a measly dishwasher. It was only as he was on his way home did he run into a man (who will remain unnamed), who complimented on his body structure, but was mostly able to see that he was vulnerable. The man offered Syler a job as a Marine. Of course the young Shandian accepted the offer... he had nothing else better to do.

The Marines gave him the combat training he needed to become quite skilled in the art of ranged and close combat but only a year later will the Journey begin.

Face Claim: Zapp Renfro
RP Sample: -

Bonus: Log Pose
Location: Skypiea

Fate Point Allocation:
Race Change - Allows you to register a Character that is not human. +1
Hard Worker - You can possess a Secondary Occupation. +1
Diligent Spirit - You can choose a Specialization in your Secondary Occupation. Must have purchased Hard Worker. +1
Hawk's Eye - Gives you the capacity to utilize Kenbunshoku Haki +1

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2 Re: Syler Shandian on Fri Jan 06, 2017 8:17 pm


[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me
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